10 Best WW2 AudioBooks Recommended By Our Military Experts(2023)

ww2 audiobooks

Are you someone who is fascinated about knowing the heritage of deadly WorldWar2?

Well, books aren’t helping you much as there is a ton-load of material to read and remember!

Keeping every key detail in mind just by reading historical books is simply devastating!

No matter how dedicatedly you adopt a habit of hooking to historical books, there are times when reading is just not feasible!

Avid reading is quite an overwhelming hobby! Only enthusiastic readers can relate to that!

While some enjoy the phobia of living in a third-world by accompanying great books, for some it’s just a heck load of work!

How to Witness WW2 History Without Reading Historical Books?

When in doubt of reading a book to gain knowledge about a certain event or methodology, just hop on to our list of best historical audiobooks.

Yes, you’ve heard it right!

For those keen learners, audiobooks are a great way to learn & adapt knowledge in your repository. You can simply plug and play them while doing any substantial work. With books, you need to give dedicated time reading through them.

These audiobooks are an excellent narration of real-life happenings along with substantial proof told in an engaging & intuitive manner so that history never seems boring to anyone who is a historical audiophile.

Are you excited about learning history in a very interactive manner possible?

Follow us along we dig deeper into the list of best historical WW2 audiobooks that are a must-listen if you are eager to know what actually happened in the deadly collision which took the lives of over 70 million people worldwide.

Best WWII Audiobooks Of All Time:

  1. Secrets of a Charmed Life

Secrets of a Charmed Life
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The protagonist of A Fall of Marigolds travels from the present to World War II England, where two sisters are divided by wartime confusion… She stood at a crossroads, half-aware that her decision would lead her down a course with no way back. 

But instead of two possibilities, she just saw one—because that’s what she really needed to see… Oxford, England, in the present day. Kendra Van Zant, a young American scholar determined to follow her ideal life, interviews Isabel McFarland just as the elderly woman is about to reveal information about the war she has kept hidden for decades…beginning with her true identity.

Emmy’s burning desire to return to the city to work as an intern for a fashion designer clashes with Julia’s desperate need for her sister’s involvement. The sisters are cruelly divided and their lives are changed as they act at cross purposes just as the Luftwaffe showers down its awful devastation.

Best About This Audiobook

The novel narration, set in 1940s England, focuses on the London blitz bombings. Emma Downtree and her sister are fatally separated after one of these bombings, altering the course of Emma’s life. There’s a convincing love story, family mysteries, and a lot of strong storytelling.

  1. Echo

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In this virtuosic, genre-defying tour de force from storytelling maestro Pam Muoz Ryan, jazz, beauty, and a real-life miracle collide.

Otto is lost and lonely in the forbidden Black Forest when he encounters three enigmatic sisters and becomes embroiled in a perplexing search involving a prophecy, a vow, and a harmonica.

Decades later, Friedrich in Germany, Mike in Pennsylvania, and Ivy in California all become intertwined as the same harmonica appears in their lives, tying them together by an unseen cord of fate. All of the children face difficult obstacles, such as saving a father, defending a sibling, and keeping a family together. 

Best About This Audiobook

This is a lovely audiobook. It starts with a fairytale-like story about a magical harmonica, then switches to three young people during WWII. What makes this historical fiction audiobook so magical is that music is such an important aspect of the novel, and the audiobook edition weaves the music together and brings the plot to life.

I should say, though, that I was let down by the ending. It looked too neat and finished too fast. Along with that minor disappointment, the rest of the book was excellent, and I would recommend it. In brief, I wasn’t sad I listened to the whole 10 hours.

  1. Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II’s Greatest Rescue Mission

Ghost Soldiers: The Epic Account of World War II's Greatest Rescue Mission
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A tense, powerful, grand account of one of the most daring exploits of World War II.

Hampton Sides’s vivid minute-by-minute account of the raid, as well as his chronicle of the prisoners’ harrowing encounters, was masterful. However, Ghost Soldiers is something more than an exciting combat tale.

Hampton Sides delves into the mystery of human behavior under extreme duress—the resilience of the prisoners, who defied the Japanese authorities through starvation, tropical diseases, and unspeakable tortures; the violent cultural clashes with Japanese guards and soldiers steeped in the Bushido warrior ethic; the remarkable heroism of the Rangers and Filipino guerrillas; and the complex psyche of the prisoners.

Best About This Audiobook

Have I ever told you about the time I had lunch with Hampton Sides? In Albuquerque, we had hamburgers at Frontier on old Route 66. I’ll take every chance to note the meal, but it’s not why I included Ghost Soldiers here. It’s a truly awesome novel!

You’ve already heard of the Bataan Death March, but this Non-Fiction audiobook is the real story of a daring escape operation in 1945 to save 513 prisoners from a POW camp in the Philippines. It’s like listening to a minute-by-minute account of the most adventurous and crazy rescue attempt. You’ll be on the brink of a nervous meltdown!

  1. The Black Orchestra: A WW2 Spy Thriller

The Black Orchestra: A WW2 Spy Thriller
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World War II: Germany has annexed Poland and is moving west to France. Germany is the German war engine.

In Berlin, an Abwehr signalman, Kurt Muller finds a fellow who lies dead on his radio receiver. Death is dismissed as suicide by the criminal authorities, but Kurt is not persuaded. Kurt followed a mystery trail and saw several massacres that revealed what the Nazi rule really was. On the trail, he faces the hardest decisions of his life as leading him to the German resistance. He has a choice of obligation and conscience, of land and family, of love and death.

Best About This Audiobook

Kurt Muller faces a tough decision when he finds a colleague lying dead on his radio receiver. The police called it a suicide, but Kurt is not sure it was. While trying to prove what has actually happened, he discovers atrocities that demonstrate how bad the Nazi rule is and put the German resistance face to face. Only then does he choose between love and death, responsibility and awareness, country and family. Nobody can make this one choice.

  1. We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance

We Die Alone: A WWII Epic of Escape and Endurance
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An epic survival story in staggering oddity is one of the most thrilling true adventure history ever published, We Die Alone, set in Nazi-occupied Norway in 1943.

It starts with an embossed commando raid, which kills or captures all but one of the expatriate resistance fighters.

Though injured, Jan Baalsrud, the only survivor, is on a brave, incredible journey into the Lyngen Alps and is constantly being pursued by the Nazis. On his journey, he suffers from freezing temperatures, snow blindness, and an appalling downfall. Finally, delirious and nearly dead, he is likely to head into a cabin where he is rescued by the first of a string of extraordinarily courageous men and women.

Best About This Audiobook

Based on true events, this is the story of a young man who becomes a Nazi ambush’s lone survivor. He runs to the Alps and must trust a series of average heroes to survive an avalanche, frostbite, a shot, and a gang of Nazis who are going to get him. It’s a nicely written story that tells the real story of a guy who knows how to fight well until the finish.

  1. The Ragged Edge of Night

The Ragged Edge of Night
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Fans of All the Light We Cannot See, Under a Scarlet Sky, and The Nightingale have a fantastic historical novel of incredible optimism, salvation, and the search for light for one person during the darkest times of the Second World War.

As Anton struggles to adjust to the positions of his husband and father, he learns of the Red Orchestra, a network of clandestine resistance people who plan to kill Hitler. Despite the doubts of Elisabeth, Anton is joining this shadow force. But as the SS uncovers its schemes, Anton will take final defiance that could cost his life — even if it means he is further than he thought possible to say goodbye to his family.

Best About This Audiobook

It’s Germany in 1942, and Anton saw the Nazis confiscating his education. He lives in a small town and accepts the marriage of Elisabeth so that her three children will have a husband and a dad. Soon, he will join a coalition of opposition members who plan to kill Hitler. When, however, the SS finds and follows the gang, Anton has the struggles to survive to do what he thinks is right.

  1. Playing With Matches

Playing With Matches
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Praise for PLAYING WITH MATCHES: ‘Illuminating.’

‘Gripping, entirely credible and a page-turner. Recommended.’

The word of Heinz Schultz could send a man into jail. He was a big, tall, and blond young man, although he was only 15. He was valued and hated by the boys in his German jungvolk team.

And much like him, they tried to be. Just like him, Emil Radle used to be. Emil was a committed Hitler youth member and a devoted fan of the iconic Luftwaffe air force to the Führer before the family.

Moritz and Johann, Emil’s colleagues, are discovering and changing the shortwave radio. Now they are listening to the banned BBC news stories from both sides. You know the facts now. The boys, along with Johann’s sister Katharina, write the stories and hide leaflets in their city. It is a high-traitorous act that would have arrested them — or worse.

Best About This Audiobook

The story of resistance fighters that have intercepted news reports from the war of BBC and who want to spread flyers with intelligence to the rest of town that is deemed traitorous during World War II in Germany is a thrilling novel that will keep you on the frontline of your seat until the end. This is the story of the real courage and aging that most people cannot picture in a terrible setting.

Join Emil, Johann, Moritz, and Katharina in a turbulent world as they go through their young lives and explore how they actually do it during this terrible moment in history.

  1. The Fires of Babylon: Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting

The Fires of Babylon: Eagle Troop and the Battle of 73 Easting
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The Iraqi armored divisions attacked the small Kuwait emirate in the morning of 2 August 1990. The Iraqi Army had more fighting experience than the US Army during its long war with Iran. The Kuwaitis crashed very quickly, but the attack was fierce by the United Nations, demanding the removal of Hussein.

The Iraqi tyrant unstopped the rhetoric, mobilized his forces along the border with Saudi Arabia, and dared to deter him from doing so. In retaliation, in what became known as Operation Desert Storm, the United States led the international community in an alliance of 30 four nations. The men of Eagle Troop in the U.S. Army’s second blind cavalry regiment were the leaders of this charge in Iraq.

Best About This Audiobook

It is an excellent audiobook for you if you enjoy the tank, for the allies of Britain, France, Russia, and the USA and the Axis powers, Germany, Japan, and Italy, provide great information on the Second World War tanks. It is an excellent book. This is a thorough, very descriptive book describing the technological characteristics and even uses of these tanks in combat, as well as examples of testimonies that make this tanken automatically alive by the descriptions.

  1. Beneath a Scarlet Sky

Beneath a Scarlet Sky
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The victorious, epic tale of the extraordinary bravery and determination of one young man during one of the darkest periods of history is under a scarlet sky. Pino Lella doesn’t want the war or the Nazis to have anything to do. He’s an average teenager from Italy—obsessed with music, food, and girls—but his day is numerous. 

When the Allied bombings destroy his family home in Milan, Pino enters an underground railroad that helps Jews flee the Alps and crash into his six-year-old widow Anna.

Pino’s youngness makes this story even more fascinating; viewers should listen to what comes next at the edge of their seats.

Best About This Audiobook

Pino is a hormonal person from Italy who wants to stay out of fighting. But when the house of his family is being hit by allied bombs, he joins an underground organization to help Jews in the Alps where he loves a widow named Anna, six years old. He quickly becomes the best guy for one of the officers of Hitler and the thought of becoming a spy arises. He entered the German army.

  1. The All Against All: The Long Winter of 1933 and the Origins of the Second World War

The All Against All: The Long Winter of 1933 and the Origins of the Second World War
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All Against All reconstructed a sequence of apparently disparate events that only retrospectively can be evaluated. As he combines the stories of the forces which led the world into war, Jankowski presents a cautionary account important today for Western democracies.

 As global environmental and population problems color ourselves, the widening threat of dictatorial governments, the cultural struggle posed by communism and fascism gave the 1930s a distinct face. While we know not for sure where these crises are going to take us, we know that in the 1930s, the Second World War culminated.

Best About This Audiobook

A filmic and narrative history of a phenomenon which in the winter of 1933 took form when the national passions of every part of the world joined in leading governments to a war which was impossible to control.

Final Verdict

This list of 10 best history audiobooks can be a great source of information who is prudently studying the bread and butter of the historical heritage of WorldWar2 and its aftereffects on social life.

Still penning your head out with books to learn and adapt? Get your hands on our best pick of history audiobooks to flourish your knowledge with!

Happy Listening!

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