In the Market for Unlimited Audiobooks? Here Are 6 Options to Consider

unlimited audiobooks

Audiobooks are the best and most productive way to pass the time. In the last 10 years, the audiobook market is flooded with tons of different platforms to listen to audiobooks. Here we will discuss the audiobook platforms which offer unlimited audiobooks.

Audiobooks are in very high demand and there is a reason for that which is their accessibility and usefulness. You just do not need anything else other than a mobile phone to listen to audiobooks.

It is 2020, So unless you are living in the mountains, it is next to impossible that you do not know what audiobooks are.

In this age of virtualization, people are evolving, technologies are evolving, our way of living life is evolving. Everything is becoming more and more convenient and easy to perform. Audiobooks are a perfect example of this change. They are very easy to handle.

But as everyone knows high demand is directly proportional to very high supply. So it is becoming more and more difficult for listeners to decide which audiobook platform they should use.

So here in this article, I am going to list some best in the market services to help you decide which platform should use to listen to unlimited audiobooks.

6 Services for Unlimited Audiobooks:

  1. Audible Plus: Unlimited Audible Originals

audible plus unlimited audiobooks

If you listen to books it is almost impossible that you have not heard about audible before. Audible is the market leader in the segment of Audiobooks. This is the biggest and best service available to you if you are an avid audiobook listener.

But it has one other service available for those who are addicted to books which are Audible plus.

Audible plus is Audible’s brand new unlimited audiobook subscription service available that is included with tons of Audible Originals and Audible studios production. The best part about Audible plus subscription is that the consumer is not bound to listen to any particular category. He can listen to whatever he likes by paying a fixed monthly fee.

How does Audible plus work?

You can simply browse through the catalog of the Audible Plus website or app. All the books in the catalog are tagged so that you know if that particular book is free under Audible plus or not.

Audible plus allows you to stream the book instantly if you like or you can download the book to listen later.

Audible plus pricing?

audible price

If you are an audible listener and you have Audible plus premium membership (previously called gold or platinum), you can get access to the entire Audible plus catalog directly without any other fees.

The catch is that with audible plus you are not bound to listen to one free audiobook a month, you can now listen to unlimited audiobooks from the Audible plus catalog.

For roughly around 7$ – 8$, you would not get any audible credits but will have access to unlimited Audible plus catalog.

Is audible plus right for you?

As we discussed earlier if you enjoy listening if you are addicted to books than the Audible plus is one of the best services available to you.

  1. Scribd (Not really Unlimited Books)


The Scribd was launched in March 2007 as a world’s first publishing platform. Since 2007 Scribd has increased its revenue multiple times. In 2013 it became the leading book subscription service in the world.

Like Audible, Scribd is not totally an audiobook service. They also offer various services apart from audiobooks such as ebooks and graphic novels.

Scribd is discussed in this list because it includes many traditional published titles, including a lot of popular new releases and tons of romance audiobooks.

On Scribd, readers can enjoy more than one million titles in various formats. It also offers various other services but mainly focuses on audiobook subscription service.

It has more than 1 million audiobooks in its library. Whether you are a fan of fiction or nonfiction Scribd has an audiobook for your every mood. Like audible it has that most pleasant feature of customizing the narration speed of books so that you can understand the book better.

It is not much far behind the audible when it comes to titles and user interface as it provides a decent number of titles and an amazing user interface with lots of amazing features.

How does Scribd work?

The system of Scribd is a little bit more complicated than its competitors. It is difficult to know which titles are available to download and which are not.

Scribe has a much more diverse library than its competitor audible. It offers audiobooks and many more other things like ebooks, magazines, sheet music, and research papers.

Scribd provides various things with its monthly subscription. With its monthly subscription, users can enjoy millions of audiobooks in different genres and short stories, articles, a  variety of documents, etc.

Scribd Audiobooks Cost:

Scribd is very popular in the segment of audiobooks as it is one of the oldest audiobooks services available. But it is not really an unlimited audiobook service. It has some restrictions over how many audiobooks you can listen to each month.

Scribd costs 10$ per month which is a good deal if you are really an avid listener of audiobooks.

Is Scribd right for you?

If you like to listen to traditional audiobooks that and that too one book a week, then Scribd is the best service available as it provides books with a variety of genres.

  1. Storytel


Storytel is a must-have app if you are a book reader especially if you are an Indian reader.

This Swedish book publishing company has so many great features that are worth trying. Storytel has a lot of titles in its library to explore. You can fill in your interest and the app will suggest the best reads. The interface of this app is very smooth and friendly. It is very easy to learn also. There are so many great features like speed adjustments, save the favorites, and my personal favorite is that you can download titles to listen offline.

It also has a kids mode which recommends the best books to read for kids according to their age. The reason why I said that it is a very useful app for Indians is that it has audiobooks in many different Indian languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, etc. So there is no language barrier in this book, I strongly suggest that if you are an avid audiobook listener than you should not take the risk of not trying out this app

How do Storytel work?

In this article, we are discussing those platforms which are amazing when it comes to unlimited Audiobooks, and the most interesting platform to cater to Audiobooks according to me personally is Storytel.

As Storytel is very similar to the Spotify of Audiobooks and ebooks. This is the most simple and dynamic platform for all the listeners out there, you can just download their app on your android or iOS phone, pay the monthly subscription charge, and tada you are on to the world of unlimited Audiobooks. 

What Storytel Costs?

When it comes to audiobook service, Storytel is amazing so there is no need to say that good things come at a good cost.

Storytel costs around 5$ per month which is not too much for any book or audiobook lover as they are bartering 5$ for an unlimited number of audiobooks.

  1. Google Play Books

google play books

No matter what you like and what not but keeping “Google Play Books” out of consideration when you are discussing best Audible alternatives would be nothing but a mess.

Most of you already know that Google playbooks have the largest collection of ebooks with over 5 million titles but what you do not know is that it also has a vast collection of audiobooks.

When it comes to the user interface“Google Play Books” leaves Audible behind in the race. This app also keeps a track of what interests the reader the most of the sort of content that always catches readers’ attention first and offers recommendations accordingly. So, when you decide to listen to audiobooks it always gives you the best suggestion.

You can also take the notes that are directly synced with Google Drive. This is the best part as you do not have to worry about writing them and marking them. Therefore, you can seamlessly collaborate with your audiobook buddies. Just like Audible, Google Play Books also offer audiobooks in multiple different languages from around the world. 

How do google play books work?

Google play books do not work on a subscription-based model. You can listen to your purchased books on your android or iOS device. So basically google play books is actually not an unlimited audiobooks service but this does not deny the fact that this is an app by Google. It is the largest collection of audiobooks and e-books in the world.

More than 5 million books are listed on the Google play books. So if money is not the issue to you, Google playbooks are the best application to rely upon.

Google Play Book Cost:

As we discussed in the above paragraph, there is no subscription price to pay but you have to pay for the individual you are going to listen on the platform. That way you are not bound to what genre you have to listen to. You can buy whatever you want and listen to whatever you want. 

  1. Kindle Unlimited: Unlimited indie Audiobooks

kindle unlimited

Here is another platform on the list by the market leader in the segment Amazon. Kindle is a subsidiary product of Amazon LLC and earlier it was primarily focused on e-book readers to read books.

Many people do not know this, but kindle unlimited is a great place to listen to unlimited audiobooks. It has more than 2000 books from different genres, with new titles being added every week to engage the listeners.

How do Kindle Unlimited audiobooks work?

Here in Kindle unlimited, you can borrow 10 ebooks at the same time, and the audible books don’t count extra bucks.

Audible and Kindle are both subsidiaries of tech Giant Amazon but they function separately when it comes to business and I am saying this because you can not find Kindle unlimited audiobooks through the audible websites.

The listener has to look for “Read and listen for free” ebooks on Amazon and then you can listen to them.

Still, you do not need Audible membership to listen to books that are available under the kindle unlimited audiobooks section. You can just simply login to the Audible app with the login id and password you use for the Amazon and yippy you are on to listen to kindle unlimited audiobooks.

Kindle Unlimited Audiobook Cost:

A Kindle unlimited subscription costs roughly around 10$ and is always included with Audiobooks as well.

  1. Kobo books


Kobo books the second-most popular audiobook app in the current market just behind its main competitor Audible.

The reason why this Canadian company is so popular is its dynamic and simple looking user-friendly interface and its vast collection of books. It provides various premium features like a nightmare to read without any worries at the night. The facility of sharing your reading list with your friends, saving the books to read in offline mode.

The most important point about Kobo is that it is very much cheaper than most of its competitors. They provide a very great audiobook experience at a very comfortable price. It will be my personal advice to everyone who wants to listen to unlimited audiobooks should try this amazing Kobo.

How do kobo books work?

Kobo books is very similar to kindle. A device used to read books without giving strain to the eyes. You can buy their subscription and listen to unlimited books on their reader device or their android/ios application.

How much kobo costs?

The subscription fees of kobo books is very similar to other platforms which is roughly around 10$ a month.


I have discussed all the unlimited audiobooks providers in the industry with their pros and cons and their respective pricing. Now it’s up to you to decide which service you want to use or I can say which service suits your budget and reading habits.

In the end, I want to state a fact that there is no other option better than Audiobooks to learn new things while doing other works that do not require your mental attention. So keep listening.

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