10 Best Audiobooks For Real-Estate Investment Enthusiasts(2023)

The overriding goal for most real estate investors is to make as much money as possible in as little time as possible. The same is probably true for your ambitions in real estate investment education… Learn as much as you can in the quickest time possible.

Must-Have Real Estate Audiobooks Investors Should Listen to in 2023

Learning from the tactics (and mistakes) of others is the perfect way to become a better real estate investor. Yes, learning from the investors in your network is simple and free, but your network has limited information. Books about investing can also provide useful information—and if you’re not a big reader, real estate audiobooks can be a good option.

These audiobooks are great for investors, but they’re still good for other business professionals to listen to. Are you an aspiring real estate agent who is preparing to take the real estate licensing exam? While you’re studying, why not learn more about the investment side of the business?

The audiobooks mentioned below cover a wide range of real estate investment topics, including no money down investing, the best real estate investing tips, strategies for finding assets, a collection of wisdom from hundreds of active investors, wholesaling, flipping, and commercial real estate strategies. We’ve included the listener rating and overall listening time for each audiobook to help you determine which one to start with. If you prefer the old-school “reading” style, all of these audiobooks are also available in paperback.

We’ve compiled a list of the best real estate investment audiobooks for you to choose from to make this process even more successful.

Best Real Estate Audiobooks of All Time:

  1. Rich Dad Advisors

Rich Dad Advisors: ABC'S of Buying a Rental Property: How You Can Achieve Financial Freedom in Five Years
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Many Americans aspire to financial independence, but they are trapped in dead-end jobs and have no idea how to get there. You don’t need to be one of them. If you put $35,000 in the stock market today, it will take 52 years for that money to rise to a million dollars. 

It will only take 19 years to spend the same sum in a single-family $140,000 rental home. In just ten years, you could make $417,000 from just two rental properties. Are you skeptical? That’s great because it’s the first sign of a wise investor. This book will confront your cynicism head-on, providing you with trust and a roadmap to financial independence.

Best About This Audiobook

This real state audiobook is a comprehensive narrative on how to:


– Maintain your property effectively

– Take care of the bookkeeping

– Increase sales while lowering costs

– Follow a step-by-step procedure to file your taxes.

– Increase the size of your real estate portfolio

  1. Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Rental Property Empire for Beginners (2 Books in One) Real Estate Wholesaling, Property Management, Investment Guide, Financial Freedom
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Continue reading if you want to learn how real estate will help you achieve financial independence, create a passive income, and live the life of your dreams…

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch others make money; it’s time you got involved in the real estate game and crushed it yourself!

This book covers everything you need to know about the real estate industry. Make wise decisions and educate yourself before investing in real estate. You’ll save thousands of dollars!

As opposed to purchasing individual Audiobooks, this two-in-one book package saves you over 30%!

Best About This Audiobook

In Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Rental Property Empire for Beginners you will discover:

  • Simple yet effective ways in which you can add 10% or more to your property’s value
  • The remarkable lease-writing strategy that will save you unwanted headaches and potentially thousands in repairs!
  • The one key ingredient that the majority of real estate investors ignore!
  • The must-know techniques to avoid you losing thousands when picking your properties!
  • Exactly how you can purchase your first rental property!
  • A sensational life-saving tip that will save you thousands of dollars on your rental property investments!
  • Proven ways to find the right tenants the first time and save yourself hours and thousands of dollars!
  • How to invest in your first property with no down payment!
  • The simple strategy to make your rental property empire fully passive!

And much, much more!

  1. The Real Book of Real Estate

The Real Book of Real Estate
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In a world where so many financial advisors ignore their recommendations, here is a book was written by experts who practice what they preach and will show you how to succeed, not just survive, through difficult economic times. This is a genuine article… 

The Real Book of Real Estate is a collection of books on real estate. Only twenty-two real estate experts with the same goal are better than one real estate expert telling you how to invest and win. The bestselling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, has assembled an unrivaled cast of real estate wizards and trusted advisors with one goal in mind: to share their experience and teach you how to win in real estate.

Best About This Audiobook

The Real AudioBook of Real Estate will be your go-to resource as you choose the right real estate niche for you, navigate the ups, downs, and in-betweens of the real estate market, and grow into the expert you know you can be. This is the one audiobook you can and can listen to over and over again in an up or down real estate market, whether you’re a seasoned investor or buying your first home.

The team of real estate experts led by Robert Kiyosaki teaches you how to: 

– Value a house

 – Lease property and keep it leased 

– Locate and purchase foreclosures

– Obtain funding 

– Obtain title to land 

– Safeguard your money

– Reduce taxes 

  1. Real Estate Terms Pocket Dictionary

Real Estate Terms Pocket Dictionary: A Quick Reference Guide to over 500 of the Most Important Real Estate Terms
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Having trouble deciphering real estate jargon? This convenient, on-the-go dictionary is ideal.

Do you have trouble comprehending real estate jargon? Do you wish there was a short and simple guide to help you understand real estate concepts? The Real Estate Training Team has put together yet another valuable resource for potential real estate agents. Let us clarify what these various real estate terms mean in plain and simple terms.

The Real Estate Training Team has discovered just what new real estate professionals are looking for after meeting with thousands of them. This simple reference guide makes even the most complex real estate terminology understandable. 

Real Estate Terms Pocket Dictionary explains many of the real estate terms that are used in the industry in simple terms.

Best About This Audiobook

Finally, you won’t have to sift through thousands of pages of dictionaries to find the words you need. You can quickly understand all the words in the real estate industry and become a better real estate professional with a short reference guide like this.

If you want the knowledge that is simple, short, and easy to understand, the Real Estate Training Team’s newest publication, Real Estate Terms Pocket Dictionary, is for you.

Real Estate Terms Pocket Dictionary is a great way to learn about the real estate industry.

You’ll learn about:

– Simple meanings of the 500 most widely used real estate terms 

– Examples and descriptions of how these terms are currently used in the real estate industry 

– Additional training and materials available on the Real Estate Training Team’s website 

– Often used formulas and equations

  1. Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing: The Ultimate Practical Guide To Making your Riches, Retiring Early and Building Passive Income with Rental Properties, Flipping Houses, Commercial and Residential Real Estate
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Continue reading if you want to learn how to retire early and financially free with Real Estate (even if you’ve never invested before).

Do you want to be a millionaire when you retire? Do you want to be able to leave your job and retire sooner rather than later? Do you want to know how to invest in real estate with little to no money?

Unfortunately, the world of real estate investing can be a perplexing place, and without proper training, you’ll likely burn through cash faster than a Las Vegas gambling addict. 

You won’t have to feel as though you have to put something on the line for your investments anymore. Instead, we walk you through each technique to determine which is best for you and your situation. We have everything you need to get started with rental properties or wholesaling.

Best About This Audiobook

Even if you’ve never considered real estate as an investment, don’t understand what cash flow is, or have no idea what a rental property is, this book is an easy-to-understand essential guide that explains everything you need to get started right away.

Scroll up and press “add to cart” if you want to learn the tried-and-true tactics that real estate millionaires have used for decades.

  1. The Wealthy Gardener

The Wealthy Gardener: Lessons on Prosperity Between Father and Son
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In the vein of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, a heartwarming collection of stories and practical advice on entrepreneurship and prosperity written by a financially independent father for his ambitious son.

The Wealthy Gardener discovered a strange fact soon after he opened his vineyard for business many years ago. Everyone desired capital, but only a few people were successful in acquiring it. The explanation, he realized, is that most people are more concerned with short-term gains than with building long-term wealth.

The Wealthy Gardener began to share his hard-earned knowledge with the financially troubled in his community as he grew older and more mindful of his declining time on this Earth, gently mentoring those who asked for his practical guidance on the ways of prosperity.

Best About This Audiobook

The Wealthy Gardener is destined to become an intimate financial classic, inspiring readers to find their own noble cause and putting their financial concerns to rest once and for all. The lessons in this book will show you the way forward regardless of your income level, skill set, or particular economic disadvantages. Everything you need is a desire to work hard, a desire to excel, and a desire to learn…

  1. Getting Your Money $hit Together

Getting Your Money $hit Together: Stop worrying about money and live your best life
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Who says you have to choose between living in the present and planning for the future?

This audiobook will teach graduates on a career path who feel they must choose between living life to the fullest or saving to buy a home how to do both.

This audiobook is an invaluable guide on your own path to financial success, based on Max’s personal experiences and several real-world examples.

Best About This Audiobook

This is a self-help audiobook that lets you plan:

Prepare for your first home by being great at saving and having guilt-free fun.

Plan ahead of time to buy wisely for a lifetime of shifting property needs, and you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors.

Purchase your first and second homes with confidence, and avoid making costly errors.

Build a professional property portfolio while managing risks and planning for the future.

Pay off your debts, enjoy your life, retire soon, and support others.

  1. The Property Pension Plan

The Property Pension Plan: Financial freedom through buy to let investment
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When it comes to spending and saving for retirement, you have three choices: interest-bearing accounts, stocks, and real estate. Pensions allow you to invest in the first two, but the fees are heavy, and the returns are disappointing.

This audiobook discusses each of your investment choices and demonstrates why direct leveraged property investment, also known as buy-to-let, could be the best choice for achieving financial independence and secure retirement for the broadest range of people.

Best About This Audiobook

Understand your investment options by listening to this audiobook. Find out why retirement plans aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. Why can a leveraged property investment have high returns while posing a low risk? Understand the basics of property investment for wealth generation. Begin developing a strategy for achieving your financial objectives.

  1. The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide: The Key To Buying Any Property

The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide: The Key To Buying Any Property
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The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide will teach you how to: Estimate how much you can borrow and learn how lenders evaluate profits. Understand what documents you will need and how they will affect your chances of success.

 Make a strategy for getting ready. 12 to 24 months prior to purchasing or refinancing a home Increase the chances of getting your dream home by increasing the probability of a good application. Understand the whole mortgage process, as well as ways to benefit from real estate in the future. 

The Self-Employed Mortgage Guide is for Limited company directors, sole traders, contractors, and entrepreneurs who want to increase their chances of mortgage success, whether they are buying or refinancing.

Best About This Audiobook


While this is real, being well informed and understanding what lenders are looking for will dramatically boost the chances of getting the money you need.

  1. Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State

Capital City: Gentrification and the Real Estate State
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Our cities are transforming. Buildings and land are becoming more expensive all over the world. 

Real estate has grown to be a $217 trillion sector, worth 36 times the total amount of all gold ever mined. It accounts for 60% of global assets, and one of the world’s most influential people—US President Barack Obama—made a name for himself as a landlord and developer.

Best About This Audiobook

Samuel Stein demonstrates that the state-driven mechanism of urban planning has fueled this explosive transformation of urban life and politics, rather than the tastes of affluent newcomers. Planning departments provide a unique insight into how the state uses and is used by money, as well as how urban renovations translate into higher real estate prices and rents.

Capital City describes planners’ position in the real estate market, as well as the extraordinary ability to plan to reclaim urban life.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have gone through our comprehensive set of real-estate audiobooks, it’s time to buy one and revolutionize your investment strategies.

With real-world stories and advice from real-estate experts, it can be a wholesome piece of information for someone who is prudently planting its roots in the investment industry.

Happy Listening!

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