10 Best Lesbian Audiobooks That Bring the Romance & Sex (2023)

Best Lesbian Audiobooks

While people don’t support the fact that love is a delusional aspect. It doesn’t always have to revolve around the harsh cruelty of the discrimination that these races face from our young individuals. One needs to commute & collaborate towards fulfilling their needs.

There are a plethora of ways you can eliminate the shyness of being a lesbian. You don’t have to go back and forth proving your worth to society.

In this blog today, we are going to take a closer look at the best audiobooks that every lesbian couple must listen to. Whether the stories revolve around having someone of the same sex as a lifelong partner. This in-depth guide on the best audiobooks on lesbians is about catering to the best romance and mysterious audiobooks of the decade.

Here, We offer unique access to a growing collection of popular audiobooks of popular fairy tales. We aim to provide a space where women can browse the available lesbian audiobooks available for content that provides easy access, and better visibility of current and recently released audiobooks. We have the top 10 audiences, for all fiction and non-fiction stories and all genres and ages, but with one feature: All of this selects lesbian-focused stories, written by writers from the LGBTQIA community. Here we go!

What Are The Best Audiobooks For Lesbians? 

The couple’s writings have come a long way since the days when Sappho’s poems and underground novels such as Radclyffe Hall’s, The Well of Loneliness were among the few widely available options. However, anyone who is hunting for the best lesbian audiobooks knows that it can still be a challenge to find stories that focus on female characters and experiences. So we’ve put together some of our favorites with a series of lists describing some of the best news from the queer community, from lesbian, bisexual, and trans stories.

These audiobooks revolve around all the hustles and bustles regarding having a girl partner and inspiring stories of love that don’t discriminate with how you feel, whom you love, and how you love.

10 Best Audiobooks To Listen Lesbian Romance

  1. Just Jorie by Robin Alexander

Just Jorie by Robin Alexander
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One of the best audiobooks for lesbians is Just Jorie written by Robin Alexander. Some believe that a special person is there waiting to be found. Jorie Andolini is one of those people and has spent a lot of time thinking about that moment. He meets a woman in a store, a woman throws a can of peas, Jorie picks it up, they meet eyes, and then two souls meet. But it’s an abandoned trip to New York, a blizzard, and a canceled airplane that puts him on Lena Vaughn’s path.

Lena has found fault with all the men she has ever dated. Her dream of finding a husband is fading with each passing year. Aside from what her friends say, Lena doesn’t believe she’s scared to commit, she just can’t find the man she wanted to commit to. Amazingly, she is a woman who arouses those desires. For Lena, it’s not just a matter of sex, it’s just Jorie.

Take the road to happiness with Jorie and Lena. Two crazy old women, crazy friends, and attitude are some of the things you will see along the way.

  1. When Women Were Warriors

When Women Were Warriors
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Winner, 2010 EPIC Ebook Award for fiction in the Mainstream category.

“The strong, supple prose on display in all three novels, the intelligence of the plotting, and the skillfully varied pacing make this a standout trilogy–highly recommended.”

–from a review by the Historical Novel Society

“All the women of my family had gone to war… Now my turn has come… So, it is the custom that a free woman leaves her mother’s house to bind herself and those of her blood to a neighboring clan, either by the sword or by the cradle.”

Tamrac’s captivating language makes clear that this is the world of female warriors and her family is part of this tradition as she goes on to become a leader. The Path, however, is not easy from the moment that Lady Merin assigns her to the position of a companion of the introverted stranger, Maara, whose past is a riddle.

Best About Audiobook

So the story of young Tamra commences as she embarks on her voyage to becoming an apprentice warrior. This incredible tale is not about conflicts and armor, but rather about relationships, age and wisdom, and deep insights into human experience.

  1. Herland

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A curious but very readable and interesting little story. An unusual and quite well thought out concept which obviously either influenced or was influenced by, The Lost World. Whilst the basic premise of a totally isolated community where women became able to reproduce without men is perhaps a little rocky, much of the unfolding of the situation when three men invade their mountain kingdom, is revealing and well-drawn.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Herland is a feminist dystopian novel first published in 1915 describing an isolated world made up entirely of women—a gradual, environmentally aware nation where harmony and rationality are unknown and weak.

Told from a viewpoint of the male sociology student Vandyk Jennings who works with his two friends to decide what Herland really is, the novel criticizes ironically and firmly the arbitrariness of many gender standards by highlighting the irrational characteristics of men’s society and by asserting women’s basic capacity for reason and co-operation.

Best About Audiobook

Herland is a groundbreaking work of feminist thinking, whose themes are as significant today as at the beginning of the 20th century.

  1. The Psychology of Time Travel

The Psychology of Time Travel
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In 1967 the world’s first simulator was built together by four female scientists. But, as they begin to develop, one of them is under a breakdown, jeopardizing the whole project – and the future of time travel. One member is exiled from the team to preserve their invention – erased their historical contributions.

Fifty years later, where time travel is a massive deal. Twenty-something Ruby Rebello knows that her beloved grandma, Granny Bee, was one of the pioneers, though nobody is going to tell her anymore. But when Bee receives a mysterious newspaper clipping from the future reporting the murder of an unidentified woman, Ruby gets obsessed with it: could it be Bee? Who wants her to be dead? And most essential of all: can her murder be halted?

Best About Audiobook

The narrative often spreads through various periods. When reading each chapter the reader must concentrate on the timeline. The story posed some interesting points concerning the time journey. Time travel in the future could be fast. 

Since crimes can happen over a different period, the tale creates a similar legal system to fix multiple crimes. There is also an opportunity to play the facts, to alter the scene of the crime. For time travelers, there is a need for another currency. The author has developed a different glossary that time travelers use and that other people who do not travel time understand easily.

  1. The X Ingredient

The X Ingredient
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Laurie Holcombe has been out of work, luck, and time. If one of the senior partners is employed by a prominent law firm, it seems like she could end up on her feet. She has only to bring her furiously cold boss Diana’s whims. How difficult could it be?

Diana Parker is the best lawyer in Atlanta and is not ashamed to make it known to anyone. She is driven, scrupulous, tough, and trapped in a broken marriage. She can’t run her own life too poorly, as she’s running her ordered workplace.

Diana is convinced she’s all wrong when her young assistant arrives with shiny blue eyes, a cute Southern accent, and a streak of pink hairs. And yet she and Laurie Holcombe seem to be pulling together and drawing them to a secret and exciting dance that is far too risky for the boss and the employee.

  1. Breaking Character

Breaking Character
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For the frozen British A-lister Elizabeth Thornton, life has been a farcical ruin. The most disliked villagers in America participate in a top-rated medical television drama she fears. Now, because of the timidity of the young lady, she was romantically linked to Summer, her new perky co-star. This is the last thing Elizabeth wants as an enclosed actress. Life would be much easier if she could just achieve her dream filmmaking role. The only problem is that the French filmmaker who offers them insists that he meet her “friend,” the first summer.

As its co-star beams at her because of reports that they are amoure uses, Summer Hayes is devastated. Now the so-called British Bitch is brave enough to ask Summer for a job as her girlfriend? Not even Summer likes Elizabeth! Yeah, how would she like to say no to her? And Summer will certainly not be because she is perhaps a minuscule part of the impossible woman.

  1. Just for Show 

Just for Show
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Only the show opens with Claire, a couple of therapy professionals, who is dumped into the group by her mate. Claire is a workaholic… Claire desperately hires an actress as her ‘fake girlfriend’ to complete a book deal forcing her to introduce her caring fiancée before the contract is assured. Enter Lana – a worker who experienced an almost fatal accident that changed her view on life. They fight on the water like oil but Lana’s presence gradually changes Claire in her life. Funny, poignant, romantic, and absolutely vaporous…Jae delivers an even more effective guy!

When Claire, an over-conscious OCD counselor, hires Lana, an impulsive, for a false relationship, she feels the worst she will have to bear is the mess Lana leaves. It’s only a couple of months. And not as if all those forced kisses and loving looks are going to satisfy her. Okay?

A lesbian romance that never was so irresistible in playing the part.

  1. Flavor of The Month

Flavor of The Month
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Charlie Stetko’s been enviable for life. A penthouse and a circle of perfect mates at Manhattan, a stunning girlfriend. Or she was hoping so. Charlie ends up unemployed when her girlfriend sends her packing. She is forced to do one thing she never wished to do without her place of living or money: go back to Shaker Falls, in Vermont. She returned to her parents, returned to her teenage bakery, returned to the life in the town – and to the people – which she left behind.

Emma Grier believed that Charlie was the love of her life before the Manhattan-based billionaire swept Charlie off her feet and made her a trophy wife. Charlie left all the Shaker Fell behind, including Emma’s broken heart. But Emma picked up and now owns a famous restaurant in Shaker Falls. As for her life of love? She doesn’t need one of them. Anything that she doesn’t need to do? Charlie’s going to her restaurant to sell her the bakery pie.

What happens when Charlie and Emma discover that their separate paths have led them back to each other?

  1. Requiem for Immortals: Law Game Series

Requiem for Immortals: Law Game Series
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The story begins with the introduction of Requiem, an assassin with a penchant for discharging her victims employing methods that send a strong message as to why they were attacked. So, when Requiem gets twice her normal fee for a ‘no questions asked’ hit on Alison Ryan, stipulating that she will not kill for at least three weeks, Requiem decides to investigate her next possible victim. What Requiem finds out is not what she expects, Alison is merely the ‘mouse’ of a woman who lives a worldly life. With her curiosity piquéd, Requiem is getting close enough to Alison to discover that even a mouse has teeth!

Skilled cellist Natalya Tsvetnenko travels effortlessly among the wealthy, filling the hearts of symphony patrons with grace, even as she takes the lives of the corrupt Australian underworld. The cold, exacting assassin is hired to kill a woman who seems so innocent that Natalya can’t understand why someone wants her dead. As she gets to know her objective, she can’t figure out why she cares.

  1. Aurora’s Angel

Aurora’s Angel
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Joined in a battle for survival, a broken-winged angel and a shapeshifter huntress with a bloody past form a bond that may change their world.

Alone after the murder of her father, Aurora has spent years searching for his assassins. Battle-weary, she’s ready to start where no one knows who or what she is, she only has one more task to complete. Everything’s going to be arranged before she finds the stunning winged girl caged underground.

Her decision to save Evie and help her get home safely, despite being notorious for selling shapeshifters like Aurora to cutters and black-market meat dealers, would put her on a dangerous path.

As women journey along, Aurora is almost as important as their dangerous secrets, but Aurora is almost as lonely and Evie is battling to recognize how important Aurora is.

They can be each other’s only salvation as their enemies conspire to destroy them. Aurora is strong but emotionally scarred and it’s up to Evie to save her and struggle for them or to kill innocent people with the culprits and Aurora will vanish forever.

Final Verdict 

Along with ingenious interests and a zeal to get fascinated by these compelling audiobooks, I have penned out a list of audiobooks that are the best fit for couples as well as enthusiastic singles out there.

Just take a look at their briefs & decide what genre fascinates you the most! 

Get your audiobook today!

Plug & dwell deeper into immense fascinations and thrilling mysteries with these 10 best audiobooks for Lesbians

Happy Listening!

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