10 Best Zombie Audiobooks Your Brainnnn Will Love[2023]

best zombie audiobooks

I love to read novels about Apocalypse and Science fiction. A few days back, I listened to the best zombie audiobooks, and it was mind-blowing. Probably I will never read a novel because audiobooks are way better than it. The expression, twist, feelings, everything is so elevated in the audiobooks that you can’t experience while reading a novel. 

If you are confused about selecting the best zombie audiobook, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. I will suggest to you the best 10 zombie apocalypse audiobooks that you won’t forget in your life. Read further to know more. 

What Are The Best Zombie Audiobooks? 

Generally, Zombie audiobooks fall under the Science fiction and horror genre. As most of the deadly apocalypse starts with an overambitious scientific invention, you can’t separate zombie stories with science. A few people are trapped in a world filled with zombies, and they try to survive. 

If you want to elevate your adrenaline, you should listen to these zombie audiobooks. It may raise your heartbeats at some twist. There are more than hundreds of zombie audiobooks available. We bring you the best among them.

Best zombie audiobooks with detailed review:

  1. Zombie Fallout Series

Zombie Fallout Series
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It was an unusual flu season, and the H1N1 virus was spreading like wildfire throughout the country. People lined up for the vaccine of the flu. People rushed to the market and bought this flu vaccine, but the bitter truth was that is vaccine was untested, and the manufacturing company didn’t know about the side effects of this vaccine. 

Due to vaccines overnight, many people died and reborn as a zombie. And these modern-day zombies have a love for human brains, blood, and bodies. So, these zombies marched hundreds of kilometers within a few days to find more food. This story revolves around Michael Talbot and his family and friends. They are very ordinary people with extreme limitations. 

When this disaster strikes, Michael was a self-proclaimed survivalist, and he tried his best to ensure his people’s safety. All of them passed through various unusual circumstances, but they never give up.

Best about this audiobook: 

If you are looking for horror, adventurous, and family emotions audiobooks, this is the best zombie audiobook. You can start to listen to it now online.

  1. Hell on Earth: A Zombie Apocalypse

Hell on Earth: A Zombie Apocalypse
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Who will you do when the civilization and the things we build and care for years, destroy overnight, and hundreds of millions of dead returns to life to eat the human? How can cam you survive this fight? Hell on the Earth is a bestselling novel written by Tony Urban. If you want to see the world without civilization, you should start this audiobook. 

More than 300 million people lived in the USA a week ago, and now there are less than 5000 left. A human-made plague deters human history and gives birth to the cruel and bloodthirsty zombies. Wim was a 30-year-old farm. He maintained his distance from the zombies, but he has to go out when all zombies came to eat him. 

He fought for his land and humanity to save the survivors and make this world a better place. It is a story of sacrifice, fight, and survival. Wim wanted to save people, but some people forced him to sacrifice himself for other people’s greater good. This story will surely give you goosebumps at some points. 

 Best about this audiobook: 

This audiobook narrates the world with zombies very precisely. You will love this zombie audiobook. 

  1. A Scare of a Dare

A Scare of a Dare
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It is a different Zombie story. The other stories’ zombies are usually dead and bloodthirsty, but they have deliberately described the Zombies’ life in this audiobook. Suppose you love Minecraft, this the most recommended book. In this adventure series, you will see the life of a 12-year-old Minecraft Zombie.

This audiobook shows a fresh perspective of the zombie’s life. You can see the agony and dreadful life emotions of zombies. Do you think that zombies different from us? You may surprise by the writer’s perspective. It is highly recommended for Minecraft lovers to read this spectacular audiobook. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is the best zombie audiobooks for the child who loves Minecraft. If your kids are enthusiastic about Minecraft, you should give them his audiobook. 

  1. The Last Town

The Last Town
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It is a unique Zombie story. Stephen Knight is well-known for his majestic narrative skills. You will not disappoint when you start to listen to this zombie audiobook. Flu-like Plague infected thousands of people and killed more than ten percent of Victims. All of these started in the Middle East. 

People who died due to this plague awoke, and now they become a human flash eating animals. As the infection spread across Europe and then other parts of the world, cities were flooded with zombies. Supreme leaders used their powers to civilize the world again, but they failed. 

There was no rules or law on the streets, and zombies kill people for meat. These zombies can sense the presence of a human. New York, Washington, Los Angeles, all cities become hunting grounds. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This audiobook reflects the worst days of humankind. It is a warning that science can be exploited to create something dangerous that can jeopardize humans’ existence.

  1. Dead of Night

Dead of Night
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 Jonathan Maberry has written the realistic approach of the apocalypse. The plots can be easily relatable to the current world, and it all started with one injection. A prison doctor gives injection to a serial killer. This injection has a newly developed formula that maintains the consciousness, but the whole body can’t move. 

The doctor injects it, but no one knows about the side effects of this drug. All of them want to burry this serial killer, but the killer is awake before they do this. He was hungry, thirsty, and infected. His hunger for human flesh was increasing. Then he bites other people, and suddenly the end of the world started with one bite. 

There are some interesting characters in this story. A strong-willed female named Dez Fox has shown her courage and try to survive in this extraordinary circumstance. Then she partnered with TJ and saved other people. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This zombie audiobook will give you an insight into this world, where everything can happen. It may result in two-three sleepless nights. 

  1. Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack
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Horror master Rick Wood comes back with a spectacular and breathtaking zombie apocalypse audiobook. The story revolves around Gus Harvey. When zombies attacked humans, they killed and infected Gus’s family into zombies. Now Gus has no reason to live. All of these zombies are kept in one city, and that is London. 

Six months after, the Prime minister calls him asking for his help. Even after six months, Gus is sad and becomes an alcoholic. They are just waiting for a time to die. The Prime minister’s daughter was trapped in London, where bloodthirsty zombies are roaming on the road. Gus immediately accepts this mission. 

In this story, Rick has described the badass character of Gus and his courage beautifully. Some difficult situations are also briefly narrated. It is the best zombie audiobook. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is the world’s most challenging mission, and Gus joined this only because he wants to die. But can Gus get salvation by saving the girl? To know this, you have to listen to this amazing audiobook. 

  1. The Last Survivors

The Last Survivors
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It is the time when civilization destroyed three hundred years ago. People’s life totally changes, and they live in shades and continuously have a fear of zombies. People now live in the destroyed cities in medieval conditions. The technology was destroyed, and now people survive on natural resources. 

All of these were the beginning of a new disaster. A new wind-borne spore is spreading on the earth. This spore is harmful to humans and twist their minds and turn them in the bloodthirsty creature. This disaster is spreading like wildfire. Many people are become a victim of this and again world flood with a creature named zombies.

This horrifying situation was new for these people. They are helpless and trying to survive. They don’t know about any technology and weapon. 

Best in this audiobook: 

You can easily relate this story with a wasteland and many people who don’t know about technology. It is a very critical situation, and how are they going to survive this? It is a million-dollar question. 

  1. Zombie Road: Convoy of Carnage

Zombie Road: Convoy of Carnage
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Zombie road is the first book of one exciting zombie apocalypse audiobooks. Some people on the earth believe that the genocide this the best way to create a new future. After the years of planning, the contagion was released on the environment, and it killed millions of people in one night. But these dead people reborn and came back as undead monsters. 

Lucky people successfully survive the first day after the release of contagion. Cities were flooded with new zombies, and these zombies bite other people and eat them, and those reborn as zombies. At the high desert of Reno, a few people gear up against these zombies. They use hastily armored 18-wheelers. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This zombie audiobook revolves around the adventures and survival of Gunny, who is badass and very courageous. You will love Gunny. 

  1. The Zombie Uprising series

The Zombie Uprising series
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People who created zombies wanted to bury the secrets of zombies’ existence, but the dead don’t speak a lie. The Undead army awake and started to kill and turn people into zombies. Jen Reed wanted to reconnect with his father, who was dead. Jon got an opportunity to work in an archaeological grid where young scientist gathers and try to unbury the dark secrets of humanity. 

Village elders warned them about this dig. Accidentally they opened a gate where bloodthirsty zombies were locked. Within a few minutes, the whole village becomes the epicenter of zombies. Locals have strange bite marks and yellow eyes. They saw the unspeakable horror and extraordinary circumstances. 

Best about this audiobook: 

If you want to find how Jon stop these zombies and how he survives in such circumstance, you need to listen to this zombie audiobook. 

  1. Zombie Lake: Still Alive

Zombie Lake: Still Alive
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Mo Collins is a courageous man trapped at the end of the world on board his pirate ship and surrounded by hundreds of naked blue zombies. How can he survive such a situation? His ship’s name is Viva Ancora, on which sailed to America past a few years ago. But now he is only a mile far from his childhood home. 

Now zombies arrived at Alabama lake town where he docked. Mo and his shipmates saw some unspeakable horror on the road to home. Now it is a true litmus test for them. They want to survive, but they are no hop for survival. 

Best about this audiobook: 

If you love horror and breathtaking stories, you will fall in love with this zombie audiobook. 

Final Verdict: 

If you love the sci-fi genre, you couldn’t miss these best zombie audiobooks with sensational stories about apocalypse and survival. These audiobooks will surely enhance your experience with a zombie novel. Start listening to these audiobooks and tell us about your experience in the comment box. 

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