10 Best Weight Loss Audiobooks for Losing Weight in a Healthy Way(2023)

Best Weight Loss Audiobooks

For many people, losing weight can be a roller coaster of emotions. There might be some days when your dress fits a little looser and you feel like celebrating, and then on the other days when you feel demotivated after you weigh yourself on the scale and see the number hasn’t changed at all.

The process of losing weight is just hard, plain and simple. The problems arise when life problems get in the way of your best-laid weight loss plans. Your weight loss plan can start out great and you establish an excellent eating and exercise plan. You also let go of all the old habits for forming positive new ones. And then something happens like you could not resist a dessert at a friend’s party and everything just throws you off the course. 

It really helps to know that setbacks are an important part of the process. If you need any assistance with your weight loss, choose one of these ten audiobooks that depict what the weight loss journey is really like.

Best Weight Loss Audiobooks to Listen

  1. The Keto Beginning

The Keto Beginning

The Keto Beginning is the best audiobook on weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Written and narrated by Leanne Vogel, the audiobook is just 2 hours and 40 minutes in duration and can be very useful for people who want to know about the Keto diet but do not get time to read about it. You can listen to this audiobook even when you are busy with daily chores. This audiobook explains the mechanisms of the human body in a very simple language. 

Leanne Vogel has been writing several books on health and has published 11 health programs so far. If you want to achieve the weight goals that too in a healthy way, you should definitely give this audiobook a try.

Best about this audiobook

I have learned a lot listening to this audiobook. This is a highly recommended audiobook for losing weight in a healthy manner. A great health audiobook book for learning about your numbers. This audiobook has inspired me to eat clean and healthy.

  1. Dressing on the Side

Dressing on the Side

Dressing on the Side is the best audiobook on health and weight loss that you should listen to. Written and narrated by Jaclyn London, this audiobook teaches the 11 science-based methods to stress less, eat more, and feel great about your body. Through this audiobook. Jaclyn London has debunked many myths related to diet and weight loss. This includes a detox diet, fake nutrition, healthy eating schedules, and many more. Listening to this audiobook, you can get all the satisfactory answers to all the myths related to diet. 

The author and narrator Jaclyn London is working as a dietitian and nutrition director in Good Housekeeping in New York City. She has been sharing her experiences and expertise on diet and nutrition through several TV shows, blogs, and books. This is undoubtedly one of the masterpieces of London on a healthy eating regime.

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook is highly recommended for people who are trying to lose weight for a long time. London has written this realistic, hilariously relatable, fun, and info-packed book for weight loss and better health. 

Dressing On The Side is no doubt the best food-related book I have ever listened to. The author has not left an incredibly important feature that every other writer lacks: CREDENTIALS. This audiobook does not talk about the pseudo-science self-help characteristics of past health and diet books. It gives you something real, approachable, and based on facts. 

  1. Keto the Complete Guide

Keto the Complete Guide

If you are obsessed with food and cannot quit eating pizza and burgers and still want to lose weight, then this audiobook is completely dedicated to foodie people like you. This audiobook gives a deep insight into the fat-burning science. There are some effective solutions about which the author talks about that can help achieve your weight goals in minimum time. Other than this, there are also some side effects of the medicines that we take on a regular basis for common problems like cholesterol and diabetes. The author Maria Emmerich and Craig Emmerich are keto experts and they have the sole aim of transforming the lives of people by giving them proper diet plans. 

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook is the best pick for people who want to reduce their weight but do not want to compromise with their energy levels.

Both authors Craig and Maria have done a wonderful job in this audiobook by breaking down the science in a very simple way that’s easy to understand. Through this audiobook, they have shared their knowledge and experience that better explains how to break through plateaus so you can be successful on keto.

  1. Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone

Dr. Colbert’s Hormone Health Zone

This audiobook is written by Don Colbert MD and narrated by Tom Parks. It is indeed the best audiobook on health and nutrition. Dr. Colbert has explained the effect of different hormones on the functioning of the body. This audiobook is the perfect audiobook for people who want to achieve complete fitness with high energy levels. In this audiobook, you will also get some effective methods to lose weight. The audiobook is based on highly effective Don Colbert’s studies. 

Dr. Colbert is an expert in anti-aging medicines and has written many other books on health. One of his other books- The Seven Pillar of Health was the New York Times Bestseller.

Best about this book

This audiobook is a great resource that is easy to understand. It also gives great patient testimonies. The ranges of hormones that doctors have explained in this audiobook are so broad you can be balanced and still have problems. 

The author has explained bio-identical hormones and their benefits in detail. If you feel tired all the time, have shrinking muscles and bones, suffer from chronic pains, loss of sleep, and brain fog, you should listen to this audiobook. 

  1. The Four-Pack Resolution

The Four-Pack Resolution

Unlike other weight loss audiobooks that talk about the keto diet, fasting, avoiding some kind of food, and many other diets, The Four-Pack Resolution focuses on proper exercises to lose the fat from your body permanently. This audiobook states that only ten minutes of regular workouts combined with a proper diet can help you achieve the goal of weight loss. The book is written by Chael Sonnen who himself is a champion of martial arts. The other author Dr. Ryan Parsons is a coach and consultant. 

Best about this audiobook

While most of the information is the same as in the other health audiobooks, The Four-Pack Resolution is presented in a very interesting way that is entertaining and at the same time informative. There are many ways to tell people to eat right and move more. It is just that Chael manages to do it in an interesting way.

This is a good audiobook for anyone who no longer wants to be obsessed with food in their lives. This is a great audiobook with a lot of helpful information and tips on dieting and exercising. 

  1. Never Binge Again

Never Binge Again

Written and narrated by Glenn Livingston, Intermittent Fasting for Beginners is the best audiobook that talks about the connection between psychology and eating. Through this audiobook, the author has tried to explain that there is a close relationship between one’s eating habits and his mental condition. After listening to this audiobook, you get a clear understanding of different types of eating disorders that commonly arise due to mental conditions like emotional overeating. The author explains the scientific logic behind dieting and also suggests some effective and easy-to-follow weight loss methods. 

Glenn Livingston has studied a lot on the different reasons behind overeating. He is a renowned psychologist and has helped several patients with different eating problems. 

Best about this audiobook

Never Binge Again audiobook challenges the simplistic notions of your deprivation and perfectionism. It effectively puts your rational and sensible brain in charge that keeps us alive with fresh instincts and not on the quest for the next junk-food fix.

I recently downloaded the audiobook version of Never Binge Again. I have been listening to this audiobook for at least 10 minutes every single day. I feel recharged on a daily basis and have not felt the urge to binge since then. I also lost 5 pounds in the first week. The message of the author in the audiobook is so sound and simple.

  1. The Obesity Code

The Obesity Code

Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss, The Obesity Code talks about the relationship between weight loss and different hormones. The level of insulin in one’s body determines the gain or loss in weight. If you really want to lose weight permanently, you should focus on the fluctuating levels of different hormones. The author of the book, Dr. Jason Fung is by profession, a nephrologist. He has put dedicated efforts into finding effective methods of dieting and has written several books on it. This audiobook is the perfect pick for those who want to deeply understand the psychological theory of eating habits.

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook is for anyone and everyone who has issues with weight. Dr. Jason Fung, the author, did a remarkable job by explaining what exactly is going on in our bodies. 

All the scientific data and medical terms that are difficult to understand by a common man are simplified enough by the author for anyone to understand. 

  1. Delay, Don’t Deny

Delay, Don’t Deny

Delay, Don’t Deny talks about adapting to an intermittent fasting lifestyle. The book is written and narrated by Gin Stephens. Listening to this audiobook, you can make your body fit and active by completely understanding the logic behind intermittent fasting. Unlike other weight loss audiobooks which talk about quitting particular food items, this audiobook focuses only on the timing of the intake of food. According to the audiobook, if you select the right food to eat at the right time, you can control your weight easily. 

Gin Stephens has been practicing intermittent fasting since 2014. She has also written many blogs about the benefits of fasting, and how it can make people fit and active?

Best about this audiobook

It was the title of the audiobook that caught my attention and I listened to it. This audiobook talks about many health benefits of fasting that have been proven with multiple studies.

Listening to this audiobook, you feel like enjoying a conversation with a friend over coffee. Gin explains all the facts and theories in a very relaxed casual manner, using her own experience as well as the knowledge she accumulated through her research.

  1. Eat Stop Eat 

Eat Stop Eat 

Eat Stop Eat is one of the best audiobooks on intermittent fasting. This audiobook explains the scientific reasoning behind different eating habits. You can listen to this audiobook even in your busy schedule and adopt simple methods for weight loss. The book is written by an expert Canadian author Brad Pilon and narrated by Gregory Diehl. Brad has done his graduation in Natural Science and Human Biology. This audiobook is perfect for people who want to lose weight without compromising on their health. 

Best about this audiobook

I love the audiobook for Brad Pilon’s in-depth research on intermittent fasting. The audiobook is basically divided into two parts. While part one of the audiobook talks about adopting a 24 hour fast to your lifestyle, Part 2 is entirely about all the years of his research and science behind fasting. It also gives an excellent insight into the effect of different hormones on the parts of the body.

In this audiobook, Brad bursts all the myths against fasting. He explains all the benefits of fasting on our health, which is more than just fat loss. He explains in detail about shorter and longer fasts and why 24-hours is the best to choose. 

  1. Target 100

Target 100

Target 100 is the best audiobook that gives the world’s simplest weight-loss program in 6 easy steps. Written and narrated by Liz Josefsberg, who herself is a celebrity weight-loss coach. This audiobook presents the weight-loss process into a streamlined six easy-to-follow guidelines. It also teaches the listeners how to adopt these guidelines into their lifestyle and personalize the program so that it works just perfectly for you. Liz is a 15-year veteran in the weight-loss industry who lost 65 pounds herself. She has also coached Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson in losing weight and transformed her life completely. 

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook gives the most practical weight loss plan I have ever tried. It really works and also does not require skipping any particular food item. 

After my failed attempts to lose weight, I downloaded this audiobook and since then I haven’t looked back. The audiobook is easy, slow, progressive, and very much workable. Now after following this audiobook, I rarely feel deprived and I’m in control. I highly recommend it.


The first stage of any weight loss program is very crucial as you tend to lose the most weight and it’s in this stage only when you notice the most significant physical changes in yourself. 

In the second stage, the weight loss happens at a slower rate, but the important fact is that the weight you lose in this stage primarily comes from fat rather than stored carbs, protein, and water.

The important factors that impact your weight loss journey include adopting sustainable and healthy dietary and exercise habits.

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