10 Best Vampire Audiobooks to Listen in 2023

best vampire audiobooks

In common imagination, the term vampire takes on a strange location. This is, on the one hand, a word with connotations and immediately conjures images that combine children’s Halloween costumes, Bela Lugosi and Sesame Street’s Count.

It is a term that has a fascinating variety of meanings, on the other hand. All the flavors of nightwalkers are covered by the same term, ranging from the snoring animal animals which terrorize and devour and fresh faces of teenagers who glow in the sun.

Just imagine the ‘Twilight’ series of vampire-based teenage romances (a frustrating practice for lovers of vampire fiction I know, but bear with me) to see how striking the range of the creatures are and how hidden the vampire is. 

Now imagine that the creature portrayed by Max Shreck in the movie Nosferatu in 1922 was playing the lead instead of the fresh face of a teenage pin-up who looks like he has just gone away from the commercial set for skin cleansers. Do you note the difference?

Both of them are “vampires,” but Count Orlock cannot really imagine that he is anxious about whether or not to take his victims’ blood whilst his rat-like appearance.

Why people are so in love with Vampire Audiobooks?

With well over a century of remarkable nosferatu and so many different visions of what undead bloodsucker are, it can be like going for the Tinder in Transylvania to pick a title that will make your teeth known. Would you like a well-speaking, romantic vampire or pestilent beast? A modern reinvention or classic story? Burning slow and pity and pulpy or literary??

Fortunately, batty, bats, see what I have done there before you push yourself? Oh, mercy!… There is a helpful guide to help you find your favorite bloodsucker brand. Oh, grace!) where to make a claim for your genre.

It’s precisely this variety, which is so interesting and enticing to the fans of vampire literature and audiobooks, in the representations of the creatures of the night’ that makes navigation difficult.

Follow us along as we dig deeper into the mystery of vampire audiobooks to make you feel thrilled and scared at the same time.

Take your garlic and your cross, and enter your own free will…

Best Vampire Audiobooks If You Love Gore:

  1. The Vampyre

The Vampyre
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In the early 1800s, the weather in a house in the Swiss Alps was stormy. A group of friends and literary giants like Percy, Mary Shelley, and Lord Byron determine that to have a friendly time, everyone is challenged to write a horror tale they believe they share with the group.

This is a popular tale about the origins of Frankenstein’s young girl masterpiece Shelley (or The Modern Prometheus). Other contributions made by Lord Byron’s doctor John Polidori are frequently ignored or neglected by this meeting with the literary titans and the subsequent production.

The reality that another contribution by Lord Byron’s physician John Polidori has profoundly influenced the terror and dreams of the vampires of the coming centuries is mostly missed or forgotten regarding the literary titans’ gathering and the resultants.

The Vampire, based on Byron’s own ‘Fragment of a Book’ and with a narrator that may as well have been called Bord Lyron, was not entirely original in its work, given how loosely based it was on the figure of the patient’s character of his Polidori, Lord Ruthven.

Best About This Audiobook

The plot, which centers on the adventures of Lord Ruthven as he journeys and claims the victims, has an apparently Folklore-like atmosphere.

The vampire perspective here is surprisingly well shaped if a little limp in the retelling for a story accompanying Dracula. Form, of course, is wordy and ‘of her day,’ but anyone wanting a ‘folk’ or ‘literary’ vampire story or looking to track the genre’s growth should check it out.

  1. Carmilla

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If you asked most people to name a vampire novel from the 19th century published by an Irish author about a predatory animal feeding a heavy-sexed young lady, the majority would automatically suggest Dracula.

However, there is another book, one that is 26 years old before Stoker’s most popular development. Carmilla, work by Sheridan Le Fanu, is also the first Lesbian vampire novel, risks risking uproar in the up-turned period of Carmilla’s homosexual desire, which powers the eponymous female vampire.

Best About This Audiobook

Anyone who reads Dracula will note some striking parallels before coming to Carmilla. For instance, in comparison with Lucy in Stoker’s novel the descriptions of Carmilla and the similarities between Le Fanu’s Baron Vordenberg vampire specialist and Van Helsing of Stoker (who also has a name similar to Hesselius, from whose casebook the story emerges).

On audiobooks, Carmilla is an individual story and is worth the investment alone. I would recommend that you seize Le Fanu’sThrough a Dark Glass,’ a series that contains Carmilla’s short horror stories.

  1. Dracula

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Without the GrandDaddy of it all, no list of Vampire texts will be complete. Bram Stoker’s Dracula is definitely the first but undoubtedly the most significant vampire tale ever published.

While many err to believe that Dracula is recognized by Hollywood films, the novel itself may be incredible. The fact that Dracula’s Dracula still maintains enough atmosphere with the proper translation, not just because of the information frequently lacking in celluloid versions (Dracula’s appearance and particularly his enormous mustache being a major example).

The epistolary aspect of the Stoker story makes it ideal for reading the audiobook, as the listener can dip in and out between the different narrators while this selection of the structure pushes the action forward, as much as it is in horrific novels in several ways.

Best About This Audiobook

The audiobook certainly had multiple readings because it was around for such a long time. The two I’d most highly recommend being the unbroken version of Naxos, which is read by one cast including David Horrovitch and Jamie Parker as well as an ever-scary Tim Curry (Pennywise the clown in Stephen King’s IT), by the notable actor Alan Cummings (who played Eli Gould in The Nice Wife and suitably “Nightcrawler” with X-men).

  1. Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire
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The Interview with the Vampire of Anne Rice is another more contemporary title, frequently ignored by his popular film output.

Whilst the on-screen version of any fan of vampire films is excellent and valuable, the descriptions, creation of character, and historical references combined with the tale of Rice value the book, whether or not you have seen the film.

Rice’s writing is a testimony to Rice’s fact that the characters are so well-rounded and display a deep personality and idiosyncrasy that even the regular cookie cutters may skip.

Rice’s novel produced 11 sequels, all of which are of similar quality, only ‘The Vampire Lestat.’ There are some versions of the book available for audio in terms of content and the quality of the captures varies slightly. I recommend reading unrestrained works by Simon Vance for both clear recording and delivery quality; however, if the time is required, a deeper and more sonorous voice is preferable to read.

Best About This Audiobook

The idea of the audiobook is largely explained by the title, and it is the promised truth that the hordes of the undead have a real vampire as a cardholder. The bloodsucker in question, Louis de Pointe Du Lac, tells the story with melancholy tiredness, which is directly born from the tragic vampire mold Varney.

  1. Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula

Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula Tap on image to see Amazon/Audible reviews.
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The dark power is an unbelievable literary discovery: Valdimar Asmundsson, an Islandian publisher and writer, went to translate the world-famous novel Dracula by Bram Stoker in 1897.

This Island version, called Makt Myrkranna, was a preface by Stoker himself, literally ‘Forces of Darkness.’ Makt Myrkranna was published in Iceland in 1901 but remained outside the country until 1986 when the discovery of Stoker’s book preface stunned the Dracula scholarship. But nobody was following Asmundsson’s tale deeper than in the preface.

Literary scientist Hans de Roos dumped into Makt Myrkranna’s complete text in 2014 only to find that Asmundsson not merely translated Dracula, but wrote a brand new version of the stories with all the new characteristics and an entirely new storyline. It is a fast, punchier, erotic narrative, and maybe even more suspicious than Stoker’s Dracula. Unbelievably, until now Makt Myrkranna has not been translated or even read outside Iceland.

The first-ever English translation by Forces of Darkness is the Makt Myrkranna of Stoker and Asmundsson.

Best About This Audiobook

Forces of darkness will surprise and delight legions of Gothic literature, fear, and vampire fiction fans with a preface of Dacre Stoker, a great-grand-nephew and best-selling author of Bram Stoker, and an afterword of Draculian scholar John Edgar Browning. This audiobook is a must-listen for every panoramic fan out there.

  1. Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel

Frostbite: A Vampire Academy Novel
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Dimitri loves Rose, Tasha could be loved by Dimitri, and with Rose will die Mason. It’s St. Vladimir’s winter break, but Rose feels nothing but festive. The school is highly alert with a huge Strigoi assault and now the Academy has been crushing with Guardians—including Janine Hathaway, Rose’s hitting mother. And if a hand-in-hand fight with his mother wasn’t bad enough, Rose’s teacher Dimitri looks at somebody, her friend Mason’s got a gigantic crush on her.

When she goes out with her boyfriend Christian she gets caught in the head of Lisbon! The Strigoi are locked and there are no threats for the Academy. The annual holiday trip to St. Vlad is compulsory this year and the rest of what happened will be in the audiobook itself.

Best About This Audiobook

The greatest teen romance & horror audiobook to enthrall your inner soul.

Only the illusion of protection is created by the glittering winter landscape and posh Idaho resort. Rose must join forces with Christian to save her when three friends run away in an aggressive blow against the dangerous Strigoi. However, heroism seldom comes at a price…

  1. Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy
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It’s a secret place where vampires are trained in the way supernatural and the half-human teens defend themselves – St. Vladimir’s Academy is not just an internship. The bodyguard for its best friend Lisbon, the Moroi Vampire Princess, is Dhampir Rose Hathaway.

 It was on the run, but now it is being pushed back to St. Vladimir, the location where the most dangerous people are. 

Taken in prohibited romance, ruthless social scenes, and indescribable evening rituals, Rose and Lissabon are engulfed. But they have to be careful not to make Lissabon one of them forever by Strigoi — the world’s strongest and most deadly vampires.

Best About This Audiobook

A great Vampire audiobook that was the plot behind the world’s #1 bestselling Vampire Academy series is NOW A Big MOTION PICTURE!

  1. Moon Dance (blood bound book one)

Moon Dance (blood bound book one)
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Envy’s life was amazing. Great brother, fantastic boyfriend, and the best career a girl could ask for… to have a bar in the most popular clubs in town. At least it was perfect before she received a call from one of her closest friends about her boyfriend doing a vertical limbo on the Moon Dance dance floor. Her decision to challenge him starts with a series of events that will expose her to a sinister paranormal universe buried under the daily humdrum.

A future where humans will transform into jaguars, real-life vampires wander down the streets, and fallen angels walk among us. Devon is a werejaguar, a bit rough around the edges, and a shared owner of Moon Dance.

Best About This Audiobook

An excellently narrated horror audiobook story of an A future where humans will transform into jaguars, real-life vampires wander down the streets, and fallen angels walk among us. Devon is a werejaguar, a bit rough around the edges, and a shared owner of Moon Dance. His world is tilted on its axis as he spies an alluring red-haired vixen dancing in his bar, armed with a cynical heart and a taser. With a vampire war raging around them, Devon promises to make this woman his… and he’s going to fight like hell to get her.

  1. Vampires in the Lemon Grove

Vampires in the Lemon Grove
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On Broad Shore, a stumbling teen with a bad haircut has a change of fortune as he discovers objects from the future lining of a seagull’s nest. The window of the Hox River in Nebraska fueled both family loyalty and lethal retribution. 

In the godforsaken barn in what they suspect is Kentucky, Presidents Eisenhower, John Adams, and Rutherford B. Hayes are bemused to find themselves incarnated as ponies. And in the title story of the collection, Clyde and Magreb – a typical vampire of capes and coffins, a more modern variety – settle in the Italian lemon grove in the expectation that their ripe fruit can keep their hunger for blood at bay.

Best About This Audiobook

Karen Russell in his audiobook narrates how he is a bold genius with a wicked sense of humor, and this highly awaited new collection reinforces her position as a master of short story form and one of today’s most creative young authors.

  1. I Am Legend

I Am Legend
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In I Am Legend, the earth has been decimated by a horrific plague, and those that were unlucky enough to survive are turned into bloodthirsty creatures of the darkness. Robert Neville is the last man on earth to be alive. Any single man, woman, and infant have become a vampire, and all of them are hungry for the blood of Neville. 

By day, he’s a killer, chasing the sleeping undead in the deserted remains of civilization. By night, he barricades himself in his home and prays for the dawn. How long can a guy live in a world of vampires?

Richard Matheson’s chilling story is a white-haired journey into a world of gloom and horror.

Best About This Audiobook

This classic horror audiobook is the basis for the film starring Will Smith, winner of the Academy Award, I Am Legend is a classic of horror and suspense.

Final Thoughts

While these vampire audiobooks give you the thrill of the lifetime, it’s also great for you in person. Now that you have taken a dig at the above-mentioned audiobooks, choose one or two or whatever number you like.

From enthralling stories to plot-twisting moments, these audiobooks are meant to offer you immense listening pleasure.

Happy Listening…

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