10 Best True Crime Audiobooks [Our Top Picks For 2023]

best true crime audiobooks

We know that you won’t do any crime, but you are interested to know about Crime thriller stories. We bring you the best true crime audiobooks that are very addictive, and you can’t resist yourself from completing these audiobooks. These 10 crime audiobooks contain thriller, blood, and unspeakable crimes. 

These audiobooks are very comfortable; you can listen to them while traveling or while doing other activities. It is the most convenient way to finish novel stories and enjoy them to the fullest. So, read this article to know the best true crime audiobook

10 Best True Crime Audiobooks To Sharpen Your Mind

  1. Bad Blood

bad blood
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It is the story of deception. In this book, John Carreyrou has spectacularly narrated the rise and fall of Theranos, the multibillion-dollar biotech startup. This story was broken by a prize-winning journalist pressurized by the CEO and threatened by her lawyers. But she pursued it to the end. 

In 2014, Elizabeth Holmes, who was a brilliant Stanford dropout, started a startup called Theranos. She was known as the female Steve Jobs. This highly ambitious medical startup promised the investors to revolutionize the way of blood testing. 

Theranos supposed to develop a fast and effective blood testing machine. This technology was promised to test more than 200 conditions at a low price. Investors like Larry Ellison and Tim Draper hold shares of Theranos, and this startup raised more than $9 billion. The net worth of Holmes was around $4.7 billion. 

However, the only issue was that it was all fake promises. It is the biggest corporate fraud after Enron, and it is the story of fake promises, ambitions, and persuasion in the Silicon Valley. It is a beautifully written, true crime audiobook

  1. Black Klansman

Black Klansman
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Ron Stallworth writes about his adventures of being a black detective. He was a former police officer. He investigates a classified advertisement from a local Colorado Springs Newspaper about the Ku Klux Klan. Ron responded to the ad and asked for the information; he received a local KKK organizer call about becoming Klansman. 

In high school, Ron wanted to become a P.E. teacher. Instead of this, he became a cadet with CSPD. He chose this job to pay for his college fees, and then he became a police officer. After this, he became an undercover detective of CSPD. He has given the case of KKK, and he decided to investigate a white officer. 

Ron also recruited a narcotics detective named Chuck. They both investigated the process of becoming a member of the KKK. The crimes that were happing in this club are the main suspense of this story. He successfully did the investigation and then got an opportunity to serve in A Civil Rights leader’s security team. 

  1. I’ll be gone in the dark

I'll be gone in the dark
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It is the true story of a serial rapist who turned into a murderer. In the 70s and 80s, California’s people frightened by him, and the journalist who investigated this case died tragically. This case was solved in April 2018. One movie was also made on this thriller crime novel

A violent man committed unspeakable sexual assaults in North California for more than ten years. After this, he moved to the south, and he cruelly murdered ten people there. They were very cunning and master in escaping. Various police forces and best detectives couldn’t catch him. 

After 30 years, a crime journalist named Michelle McNamara decided to find this violent serial killer. She called him “The Golden State Killer.” She created a website named TrueCrimeDiary.com. Michelle investigated all police reports, ask victims, and did comprehensive searching for this case. 

This novel is a masterpiece that reveals the criminals’ mentality and the wreckage he left after the crime. The women’s obsession and utter efforts to find this criminal are very heroic. It is one of the best true crime audiobooks.  

  1. Mindhunter

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John E. Douglas worked for 25 years in the FBI investigative support unit. His observation and psychological skills helped the FBI find the most notorious and cruel serial killers and criminals. He wrote about one interesting case in this book. He also depicted the glance of his personal and professional life. 

Mindhunter is an audiobook that takes your breath away in some stories and gives you sleepless nights with a detailed description of chilling and dark crimes. Some cases are gruesome and challenging for John, but he solved each of them with his determination and skills. 

In his 25 years of career, he helped the FBI to catch many notorious serial killers like the men who killed prostitutes for sports in the jungles of Alaska, Child murderer from Atlanta, and the most dangerous one, Seattle’s River killer, who almost killed Douglas, but Douglas escaped from this killer. 

Douglas has a unique ability to investigate the case. He reforms the crime scene in his mind and tries to see the crime from the victim’s eyes and criminal both. It is one of the most popular true crime audiobooks

  1. The Michigan Murders

The Michigan Murders
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Michigan Murders is the true crime story of the savage and treacherous killings of young women by a young boy who could have lived next to you. In the 1960s, the terrifying serial killing of young women rocked in Michigan. The murderer dumped the bodies of women in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. 

In each murder, the murderer lest some clues at the crime scene to challenge the authority. Six different police agencies were unsuccessful in capturing the serial killer of young women. Then by accident, the serial killer was caught, and people were surprised by this. It was a young American boy named John Norman Collins. 

Then he went to trials, and on August 19, 1970, he was found guilty and sentenced to lifetime prison. He is now in the Marquette jail, Michigan, in his sixties. Norman was the first serial killer in this region. People were frightened by this news, and they realized that it is not safe to trust anyone. 

  1. Adnan’s Story

Adnan's Story
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Adnan Syed was a high school senior boy in Baltimore, Maryland. In early 2000, he was convicted and sentenced for imprisonment for life plus 30 years for killing her ex-girlfriend. Although he proved guilty, Adnan said that he was not the murderer of his ex-girlfriend till the last court sessions. 

Only Rabia Chaudry somehow believed in him, and she tried a lot to give him justice. Rubia talked to Sarah Koenig, a producer, and journalist. Sarah produced a Serial on the investigation of Adnan’s case in 2014. The Serial was an award-winning podcast, and more than 500 million people listened to this podcast. 

However, this podcast was not enough to share his full story. Rabia presents new evidence like potential unknown suspects; forensics reports mentioned the exact time of death and cell phone history. 

Many people also start to support Adnan after listening to Serial. It is proved that He was kept somewhere till half a day after the murder. Rabia Chaudry perfectly narrates the story of Adnan in her audiobook. It is the best-selling true crime audiobook

  1. Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon
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David Grann, the author of New York best selling book The Lost City of Z, write this haunting real murder mystery. It is one of the best true crime audiobooks. In the 1920s, the world’s wealthiest people were the members of the Osage Nation in Oklahoma. They discovered the oil under their land, and Osage rode enriched with automobiles and mansions. They sent their child to study in European countries.  

After this, one by one, all Osage was killed by some serial killers. Mollie Burkhart’s family was a prime target. Her uncle was shot, and another relative was poisoned. And it was just the beginning of death. More people from Osage died by that killer. Even the detectives and officers who investigate this case were also killed brutally. 

When the death toll rose, the young director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover, took this case and, with Tom white, a Texas Ranger, formed an undercover team for investigation. After some digging, they found wretched conspiracies about Osage. 

  1. There are no Dead here

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This story is one of the best true crime audiobooks. There are no Dead is a story of the invasion of Paramilitaries in Colombia. This story was told through three characters; a fearless social activist, a relentless investigator, and a dogged journalist. Their lives intersected in the middle of extraordinary circumstances. 

The Drug Cartel of Colombia wasn’t ended by the death of Pablo Escobar in 1993. The situation was exacerbated after his death. It was the blood chapter of Colombia. In the last 1990s, the paramilitary groups tied with the cocaine business with violent expansion campaigns, raping, massacring, and torturing thousands. 

The three people risked everything to reveal the truth about the country’s military and government. A human rights activist exposed the military’s dark secrets, and journalists found some concrete evidence and victims. Their proof and investigation lead to the punishment of imprisonment of a third of the country’s congress. 

It is the fight for justice and peace that no one Colombian can forget. The military wiped out some entire towns and the presidential palace in Bogota. It is an unforgettable portrait of men and women who dared to stand up against the whole military and fight against greed, rage, and bloodlust. 

  1. The Fact of the body

The Fact of the body
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Alex and Lesnevich were going to start their job at a well-known law firm in Louisiana, and they came across the case of a man they thought was innocent. The child of two lawyers is staunchly anti-death penalty. But when Rickey Langley’s face came on the screen, and he spoke about his crimes, they felt that this man should die. They were shocked by his crimes. 

Crime is the darkest and unsayable acts that people do. When Alex tries to find Rickey’s facts, he finds out about Rickey’s childhood. They found that their past is somehow connected to the Rickey’s. Then they unearthed the long-buried family secrets and believed the reasons for Rickey’s crimes. 

But one more surprise came, Alex and Lesnevich were not the only ones who saw their life in Rickey’s. The Fact of the body is a unique murder mystery and needs some attention to understands the storyline. It took almost ten years to write this piece of art. 

  1. Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History

Lady Killers: Deadly Women Throughout History
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These women are not just killers; they were the most brutal serial killer in history. Each chapter of this audiobook explores the new story and new crime. This story broke the stereotypes and sexist cliches that bound females. 

It is the first audiobook that examines female serial killers with the feminist lens. There are 14 chapters of this bloodcurdling, irresistible, and insightful journey for female serial killers’ dark life.  

Final Verdict 

These are the best true crime audiobooks that you can enjoy to the fullest. They are full of suspense, thriller, crime, and a bit of drama. Hopefully, from this article, you knew about the true-crime audiobook available online. Comment below if you have any questions. 

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