10 Best Thriller Audiobooks That Mess With Your Head(2023)

best thrilling audiobooks

Thriller audiobooks are full of surprises. They are the perfect literary genre to captivate anything listening to them. Even the people’s calm can be intrigued by cliffhangers, endless persuasion, and sometimes the absolute horrors. Best thriller audiobooks keep listeners, even readers, at the edge of their seats. Get ready to disappear into the gripping narration for the great escape.

Thriller audiobooks can be either action, psychological, and crime thrillers. Some thrillers are a combination of several genres making the plot juicy. The protagonists are sometimes just, sometimes vile and twisted. But it is the complexity of the characters that makes thriller audiobooks compelling. The organic characterization of protagonists turns ordinary humans into investigators. The more you listen to the audiobooks, then you tend to crave for more. Only over 20 days till the New Year arrives. You can curl up and finish as many best thriller audiobooks as possible. Get ready to fall right into the wormhole of suspense and mystery.

Best Thriller Audiobooks Of All Time With Review:

  1. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line

Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line
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Deepa Anappara’s debut novel became an instant classic this year. Djinn Patrol on the Purple Line has acquired Lucy Cavendish College and worldwide recognition. In addition to this, the novel turned audiobook is shortlisted for JCB Prize in 2020. Moreover, the novel is shortlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2020. The plot revolves around children who reside in a slum of a fictional Indian city. People who appreciate Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers will adore this audiobook.

Anappara’s novel is a fusion of several literary elements, including thriller. Further, the author has included detective fiction, bildungsroman, and satire. The novel follows Jai, a 9-year-old protagonist, alongside his friends. The friends’ band together to investigate the slaughter of their classmate. There are several instances where Jai faces excellent ordeals. However, his will to uncover the truth of the deliverance is mind-blowing. By the time you reach the climax, there’s one thing you’d realize. The lives of the young children will never be the same after the incident. 


The audiobook draws on the real incidents in metropolitan India. The author wrote the novel while she was pursuing a degree in creative writing. By far, this is the rawest and remarkable audiobook you’ll ever listen to.

  1. Long Bright River: an intense family thriller

Long Bright River: an intense family thriller
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Long Bright River is a gritty, electrifying mystery thriller by Liz Moore. The novel turned audiobook is filled with propulsive sentences. Further, the story explores an unexplained tension between sisters alongside police procedures. One of the most intriguing parts of the audiobook is the collateral damage from addiction. Among the two sisters, one is Michaela Fitzpatrick and Kacey. Michaela is a police officer, whereas Casey is a drug addict. The sisters grew up under the guidance of Gee, their grandmother.

The grandmother played an essential role in the lives of the sisters. Gee took care of the children after the mother passed away from an overdose. The audiobook has all the elements making it an absolute thriller delight. However, the listeners will uncover that there is something more about the story. The narration of the audiobook will take readers to unexpected places. Further, it will keep surprising you until the very climax. As far as the novel version is concerned, it is regarded as quite a page-turner for the readers. Listeners can expect a similar amount of thriller and astonishment in the audiobook.


The audiobook is a literal wonder as well as a promising thriller.

  1. Dead Land

Dead Land
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Written by Sara Paretsky, Dead Land packs an adventure of Warshawski. The author, in her latest installment, brings Chicago into life with Warshawski’s investigations. The VI stumbles up to political corruption and wrongdoings of corporates. The audiobook also addresses other issues such as mass shootings, homelessness, corrupt officers of the law. These instances will break the hearts of several listeners. At the same time, it will give them a sense of injustice that exists in reality. The story here also includes Bernie, VI’s goddaughter. He insists on accompanying the VI on the mission. However, thrillers and adventures find them.

The audiobook does a marvelous job when a toy piano plays. They later find out the piano player to be Lydia Zamir, a homeless woman. She narrates how she lost her lover during a concert in Kansas. Zamir’s lover was gunned down. Later, the VI finds out that Zamir has disappeared. Moreover, two people are murdered. Listeners will be able to feel the intensity as the favorite of the VI is harmed. The audiobook is filled with drama, crime, and espionage. If you want to be on the seat’s edge, listen to the audiobook. It will be worth your while.


The audiobook showcases the real danger of being around a person whose job is to apprehend criminals.

  1. The Missing American

The Missing American
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Kwie Quartey’s The Missing American is set in the depths of Ghana. The critically acclaimed author narrates the story of Emma Djan. The 26-year-old aspires to become like her late father, a detective. She keeps rising the rankings in the police; however, she’s a little unsure. She is perplexed by the life she leads in Ghana’s Accra. She connects with a former colleague while sympathizing. And she gives an interview to join a private agency that needs her detective skills. Her new job is to detect missing people, marital infidelities, and thefts. Listeners will uncover how people take up any opportunity that gives them a second chance at life.

The novel is a twisty page-turner with a new-age protagonist. Quartey takes the listers to a whole new domain, the dark and the feeble. The journey of the young detective begins with internet fraudsters of Ghana. However, she finds herself in an astoundingly new world after moving to America. The force that the audiobook imparts on the listeners is massive. Even if the audiobook ends, the listeners will want to hear more of Emma’s story.


You can enjoy the evocative series at any time of the year.

  1. The Searcher

The Searcher
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After the release of “In the Woods,” the work of Tana French has a cult following across the world. Her fan base is utterly devoted to her work. The Searcher is one of the many novels that she published in the last 13 years. The way she works her way through nuanced, twisty plots is remarkable. The Searcher showcases a wild and rough landscape. The people living in a fictional town are aware of everyone and their jobs. Moreover, these townsmen are provoked by the presence of the outsiders. The listeners will understand how suspicious the townspeople get of outsiders.

Listeners will find the premise is like a western-inflected mystery. The backstory of the character fused with systemic racism and police violence can melt anyone. The picturesque imagery and impeccable language by French will null listeners. French has named the book after a hit 1956 film, namely, ‘The Searchers’. The influence of the film is all the more reason why the premise is western. However, there is a small change, the audiobook talks of West Ireland irrespective of the American counterpart. The fun part of the audiobook begins after the first half. The characters unveil their truth, their reality.


Writers can significantly benefit from the audiobook’s language, flow, and setting.

  1. One by One

One by One
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One by One is one of the terrifying audiobooks on the list. Ruth Ware’s masterpiece is about ten people coming together in a lodge. The retreat in the luxury chalet becomes isolated almost instantly. The snowstorm in the area further leads to an avalanche leaving them desolated. As the title suggests, one by one, the stranded souls die. However, the first person to die is deemed an accident. By the time the second person dies, they feel a sinister is among them—the tone of the story shifts from being victims to find the killer.

There are chances that you’ll get to know the killer in the beginning. The only catch is you need to hear the audiobook very clearly. The audiobook is unobtrusive, well-paced, and mysterious. There are several ‘reveals’ to know the real killer. Given that the reveals are small, they are the key to answers. The audiobook has an incredibly dynamic plot, just like ‘And Then There Were None.’ You’ll retain your interest till the very end of the audiobook.


This is one of the best thriller audiobooks in circulation. 

  1. Three Hours in Paris

Three Hours in Paris
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Experience Paris never likes before in this audiobook. Written by Cara Black, Three Hours in Paris packs the author’s expert knowledge. Once you begin hearing the audiobook, you’ll not stop until it ends. The audiobook foretells the story of the Second World War and a failure to kill Adolf Hitler.

The plot of Three House in Paris revolves around Kate Reese. Kate is a young markswoman from America. Her goal is simple, and she wants to assassinate the Fuhrer if you’re looking for a cat-and-mouse chase to get your blood pumping.

The British Intelligence recruits the grief-stricken Kate for a dangerous assessment, as revealed earlier. Kate lost her husband and her infant child after the Luftwaffe bombing. Young window’s fierce resolve and vendetta make Kate a magnificent protagonist.

The listeners will find Kate’s agenda appealing, justified, and not-fictional. The best thing about Kate? She’s not a trained spy or has the perfect training—just a resolution to hurt the person who destroyed her life. Further, the fate of the earth rests on Kate and her rifle.


The thriller is about an innocent girl’s revenge to take out the most notorious person in human history.

  1. If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood

If You Tell: A True Story of Murder, Family Secrets, and the Unbreakable Bond of Sisterhood
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It is straightforward for anyone to fall deep into the dark abyss while listening to If You Tell. The book features one of the most grisly and darkest histories. Real events inspire the story. It will transcend the readers to the unexplored territories of the human brain. If You Tell written by Gregg Olsen, one of the No.2 NY Times best-selling authors. The listeners will be mesmerized by the extent that Olsen goes to unveil the story.

The audiobook is filled with frightening stories. Moreover, these stories revolve around the complexity of the human psyche. 


You will find some stories where parents are villains in children’s lives. By the looks of it, this isn’t exactly a pro, but the story is intriguing.

  1. I Am Watching You

I Am Watching You
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Teresa Driscoll foretells the story of a couple of young girls. The girls, Ella Longfield and Anna Ballard, are spotted flirting with men on a train ride. Soon they find out the men were ex-cons and prisons with seedy pasts. The next morning on the train Anna Ballard goes missing. The author weaves a mind-boggling story about crime, guilt, a torrent of feelings.

There are several questions that listeners will think about. Will Anna Ballard show up? Will Ella live with the guilt. The story goes on even after the disappearance of Anna. Ella begins to receive emails written in blood. The plot thickens as the story moves forward.


The audiobooks serve as the perfect cocktail equipped with inquisitive thoughts and intriguing details.

  1. The Accident: A chilling psychological thriller

The Accident: A chilling psychological thriller
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Natalie Bareli’s The Accident has the most haunting plot among other audiobooks on the list. The author provides a remarkable insight into the human mind in this audiobook. The story of The Accident starts with Eve & Catherine go out for drinks in the night. Eve points out that they have to leave early, and the duo gets in a car. However, the vehicle meets with an accident. Whatever happened in between leaves Katherine guilt-ridden.

The only thing Catherine wants is to erase the past. But things get messy for her. Even the everlasting friendship between Katherine and Eve changes after the accident.


Many listeners will find pieces of themselves during the narration. 


There are several audiobooks on thriller genres. However, we found these audiobooks to aid avid readers turned listeners to enjoy the best thriller audiobooks. Yes, some people love cliffhangers, and some don’t. But a cliffhanger in thriller audiobooks makes it interesting. We sincerely hope that the latest pick of the thriller audiobooks quenches your insatiable hunger. Moreover, the list does have the prowess to exemplify the thriller genre’s entirety.

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