10 Of The Best Star Wars Audiobooks For Die Hard Fans {2023 Update}

best Starwars audiobook

If you are a diehard fan of Star Wars, you can’t miss these fantastic Star Wars audiobooks. They contain the sensational stories and adventures of the Jedi. You can’t forgive yourself if you haven’t listened to these audiobooks

These audiobooks are filled with emotions and excitements. You can visualize the world and Galaxy in front of your eyes when you listen to this Star Wars audiobook. And, it is straightforward to listen; it needs earphones and mobile. So, read further to know 10 of the best Star Wars Audiobooks for Big Fans. 

10 Star Wars Audiobooks For The Die-Heart Fans

  1. Into the Void: Star Wars Legends

Into the Void: Star Wars Legends audiobooks
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The ancient Jedaii order was established on the planet Tython. Lanoree Brock learned war combat and methods of the force with the wise masters. They found that Lanoree was the most potent student they ever have seen. But Lanoree has some flows with great power. 

She and her parents were continually remembering his lost brother. This practice grew to despise, and she ended his training with Jedi. Now she became a Ranger in the Galaxy. She tries to keep order across the Galaxy, and then she was summoned by the Jedi Council for the matter of emergency. 

Fanatical Cult’s Leader has started to travel beyond known space by using dark matter to open a cosmic gateway. This activity can destroy the whole star system. Jedi council considers Lanoree as the most potent Leader for this. She made a strategic plan to win the war against the Leader of a Fanatical cult. 

She was the chosen one to hunt down a dangerous and brilliant madman, and she has to stop him from saving the Galaxy. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This Star Wars audiobook has a spectacular adventure of Lanoree, and some incidents may give you goosebumps. 

  1. Revan: Star Wars

Revan: Star Wars audiobooks
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Revan has become the most powerful force user and started to balance his soul’s light and dark sides. Revan was a Jedi, and then he turned in Sith to seek redemption. He continues to prevent himself from the dark sides, but he still drives the power from the dark force. 

Revan is a hero, conqueror, villain, and a traitor. He is a Jedi who left Coruscant to won over Mandalorians. He returned as a disciple of the dark side. Jedi Council gave him life, but the cost was very high. His memories were erased, and he can only feel the nightmares of his fears and enemies. 

Revan couldn’t remember what was precisely happened in the Outer Rim. But he didn’t forget anything. Somehow, he came to know about the terrible secrets that can destroy the Republic, and he started his quest to save the Republic. He has never encountered such a strong and powerful enemy before, but only death can stop him.

Best in this audiobook: 

It narrates the quest of Revan to save the Republic from the powerful and diabolic enemies. It reveals some incredible secrets of the Republic. 

  1. Deceived: Star Wars

Deceived: Star Wars audiobooks
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This novel is based on a top-rated multiplayer online game called Star Wars: The Old Republic. It reveals excellent actions and fights when two great powerful men fight. For the first time, the Sith Warrior and rival of the most sinister Dark Lords-Darth Malgus. He was a mysterious evil masked Sith who known by Deceived. 

Lord Malgus burn down the Jedi Temple in Coruscant and killed many people, including Jedi. This incident frightened the whole Galaxy. He was looking for something and continually finding her across the Galaxy. He is desperate for her. He was the Darkest Sith hero, but still, he wants her to get peace. 

And she is Aryn Leneer. She was a rogue Jedi and Lone knight. She wants to kill Lord Malgus, and she is capable of doing this. All she needs to break to rules of the Jedi and drives power from the dark side. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This Star Wars audiobook has a great fight description, and the narrator has also added great emotions in the audiobook. 

  1. Red Harvest: Star Wars

Red Harvest: Star Wars audiobooks
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It was the Old Republic’s dark and dangerous time when Jedi knights lost the battle from Sith Lord and their hostile armies. Sith Lord has some disturbing plans, and it includes the fulfillment of Darth Scabrous’s scary dream that is about to become a nightmarish reality for Galaxy. 

Hestiza Trace has extraordinary power, and it’s a gift with plants. This force talent is different from the other Jedi agricultural corps. Suddenly Darth Scabrous finds her and destroys the whole greenhouse and garden specimens. Darth Scabrous wants the black orchid from the garden of Hestiza. 

She nurtured this rare black orchid, and Darth Scabrous want it because it is the final ingredient for the ancient Sith power formula. The power from the formula was never seen before, and it doesn’t kill Sith Lord, but make him immortal at a very high cost.

Best about this audiobook: 

It is the story of love and affection and the price that has to be paid for high goals. You will indeed like this audiobook. 

  1. Fatal Alliance: Star Wars

Fatal Alliance: Star Wars audiobooks
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The timeline of this story is 2500 years before the rise of Darth Vader. It is the New York Times best-selling book. Tassaa Bareesh is holding an auction, and it attracts the people across the Galaxy. Tassaa was a matriarch in the Hutt Crime Cartel. 

In this auction, Republic and the Sith Empire representatives are present, and Jedi Padawan was sent to this auction to investigate any suspicious activity. They want to know the private agenda of this mysterious Mandalorian. Republic doesn’t find it worthy, but a ruthless Sith Apprentice is a dubious thing Jedi Padawan noticed. 

He determined to do the right task but also terrified of failure. None of these guests have the intention to see auction; they all want to steal the prize. The price was locked in the impregnable vault that no one can penetrate. The treasure was deadly and dangerous. 

Best about this audiobook:

You have thought that evil and good can work together. In the end, Sith and Jedi have to work together for the greater good. 

  1. Annihilation: Star Wars Legends

Annihilation: Star Wars Legends audiobooks
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The Sith Empire is in shock because the Emperor is missing or assumed dead after the fight against Republic’s catastrophic loss. However, Darth Karrid commander has ambitious plans to win the whole Galaxy and achieve total Sith domination in the world. The ruthless determination of Karrid is more to solve Theron Shan. 

His unfinished business with the Republic can change the result of the war for the Sith empire. But Theron doesn’t wield the force; he is more like her famous mother. The spirit of rebellion is in Theron’s blood. He is a top convert agent for Republic, and he has to help Empire in exposing and destroying a Sith superweapon arsenal. He is the best operative for such a dangerous mission to end Ascendant Spear’s reign of death. 

In this terrifying mission, he was accompanied by a smuggler called Teff’ith. They share a great bond. Theron has to think critically like Jedi to defeat the cold-blooded dark side disciples of Darth Karrid. Time is an issue, and if he fails in the first attempt, the Galaxy will be in danger. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This audiobook is one of the best Star Wars Audiobook. It has everything you needed in the package of entertainment. 

  1. Path of Destruction: Star Wars Legends

Path of Destruction: Star Wars Legends audiobooks
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When Sith Lord teamed with other followers and started a battle for supremacy in the Galaxy, he lost that battle because the supporters are divided into different groups and conspire against each other. It is the most powerful dark brotherhood army that ever combines for a single cause. But the Jedi is the only thing that hinders them. 

Dessel has a very disturbing childhood as his dangerous and hateful father abuses him. His father orders him to do soul-crushing labor as a cortosis miner. They dig tunnels and extract rare minerals on the planet Apatros, but Dessel always wants to escape from this planet and live freely. And somehow, he manages to do this and become a wanted man. 

To hide from Republic, Dessel joins the Sith army and ships out to fight the bloody war against Republic and Jedi. In this war, Dessel fight brutally and renown as a great warrior. Now he is in the watchful master’s eyes, and they think that Dessel has a considerable role to play in the Sith Empire’s ultimate plan to win the Galaxy. 

Best about this audiobook: 

The narrator spectacularly describes the war between the Sith Empire and the Republic. You may get goosebumps in some twists.

  1. Rule of Two: Star Wars Legends

Rule of Two: Star Wars Legends audiobooks
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From the New York bestseller author Drew Karpyshyn, this is a young man’s journey from the good to an evil world. The name of that young man was Darth Bane. He is a genius, fierce and powerful Leader of Sith and the most powerful dark force along with him. He created the Sith Empire from the ashes. 

He was the last surviving Sith and implemented a harsh new rule called The Rule of Two. Darth Bane is ready to execute his evil action, and as per his thoughts, he found the key to success: a girl. This girl was trained in the ways of dark force, and her name us Zannah. She has a powerful dark side, just like Darth Bane. 

Best about this audiobook: 

Zannah’s powerful dark side and Jedi Padawan’s light force fights, and you will surely love the plot of this Star Wars Audiobook. 

  1. Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil

Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil  audiobooks
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After the twenty years of demolishment of Dark Lord Darth Bane, the ancient dark power units to find one master to wield power and one apprentice to embrace the dark energy. Ultimately this duel is the rise of Dark forces. But Darth Bane’s Acolyte, Zannah, proved himself a powerful and worthy successor. She is determined to dominate the Galaxy with the Sith Empire. She is the reason for Sith’s immortality. 

Zannah knew that her cruel master Darth Bane doubt her. So, she is prepared to plot a conspiracy against the title of Dark Lord. Zannah agreed to her master to help her become a Dark Lord, and the world can see the wreath of the dark force. 

Best about this audiobook: 

This audiobook has the story of conspiracy and war between evil and good. For a Star Wars fan, it is a great spoiler.  

  1. Cloak of Deception

Cloak of Deception audiobooks
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It is the time of the Galactic Republic’s downfall due to greed, corruption, and bureaucracy. In the outline world, where the Trade Federation regulates the stranglehold on shipping modes and routes. The tension is prevailing over the Galaxy. Then few senators decided to investigate the reason for tension and wants to find the suspect. 

Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his disciple Obi-Wan Kenobi has the responsibility for this investigation. In this acute crisis, Valorum declares an emergency trade summit. It is a conspiracy between aliens and humans to smuggle a large sum of money to dark forces. 

Best about this audiobook: 

The adventures of Jedi Masters Qui-Gon Jinn and Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi is well known. You will surely love this Star Wars Audiobook


These are the 10 of the best Star Wars Audiobooks for Big Fans, and you won’t leave any audiobook unfinished, I assure you about this. Listen to any of these Star Wars Audiobooks and comment below your favorite one. 

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