10 Best Self Help AudioBooks to Read No Matter How Old You Are(2023)

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2021 has not been kind to anyone on Earth. As you are heading to a new year in a couple of months you need a little motivation. A positive push now and then can mend your professional and personal. In case, you’re among the blessed ones whose lives are perfect, you can also make use of the wisdom that best self help audiobooks have to offer you for a much grand fulfilling life. Experts’ tips from notable personalities around the world can change you. Further, it can also change your lifestyle holistically, without any hassle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re searching for a long-term change or a crisp quick turnaround. Many phases in people’s lives need a little insight. However, you don’t have to go around the world to find those. The modern-day world doesn’t provide us with time to explore our horizons like that of the 18th century. All you might need is a smartphone or laptop and headphones alongside some of the best self-help audiobooks.

Why should you turn to audiobooks to listen to the best self improvement audiobooks?

Audiobooks have the same content and context of the conventional unabridged book. However, audiobooks allow you to listen to them as well as learn them on-the-go. Listening to audiobooks is just like listening to a human being. But if you invest in audiobooks you’ll learn things thus utilizing your time. 

Paperbacks and Hardcover books are irreplaceable. Audiobooks didn’t come into being to replace them. Rather, the agenda why audiobooks exist is to provide ease and comfort to listeners. Did you like your teachers who used to communicate verbally to make you understand subjects? Humans are more perceptive when it comes to listening. The best self help audiobooks have fantastic life-lessons. Through audiobooks, you can take notes of important life lessons.

The self-help books turned audiobooks that we are going to recommend to you will resonate with your state-of-mind. There are many articles about which self-help book you should explore. The truth is people are always looking for substantial evidence. We have got an in-depth experience in going through several audiobooks. Also, almost all the audiobooks that are mentioned here have been tried and tested.

Best self help audiobooks can easily transform your careers, lives, health, entirely. We have brought you a list of 10 best self help audiobooks which can change your life and make you future-ready.

Get browsing the best of the audiobooks, and best wishes not taking control of your life. You can even move mountains if you try, these best self help audiobooks will show you how!

List of best self help Audiobooks you should listen to before you turn 30

  1.  You are a badass (2013)

You are a badass
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Written by Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass comprises some of the quirky chapters. The author showcases bite-size, engulfing chapters of turning the self-sabotaging attitude into a stream of positive mantras. The book directly and unflinchingly addresses how people get self-destructive when they are perplexed and broken. The context of the book will simply not just aid you in addressing your deepest fears that you allow controlling your life. Once you stand against your fears and overcome them, you can reach fathomable goals.

The listeners will get a similar kind of inspiration with a tinge of humour which is present in the book. The easy to understand language makes it easier for the listeners to understand the author’s perception. You will learn how to shed the complex negative stigma alongside life-altering insight.


The listeners will go through a joy ride comprising several moments of revelations. You’ll witness a groundbreaking transformation to make money, build strong relationships and have a desired career.

  1. Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be (2018)

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be
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Rachel Hollis has curated one of most insightful self-help books which showcase wry wit as well as hard-earned wisdom. The listeners will get acquainted with the signature style of Hollis in Girl, Wash Your Face. The book is humorous, honest, and features no-nonsensical advice. Hollis used her personal life as the central theme of the book. According to Hollis, her life has been quite topsy-turvy. With this book, Hollis narrates listeners how to evade time.

The audiobook begins with a lie that dictated Hollis’ entire life. That lie made her feel insignificant, overwhelmed with negativity, and an escapist. Hollis is a perfect example of the modern-day woman, who is insecure about relationships and her body. Through this audiobook, she sends a message to women and men to remove the limiting perception which is the reason for their download.


This audiobook is for people who think they are yet to figure out life and their desires. Some people stay clueless most of their lives. Truth is nobody is clueless, this mediocre lie should be removed from people’s mindset.

  1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (2004)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
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Stephen Covey’s The 7 Habit of Highly Effective People upon its release got a massive fan following. Once the readers took notice of their lives after reading this book, they realized that their lives are heading in a completely wrong direction. The same is conveyed in the audiobook version of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The listeners, mainly the younger generation will consider the little things that can change their lives significantly.

The audiobook has a single purpose, i.e., to educate the masses. They will get educated on how to lead a life very effectively. Success has different meanings for different people. With Covey’s masterpiece, you can achieve your version of success with a little change. Once you’ve completed the book, you might feel lazy to implement these ideals in real-life. Nevertheless, if you wake up one day and change your life, this audiobook is meant for you.


Understanding the ideals of the author can bring a paradigm shift in your life.

  1. The Book of Mistakes (2018)

The Book of Mistakes
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First of all, the title of the book would compel anyone to tune into the audiobook. Penned down by Skip Prichard, the audiobook has an innovative take on success and failure. Certain questions bother most of us. Why is it that some people catch breaks and win constantly? What is the key to becoming successful like successful people? What lies between your desires and your inhibitions?

Prichard shares quite an incredibly awestruck journey inspired by a robust manuscript. The research and the core elements in the audiobook can transcend your existence to a different person, altogether. This self-help title features a fiction story of David, the man who has everything. However, he feels hollow deep down his consciousness. As listeners, you’ll get to learn nine mistakes which might prevent you from achieving the goals. Further, you will also learn how to overcome the hurdles and completely reinvent your entire life.


The audiobook features actionable insights alongside enduring truths.

  1. Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope (2019)

Everything is F*cked: A Book About Hope
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This is one of the recent entries in the list. Mark Manson’s Everything is F*cked is a counterintuitive guide towards the problems of hope. In this audiobook, the author talks about the blessed world that we reside in. Everyone is free, healthy & wealthy as compared to the people of the past. But beyond this great facade, everything is horrible. The planet is getting warmer each passing day, governments are not in control. Manson also addresses the collapsing of the economies and how people offend each other on Twitter. The author perfectly describes the inevitable flaws which are a part of everyone.

The audiobook also explores the psychological element alongside notable philosophers’ timeless wisdom. Manson brilliantly dissects religion intertwined with politics resembling each other. The book also defies faith, freedom, and happiness that each one of us enjoys. He also questions hope in the most defiling manner.


The book depicts the reality of the modern-day 21st century.

  1.  Nothing Changes Until You Do (2014)

Nothing Changes Until You Do
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Mike Robbins has lived the dream of every ordinary man in the most extraordinary way. For three years, Robbins was a successful baseball pitcher until an arm injury that destroyed everything he held most dear. Former baseball pitcher turned author brought a new set of light to ponder on life. With nothing changes until you do, Mike Robbins focuses on the everlasting epidemic concerning self-criticism and self-doubt that hits everyone.

Mike Robbins after leaving his professional career as a sports person had a revelation that he shared with the world through this audiobook. According to Mike, people place much importance on finances, jobs, and appearance. Rather, people should concentrate on life as a journey to be cherished.


The audiobook delivers a realistic approach that people tend to avoid all their lives.

  1. The Art of Insight: How to Have More Aha! Moments (2013)

The Art of Insight: How to Have More Aha! Moments
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Charles Kiefer and Malcolm Constable’s through this audiobook encourage users to curate a personal approach towards a ploughing mindset that overflows with insights. The Art of Insight showcases how a person can solve problems quickly with ease and sheer confidence. Human minds are capable of great feats including sporadic concepts that manifest faster. The audiobook addresses the practical methods to cultivate and recognize an insightful state of mind.

The audiobook suggests anyone can become decision-makers as well as great thinkers. People can reprogram themselves to resolve the prevailing unattainable problems with ease.


The Art of Insight suggests anyone can change their outlook about life and success.

  1. Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy (2008)

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy
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Nearly half of the population across the world have pessimism, guilt, anxiety, depression and other self-curated black holes. David D. Burns is a celebrated psychiatrist and the author of Feeling Good. The audiobook listeners can make use of the scientific tools to uplift their spirits. The book comprises a strong message that can aid in providing a positive outlook on life. Burns assures that through Feeling Good people will be able to get rid of depression, guilt, and anxiety.

Mental health is the need for an hour now. The insights provided by Burns in the audiobook will aid to recognize mood swings. People tend to have anxiety and depression when they are struggling. Feeling Good has revolutionized how mental health can get better without the use of medication.


Among all the audiobooks, Feeling Good is the most sought after audiobook in the market.

  1. The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (2004)

The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
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The message of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is simple. If you ever want to be happy and fully content with yourself. The time is now. This might not be the first time you’re hearing this statement. However, the straightforward and simple narrative with enthusiasm and supportive voice make The Power of Now a brilliant audiobook for people still trying to explore that living in the present means.

The Power of Now addresses how emotions and thoughts destroy happiness and peace in life.


The Power of Now is more of a spiritual guide audiobook to aspiring people to live now to the fullest.

  1. Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life (2019)

Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths for a Better Life (2019)
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Written by rapper, influencer, and artist of the spoken word, Humble the Poet is presently available in the form of audiobooks. Unlearn is deemed as a global bestselling book to empower people. People need to discover and rediscover themselves. Humble focuses on the importance of creativity and empower people to discover their true potential.

The book opens up a path to acknowledge possibilities that present before everyone. By the looks of it, these possibilities are the only means by which you can fulfil your goals.


Each year, numerous self help books hit the market and bring out a fresh new perspective. There are chances that you might feel a little intimidated when you turn books’ pages. Nevertheless, you can turn to audiobooks anywhere at any time of the day. Do you know audiobooks are becoming popular these days? You can listen to them while cooking, driving, even while exercising.

For the youngsters, they need to know who they are in reality. These best self help audiobooks can be opted by people who would seek a guiding light to find the right track. Choose any of the audiobooks listed here, each one of them could work out in your favour. Don’t stop believing in yourself and your potential.

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