10 Best Science Fiction Audiobooks For Sci-Fi Enthusiast [2021 Updated]

best science fiction audiobooks

If you love to indulge in the stories of the new world and the science-fiction stories, we bring you the 10 best sci fi audiobooks. All of them are splendid and full of excitement. Once you start to listen to them, I’m sure you can’t put them unfinished. These science fiction audiobooks have unique stories. 

Audiobooks are an effortless way to finish any novel. If you are working or traveling, you need earphones and start to listen to audiobooks. Narrators express emotions spectacularly that you can feel the thrill from the audio. So, read further to know about 10 best sci fi audiobooks for Sci-Fi Enthusiast.

10 Best Sci Fi Audiobooks For Your Hidden Scientist

  1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One audiobooks
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Written By: Ernest Cline

Narrated By: Wil Wheaton

Duration: 15 hours 41 minutes

Category: Apocalyptic & Dystopian

It is the story of the future. In 2044, the earth has become an ugly place to live, and humans have already exploited earth. They wrecked the climate and over consumed oil. Now poverty, disease, and famine are increased on the planet. 

OASIS is a virtual utopia that diverts people from their depressing reality. In OASIS, people can do whatever they want like; they can live, play, or even fall in love with anyone over ten thousand planets. Wade Watts is also using this game to escape from reality. Wade is obsessed with winning the lottery ticket that provides the control of the OASIS. 

OASIS’s founder died without an heir, so this lottery is the key to his absolute fortune and OASIS. A person who can solve the riddles of OASIS will get this over the whole OASIS. Thousands of people are in search of the answers to these riddles. Wade is also one of them. The journey to success is not as comfortable as you think. 

Best about audiobook: 

The spectacularly narrated audiobook will give you goosebumps. A detailed description makes it easy to imagine the world of 2044.

  1. The Fireman

The Fireman audiobooks
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Written By:  Joe Hill

Narrated By: Kate Mulgrew

Duration: 22 hours 20 minutes

Category: Mystery, Thriller & Horror

Nobody knows how, but a terrifying new plague is increased across the world like wildfire. People don’t have any clue about this new plague and its origin. Cities like Boston, Detroit, Seattle are empty. 

Doctors call this plague by Draco Incendia Trychophyton. Everyone gets the Dragon scale because this plague makes beautiful golden and black marks on the infected person and the person burst into flames by this plague. Millions of people are infected, but no one knows the antidote of this pandemic. 

Harper Grayson was a compassionate and dedicated nurse who tread many patients until her hospital burned. She discovered that she has a golden scare on her skin and immediately tell her husband, Jakob. They both made a pact that they will live and die together. 

Harper wants to live for the baby. It was only one month that remained in the pregnancy. Simultaneously, the New England community collapse, and everywhere is chaos and terror. Jakob abandons her in such vulnerable conditions, and a stranger came to her rescue. 

Best about audiobook: 

It is a package of emotions and human survival instincts. Great story to hear, and you won’t leave it incomplete.

  1. Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower audiobooks
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Written By: Octavia E. Butler

Narrated By: Lynne Thigpen

Duration: 12 hours 03 minutes

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Lauren Olamina lives with her family on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It is the only safe neighbor in the world. They built big walls to protect their neighbor, and Lauren’s father was a preacher who retains the culture and civilization among their people. 

The world outside of the wall was destroyed and scattered by diseases, drugs, war, and chronic water shortage. Lauran’s father tries to lead people to the path of civilization and truth. But Lauren is suffering from Hyper empathy, a medical condition that makes patients extraordinarily sensitive to other’s pain, grief, and agony. 

Meanwhile, fire destroys their neighbor, and the people outside of the wall attack them and kill her parents. She ran to the outside world with a few refugees to save themselves. She didn’t know what the world outside of the wall is. 

She started her journey to the North to find a safe place for her people. She also guides others on the path of salvation and humanity. The trip to the North brings many new incidents and consequences in Lauren’s life. 

Best about audiobook: 

This award-winning audiobook is magnetic, and the storyline is very catchy.

It’s a kind of life story of Lauren with extra details.

  1. Red Rising

Red Rising audiobooks
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Written By: Pierce Brown

Narrated By: Marco Sven Reinbold

Duration: 16 hours 51 minutes

Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Welcome to the world where people are divided into the color-coded society, and it is the worst future that any human can predict. The Gold caste rules the world, and the lowest was the red caste. This story is about a man who wants to build a fabulous world place for his small son. 

Darrow is red, and he and other fellow red people are just like labor. They have to work day and night to make Mars surface liveable for other people. He believes that if he did his job with full dedication, his son would have a great future ahead. So, Darrow and fellow red caste work a lot from their sweat and blood and for their offspring. 

However, in reality, the red caste was betrayed by other castes and especially Gold ones. They put this red caste on the mud to build their big cities. They don’t want anyone from the red caste around them. They consider the red caste as their slaves. A few generations ago, they have already built their big cities on other planets and left the red caste to live on Mars. 

Best about audiobook:

A great audiobook that teaches many lessons along with a great thriller.

  1. Brave New World

Brave New World audiobooks
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Written By: Aldous Huxley

Narrated By: Michael York

Duration: 7 hours 59 minutes

Category: Fiction & Literature

Brave New World is a spectacular story of the future. It was written in 1931 and published in 1932. Aldous Huxley describes the future world filled with genetically modified citizens and intelligence-based social hierarchy in this audiobook. This audio novel predicts that intelligence is the only key to survival in this world. 

Science and technology take humans and reproductive technology, psychological manipulations, sleep-learning, and many other practices that are being performed to make a dystopian society. One individual challenges this society and try to take it down. 

People sell themselves at the cost of money, and they genetically intervein natural birth to make people more special. However, this results in the worst civilization that has ever been on the earth. This audio novel tells about how a group of people rules the world for their benefits. 

Best about audiobook: 

The pain, agony of people, are clearly described, and the worst example is illustrated in this novel.

  1. Seveneves

Seveneves audiobooks
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Written By: Neal Stephenson

Narrated By: Mary Robinette Kowal, Will Damron

Duration: 32 hours 00 minutes

Category: Literary Criticism

Seveneves is a story of annihilation and survival after five thousand years. Various Catastrophic events occurred on the earth and made the planet a dangerous place to live. One last catastrophic remains, and it has the power to wipe out the whole human race. So, the entire world comes together for an ambitious plan to ensure humanity’s existence in the outer space.  

But there are so many complexities and extraordinary consequences that come in the execution of the plan. A human sees the unseen nature and things in the space, and they are terrifying about them. In this struggle to live in outer space, only a few people left. 

Five thousand years later, when the human race is inhabited in the space, they find the earth in one expedition. These people are not aware of the fact that their ancestors lived on this planet. Neal Stephenson has done a great job in the writing of this story. When you listen to the audiobook, you can imagine the whole new world in front of your eyes. 

Best about audiobook: 

This dazzling and thriller science fiction audiobook listener will indeed feel goosebumps and never forget this book’s stories.

It is an extraordinary tale of survival that will power, sacrifice, and curiosity.

  1. Ender’s Game

Ender's Game audiobooks
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Written By: Orson Scott Card

Narrated By: Arthur Morey, Various , Orson Scott Card, Stefan Rudnicki, Gabrielle De Cuir, Janis Ian

Duration: 7 hours 48 minutes

Category: Fiction & Literature

It is a story of a war between human and alien. Humans decided to make a team of extraordinary soldiers. For this, they decided to breed child geniuses from their childhood and train them as soldiers. Andrew Ender is a young boy who is very intelligent and has a sadistic brother named Peter. His sister Valentine loves him so much. 

Peter and Valentine got selected for this soldier training program, but Ender couldn’t pass it. They were physically weak for such a challenging training program. But as Ender grew up, his leadership skills help him become a school leader and well known in Battler’s room. 

Ender is suffering from isolation from a peer, and they consider Ender as their rival. His parents and teacher pressure him. And he has an unsettling fear of Alien attacks. His sister helped him so much in his tough time and stood beside him when he was alone. 

Best about audiobook: 

The narrator beautifully describes each detail and the twist of this story. You will not put the earphone down when you start to hear it.

  1. Artemisa

Artemisa audiobooks
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Written By: Andy Weir

Narrated By: Isabel Valls

Duration: 10 hours 38 minutes

Category: Science Fiction

The best-selling author of The Martian comes back with an extraordinary novel called Artemisa. It is a near-future thriller and a heist story. Our hero Jasmine Bashara has never signed up for high. She is the one. 

She wants to become a billionaire. She wanted to live the life of rich people, and she wants to get out of her coffin-sized apartment on humanity’s first lunar colony. She wants to rich enough to pay for his big mansion. So, when a chance of being a billionaire comes in her way, she can’t refuse it. 

But this catch, she has to be a full-on criminal mastermind from an opportunist smuggler and thief. In addition to this, she needs a unique team of people with cunningness, technical skills, and massive explosions. It isn’t a small task, but she can fulfill her every dream if she gets success.

Best about audiobook: 

It is the story of a criminal mastermind who gets a chance to save the world. It’s a great story and an excellent investment of time.

  1. The Martian

The Martian audiobooks
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Written By: Andy Weir

Narrated By: Wil Wheaton

Duration: 10 hours and 59 minutes

Category: Hard Science Fiction

The Martian is considered one of the best science fiction books that ever turned in audiobooks. It is a story of an astronaut, who gets to Mars by accident, and he has to survive there for a year to get help from the earth. And a fascinating fact is that he stayed with his wits and experience of his life. 

Andy Weir has beautifully described this man’s story along with his emotions and solitude that he faced in the space. It is a remarkable survival story, and this story is really out of the box. 

Mark Watney gets on Mars due to the same space accident, and his colleagues die in that accident. He is the lone survivor. This audiobook also contains humor and plot twists to engage readers and listeners. It is a must listen to audiobooks from this list

Best about audiobook: 

R. C. Bray spectacularly describes the emotions and story of Mark Watney. You must listen to this for once.

  1. Lagoon 

Lagoon audiobooks
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Written By: Nnedi Okorafor

Narrated By: Adjoa Andoh, Ben Onwukwe

Duration: 10 hours and 49 minutes

Category: Mystery Action & Adventure

What happens when the first interaction with an alien is with a famous rapper, a biologist, and a rogue soldier? Only they have a chance to save humanity and prevent mass extinction. It is the storyline of this science fiction novel. 

When alien came on the earth, they selected these three people to make conversation, and it is beautifully written about how three familiar people can save the world and humanity from the war. 

Best about audiobook: 

It is a different science fiction audiobook that you ever heard, and you will learn a new perspective to look at the earth after hearing this.


These are the best sci-fi audiobooks for Sci-Fi enthusiasts. If you love the sci-fi genre, you should definitely try these audiobooks. Comment below if you have any questions.

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