65+ Best Sci Fi Audiobooks to Escape Reality in 2023

best science fiction audiobooks

Science fiction is the most famously discussed and argued over genre in literature but it actually goes way beyond just a few pages. Fiction has taken a toll on the entertainment industry for quite a while and is evolving!

From ardently reminiscing stories penned in books to becoming the most talked genre in Hollywood, science fiction has attracted numerous fanbases who constantly need mind-bending entertainment! 

Where each fictional story has something utterly tremendous to offer, the search for excellent science fiction can never end. There is always something better than before!

But just for you, We picked many of the greatest science fiction audiobooks based not only on their life stories but also on the convincing, spectacular story that gives life to each selection.

What kept Fiction lovers hooked on the Realm of Science?

In the imaginary realm of science fiction, there is some magic to lose oneself. But the experience is more immersive than ever when new landscapes and realities are combined with outstanding audio performances. 

If you’re a sci-fi enthusiast looking for a fantastic listen to your next hearer, don’t search any further – we have collected a list of the finest audiobooks in the world. 

The selected collection includes crème from classical masterpieces to current hits of science fiction. Get ready for a whole new universe! 

So take up your headphones and sit down and have a listen to the finest science fiction audiobooks in our library.

Let’s get started!

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Best Science Fiction Audiobooks Of All Time:

  1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One
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Ready Player One, It’s the story of the future. In 2044, the earth has become an ugly place to live, and humans have already exploited the earth. They wrecked the climate and overconsumed oil. Now poverty, disease, and famine are increased on the planet. 

OASIS is a virtual utopia that diverts people from their depressing reality. In OASIS, people can do whatever they want; they can live, play, or even fall in love with anyone over ten thousand planets. Wade Watts is also using this game to escape from reality. Wade is obsessed with winning the lottery ticket that provides control of the OASIS. 

OASIS’s founder died without an heir, so this lottery is the key to his absolute fortune and OASIS. A person who can solve the riddles of OASIS will get this over the whole OASIS. Thousands of people are in search of the answers to these riddles. Wade is also one of them. The journey to success is not as comfortable as you think. 

Best about the audiobook: 

Ready Player One is spectacular, ambitious, and charming science fiction, a part quest novel, part love story, and part of virtual spatial opera set into a world in which spell-slinging mage battle giant Japanese robots, entire planets are inspired by Blade Runner, and DeLorean flyers attain light speed. She was at once wildly original and full of irresistible nostalgia.

One of the best LitRPG audiobooks!

Wil Wheaton’s utterly tremendous narration is enough to keep you hooked throughout the story!

  1. The Fireman

The Fireman
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Nobody knows how, but a terrifying new plague is increased across the world like wildfire. People don’t have any clue about this new plague and its origin. Cities like Boston, Detroit, Seattle are empty. 

Doctors call this plague by Draco Incendia Trichophyton. Everyone gets the Dragon scale because this plague makes beautiful golden and black marks on the infected person and the person bursts into flames by this plague. Millions of people are infected, but no one knows the antidote to this pandemic. 

Harper Grayson was a compassionate and dedicated nurse who tread many patients until her hospital burned. She discovered that she has a golden scare on her skin and immediately tell her husband, Jakob. They both made a pact that they will live and die together. 

Harper wants to live for the baby. It was only one month that remained in the pregnancy. Simultaneously, the New England community collapse, and everywhere is chaos and terror. Jakob abandons her in such vulnerable conditions, and a stranger came to her rescue. 

Best about the audiobook: 

The best-selling author of the prize-winning New York Times comes up with a dark science fiction about a worldwide spontaneous combustion pandemic that threatens to decrease civilization from ash and a gang of unlisted heroes struggling to protect it headed by an intriguing and powerful figure called the Fireman.

Kate Mulgrew did an excellent job in putting together the audiobook in an intriguing manner so that the listener doesn’t feel left behind in between!

  1. Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower
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Lauren Olamina lives with her family on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It is the only safe neighbor in the world. They built big walls to protect their neighbor, and Lauren’s father was a preacher who retains the culture and civilization among their people. 

The world outside of the wall was destroyed and scattered by diseases, drugs, war, and chronic water shortage. Lauran’s father tries to lead people to the path of civilization and truth. But Lauren is suffering from Hyper empathy, a medical condition that makes patients extraordinarily sensitive to other’s pain, grief, and agony. 

Meanwhile, fire destroys their neighbor, and the people outside of the wall attack them and kill her parents. She ran to the outside world with a few refugees to save themselves. She didn’t know what the world outside of the wall is. 

She started her journey to the North to find a safe place for her people. She also guides others on the path of salvation and humanity. The trip to the North brings many new incidents and consequences to Lauren’s life. 

Best about the audiobook: 

Parable of the Sower blends amazing imaginative and socially practical ideas like her other critically praised works.

Telling the narrative of their existence in a violent 21st century fell from gated areas and drug-crazed pyromaniacs, the young lady’s journal writings reflect her growing philosophy of the Earths. Against a background of horror, a message of hope arises: we shall live to realize our destiny amongst the stars if we are ready to welcome divine change.

Narrator Lynne Thigpen’s melodeon voice will hold your spell throughout the whole story!

  1. Red Rising

Red Rising
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Welcome to the world where people are divided into the color-coded society, and it is the worst future that any human can predict. The Gold caste rules the world, and the lowest was the red caste. This story is about a man who wants to build a fabulous world place for his small son. 

Darrow is red, and he and other fellow red people are just like labor. They have to work day and night to make Mars’s surface liveable for other people. He believes that if he did his job with full dedication, his son would have a great future ahead. So, Darrow and fellow red caste work a lot from their sweat and blood and for their offspring. 

However, in reality, the red caste was betrayed by other castes and especially Gold ones. They put this red caste on the mud to build their big cities. They don’t want anyone from the red caste around them. They consider the red caste as their slaves. A few generations ago, they have already built their big cities on other planets and left the red caste to live on Mars. 

Best about the audiobook:

There are inevitably many generic running themes in every science fiction that seem to pop up in every dystopian narration– a challenging and brutal landscape, segregated society, and the deadly competition, as well as an angry and repressed protagonist rising against the ruling classes. 

That is well said, Tim Gerard has done an excellent narration to make Red Rising stand apart from the masses of science fiction.

  1. Brave New World

Brave New World
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Brave New World is a spectacular story of the future. It was written in 1931 and published in 1932. Aldous Huxley describes the future world filled with genetically modified citizens and intelligence-based social hierarchy in this audiobook. This audio novel predicts that intelligence is the only key to survival in this world. 

Science and technology take humans and reproductive technology, psychological manipulations, sleep-learning, and many other practices that are being performed to make a dystopian society. One individual challenge this society and tries to take it down. 

People sell themselves at the cost of money, and they genetically intervein natural birth to make people more special. However, this results in the worst civilization that has ever been on the earth. This audio novel tells about how a group of people rules the world for their benefit. 

Best about the audiobook: 

This science-fiction audiobook discusses the future-oriented world of science and efficiency- The world State. In modern society children at an early age have emotions and individuality and there is no enduring bond, because “everyone belongs to everybody else.

This was a spine-tingling chiller that kept me up late at night reading, unwilling to put it down. 

Micheal York hands down his best job in narrating this plot-twisting drama.

  1. Seveneves

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Seveneves is a story of annihilation and survival after five thousand years. Various Catastrophic events occurred on the earth and made the planet a dangerous place to live. One last catastrophic remains, and it has the power to wipe out the whole human race. So, the entire world comes together for an ambitious plan to ensure humanity’s existence in outer space.  

But there are so many complexities and extraordinary consequences that come in the execution of the plan. A human sees the unseen nature and things in space, and they are terrifying about them. In this struggle to live in outer space, only a few people left. 

Five thousand years later, when the human race is inhabited in space, they find the earth in one expedition. These people are not aware of the fact that their ancestors lived on this planet. Neal Stephenson has done a great job in the writing of this story. When you listen to the audiobook, you can imagine the whole new world in front of your eyes. 

Best about the audiobook: 

In his most contemporary science fiction, Neal Stephenson mixes scientific, philosophic, technological, psychologic, and literary works with an outstanding and eagerly acknowledged depiction of a futuristic dominant society.

Will Damron and Mary Kowal did a tremendous job to hook the listeners way back to the end of the story!

  1. Ender’s Game

Ender's Game
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Ender’s Game, It’s a story of a war between humans and aliens. Humans decided to make a team of extraordinary soldiers. For this, they decided to breed child geniuses from their childhood and train them as soldiers. Andrew Ender is a young boy who is very intelligent and has a sadistic brother named Peter. His sister Valentine loves him so much. 

Peter and Valentine got selected for this soldier training program, but Ender couldn’t pass it. They were physically weak for such a challenging training program. But as Ender grew up, his leadership skills help him become a school leader and well known in Battler’s room. 

Ender is suffering from isolation from a peer, and they consider Ender as their rival. His parents and teacher pressure him. And he has an unsettling fear of Alien attacks. His sister helped him so much in his tough time and stood beside him when he was alone. 

Best about the audiobook: 

This SciFi audiobook tells a mind-boggling story of a young boy, Ender Wiggin, who is sent to a training academy named Battle School, located in orbit above the Earth, built to train people to become soldiers that will one day battle against a vast alien race known as “Buggers”

This futuristic alien-human war-rage is what keeps fiction lovers interested throughout the plots.

  1. Artemisa

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The best-selling author of The Martian comes back with an extraordinary novel called Artemisa. It is a near-future thriller and a heist story. Our hero Jasmine Bashara has never signed up for high. She is the one. 

She wants to become a billionaire. She wanted to live the life of rich people, and she wants to get out of her coffin-sized apartment on humanity’s first lunar colony. She wants to rich enough to pay for his big mansion. So, when a chance of being a billionaire comes in her way, she can’t refuse it. 

But this catch, she has to be a full-on criminal mastermind from an opportunist smuggler and thief. In addition to this, she needs a unique team of people with cunningness, technical skills, and massive explosions. It isn’t a small task, but she can fulfill her every dream if she gets successful.

Best about the audiobook: 

The bestselling author of The Martian returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller—a heist story set on the moon.

Propelled by Rosario Dawson’s wisecracking voice, set in a city that’s at once stunningly imagined and intimately familiar, and brimming over with clever problem-solving and heist-y fun, Artemis audiobook is yet another irresistible brew of science, suspense, and humor from #1 bestselling author Andy Weir.

  1. The Martian

The Martian
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The Martian is considered one of the top science fiction books that ever turned in audiobooks. It is a story of an astronaut, who gets to Mars by accident, and he has to survive there for a year to get help from the earth. And a fascinating fact is that he stayed with his wits and experience of his life. 

Andy Weir has beautifully described this man’s story along with the emotions and solitude that he faced in the space. It is a remarkable survival story, and this story is really out of the box. 

Mark Watney gets on Mars due to the same space accident, and his colleagues die in that accident. He is the lone survivor. This audiobook also contains humor and plot twists to engage readers and listeners. It is a must listen to audiobooks from this list

Best about the audiobook: 

Turned out to be the most-talked Hollywood Science fiction thriller in 2015, The Martian depicts the extravagant story of Mark Watney who was set abandoned by his crew in the lost space. 

Wil Wheaton, who gave the voice of sci fi blockbusters like Ready Player One and Redshirts, breathes new life into the classic figure of Mark Watney (and lots of sarcasm) that makes this edition both for the Martian fans and new SciFi listeners!.

  1. Lagoon 

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What happens when the first interaction with an alien is with a famous rapper, a biologist, and a rogue soldier? Only they have a chance to save humanity and prevent mass extinction. It is the storyline of this science fiction novel. 

When aliens came on the earth, they selected these three people to make conversation, and it is beautifully written about how three familiar people can save the world and humanity from war. 

Best about the audiobook: 

The lagoon is a splendidly modern look at how humans react to the unknown massively, with all the adjustments and challenges that I could hope for in personal character. 

The SciFi audiobook vividly reveals the anarchy of Lagos, because the presence of a strange alien species exaggerates all the strengths and shortcomings of human beings.

The prose is short and sharp and escalates smoothly with no flaps. Highly recommended!

best space sci fiction audiobooks

Space is an awful place, as we saw in many films and TV series – yet the thrills that these stories include demonstrate that while there are many threats to leave the planet, there are also lots of thrills in the big unknown and adventures that go beyond our possible understanding.

Amidst the pandemic, a new trend has emerged inside Space Sci-fi lovers and this time it’s through fictional audiobooks! While everyone is at home pursuing every activity conceivable, we thought it would be a good opportunity to recommend some of these space science fiction audiobooks you can listen to.

Best Sci Fi Audiobooks That Travel You To Space

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
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SOON TO BE A HULU SERIES • “An astonishing comic writer.”—Neil Gaiman

Nominated as one of America’s greatest novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

Here is another science fiction classic you may have loved as a child. At the beginning of the 1980s, you could have seen the TV show or the smash-hit film version from 2005. Well, this audiobook release beats them all according to The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Arthur Dent is an ordinary, typical earthling who spends the normal, usual day when all changes abruptly. Just before the earth is overwhelmed with forgetfulness, his friend, the Prefect Ford, zaps him for space safety. The couple is ready to go on an epic, cross-galactical journey with a towel. Ford claims he is an extraterrestrial.

Best About This Audiobook

This is an exceptionally talented new revelation, quick-paced, humorous space sci-fi audiobook and appreciated by fiction listeners of all ages.

The brilliant Stephen Fry, who brings a completely new flair to this novel, describes his delightful British humor and soft stride. The chapters are brief, so listening in pieces is wonderful, possibly while you are working or if you spend 30 minutes.

  1. The Abyss Beyond Dreams

The Abyss Beyond Dreams: A Novel of the Commonwealth
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“Solidly engrossing fare . . . The characters, always Hamilton’s strength, remain as distinctive as ever.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Everything one wants in SF—great characters, mind-bending stuff, adventure, politics, romance, revolution . . . just superb.”—Fantasy Book Critic

It’s 3326. Nigel Sheldon, one of the Commonwealth’s founders, is visited by the Raiel—self-appointed protectors of the Void, the enigmatic entity at the galaxy’s center that threatens the existence of everything that lives. Raiel persuades Nigel to take part in a desperate plan to invade the Void.

Once inside, Nigel learns that humans are not the only life-forms that have been dragged into the Void, where the rules of physics are subtly altered and mental powers that are indistinguishable from magic are prevalent. The people that are confined there are infected by an extraterrestrial race of biological mimics known as the Fallers, who are clever but cruel murderers.

Best About This Audiobook

The first of his space science fiction audiobooks in his Commonwealth world, Science Fiction Master Peter F. Hamilton presents the best seller.
The abyss beyond dreams reveals Hamilton to be a storyteller of amazing genius and force, with a thorough narrative, a teeming cast of people, dazzling science speculation, and an imagination that brings the genuinely strange to life.

It’s a must-listen for space sci-fi lovers across the globe!

  1. Dune

Dune: Deluxe Edition
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Dune” is a mythological and emotionally packed hero’s journey that tells the narrative of Paul Atreides, a smart and gifted young man born into a tremendous destiny beyond his comprehension who must travel to the most hazardous planet in the cosmos to guarantee the future of his family and people. 

He would avenge his aristocratic family’s betrayal – and bring to fulfill humankind’s most ancient and unachievable ideal.

Only those who can overcome their fear will live as sinister powers clash over the planet’s sole supply of the most valuable resource in existence—a commodity capable of unlocking humanity’s greatest potential.

Best About This Audiobook

Dune is the narrative of Paul Atreides, a young man who grew up to become the enigmatic Maud’dib.

A breathtaking combination of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics, earned the first Nebula Award, shared the Hugo Award, and served as the foundation for what is unquestionably science fiction’s finest epic.

Frank Herbert’s death in 1986 was a terrible loss, but his incredible legacy of visionary fiction will go on in perpetuity.

  1. The Foundation Trilogy

The Foundation Trilogy (Dramatized)
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FOUNDATION marks the beginning of a new chapter in the tale of man’s destiny. As the Old Empire falls into barbarism across the galaxy’s million worlds, Hari Seldon and his band of psychologists must establish a new organization, the Foundation, committed to art, science, and technology, as the foundation of a new empire.

FOUNDATION AND EMPIRE depict the titanic battle for dominance amidst the chaos of the stars, in which man stands on the brink of a new enlightened life that might be easily destroyed by the old forces of barbarism.

SECOND FOUNDATION continues the Seldon Plan after the collapse of the First Empire, describing its biggest threat—a deadly mutant strain gone wild, capable of bending men’s wills, guiding their minds, changing their passions, and destroying the world.

Best About This Audiobook

If you’re wondering about what all the fuss is about, I highly recommend picking up this science fiction audiobook in the trilogy.

The Foundation Trilogy, a real science-fiction classic from the 1940s, is a monument to what an author can achieve with a wonderful premise and short, staccato bursts that depict how an interplanetary society collapses, evolves, and finally rises again.

  1. Rendezvous With Rama

Rendezvous With Rama
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Rendezvous With Rama is a fun science fiction story. which is really persuasive. It is set in the year 2133, or maybe a few years later. The solar system is home to several colonies, and the human race keeps an eye out for asteroids. There has been a disaster on Earth in recent years along with northern Italy. With outposts on Jupiter’s moons and Saturns too, the human race monitors all asteroids entering the solar system.

At first, scientists knew almost little about the celestial object known as Rama. It is enormous, weighing more than ten trillion tonnes. And it’s racing across the solar system at breakneck speed.

What was it? Listen now to find out!

Best About This Audiobook

It was a pleasant narrative of science fiction by Toby Longworth. In fact, really convincing. It is scheduled for 2133 or perhaps a few years later. There are several colonies in the solar system and the human race watches asteroids. In recent years, Northern Italy has experienced a calamity on the Earth. Human civilization also monitors all of the asteroids entering the solar system via outposts on Jupiter’s moons and Saturns.

This has been the most reminiscing space sci fi audiobook I’ve ever come across. Highly Recommended!

  1. Red Mars

Red Mars
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The first colonial journey to Mars will take place in 2026 aboard the Ares, the biggest interplanetary spacecraft ever built and home to the first hundred Martian colonists.

For ages, the red planet has captivated Earth’s inhabitants. An international team of scientists has now inhabited Mars. These 100 individuals have journeyed nine months to reach their new home, leaving Earth forever. This is the incredible narrative of the world they build and the secret power struggles of those who wish to dominate it.

Red Mars is based on years of study, even though it is fiction. As dwelling areas and greenhouses proliferate, an incredible picture of our galaxy’s future emerges from the red dust. Each sight is infused with the designs and ambitions of the remarkable pioneers’ thanks to Richard Ferrone’s narrative.

Best About This Audiobook

Red Mars is the first novel of Kim Stanley Robinson’s best-selling trilogy and the winner of the Nebula Award for Top Novel. Scientists laud Red Mars for its vivid predictions of future technologies. Authors and reviewers praise it for its colorful characters and dramatic situations.

Exceptionally talented  Richard Ferrone has taken the excitement to the third world with his enthralling narratives!

  1. Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary
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Number-One Audible and New York Times Audio Best Seller

A lone astronaut must save the earth from disaster in this incredible new science-based thriller from the number-one New York Times best-selling author of The Martian.

The only survivor of a last-chance, the desperate mission is Ryland Grace – and mankind, the Earth itself is to die if it fails. He doesn’t know it, except that just now. He cannot even recall his own name, or how he may accomplish it, let alone the nature of his task.

All he knows is it was a very, very long time since he was sleeping. And he was just woken to find himself millions of kilometers away from home, with just two company bodies.

He knows that an insurmountable job now before him. His crewmates are dead and his recollections fluffy. On this little spacecraft, all the governments and space agencies on the globe have piled together and thrown deep into this small one.

Best About This Audiobook

Half of a scientific riddle, part of a blissful interstellar trip, the Project Hail Mary is a story of discovery, conjecture, and survival that competitor The Martian has always dreamt of.

The Martian and  “Artemis” had wonderful narratives. This is better than any of them. It’s for you if you love space science fiction with facts. This also applies to if you appreciate stories about fascinating, well-developed people. If you want a fascinating plot, you’re absolutely going here!

  1. The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles
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The Martian Chronicles is a 1950 science fiction fix-up audiobook by American narrator Ray Bradbury that chronicles the discovery and settlement of Mars, the home of indigenous Martians, by Americans who leave behind a troubled Earth that is finally destroyed by nuclear war.

Bradbury’s Mars is a land of hope, dreams, and metaphor – of crystal pillars and fossil oceans – where a speck of thin dust falls over the huge, quietly demolished cities. The invaders have come here to despoil and commercialize kilometers, to develop and learn – first a trickle, then a torrent, pouring from a world with no future toward the promise of tomorrow. 

The Earthman conquers Mars…and then is captivated by it, lulled by deadly promises of comfort and familiarity and fascinated by the remaining radiance of an old, enigmatic local species.

Best About This Audiobook:

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles is a work of 20th-century literature whose exceptional force and creativity have stood the test of time.

In a series of linked, chronological stories, a true grandmaster enthralls, delights, and challenges us with his vision and heart, starkly and stunningly exposing in brilliant spacelight our strength, weakness, folly, and poignant humanity on a strange and breathtaking world where humanity does not belong!

  1. The Forever War

The Forever War
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It is regarded as a science fiction classic, foreshadowing many of the future themes of the 1990s, such as bionics, sensory manipulation, and time dilation.

William Mandella is a soldier in the elite brigade of Earth. As he travels from galaxy to galaxy fighting the Taurans, he learns to employ protective body shells and advanced weaponry. He acclimates to the cultures and landscapes of faraway outposts. However, each month in space corresponds to one year on Earth. Where will he live when (or if) the Forever War is over?

The portrayal of narrator George Wilson captures all of The Forever War‘s innovative technology and human drama. This engrossing piece, set against a backdrop of dramatic fighting scenes, poses intriguing issues about the very essence of war.

Best About This Audiobook

This is high-quality science fiction deserving of the Masterworks label. The story never slows down, which helps to lure the reader in while maintaining a sympathetic and emotional core (despite the war sequences and death and devastation); a tough balance to achieve.

Despite the fact that the concept is 40 years old, many of the concepts Haldeman foresees in it are still relevant today, and the years haven’t aged the narrative. This is a highly recommended space science fiction audiobook.

  1. Artemis

Artemis: A gripping sci-fi thriller from the author of The Martian
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The best-selling author of The Martian returns with an irresistible new near-future thriller – a heist story set on the moon.

This thrilling, whip-smart, hilarious thrill ride features a fantastic ensemble of characters, a diverse cultural environment, and the allure of a stunning young woman as the main character. Artemis is one of the greatest science fiction novels of the year, but it is not a rehash of The Martian. Tone, personalities, and structure are all distinct. 

It’s more conventional space science fiction, without the cheerful freshness of Weir’s renowned debut novel. The environment is exactly as detailed and scientifically accurate as before, but science isn’t the main focus this time.

Best About This Audiobook

Dawson portrays Jazz’s first-person perspective with the frantic immediacy of understanding they’re one broken helmet visor away from doom – all while delivering snarky Weir-ian one-liners and cracking smart in the face of death. 

With a varied array of individuals from all walks of life calling Artemis home, Dawson tonally flips to voice Kenyan prime leaders, Ukrainian scientists, and Saudi welders. It’s a performance that whisks listeners along with Jazz, matching her step for step on every lunar inch of her pulse-pounding trip.

Best Sci-Fi Horror Audiobooks

From classical Gothic tales to psychological news, a broad range of consumers in quest of fear and thrill are flooded with sci-fi horror audiobooks.

Whether you’re new to the genre, were drawn here by a Netflix adaptation, or are simply searching for something different to listen to, this list of our 10 greatest science fiction horror audiobooks is guaranteed to fill the unnerving crevices of your imagination!

If you are a hardcore horror SciFi listener who is in constant need of mind-bending entertainment, this blog is the ultimate answer to you!

Best Sci-Fi Horror Audiobooks To Extend Your Haunted Entertainment

  1. Who Goes There?

Who Goes There? : Yes
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It all started when a group of scientists in Antarctica secluded, uncover an alien spaceship that collapsed 20 million years ago. The alien pilot is also recovered from the former ice. Thawing revives the alien who, while preserving its original bodily mass for subsequent reproduction, can take the form, memory, and character of any living entity he devours. This is when, with good reason, paranoia enters.

How do you know that the guy next to you really is your mate or a shapeless outside nightmare that is waiting to eat and integrate you?

The personnel of the base battle resourcefully and resolutely, but truly have no special qualifications for such an awesome feat.

Will they be able to retreat from the destruction caused by their panoramic discovery?

Best About This Audiobook:

This gripping story, which first appeared in the 1938 issue of Astounding Stories Magazine, is narrated by Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning special effects artist Ed French.

Who Goes There?, horror science fiction audiobook is a good story to listen to if you’re on the verge of a paranoid psychotic episode and haven’t taken your medicines. It’s a terrific page-turner!

French’s on the other hand did a tremendous job in making this horror sci-fi audiobook a big success.

  1. The Tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers
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Stephen King’s The Tommyknockers is a horror science fiction novel published in 1987. While the audiobook retains a horror tone, it is King’s first foray into science fiction, as the people of the Maine hamlet of Haven gradually succumb to the power of a strange item hidden in the woods.

Bobbi Anderson, a writer, becomes fascinated with unearthing something she discovered buried in the woods near her house. She discovers an extraterrestrial spaceship with the aid of her friend Jim Gardener. Even though exposure to the Tommyknockers, who piloted the extraterrestrial spacecraft, is hazardous to inhabitants’ health, the people of Haven show a flair for inventing new gadgets while under their more malignant influence.

Best About This Audiobook

This national best-selling horror sci-fi audiobook is about the beautiful tiny town of Haven, Maine, and its meeting with a deadly evil bent on a diabolical invasion of body, soul, and mind.

Tommyknockers is a nerve-wracking horror fiction audiobook that offers mind-bending plot twists and an engraving story to keep you hooked!

  1. The Twisted Ones 

The Twisted Ones
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This horror fiction audiobook revolves around the fact that When a young lady cleans out her deceased grandmother’s home in rural North Carolina, she discovers long-hidden truths about a mysterious colony of beings in the woods in this unsettling tale!

Mouse discovers her step-notebook, grandfather’s which appears to be filled with incoherent rants…until Mouse meets some of the horrific things he detailed for herself.

The mouse is alone in the woods with her dog when she encounters a sequence of inconceivable terrors – because sometimes the creatures that go bump in the night are real, and they’re searching for you. And if she doesn’t confront them, she might not live to tell the tale.

Give it a listen to find out what happened next!

Best About This Audiobook

Laden with cosmic dread, links the foreboding of old mythology with the horrors of modern existence. However, it accomplishes it with a crisp, humorous language and a captivating first-person heroine who finds herself precariously straddling realms she had no idea existed.

The Twisted Ones is a riveting, scary novel by Hugo Award-winning author Ursula Vernon, writing as T. Kingfisher, that will keep you up all night – from both terror and anticipation of what comes next.

  1. Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus 

Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus
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This horror sci fi audiobook combines gothic horror and science fiction. The audiobook relates the narrative of Victor Frankenstein, a Swiss natural science student who builds an artificial man out of body parts and brings his creation to life. 

Though it wants affection at first, the creature instills fear in everyone who comes into contact with it. Lonely and despondent, the monster turns on its creator, who finally dies.

The term Frankenstein has become generally associated with the creature itself, which has become one of the most well-known monsters in film history.

Best About This Audiobook

A bright and ambitious young student indulges in a moment of irrational scientific zeal and creates life. Victor Frankenstein, horrified by his creation, shuns it and tries to banish it from his life and thoughts. The creature, on the other hand, is adrift in a harsh world and wants compassion, only to be rejected, and then seeks vengeance.

This Scifi horror audiobook is a nerve-wracking tale of a human-created disaster that cost his life. Highly recommended for horror lovers!

  1. I Am Legend

I Am Legend
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I Am Legend tells a nerve-wracking horror that a deadly disease has destroyed the planet, and those unfortunate enough to live are turned into bloodthirsty creatures of the night. Robert Neville is the last guy on the planet. 

Every other man, woman, and kid has turned into a vampire, and they’re all after Neville’s blood. By day, he is the hunter, pursuing the sleeping undead through civilization’s abandoned remains. By night, he fortifies himself in his dwelling and waits for morning. How long can one guy survive in a vampire world?

Best About This Audiobook

Turned out to be Will Smith’s Hollywood blockbuster – I am Legend.

He walks throughout New York City alone, looking for any possible survivors and working on a cure for the virus using his immune blood. Neville is aware that he is vastly outnumbered and that the odds are stacked against him, and the infected are waiting for him to make a mistake that will lead to his capture.

This science fiction horror audiobook is a constant battle between the surviving nights of blood-wrenching demons. 

  1. The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde 

The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was an instant hit and remains one of Stevenson’s best-sellers. Within a year of its release, theatrical adaptations began in Boston and London, quickly spreading throughout England and eventually to his home in Scotland. The novella has gone on to spawn a slew of significant cinema and theatre adaptations.

The work is frequently connected with the unusual mental disorder known as “split personality,” in which more than one unique personality resides within the same body. In this scenario, Dr. Jekyll has two personas, one that seems to be nice and the other that appears to be wicked, with entirely opposing moral standards.

Best About This Audiobook

This Scifi horror audiobook was an intriguing listen that kept me interested although it is, for want of a better phrase, highly wordy. It’s also surprising to learn that this narrative was penned in the late 1800s. This narrative has aged really nicely. It is indeed a timeless classic.

This novel keeps you guessing but everything is revealed in the final chapter from the perspective of Dr. Jekyll himself! Highly recommended! 

  1. John Dies at the End

John Dies at the End
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On the street, it’s known as Soy Sauce, and it’s a narcotic that promises an out-of-body experience with each take and allows users to travel across time and space. Some of those who return, however, is no longer human. Suddenly, a quiet extraterrestrial invasion begins, and humanity requires a hero. Instead, it gets John and David, two college dropouts who can barely hold down jobs. Will these two be able to avert the impending catastrophe in time to rescue humanity?

But how can you picture mysterious unknown animals with a wicked sense of humor if you don’t know what they seem to like and their murdering techniques and behaviors are out of the ordinary? That’s when things start to become a little worrisome.

Best About This Audiobook

The Scifi Horror audiobook revolves around the main character “David Wong” (not his actual name) and his penis-obsessed friend John, who both mistakenly take the drug “soy sauce,” which, instead of killing them, has the permanent effect of allowing them to view creatures from another hell-like realm.

Highly recommended for young adults prudently planting their interest in horror Sci-Fi!

  1. The Hunger Games: Special Edition 

The Hunger Games: Special Edition
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Panem, a gleaming Capitol encircled by 12 outlying districts, exists in the ruins of what was once known as North America. The Capitol holds the districts in check by requiring each district to send one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 to compete in the yearly Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live television.

When Katniss Everdeen, sixteen, goes forward to take her sister’s place in the Games, she sees it as a death sentence. But Katniss has been close to death before, and surviving is second nature to her. Still, if she is to prevail, she must begin making decisions that put survival against humanity and life against love.

Will she be able to save each other or die for the sake of the hunger games?

Best About This Audiobook

Emmy Award-winning actress Tatiana Maslany narrates a brand-new special edition recording of the first audiobook in the worldwide best-selling trilogy from Suzanne Collins! 

They all battle for their lives until just one of them remains. Until a winner is declared, the youngsters will be compelled to murder one another in the form of a gladiator. This heinous custom has been around for a long time. There was an insurrection led by District 13, which attempted to overthrow the Capitol’s control. 

The Hunger Games is a well-established horror SciFi audiobook and popular among crowds!

  1. The Andromeda Strain  

The Andromeda Strain
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The Andromeda Strain redefined the science fiction genre and immediately established Michael Crichton as one of the brightest voices in contemporary literature worldwide.

The US government is compelled to activate Project Wildfire, a top-secret emergency response program. Four of the country’s most expert biophysicists are summoned to a secret subterranean laboratory five floors under the desert, complete with an automatic atomic self-destruction mechanism for situations of irreversible contamination. 

Under absolute news blackout circumstances and with the utmost urgency, the scientists strive to comprehend and manage the catastrophe.

 But the Andromeda Strain is unlike anything they’ve ever seen – and what they don’t know might not only harm them but cause unparalleled global devastation.

Will they be able to retract this venomous strain?

Best About This Audiobook

A terrifying story about a US research satellite carrying a lethal alien tiny creature that crashes into a small Arizona community. A team of elite scientists is quickly organized in an attempt to locate and control the dangerous stowaway. Based on Michael Crichton’s book.

This audiobook is highly recommended for horror SciFi lovers!

  1. Leviathan Wakes 

Leviathan Wakes
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Leviathan Wakes is James S. A. Corey’s first novel in the epic New York Times best-selling series The Expanse, a modern masterwork of science fiction in which humanity has colonized the solar system. 

Humanity is in disarray two hundred years after migrating into space. When a hesitant ship’s captain and a washed-up investigator become engaged in the case of a missing girl, what they uncover takes our solar system to the verge of civil war and reveals the biggest conspiracy in human history.

Find out how a missing investigation leads to a never-ending war in human colonization in the near future?

Best About This Audiobook

The first audiobook in the groundbreaking Expanse series, which is now a big television series on Amazon Prime!

If you’re looking for realistic, convincing, amazing, and un-put-downable people with the morally grey qualities known, love, and publish, set in a wonderfully conceived environment, go no further. This Scifihorror audiobook is your go-to-listen!

kids sci fi audiobooks

There’s nothing quite like corrupting the innocent minds of kids, and science fiction is the best gateway storytelling out there. 

Science fiction audiobooks are ideal for children to listen to or have fun on long car rides, as a bedtime story.

These greatest kids Sci Fi audiobooks (and best narrators) will fire their creativity and enjoy them. But it won’t simply be children listening, especially for younger children. Parents and elder siblings frequently also listen to these. Therefore, we attempted to ensure in our selection that they appeal to children and adults equally.

Greatest Kids Science Fiction Audiobooks:

  1. Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot Vs. The Video Vultures From Venus 

Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Video Vultures from Venus- Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
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Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot Vs. The Video Vultures From Venus, An out-of-this-world friendship adventure with all-new full-color drawings from Dav Pilkey, the author of Captain Underpants, and famous illustrator Dan Santat!

Ricky Ricotta and his Mighty Robot are close friends, but with great friends comes great responsibility…

Ricky and his Mighty Robot are late for supper again, which annoys Ricky’s dad. They believe Ricky and his Robot need to be taught a lesson, so they send the boys to bed without watching television that night. Fortunately for Ricky and his Robot, their penance keeps them from falling under the influence of Victor Von Vulture, a villain from Venus.

Best About This Audiobook

Have you ever wished for a flying robot as a best friend? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a robot so large and powerful that no one would ever bother you again?

Friendly robots may be entertaining! However, with enormous companions come massive responsibilities. In this book, the villainous Victor Von Vulture and his army of Venusian Voodoo Vultures are on their way to take over the planet Earth. Only Ricky and his powerful robot’s super-smart tricks can send the evil guys packing!

  1. The Last Kids on Earth

The Last Kids on Earth
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The Last Kids on Earth, A Netflix Original series!

The New York Times and USA Today best-selling series, with over three million copies in print!

Since the monster apocalypse struck the town, typical 13-year-old Jack Sullivan has been living in his treehouse, which he has outfitted with catapults and a moat, as well as video games and an infinite supply of Oreos and Mountain Dew, scavenged from abandoned businesses.

But Jack is no match for the legions of Zombies, Winged Wretches, and Vine Thingies, much alone the strangely intelligent creature known only as Blarg.

So Jack assembles a squad, which includes his goofy best buddy Quint, the rehabilitated middle school bully Dirk, Jack’s devoted pet monster Rover, and Jack’s crush, June. With their assistance, Jack will slay Blarg, achieve the ultimate Feat of Apocalyptic Success, and never longer be ordinary! Can he pull it off?

Best About This Audiobook

“Terrifyingly fun! Delivers big thrills and even bigger laughs.” (Jeff Kinney, author of the number-one New York Times bestseller Diary of a Wimpy Kid)

This is the ideal Sci-Fi audiobook for every child who has ever wanted to be the star of his or her own comic book or video game. Then get the rest of the series, which is now a New York Times bestseller!

  1. The Secret Zoo

The Secret Zoo
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Something unusual is going on in the Clarksville City Zoo. Monkeys are mounting the walls and scouring the area late at night—but what are they looking for?

Noah, Megan, and their best pals Richie and Ella live just next door to the zoo. Megan is the first to observe some of the creatures’ odd behavior. Megan vanishes one day, and her brother and pals understand it’s up to them to find her. Their only option is to follow a trail of clues and infiltrate the zoo. But, once inside, would they realize that the Clarksville City Zoo has far more to offer than they could have imagined?

Best About This Audiobook

When the author was nine years old, he imagined what would happen if zoo displays had secret doors that enabled youngsters to walk inside—and the animals to come outside. He adds that sense of adventure and excitement to this narrative, making it a favorite for home listening entertainment.

The Secret Zoo, Middle-grade fantasy, mystery, and animal fans will like this fast-paced and entertaining Scifi audiobook. Something unusual is going on in the Clarksville City Zoo. Monkeys are mounting the walls and scouring the area late at night—but what are they looking for?

  1. A Wrinkle In Time

Madeleine L'Engle
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On a dark and stormy night, Meg Murray, her younger brother Charles Wallace, and their mother are having a midnight snack when an otherworldly visitor comes at their door. He claims to have been blown off course and goes on to inform them that there is such a thing as a “tesseract,” which is a wrinkle in time, in case you didn’t know. 

Meg’s father had been experimenting with time travel when he mysteriously vanished. Will Meg, Charles Wallace, and their buddy Calvin be able to outsmart the forces of evil as they seek for their father in space?

Madeleine L’Engle premiered her work A Wrinkle in Time in 1962, and it went on to win the Newbery Medal in 1963.

Best About This Audiobook

The Scifi audiobook became a classic of children’s literature and is admired across the world for bridging science and imagination, darkness and light, fear and camaraderie.

Madeleine L’Engle’s seminal science fiction and fantasy novel is now a big film picture. The film director Ava DuVernay reads the introduction, the author reads the preface, and Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughter Charlotte Jones Voiklis reads the afterword.

  1. Fierce Winds & Fiery Dragons (Volume 1)

Fierce Winds & Fiery Dragons: Dusky Hollows Volume 1
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Ivy and Carrie enjoy their new school, even if the new instructor is unusual. Mrs. Huffity asks for volunteers to care for an egg, but Ivy refuses. She’s had a few terrifying dreams about the egg and doesn’t want anything to do with it. 

However, when adversity arises, Ivy guards the egg. Ivy is thrown into the heart of an adventure to save the baby that hatches. She had never idea a single dragon could cause so much havoc.

Best About This Audiobook

Over 50 five-star Amazon reviews. Fans of The Chronicles of Narnia will love Nan Sweet.

Fierce Winds and Fiery Dragons” has a lovely idea and a surprisingly meaningful and poignant plotline involving one of the two main characters, but it rarely feels weak, slapdash, and poorly narrated, even for children.

  1. The Proto Project

The Proto Project: A Sci-Fi Adventure of the Mind
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The Proto Project, From the best-selling award-winning author of Code 7: Cracking the Code for an Epic Life, Bryan R. Johnson.

Featured Indie Children’s Book Selection by Kirkus Reviews

Praised by Booklife and Publishers Weekly

Mom’s Choice Award Gold Recipient

When Jason encounters his mother’s billion-dollar creation, an artificial intelligence gadget dubbed Proto, he becomes entangled in a fascinating journey. Proto vanishes, and then individuals vanish. Now, Jason and his coolest neighbor ever Maya must put their lives in danger to avoid world devastation. 

But who is the mastermind behind this nefarious scheme? Is it yet another artificial intelligence? Is it the FBI? Or any other abbreviation beginning with an I? What precisely can you learn about artificial and human intelligence while battling an army of cuddly puppies or a battalion of drones?

Best About This Audiobook

Perfect audiobook for car commutes and road trips with children ages 8-12 (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade).

Also great as a bedtime listen-along for younger children who enjoy reading the physical book with parents.

Narrated by professional voice actor, Michael Mola, who also narrated Johnson’s first book Code 7.

It has fast-paced stories with comedy, mystery, suspense, and adventure.

Best audiobooks for Kids who love popular series novels such as I Survived, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Encyclopedia Brown, Hardy Boys, Babysitters Club, Mysterious Benedict Society, National Geographic Kids.

  1. Avengers Storybook Collection

Avengers Storybook Collection
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Avengers Storybook Collection. Two Marvel storybook collections in one volume!

Superheroes have highly exciting lives, defending the innocent from crafty evil. But how did they get their superpowers? The stories in this collection, which feature the She-Hulk, Ant-Man, Iron Man, and other popular characters, will transport listeners back in time while capturing them with fantastic adventures and dramatic conflicts.

Best About This Audiobook

Join your favorite Avengers and their allies as they band together to take on enemies no one hero could defeat! Thor can defeat an ancient beast, Black Panther can travel to Wakanda, and Iron Man can travel back in time, among other things. This exciting compilation brings to life the enormous power of the ever-expanding Marvel Universe!

A highly recommended Kid who loves Superhero audiobooks!

  1. The Last Kids On Earth And The Skeleton Road

The Last Kids on Earth and the Skeleton Road
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With the Midnight Blade in hand, Jack Sullivan and the gang are on the hunt for the evil Thrull and his skeletal army. The time is ticking: the enemy has begun building the Tower, a gateway capable of bringing Rezzoch the Ancient, Destructor of Worlds, to our reality. With a vital clue uncovered by June on her Wild Flight, the gang undertakes the unthinkable: they leave Wakefield and go on an…EPIC ROAD TRIP!

This means loud music, tacky roadside attractions, munchies, snacks, hazardous diversions, and skeletons and monsters at every turn. But this isn’t your average post-apocalyptic thrill trip. Because they will soon be hunted by a new threat: the reappearance of a long-dead monster in a horrifying new form.

Best About This Audiobook

The Last Kids On Earth And The Skeleton Road, This kids Sci-Fi audiobook series, narrated in a combination of text and black-and-white art, is ideal for every child who has ever wished to star in their comic book or video game.

Jack, June, Quint, and Dirk will be lucky if they survive long enough to get the answers they seek. But when the fate of the planet is at stake, these heroes don’t slam on the brakes; instead, they go full speed.

  1. Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider
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Firedrake, a young dragon, receives a terrifying message one night: humans want to destroy the valley where he lives! The dragons must all flee. Their only hope is a region above the clouds known as the Rim of Heaven, which may or may not exist.

Firedrake bravely volunteers to go first. He encounters Ben, a stray child, as he begins his adventure. Together, the child and dragon make their way toward the Rim of Heaven, always one step ahead of Nettlebrand, a monster that will go to any length to get Firedrake. Their journey will be an experience unlike any other.

Best About This Audiobook

Dragon Rider” has a more mythological background in that it invites the young listeners to accept that wonderful monsters live alongside humans. The last known dragons on Earth are facing expulsion from their tranquil valley owing to human population growth. Highly recommended kids Sci-Fi audiobook for any thriller-loving kid.

  1. Rush Revere And The American Revolution

Rush Revere and the American Revolution: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans
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The extra-special aspect of this journey is that Cam’s father is a soldier fighting in Afghanistan right now, in the twenty-first century, and Cam has been irritated that he is away. Cam sees his father in a new and particular light after meeting outstanding American heroes such as Dr. Joseph Warren and George Washington, riding with Paul Revere on his midnight ride, and witnessing the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

But don’t be concerned. Along with the risk, excitement, and patriotism, there will be time for refreshing spinach, oats, and alfalfa smoothie. No, wait, that’s for Liberty. My children and I voted for strawberries.

Let us now open the magical door to the past!

Best About This Audiobook

The American Revolution has begun – and Rush Revere, Liberty the horse, and the time-traveling crew are ready to ride into the action!

Join us on this incredible time-travel adventure!

Rush Revere And The American Revolution, This audiobook is fantastic! We purchased them on audio for my brothers, and they’re hooked. It is really useful and is not politically biased in any manner. They are entertaining to listen to and are sure to instruct. Rush did an excellent job with them. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes. They are suitable for people of all ages! Try them out. At the very least, the samples!

It is critical to choose novels that will pique the interest of children. Consider these ideas for youngsters of this age.

So, if your kid is into Sci-Fi thrillers, these audiobooks are a must to listen to them to engage their mind with mind-bending entertainment.

best new sci fi audiobooks

It’s 2023 and we’re already flooded with tons of entertainment in the science fiction genre!

Audiobooks are more popular than ever, and many book enthusiasts have made the move from reading to ‘listening.’

While you may not be able to abandon the printed page forever, it is absolutely worthwhile to give audiobooks a try. Most popular works are now available in both audiobook and print formats, and the sci-fi genre is no exception.

Listening to these science fiction stories instead of reading them may also offer fresh layers to the story. Characters come to life in a manner that they can’t on the page when they’re effectively narrated.

However, a terrible narrator may utterly destroy a tale, so it’s critical to locate sci-fi audiobooks that are both wonderfully written and fantastically spoken.

Let’s find out what 2020-2021 has to offer. It’s the newest edition of science fiction audiobooks!

Best Newest Arrivals In Sci Fi Audiobooks(2020-2021)

  1. Star Wars: The Rising Storm [Book 2]

Star Wars: The Rising Storm (The High Republic) (Star Wars: The High Republic Book 2
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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The heroes of the High Republic era return to face a shattered peace and a fearsome foe, following the dramatic events of Light of the Jedi.

The Republic continues to grow in the aftermath of the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the heroism of the Jedi, uniting more worlds under a single unified banner. The spirit of togetherness spreads throughout the galaxy under the guidance of Chancellor Lina Soh, with the Jedi and the newly created Starlight Beacon station in the forefront.

As the Jedi fight to stop the rampaging Nihil, they are confronted with the genuine dread that their adversary intends to instill throughout the galaxy—fear that even the Force cannot protect them from.

Best About This Audiobook

The audiobook presentation of The Rising Storm, read by Marc Thompson, is excellent. I read the book and listened to the audiobook after, and it’s perfectly complementary. Hearing the characters adds a new layer to the story.

Marchion Ro is already an unsettling presence on the pages of the book, but hearing his voice takes it to a new level. Thompson is a master of his craft, and that mastery is on full display in The Rising Storm audiobook.

  1. Project Hail Mary

Project Hail Mary: A Novel
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Ryland Grace is the lone survivor on a desperate last-ditch mission, and if he fails, mankind and the world will die.

Except that he isn’t aware of it right now. He can’t even recall his own identity, let alone the nature of his task or how to do it.

All he knows is that he’s been sleeping for a long time. And he’s just awoken to find himself millions of kilometers away from home, with just two corpses for company.

With his crewmates gone and his memories hazily returning, Ryland understands he is now faced with an impossible job. Hurtling through space on this small ship, it’s up to him to solve an unfathomable scientific mystery—and to save our species from annihilation.

And, with the clock ticking and the nearest human being light-years away, he’ll have to do it all on his own. 

Is that correct?

Best About This Audiobook

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the author of The Martian, a lone astronaut must save the earth from disaster in this “propulsive” (Entertainment Weekly), cinematic thriller full of suspense, humor, and fascinating science—in development as a major motion picture starring Ryan Gosling.

Project Hail Mary is an enticing galactic journey that rivals The Martian in terms of discovery, conjecture, and survival—while transporting us to places we never dreamt of exploring.

  1. Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy (Book II: Greater Good) 

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy (Book II: Greater Good)
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In the second SciFi audiobook of best-selling author Timothy Zahn’s epic Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy, Thrawn and his friend’s race to preserve the Chiss Ascendancy from an invisible adversary.

Thrawn’s most recent win is still fresh on his shoulders. He has led the Chiss to triumph and delivered honor to the House of Mitth, but the actual threat to the Ascendancy remains. Their adversaries do not issue threats or ultimatums, nor do they assemble ships on the eve of the Chaos. 

Their weapons are disguised as smiles and generosity: freely given gifts. Services are provided unconditionally. As rivalry and distrust build conflict among friends, each warrior must choose between the protection of their family and the survival of the Ascendancy itself.

Best About This Audiobook

Since his introduction into the official canon, Thrawn has steadily risen to be one of the characters I most look forward to revisiting. Due in large part to Timothy Zahn’s development of the character both on the page and on-screen in Star Wars Rebels. It’s fascinating watching his mind work, and wondering what his ultimate goals are.

Thrawn is well-narrated and well-rounded. This start to a new trilogy was outstanding on every level and I’m anxious to discover what happens next. And that’s the mark of a great author right there! 

Great Star Wars Audiobook!!

  1. Brave New World Revisited

Brave New World Revisited
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“A simpleton who spent his life denouncing the forward march of the Machine,” Huxley was a man of extraordinary talents: he was “a genius who spent his life decrying the onward march of the Machine” (The New Yorker). Artist, spiritual seeker, and one of history’s most astute observers of human nature and society.

His masterwork, Brave New World, has fascinated and horrified millions of listeners\readers, and it remains urgently relevant to this day as both a warning to be heeded as we move into tomorrow and as a thought-provoking, rewarding work of fiction.

Best About This Audiobook

Brave New World is a probing new SciFi vision of an unequal, technologically advanced future in which humans are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order – all at the expense of our freedom, full humanity, and possibly our souls.

Highly recommended listening for Sci-Fi lovers in 2023.

  1. The Stone Wolf

The Stone Wolf: The Chain Breaker
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Gavin has guarded the city, keeping the evil Fates from resurrecting their awful wizardry in Yoran, but Tristan is still free. Their battle had been a check, and Gavin knew he couldn’t afford to fail the next.

Gavin knows Tristan has returned to complete what he started when a mysterious attack forces him to disclose the depths of his power. This time, he’s up with a force bigger than any sorcerer, and it’s something Gavin has never seen before.

The kidnapping of a friend leads Gavin to take actions he would never have imagined to save them and stop Tristan. He must utilize all of his contacts in the city, but even that may not be enough to save them – or to put an end to a scheme that has been in the works for years.

Best About This Audiobook

The Stone Wolf, Some great storytelling, and I got randomly attached to these animated stone wolves he introduced as a horse replacement which was quite fun as well as getting to explore more of this fantasy world outside of the original city.

A lot of fighting as well as some great sub-story building up throughout the series so far I look forward to seeing what comes next.

  1. Life Reset: Salvation(Book 6)

Life Reset: Salvation: New Era Online
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The epic Life Reset drama comes to a close!

Insurmountable odds, secret powers moving behind the scenes, all leading up to a last, cataclysmic showdown. The magnificent city of Everance stood in the way of the GreenPiece clan, but as Oren quickly finds, he faces much greater challenges before achieving his ultimate objective.

Oren’s trip across the realm of NEO was perilous and terrifying. Nobody could have predicted that finale, and it tugged at my heartstrings; it was a fantastic finish.

Throughout Oren’s travels and desire to free the gamers, he pushed forward at every opportunity, motivated to save the trapped players in the game world. He had no idea that they were all pawns in a much larger game.

Best About This Audiobook

Words cannot express how infinitely satisfied I feel after listening to this delightful piece of the new sci-fi audiobook!

It was a wild ride from beginning to end, and seeing Oren struggle through hardships and revel in his victories made everything a fantastic treat to listen to.

The performance was fantastic with the sound effects, narration, and everything else adding color and life to the already fulfilling story.

  1. The Noose Of A New Moon

The Noose of a New Moon
Tap on image to see Amazon/Audible reviews.

Devereau Webb is venturing into unknown terrain. When he opted to join London’s supernatural society, he believed he understood what he was doing, but he’s rapidly learning that his new position isn’t welcomed by everyone.

He’s been through adversity before, and he’s no stranger to the seedy underbelly of city life. However, when he stumbles across a young werewolf girl who has not only been unlawfully transformed but has also committed two terrible murders, he will learn exactly how horrible life can be for supernaturals – and also how far his predatory talents stretch.

Best About This Audiobook

Helen Harper’s The Noose of a New Moon is a five-star listen that bites back. This is the first book in the Wolf brand series, and it follows on from the previous three novels science fiction audiobooks in the Firebrand series, which I adored, so I had high hopes for this one, and it simply gave me chef kisses. Highly Recommended!

  1. The Solid-State Shuffle (Book 1)

The Solid-State Shuffle: Sunken City Capers
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A massive terrestrial catastrophe altered the Earth’s coasts almost 100 years ago. Bye-bye, whole cities. Bye-bye, whole states. Farewell, whole countries. When the authorities made salvage from these underwater towns illegal, a new type of criminal emerged: underwater reclamation professionals. 

Even after 100 years, there is still a lot of wealth to be had. But it’s not stealing if you return it, right?

After breaching an underwater vault in their first big robbery in the Seattle Isles, Isa and her gang believe they’re back on track – provided they can find out what they took. A question, they quickly discover, where their very lives are at stake.

Best About This Audiobook

The Solid-State Shuffle by Jeffrey A. Ballard is a hilarious piece of post-apocalyptic fiction that will have you in stitches as you follow Isa and her team in their sometimes bumbling efforts to return a stolen article, unmask the true villains, and stay alive. There are bits of violence, and the language is salty, but mostly, it’s just a pleasant, and rib-tickling read. Good double-cross scenario evasion and worth listening to a new Sci-Fi audiobook in 2023.

  1. The God Equation

The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything
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Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity united the principles that control the sky and the Earth. Since then, physicists have added additional forces to ever-larger models.

The ultimate difficulty, however, may be to achieve a massive synthesis of the two remaining theories—relativity and quantum theory. This would be science’s pinnacle achievement, a profound fusion of all-natural forces into a single beautiful, majestic equation capable of unlocking science’s deepest mysteries: 

What occurred before the Big Bang? What is beyond the horizon of a black hole? Is it possible that there are other worlds and dimensions? Is it possible to travel back in time? What brings us here?

Best About This Audiobook

The God Equation, New York Times Best Seller The epic story of the greatest quest in all of science – the holy grail of physics that would explain the creation of the universe 

Michio gives his thoughts on the nature of everything, the nature of nothing, and the existence of God. I found his speculations to be refreshing in a world of rash and harshly proclaimed “certainties”. 

  1. The Code Breaker

The Code Breaker: Jennifer Doudna, Gene Editing, and the Future of the Human Race
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Jennifer Doudna was in sixth grade when she returned home to find her father had put a book named The Double Helix on her bed. She set it aside, thinking it was one of her favorite detective stories. When she read it on a wet Saturday, she realized she was partially correct.

The last half-century has been characterized by a digital era built on the microchip, computer, and internet. We are now in the midst of a life-science revolution. Those studying digital coding will be joined by children studying genetic code. Should we utilize our new evolution-hacking abilities to make ourselves less vulnerable to viruses? That would be such a fantastic blessing!

Best About This Audiobook

The Code Breaker, This newest Sci-Fi audiobook narrates in a story-like manner, the journey from DNA to RNA and from RNA to CRISPR. Science has never ceased to amaze mankind, and it never will. Being once related very closely to science, I thought I always stay updated with the ongoing research. This narrative uncovers, peel after peel, the wonders each lab, each scientist has performed to make it possible.

We’ve compiled a list of the newest science fiction audiobooks, chosen not just for their brilliantly created stories, but also for the engaging, outstanding voice that brings each pick to life. 

So put on your headphones, click play, and let reality slip away as you listen to the newest science fiction audiobooks in our library!

best sci fi series

Science fiction is a fascinating genre that allows listeners a broad range of methods to explore its subjects, from the farthest regions of space to the microbiology of pandemics and gene modification, to the future consequences of technology for civilizations comparable to our own.

Due to the vast amount of iterations and variants in the genre, it might be tough to know where to begin when seeking the finest sci-fi audiobook series. But what these series all have in common is a fierce dedication to creating a compelling narrative while also properly fleshing out the worlds and technology that populate them. 

We’ve spent years of our life viewing everything in the sci-fi genre, from the all-time classics to the new releases set to take their place, and have compiled a list of our favorite sci-fi series that is now available to stream.

These Scifi audiobook series are complemented by imaginative and passionate narration, all of which urges you to explore the worlds and circumstances created by the authors and narrators.

5 Best Sci Fi Audiobook Series of All Time:

  1. Dune Series (Book 1 to 6)

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Soon to be a major motion picture directed by Denis Villeneuve, starring Timothée Chalamet!

Dune, a sci-fi standard- audiobook series, comes to life in a whole different way in audio, especially when delivered by a full cast of narrators, each of whom adds their unique twist to Frank Herbert’s classic masterpiece. 

Two families fight for possession of the desert planet Arrakis, which is the universe’s only home for melange, a spice that cures disease, extends life, and grants its users magical abilities. Dune’s timely concerns of ecology are only matched by its absolute brilliance.

Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune tells the narrative of the young Paul Atreides, who grows up to become the enigmatic Maud’dib. He would revenge his aristocratic family’s betrayal – and bring to fulfillment humankind’s most ancient and unachievable ideal.

Dune, a breathtaking combination of adventure and mysticism, environmentalism and politics, earned the first Nebula Award, shared the Hugo Award, and served as the foundation for what is unquestionably science fiction’s finest epic.

Frank Herbert’s death in 1986 was a terrible loss, but his incredible legacy of visionary fiction will go on in perpetuity.

  1. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Series

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series
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Douglas Adams has produced The Hitchhiker’s Galaxy Guide for the comedic science-fiction franchise. Originally broadcast in 1978 on BBC Radio 4, it was later turned into stage plays, novels, books, a television series of 1981, a computer game of 1984, and a movie feature of 2005.

While science fiction book series are frequently linked with highly serious topics—ranging from universe-wide existential dangers to the extinction of humanity—it cannot be emphasized how successfully Douglas Adams managed to mix science fiction and comedy in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

This SciFi series, which follows the random journey of an ordinary man from Earth who is hurled all across the galaxy, nails the joy and humor of science fiction as a genre. This is assisted greatly by the all-star narrators’ superb comic timing, as well as the fantastic ending written by Eoin Colfer following Adams’ death.

  1. The Lord of the Rings Series

The wizard Gandalf visits Frodo in Bag End frequently for several years. He explains the truth about the Ring and the stories behind it to Frodo one spring night. He notifies Sauron that he is resurrected, and is looking for the ring. Frodo leaves the Shire together with three Hobbit friends: Sam, Merry, and Pippin when he learns this.

Alongside the ringwraiths, the minions of Sauron and a malicious willow tree and wicked tomb ghost are the two of them facing numerous obstructions and disappointments. 

The party walks the elves along the route and goes into the center of the earth to the cracks of doom to destroy the Ring and foil the scheme of the Dark Lords.

The Lord of the Rings audiobook series challenges the reader or listener in both printed and aural form. It’s not a passive effort. Only this trait is strengthened when we hear the narrative. 

It is a lot more philosophical and serious tone I’ve discovered listening to the story… or, at least, my mind wanders along weird roads more than normal.

  1. Harry Potter Series

harry potter series
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Harry Potter science fiction audiobook series is pure magic and sets the standard for the genre. J.K. Rowling turns the traditional concept of young children going to boarding school on its head; normally, we would expect all the exciting things to happen while on vacation – but not this time.

The plot revolves around Harry Potter’s first year at Hogwarts, a school for witches and wizards. We begin a gloomy scene with Harry’s family, the Dursleys (with whom he lives), and Harry’s regular day-to-day hardship living in a muggle (non-magical) household. Everything is confused at this point, and we know very little; nevertheless, everything is going to change, and as listeners, we are about to start on a crazy and intriguing journey.

 The Harry Potter audiobook series, which have now become modern classics, never fail to provide comfort and escape to listeners of all ages. The story of the Boy Who Lived continues to enchant generations of new listeners with its message of hope, belonging, and the eternal power of truth and love.

  1. Extinction Cycle: Dark Age series

Extinction Cycle: Dark Age series
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Many people are infested, turned into variants, vicious apex predators, who know nothing but violence, following a virus that has penetrated the planet. A fight to kill the diseased animals united nations and finally, people won. 

AL` decade thereafter, when a society grows up again, unfortunate forces came together to wipe off humankind once and for all with the surviving versions. The violence and intensity of this series, Narrator R.C. Bray pushes the expertise to new levels. 

The Extinction Cycle Scifi audiobook series is an action-packed thriller with intriguing narration to keep you hooked!

 For 1 credit, this is the best value on Audible! If you like military science fiction, end of the world as we know it fiction, zombie novels, survival novels, or adrenalin-inducing novels, then you cannot do better than this superbly paced, action-filled Scifi Series.

hard sci fi audiobook

There is a prevalent misunderstanding that every science fiction is spectacular. It’s all science fiction in a world in which spacecraft travel faster than stars populated by light and magic creatures. While several fine inscriptions into the cosmos of science fiction bend to the rules of what is or is not conceivable in our physical realm. This is fictional or hard science fiction.

It is characterized by rigorous attention to accurate detail in the natural sciences, especially physics, astrophysics, and chemistry, or on accurately depicting worlds that more advanced technology may make possible.

Basically, the stories penned with utmost accuracy of science are derived under this genre of Sci-Fi audiobooks.

Let’s take a closer dig at some of the greatest hard science fiction audiobooks ever!

10 Best Hard Science Fiction Audiobooks:

  1. Childhood’s End: A Novel (Del Rey Impact)

Childhood's End: A Novel (Del Rey Impact)
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Childhood’s End is one of Arthur C. Clarke’s defining legacies, along with 2001: A Space Odyssey and many other pioneering works. This visionary hard SciFi audiobook about the first contact gone awry has become considered a science fiction classic and a literary thriller of the greatest kind since its publication in 1953.

Spaceships have arrived out of nowhere in the skies over every city in the world. The Overlords are an alien species that is intellectually, technologically, and militarily superior. At first glance, their demands appear benign: unite the planet, eradicate poverty, and put a stop to the violence. But at what price? To those who oppose, it is apparent that the Overlords have their own agenda. Is their arrival the end of humanity… or the beginning?

Best About This Audiobook

“A first-rate tour de force.”—The New York Times

“Frighteningly logical, believable, and grimly prophetic . . . Clarke is a master.”—Los Angeles Times

One of the greatest hard sci-fi audiobooks I have ever listened to. Every loop keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen and still to this day in 2021 it’s an original story that hasn’t been matched in the slightest. If you have the chance to listen to this audiobook you will not regret it in the slightest.

  1. Anathem 

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Fraa Erasmus is a young avut residing in Saunt Edhar’s Concentrum, which has an old stone, honorable traditions, and intricate ceremonies shielded from corrupting influences of the “secular” world.

Erasmus expects to re-connect with the monuments and families that he hasn’t seen since he was “shoot” during his first Apert as a friar. However, before the week is out, the life he abandoned as well as that one he accepted will be on the dangerous verge of cataclysmic change.

Suddenly burdened with the duty of the world, Erasmus finds himself a key actor in a drama that defines the tomorrow of everyone – a remarkable idiom that takes him to the most hazardous, unintended corners of the earth…and far beyond.

Best About This Audiobook

Filled with mind-bending philosophical questions, discussions, and debates. Built-in a fantastically complex yet very cohesive and coherent universe. I loved the characters, the storytelling… I loved everything about this book. It instantly became one of my favorite hard science fiction ever.

  1. Parable of the Sower

Parable of the Sower
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The award-winner Octavia E. Butler from Hugo and Nebula portrays a breathtaking picture of an all-too-credible future. Parable of the Sower brings shocking visionary and socially realistic themes together as with Kindred and her other critically acknowledged works.

 This is the main truth of the Movement of the Earths, the unlikely prophet of which is Lauren Olamina aged 18 years old. The young woman’s journal entries recount her existence in the heavy hell of the gated communities of the 21st century and the drug scrambling pyromaniacs – and show her growing ideology of Earthseed.

A message of hope arises against the background of horror: if we want to embrace divine modifications, we shall live to complete our destiny amid the stars.

Best About This Audiobook

This SciFi storyline was so enchanting and hypnotizing. I couldn’t stop until I reached the end, and then grew upset because I wanted more, I went through every emotion, my eyes swelled up with tears more than once and despite the horrid conditions, there were moments I smiled in joy for Laura. 

This hard audiobook makes you go into deep thought of social and environmental problems of today and what our future will look like

  1. The Girl with All the Gifts 

The Girl with All the Gifts 
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In the ruins of civilization, a young girl’s kindness and capacity for love will either save humanity — or wipe it out in this USA Today bestselling thriller Joss Whedon calls “heartfelt, remorseless, and painfully human.”

A very remarkable girl is Melanie. Calling her “our little genius,” Dr. Caldwell.

Melanie waits for class in her cage every morning. Sergeant points her rifle as two of his people strap it into the wheelchair as they come for her… They don’t like her, she thinks. She jokes that she won’t bite, but they don’t laugh.

Melanie loves school. She loves learning about spelling and sums and the world outside the classroom and the children’s cells. She tells her favorite teacher all the things she’ll do when she grows up. Melanie doesn’t know why this makes Miss Justineau look sad.

Best About This Audiobook

The Girl with All the Gifts is a groundbreaking thriller, emotionally charged and gripping from beginning to end.

Finty Williams does an excellent job of bringing this creepy story to life. Her performance of each of the characters adds depth to their development and provides readers the opportunity to really understand them as people. Her performance as Melanie is particularly heartbreaking. Her voice is pleasant and well-suited for the story. Similarly, her pacing is equally great, allowing time for significant pauses when necessary without serious lag. Overall, it is a fantastic story,

  1. The Fifth Season: The Broken Earth

The Fifth Season: The Broken Earth
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At the end of the world, a mother must hide her hidden power and recover her daughter abducted in a novel about “power, tyranny, and revolt,” the “complicated and remarkable” Hugo Award. (The Times of New York)

It begins in the big red rift through the center of the only continent of the planet, spewing ash that blocks the sun. It begins with death, with a killed son and a daughter gone. It begins with treachery, and long sleeping wounds are awakened.

This is the Silence, a country long known to disaster, where Earth’s strength is used as a weapon. And there’s no misericordia.

Best About This Audiobook

Hear the first version of hard science fiction audiobook of the three-fold Hugo award-winning trilogy, which was critically acknowledged by NYT bestseller N. K. Jemisin.

The Fifth Season is honest about the ugly things, and about the beautiful things. The narrator also does a tremendous job of narrating, enhancing, and enhanced by the book itself having a narrator, which she brings to life excellently. I am in love, and I am immediately moving to the next one

  1. The Fireman: A Novel

The Fireman: A Novel
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A dreadful new epidemic swept over the country, like wildfires, hitting towns: Boston, Detroit, Seattle. Draco Incendia Trychophyton is called by the physicians. It is Dragonscale to everyone else, a highly contagious, fatal spore that marks its hosts with lovely gold and black spots over their bodies – before they burst into flames. Millions are afflicted, and everywhere blazes erupt.

Before her hospital burnt down, Harper Grayson, a devoted and caring nurse, as pragmatic as Mary Poppins, nursed hundreds of patients. The telltales, gold stained markings on her skin have now been revealed. When the pandemic first began, Jakob and her husband struck a pact: if they were contagious, they would take it into their own hands. Harper wants to live to Jakob’s dismay – at least until the fetus she carries is complete.

Best About This Audiobook

Narrator Kate Mulgrew adeptly handles this apocalyptic tale. Dragonscale, a horrifying disease that causes the infected to spontaneously combust, is burning through the human population. Harper Grayson, a young nurse, is infected—what’s more, she’s pregnant. Determined to survive long enough to give birth, she flees her violent husband and ends up in a community that claims to have a cure for the illness.

  1. State of Fear

State of Fear
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New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton delivers another action-packed techno-thriller in the State of Fear.

When eco-terrorists are committed to a global plot to produce natural disasters linked to weather, environment lawyer Peter Evans and his colleagues are responsible for discovering the deception.

Michael Crichton combines cutting-edge science and action-packed adventure from Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Antarctica to the Solomon Islands, bringing readers on a journey on their edges while providing thinking about global warming. State of Fear is an exciting, magnificent story, in a really Crichton-style, which not only entertains and educates you but also makes you think.

Best About This Audiobook

State of Fear takes the listener on a rollercoaster thrill ride, all the while keeping the brain in high gear.

State of Fear is a great combination of the suspense of your edge, and a thoughtful commentary on the manipulation of information in the current world is a source of concern. 

It is a fantastic combination of the suspense on the sides and a thoughtful remark on the manipulation of information in the current world.

  1. We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiverse

We Are Legion (We Are Bob): Bobiv
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Bob Johansson has recently sold his software firm and looks forward to a happy life. There are places to go, read books and watch movies. So when he murdered himself by crossing the street it’s a bit unjust.

A century later Bob wakes up to find that corpsics were declared unrelated, and he is now state property. The AI is to be the control of an interstellar sample in search of habitable planets. It has been uploaded into computer hardware. There is a big stake: not less than the initial claim to the whole globe.

He’s switched off if he rejects honor, and they’re going to try another person. It becomes a prime target if it accepts. At least three other nations are attempting to get their own samples first started, and they are playing dirty.

Bob is in space safely, at the highest speeds, leaving the Earth. Or that’s how he thought. Because the world is packed with nasties and iniquity makes them insane.

Best About This Audiobook

What follows in We Are Legion is light science fiction fun. It involves enemies from other countries, duplication, 3D printing, colonization, and the human race. I laughed out loud many times listening to this.

 Especially with the voice acting from the audiobook. This story lends itself to different voices. There are many, many Bob’s by the end of it. You need to be able to differentiate easily, and even though the writing does help with the differentiation, voice changes from the audiobook speaker help a lot.

  1. Jurassic Park: A Novel

Jurassic Park: A Novel
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER From the author of Timeline, Sphere, and Congo, this is the classic thriller of science run amok that took the world by storm.

Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

“[Michael] Crichton’s dinosaurs are genuinely frightening.” – Chicago Sun-Times

An incredible technology has been developed to extract and clone dinosaur DNA. The most exciting imaginations of humanity have now come true. Creatures who have been extinguished for eones are wandering around Jurassic Park with their incredible presence and unfathomable mystery.

So long as anything goes wrong!

Best About This Audiobook

An excellent novel, fast-paced, exciting, thrilling add in the huge frigging dinosaurs, and what else could you ask for?

Michael Crichton uses all his fascinating talents and scientific acumen to produce his most thrilling techno-thriller in Jurassic Park.

  1. The Immortality Code 

The Immortality Code 

Allie Keane’s breakthrough in quantum computing holds the key to unlocking eternity. But can she survive long enough to use it? A riveting science-fiction thriller from the million-copy NY Times bestselling author.

In quantum computing, Allie Keane launches the ultimate hornets’ nest as she discovers the breakthrough discovery. She doesn’t know this, but there’s a covert fight throughout the world for technological dominance, and anybody who controls its discovery will rule the world. 

Allie is quickly chased to secrecy and only Zachary Reed, a talented operator in shadowy government agencies, stands in her way. 

But just as unusual as Allie’s achievement, it contains the potential to releasing something much greater. 

A technique was unconnected to contemporary science for thousands of years. A stunning step forward that brings nirvana, rewrites life and death laws, and helps mankind to expand throughout the stars.

Best About This Audiobook

The Immortality Code is a masterful hard science fiction thriller audiobook. One crammed with breakneck action, unexpected twists, mind-blowing science, and ethical dilemmas readers will be contemplating long after they’ve listened to the end narrative. Highly Recommended!

Final Verdict

The science fiction industry has grown enormously in recent years and fans are in constant need of entertainment through mind-bending sci-fi thrillers.

If you are new to this genre and looking for the best science fiction audiobooks only, This blog will help you decide what’s best for your listening pleasure without spending redundant finances on trying new audiobooks!

Choose your favorite audiobook now and start listening!

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