10 Best Nonfiction Audiobooks for People Who Don’t Listen Nonfiction(2023)

best nonfiction audiobooks

Nonfiction audiobooks have very alluring stories that we can easily relate to our life. You can enjoy these audiobooks while traveling or even while working. We bring you the best audiobooks in nonfiction genre, and you will literally enjoy nonfiction to the fullest. Continue to read further to find out the 10 best nonfiction audiobooks of the decade.

What Is The Best Non Fiction Audiobooks?

Non-fiction audiobooks are the type of novel with literature based on fact. There are four types of non-fictions: Narrative, Expository, Persuasive, and Descriptive. These audiobooks have fascinating factual stories and literature.

I listened to a few nonfiction audiobooks a few days back. The enjoyment I experienced from these nonfiction audiobooks highly encourages me to share those best nonfiction audiobooks with you guys. After reading this article, I assure you that you don’t have to google about the excited and amazing nonfiction audiobooks.

Best NonFiction Audiobooks of All Time:

  1. The Warmth of Other Sons

The warmth of Other Sons
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It is an epic nonfiction audiobook. Isabel Wilkerson wrote this masterpiece, which won the Pulitzer Prize. In this book, she mentioned many untold mysteries and stories of American history. It has stories of decades-long migration of black citizens from northern and western cities to find better lives.

Almost six million people came to America between 1915 to 1970. They changed the face of America. Wilkerson compares this spectacular migration with the stories of history. She talked to more than a thousand people and accumulated these data and official records. She wrote these definitive stories vividly and had many unfolded stories.

Wilkerson went on a treacherous and exhausting trip by car and train to meet all of these people. They live in new colonies like ghettos and spread southern food, faith, and culture in America. This audiobook reflects the beauty of writing, her research depth, and the people whose stories display spectacularly.

Best about this audiobook:

The warmth of other sons is a sensational story and the experience of people. You will like this story if you love to know about various cultures.

  1. The Emperor of all Maladies

The Emperor of all Maladies
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The Emperor of all Maladies is a comprehensive history of cancer. It is the greatest enemy of medical progress. In this book, the expert narrated the illness and provided insight into its side effects and potential causes. Siddhartha Mukherjee is a researcher, doctor, and award-winning science writer that examines cancer to a deeper level.

Her conviction, a historian’s perspective, and a glance of science reflect in the emperor of all Maladies. This book has astonishingly lucid and eloquent information on this deadly disease that human has to live with. In this story, she mentioned patients’ struggles and the centuries of discoveries, failures, victories, and deaths.

There was a Persian Queen Atossa whose Greek sleeve cut off her malignant breast and made disease destroy humanity. The writer has spectacularly narrated primitive radiation and chemotherapy in this audiobook.

Best about this audiobook:

In this nonfiction audiobook, the write has strategically described the main plot such that It continues with the next story.

  1. Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me
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In this spectacular audiobook, Ta-Nehisi pivots the most critical question about American history and expresses the father’s most intimate concerns for him to understand the nation’s history and the current crisis. 

Americans established the empire on the idea of race or discrimination. It was the development done by sacrificing millions of black women and men whose bodies were exploited through slavery. Today, they are also facing many problems.

What would you feel if you wake up and find yourself trapped in a black body? How are you going to live? How can we believe this American powerfulness at the cost of back people? He wrote to recon life and to provide an answer to many questions. He wants his son to understand the value of freedom that we have. It clarifies the vision of the young generation about real America.

It is the story of awakening truth about his place, revelatory experiences, and the stories from the south side of Chicago to Paris, from his childhood home to his American plunder.

Best about this audiobook:

Between the World and Me is a story of how America become great. So many black men and women lost their lives to establish this great America.

  1. Evicted

Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
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It is an unabridged and spectacular story narrated by Matthew Desmon. Arleen spends her all money on rent; however, she was kicked out of the house with her small kids in Milwaukee’s coldest winter for years. Arleen Doreen’s house was so dirty and filthy that her family call it the rat hole.

Other characters of the story, Lamar was an ex-soldier founded in the war and now stick to a wheelchair. He is trying to earn money to make his boys’ life useful. Scoot is a nurse who is addicted to drugs and experiences in a gutted-out trailer. Evicted is the story of three people who liven in shitholes.

They are abandoned from the slums and find shelters in the ghettoes. Matthew Desmon roams around in these places to see these fantastic stories, and he feels the pulse of these people. It is a motivating audiobook that tells people can do everything even when they don’t have a home.

Best about this audiobook:

If you feel blue or not well, this is the nonfiction audiobook that encourages you to push your limits.

  1. The Order of Time

The Order of Time
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The Order of Time audiobook won the Specsavers National Book Awards 2018. Benedict Cumberbatch narrates it. Carlo Ravelli, who is the best-selling author of Seven Brief Lessons in Physics, takes us on a fantastic journey to find the meaning of time. Time has been a mystery from the dawn of life. People couldn’t understand the actual meaning of time.

Philosophers, artists, and poets have explicitly explored the meaning that scientists have found after a year of research. It mentioned that time is a simple intuition that controls our life. Write speaks about Boltzmann to quantum theory and from Einstein to loop quantum theory. This audiobook is really about diverse opinions and theories about time.

It helps to understand the radical transformations that occur due to the flow time flow. He also writes about the concepts of parallel universes and multiverses. The writer unveils the history and mystery of time and its trajectories.

Best about this audiobook:

If you don’t know about American history, this will be the best option for you. You will learn a lot.

  1. Bad Blood

Bad Blood: Secret and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup
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Bad Blood is a financial time and McKinsey business audiobook of the decade. IF you are a businessman, you should listen to this novel at least one time. This book also in the Bill gates top 5 books. It is a breath-taking story of success and collapse. Theranos was our main character/ He was pressurized by the management and had many company employees’ threats.

Elizabeth Holmes open Theranos in 2014 and become the first woman in the mainstream business. She talks about a brilliant Oxford drop out that faces many issues relating to Silicon Valley. Her company’s worth is around $4.7 billion.

Best about this audiobook: 

If you are a fan of motivating audiobooks, this is the best nonfiction audiobook from this list. 

  1. These Truths

These Truths – A history of the United States
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These Truths‘ is factual literature written by Jill Lepore. He demonstrated excellent writing skills and narration skills. It is one of the best non-fiction audiobooks that explains the story of a divided nation called the USA. The American experiment is based on three main ideas: political equality, natural rights, and the citizens’ sovereignty. 

At the beginning of 1492, when no one curious about this land of adventures and then it became the land of slavery and people came to conquest it. The ruthless war and slavery are the foundation of today’s American establishments. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is the story of a nation born in a contradictory circumstance and rises to become the best in the world. If you are curious about why the USA is so grateful, you should try this nonfiction audiobook. 

  1. Born to Run

Born to Run
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It is a revelatory and bestselling autobiography of a legendary Rock star Bruce Springsteen. No one can forget his lines and his dashing personality. In the last seven years, Bruce has privately started to write about himself and called it Born to Run. It is an utterly unique, endless, and last chance of power-driven sense. 

It reflects the honesty, humor, and ethics of Bruce. He wrote that he grew up in the Catholic Freehold, New Jersey. He survived poverty, danger, and darkness in this childhood, and these circumstances inspire him to become the great one. He vividly describes his struggle at the starting of his career and how he overcomes it.

Best about this audiobook:

If you are looking for inspiration, this will be the best nonfiction audiobook to look for.

  1. Thanks, Obama

Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years
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Do you remember that clear and appealing president’s speech instead of short tweets? It is a challenging job to write for president because the president is the nation’s face, and whatever he says becomes the words on the golden stone. David Litt was not a normal speechwriter; he was the president’s speechwriter.

In the eight-year Barak Obama case, David Litt wrote his speeches, and not even one time, he miswrote anything. In his memoir, he writes about the world inside the White House and people’s nature in black suits. It is a refreshing, honest, and humorous side of David Litt.

Best about this audiobook:

Thanks, Obama is a great non fiction audiobook if you have a good interest in politics and want to know about the president’s life.

  1. Girl in a Band

Girl in a Band
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Kim Gordon is a founding member of Sonic Youth, and she is a fashion icon and role model for many new fashion aspirant women. In her memoir, she tells us her life as an artist and how music, marriage, motherhood, money, and independence affect her life.

She has never opened to the world as she did in this book. She tells about her experience with the band and how she became a girl in the band when people were not much open-minded. Many times, she jeopardized her relationships for her career and dreams.

Best about this audiobook:

It is an excellent memoir of an artist, and if you want to become such a legend, you should listen to this non fiction audiobook.  

Final Verdict:

These non fiction audiobooks will provide you guidance, motivation, entertainment, and knowledge. It’s up to you which type of nonfiction audiobook you want to start with. Hopefully, you could find the 10 best non fiction audiobooks of the decade. Comment below if you have any questions.

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