10 Best Marvel Audiobooks For Superhero Fans (2023)

Best Marvel Audiobooks

Audiobooks have become extremely popular in recent years. The idea of reading visual stories transcending to auditory gives a fascinating experience to the audience and readers alike. When it comes to comics and graphic novels, images and words are tied up in a symbiotic relationship. The artistic natures of comics do not feature only cool actions rather the tone of the story alongside unflinching spirits of characters.

Marvel Entertainment, in association with Dreamscape Media, are working together to adapt popular Marvel comics into audiobooks. Digitalization has been murdering comic books and conventional printing. Most of the top publishers have also abandoned printing and publishing as prefer reading comics on Kindle and PDF readers on their smartphones.

To entice the comic book lovers, Marvel moves to the realm of storytelling of its famous characters towards audiobooks to intrigue fans into listening to the stories rather than reading them. Without any further ado, we bring you the 10 Best marvel audiobooks to invoke the reader of the comic books in you!

Why listen to the Best marvel audiobooks?

The reason why comic audiobooks are getting popular among the readers is full-cast audio with ensemble voice artists. The marvel audiobooks that we’ve picked for your reading comprise breathtaking tales from superhero characters like Hulk, Spider-Man, Daredevil, X-Men, among others. And the best part of the best marvel audiobooks is they are unabridged, meaning the content and context of the original comics.

Marvel audiobooks are treated with the essential initial input from the entertainment company. Moreover, the in-house comic team of Marvel also curates the pilot for the audiobooks to keep them authentic for the long-time Marvel fanboys. There are several Marvel characters other than the Avengers from Marvel Cinematic Universe and defenders who need critical acclamation such as Franklin Richards, Spider-Man 2020, Cloak and Dagger, Squirrel Girl, The Thunderbolts (Marvel’s version of Suicide Squad), Adam Warlock, Nova, Namor, Hyperion, and many more. 

As the Marvel Superhero films have become a norm in the year 2020, audiobooks are curated to give readers and listeners an immersive experience where they use their imagination to picture fighting sequences, tragic scenes, conversations between heroes like Spider-Man and Deadpool. The best part is we’re also reviewing these superhero audiobooks.

10 Best Superhero Marvel Audiobooks You Shouldn’t Miss Out:

  1. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars
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Before the term crossover became mainstream, Secret Wars stood out to be a landmark in the history of the comic-book industry. By the looks of it, Secret Wars was the first-ever massive crossover in Marvel Comics. Curated by Jim Shooter, secret war incorporates a robust concept with climatic face-offs and near-death scenarios. Secret Wars might be the first time that the avid comic book readers saw their favorite Marvel characters, both good and evil, at the finest. The battle in Secret Wars wages in Battleworld, and the winner will receive the ultimate prize.

All of Earth’s mightiest superheroes are summoned by the Beyonder, who is more powerful than Galactus. Superheroes like Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, The Avengers, and lastly, X-Men face off their greatest enemies. Eventually, everyone bands together to stop Dr. Doom from becoming the godhead in the entire universe.


The story-arc is fun, and all the characters are well written. The battle at Battleworld shapes the future events of Marvel Comics. If you’re looking forward to listening to Marvel Comics’ major storyline, you must start with the classic audiobook.

  1. The Ultimate Super-Villains

The Ultimate Super-Villains
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The most special thing about this 1996 groundbreaking anthology is that it features a handful of the menacing villains in Marvel Comics. Only the villains. Additionally, the anthology has been Written and Edited by none other than Stan Lee, the man behind Marvel. The anthology comprises seventeen different stories. Listeners will find some of our favorite stories:

  • Conflict of Super-Skrull and the Avengers by Greg Cox
  • Loki’s unseen attempt to snare Thor, his step-brother by Michael Jan Friedman
  • A mutant who brings Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto in a unique way
  • Absorbing Man and Venom band together to break free from jail

The anthology series also features stories such as Rober Sheckley’s Carnage, Ann Nocenti’s Typhoid, Richard Lee Byers’ Kang the Conqueror, Robert Washington’s Mephista, among other notorious exploits.


The audiobook is among the best Marvel audiobooks in the world as the stories are narrated from the perspective of Marvel’s villains. This is one of the unique audiobooks available today!

  1. Planet Hulk: A Novel of the Marvel Universe

Planet Hulk: A Novel of the Marvel Universe
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What happens if your teammates and other superheroes give up upon you? Once the fearsome and Incredible Hulk was banished by his brother-in-arms, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and exiled to outer space. The savage science fiction fantasy was penned down by the critically acclaimed award-winning writer, Greg Pak. Hulk landed on Sakaar, a distant planet that practices slavery and war.

Sakaar was ruled by Red King, a tyrant who liked to have subjects to lash out his demand to be worshipped. Our beloved man-monster earns his rightful place on the planet and becomes the champion gladiator. The audiobook arc is about redemption and making new friends who rise up against a tyrant to free the planet.


The comic book arc turned audiobook is the most popular arc in Marvel, and fans want to see its adaptation on Silver Screen. Another unique selling point of the arc is that it features Silver Surfer as in cameo.

  1. X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga

X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga
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The Dark Phoenix Saga is one of the most important storylines in X-Men. The audiobook will unveil the journey and the birth of the deadly entity in the universe, the Phoenix Force. This prose novelization turned audiobook coincided and released with the film Dark Phoenix. Given that the film wasn’t well-received by the critics, the graphic novel enticed critics across the world.

Jean Grey of the X-Men manages to save everyone during the solar flare in space, but she gets possessed by the most powerful force in the universe, the Phoenix force. When the dark force takes over and Jean destroys a star system, it is up to the X-Men to protect Jean from being executed by Sh’ar Queen.


The audiobook unveils the notoriously famous Hellfire Club in Marvel Comics.

  1. The Incredible Hulk: Abominations

The Incredible Hulk: Abominations
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The Incredible Hulk and the Abomination have been in war with each other ever since their alter egos were confronted with gamma-ray. Bruce Banner, a brilliant scientist, and Emil Blonsky, a KGB Agent, meet their most deadly confrontation as Abomination, aka Emil Blonsky, sides himself with URSA to punish people who wronged him all his life. In this audiobook, the comic book fans will see a rational hulk siding with SAFE to defeat Abomination. The comic has been written by Jason Henderson.

The Incredible Hulk: Abominations is one of the thought-provoking comic story arcs that incorporates theological ideas that interest the listeners. In addition to this, Abominations also has a pinch of religious speculation intertwined with philosophical introspection with utter simplicity.


This is the first time that smart Hulk, which Mark Ruffalo played in Avengers: Endgame, is portrayed in the comics. Further, this also points out the fact that comics are way ahead of films and cinematic adaptations.

  1. Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams

Doctor Strange: The Fate of Dreams
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Calling forward all Doctor Strange fans, you are in for the treat as the 2016 graphic novel audiobook by Devin Grayson will make your head spin. The Fate of Dreams is by far one of the most ambitious feats by Doctor Strange as he has to side with one of his interdimensional nemesis, namely Nightmare, to save the planet. During the events of The Fate of Dreams, Doctor Strange encounters a menacing dream that inspires humans to bring out the darkest corner of their desires and create havoc on the planet.

The problem that Strange faces are that the entire human population’s darkest deeds push Sorcerer Supreme to a tough spot. In the course of the audiobook, the fans will be seeing the doctor sometimes become the villain to save people. He puts his hard-earned heroism on the line as the Sorcerer Supreme.


The dreamscape element in the comic audiobook is subtle, volatile, and saline as the doctor tries to save the multiverse from a common dream.

  1. Thanos: Death Sentence

Thanos: Death Sentence
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What makes Thanos a dangerous nemesis to the Avengers and other heroes on Earth? He is one of the oldest beings in the galaxy, a living God just like Thor; however, much more powerful as compared to Thor or any earthling. Thanos has always been after the six Infinity Stones to reshape the world and the reality in his own image. However, for the first time since existence Thanos loses everything after being defeated by the mightiest heroes of Earth.

For the first time, Marvel Comics fans do have a choice to see Thanos stripped away from powers and on the path to redeeming his lost power. The audiobook is more about the path of the lost God who searches for the answer of the future through his past.


Thanos’s grandeur takes a farewell from his existence as he sheds the feign illusions.

  1. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
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The list of best marvel audiobooks is incomplete without the lawyer-by-the-day and Devil of the Hell’s Kitchen by the night’s notable mention. Penned down by one of the greatest storytellers of all time, Frank Miller, Daredevil revolves around the hopeful kid who beat all odds and became the protector of the innocents legally as a lawyer in the day time and a vigilante by night. The audiobook revolves around the origin story of Mathew Murdock, aka Matt Murdock, who was brought by a fighter and a single father. After an accident that rendered the young Matt blind also gave him the give of enhanced sense, which allows him to see and sense things beyond the capacity of humans.

Daredevil is one of the most loved superheroes of Marvel comics as it showcases the basic human emotions like pain, love, disappointment, hope, and strength.


The audiobook is taken from Frank Miller’s original and one of the most popular comic book characters Daredevil, The Man Without Fear.

  1. Iron Man: The Armor Trap

Iron Man: The Armor Trap
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Iron Man’s adventures in comics have been popular since 1963. However, among all the Iron Armor suit users, Tony Stark is the most prominent superhero. Well, he created the suits. Nevertheless, this time, the Iron Man himself is kidnapped, and he is kept as a captive. In the dire situation, War Machine is called upon to rescue the man in the Armor suit from the captive. This is one of the rare feats where the superhero needs a little rescue as he is stripped of his weapon.

There is a little twist in the story arc. Iron Man might not be present in most of the story, but Tony Stark, the genius, is held captive. By the time War Machine extends his search to save his best friend, Stark concurs a plan of his own and navigates the cyber-maze. Further, Stark defeats a cutting-edge virtual-reality trap and manages to get his hand on the suit in an action-filled adventure.


In this audiobook, you get to see the man without the Iron Suit still managing to save the day with a little assistance from his friend.

  1. Spider-Man: Forever Young

Spider-Man: Forever Young
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There is an old saying ‘Seek and Ye shall Find.” Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was only trying to pay his rent but stumbled upon a mysterious stone tablet that Maggia and Kingpin were looking for, and he was caught in the crossfire. The story revolves around Parker’s past where he is broke, he disappoints his girlfriend and gets into trouble. The same old friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The most heartbreaking part of this story arc is that Aunt May is already on her deathbed. The listeners will get to know the troubles that Peter goes through every day to keep the New Yorkers safe!


This comic audiobook seems like a blast from the past where the avid comic book fans will get to keep the rare glimpse of the inexperienced Spider-Man.

Final Verdict:

As the world is moving at an accelerated speed, carrying around comic books to read your favorite superhero adventure might seem a little far-fetched. Audiobooks are the best companions for traveling and a fast-paced sedentary lifestyle that you can indulge on-the-go. These marvel superhero audiobooks you can listen with Family and Kids. There are several Marvel audiobooks available for you to buy or download. However, the audiobooks mentioned here have compelling storylines and thought-provoking premises that get you hooked with the superhero side of you!

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