10 Best LitRPG Audiobooks Which Feel Like Video Games

best Litrpg audiobooks

I love to listen to LitRPG audiobooks. If you also love to listen to the best LitRPG audiobooks like me or want to start, you should go through this article. When I started to listen to audiobooks, I struggled to select the best one. So, I googled for the best litrpg audiobooks, but I couldn’t get an effective answer. 

If I struggled in this, it might be possible that others also struggled with the same. So, I research it and listen to some of LitRPG audiobooks. I bring you the list of 10 best litrpg audiobooks. Continue to read this article to know more details. 

What Are The Best Litrpg Audiobooks? 

LitRPG stands for Literary Playing Games, and LitRPG audiobooks are the audiobooks converted from the game version. There are more than thousands of audiobooks are created based on the games. Gamers are obsessed with the games, and they want to know more about the game story. 

Many popular audiobooks are online that contains the game story with an enhanced version. These audiobooks are spectacularly narrated. You couldn’t resist putting them down once you start to listen to them. Litrpg audiobooks are full of excitement and wonderful adventures

Best 10 Litrpg Audiobooks With Reviews:

  1. The Land: Founding

The Land: Founding audiobooks
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The main character of this litrpg audiobook is Richter. He was banished and tricked by his enemies and thrown into the world of gods, demons, sprites, globin, and magic. He has to learn some magic to survive in the Land, and he has to build his kingdom to win against his enemies. But the actions have consequences in the Land. 

The creatures and factions of the Land gather for the Richter’s destruction. Richter has to make allegiances to survive in such a harsh and unforgiving world. If he didn’t succeed in allying, he falls into the dark denizens in this ancient and unforgiving realm. 

It is breath-taking and adventurous of Richter. Suppose you find the answer to the question of how Richter will reshape the future of The Land. It is a great audiobook to start.

Best about this audiobook: 

The Land is the best litrpg audiobooks. Richter’s choice will make or destroy the future of the Land if you want to know whether he becomes the dark man or be the savior of the Land.

  1. Catharsis

Catharsis audiobooks
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Jason finds himself trapped in online fed-up reality. He is anxious and desperate to escape. He wants to get out of this online game and want to live in the real world. This game is the exit point for Jason and wants to experience the power of freedom. He has the power, but he doesn’t have the freedom to use those power with his wills. 

Awaken Online was the latest virtual reality game in the world, and Jason knows about this. But Jason has to do a lot and push his boundaries to get his freedom. Jason has to find himself quickly before he is thrown into darkness. 

Best about this audiobook: 

You may think that Jason is the hero of this story, but wait, you’re mistaken. He is the villain of this audiobook. 

  1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One  audiobooks
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If you love to listen to audio stories about the future, you will love Ready Player One. It is the year 2044, and the world is not a good place to live. Everything is destroyed, including civilization. People are now more indulge in a virtual game called OASIS instead of reality. Wade Watts is a teenager who is very popular because of this game. 

He is the best player in this virtual game. The owner of this game died without an heir. So, there is no one legal heir of this game. And the man who owns this game will become the most powerful man on the earth. Now there is one competition on OASIS, and who wins that game will become the owner of OASIS. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is a great story that you will surely admire. If you want to know how wade will survive this game and who will become the OASIS’s owner, you should start to listen to this audiobook.

  1. Dungeon Born

Dungeon Born audiobooks
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There is a powerful dungeon and a noble sheep-herder Cal. Their paths are destined to cross to conquer the dungeons. They will use these dungeons to grow most effectively and become a powerful adventurer. However, the beast who lives in these places blocks their way. They have to become more powerful to defeat this beast.

Cal has to gather more weapons, armor, and heavy gold coins to get more power. He doesn’t know how many monsters are there. Cal is a dungeon core, and his soul and power reside in a magical stone. Cal has one energetic friend who rides along with him in this quest. Cal has a chance to change the fate of the world. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is an adventure audiobook of Cal, and some plots have a very interesting twist. You should listen to this audiobook carefully so that you don’t miss any twist. 

  1. Survival Quest

Survival Quest Audiobook
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A virtual world jam of monsters, battles, and players takes place in Barliona. Millions of people come to this place. All of them are looking for the kings they don’t have in real life: elves, magic, princess, dragons, and unforgettable combat. This game is so popular that people play this game for months and months and don’t return to their homes for months. 

You can assault fellow players in Barliona and become a mythical hero or thief. Only one rule is applied to regulate this game, and that is no popular will feel the actual pain. Barliona now becomes the join for these people, and they are not scarifying with the product. It is a great deal. You need to buy the best house in the area. 

Best about this audiobook: 

There are so many things that you will like about this audiobook. You need to understand that no one comes out from Barliona. It is a great audiobook to start. 

  1. Super Sales on Super Heroes

Super Sales on Super Heroes audiobooks
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 It is a world where everyone has a special power, and Felix has the crappiest power. He has the power to modify any items and make his. He can upgrade any item and make an advanced version. It is a terrific video game where these powers only look cool on paper, not in reality. He needs additional power to make him create, change, modify, or upgrade anything. 

It is totally beyond his abilities. He lives a normal life and working for a normal job. His entire life and the world changed when a supervillain takes over his city. The leader was corrupt ad banks have your money, but the supervillain can rule this city. 

In the black market, Felix finds something more powerful. He finds a thing that helps him to regenerate his abilities. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is a very addictive audiobook. If you once start to listen to it, you will not put it until you finished it. 

  1. Ritualist

Ritualist audiobooks
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It is the story of one wonderful magical world that everyone fantasizes about. You will be in shame when you listen about this spectacular world where the magic is banned. But a man is determined to learn magic at any cost. It is not an easy decision for Joe. But he has to learn magic to win the war against evil. 

He is actively haunted by his memories and wonders about his world’s malfunctioning, and he knows about the assassins who kill people for power. He gathers a team of enervative and courageous people on the quest for power. He solves many mysteries and secrets of his world to achieve his ultimate goal of power. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is very wonderfully narrated that how Joe achieves his goals of power and how he solves the mysteries of his world. There are so many hurdles that come on his way, and he strikes them all. To know more, listen to this best litrpg audiobook

  1. Ascend Online

Ascend Online audiobooks
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Marcus and his friends entered into a world that defies all wildest imaginations while playing a new video game. When Marcus logs into that video game, he finds himself as a character of that game, but he was separated from his friends. Marcus is in a village under attack by goblins. His first quest is to save the village and then find his friends. 

He forced into battles, and villagers help him to win the war against the goblins. He defeated these cruel creatures. All supplies, houses, farms, and villages were spoiled due to this war, and he motivates all survivors to rebuild the entire village. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is a unique game that Marcus has ever played. His whirlwind adventures and breath-taking wars are the special parts of this audiobook. 

  1. Welcome to Ludus

Welcome to Ludus audiobooks
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Henry and Jason live normal lives in Seattle. But then they both were abducted to another world. A vain, self-styled God Dolos, kidnapped them and refused to take them back to their normal lives unless they do one impossible task. God Dolos didn’t care about them whether they succeed in this task or not. 

Henry and Jason learned Historical European Martial Arts on the earth. It helps them to survive in that dangerous task. Henry and Jason are Japanese American EMT and geeky IT programmer who doesn’t have any skill with sword and sorcery that is imperative in the world like Ludus. 

Best about this audiobook: 

It is a world where a selfish god traps two normal men, and they don’t have any skills to succeed in the impossible task. But still, they make it possible. Do you know how? Listen to the audiobook. 

  1. The Cursed Princedom

The Cursed Princedom audiobooks
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When a new update comes in the ultra-popular online game called Realm of Arkon, things are going wild since then. In Patch 17, players indulge in the game to identify virtual reality or the real world. But then it raises an evil power name Roman Kozhevnikov.

He searched in Arkon and also went to the most dangerous zone called Demon grounds for more powers. Krian was playing Roman’s character, but he doesn’t have any idea that it’s a real thing that will destroy the whole world.

Best about this audiobook:

It is a great audiobook that narrates the details of the virtual world. If you ever have a fantasy about the world of games, this would be your pick.

Final Verdict: 

These are the best litrpg audiobooks that you couldn’t afford to miss. These audiobooks are filled with entertainment and great adventurous stories. You should start to listen to any of them and comment to us which one is your favorite litrpg audiobook.

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