15 Best Horror Audiobooks Which Can RIP YOUR ASS in Night [2021]

best horror audiobooks

If you love to listen to ghost stories while camping or late night, we will bring that nostalgia and horror back. The best horror audiobooks from this article will blow your mind, and you will indeed have one or two sleepless nights or horrific dreams. 

People often get bored after reading love stories because most of them have almost similar plots. However, the horror audiobooks will give you the best horror story listening experience that you ever have in your life. So, read this article to know the 15 best horror audiobooks that can RIP you Ass in the night.  

15 Best Horror Audiobooks To Listen In 2021

  1. White Out A Thriller

White Out A Thriller
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The bestselling author Danielle Girard comes with one more horrifying novel. The audiobook is available on various platforms. The story starts with a woman who has forgotten the past and lives in town with dark secrets. She survived the car accident at the cost of her memory. After that car accident, she doesn’t know where she is. 

The whispers of bible verses and the image of a man in a blood pool haunt her mind. Meanwhile, a young woman was murdered on the same night as the accident. Detective kylie Milliard couldn’t find the victim immediately. Still, she discovered the connection between the dark past of lily and the Dead Woman. 

But the exact details about the past still unknowns. Lily and Kylie look for the haunted past and meet some unusual circumstances. This horror audiobook is full of suspense and horror, and some secrets may give you goosebumps also.

  1. The Shining

The Shining
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In a cold icy winter landscape, Jack is frustrated about his son’s unsolved accidental injuries. Stephen King precisely described Jack’s character as an alcoholic man with anger issues due to unresolved circumstances. Authority dismissed him from his position as a teacher. However, soon he finds a job as an off-season caretaker at a historic hotel in the countryside of Colorado. 

To give a meaningful purpose to his life and recover from alcoholism, he accepts the job. When Jack and his family live in this Overlook Hotel, Jack find out that Danny is not an ordinary child. He has a gift of sight beyond the mortal world, and he can see the things that we can’t, like ghosts and spirits in the hotel’s peaceful halls. 

After that, the ghost takes control of Jack’s mind. He got motivated to go to a cabin every night, and he couldn’t control himself from doing the same. Impressive character building and writing skills of Stephen king make this novel one of the best horror audiobooks. 

  1. The Woman in the Black

The Woman in the Black
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A junior solicitor named Arthur Kipps works in a law firm in London. One day, he has to go to England’s north-east coast to settle a late widow’s will. Arthur was curious to discover the countryside’s beauty and wants to rejuvenate himself by visiting town away from the crowd and city noise. 

He went to a small countryside town, Crythin Gifford, to attend to the farewell of Mrs. Alice Drablow. When he tied to ask others about the last widow, people feel reluctant and uneasy to tell Arthur everything. The awkward behavior of people motivates Arthur to find out about the late widow. He lived in Eel Marsh House. 

The confrontations by the Woman in black is very unsettling for Arthur. The frightening and detailed description of the plot makes this novel more horrifying. Susan Hill’s book is tainted by the ghostly superstitions of the people from the Victorian Era.

  1. Dark Halls

Dark Halls
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After the blockbuster novels, Bad Games and Wildlife series, Jeff Menapace bounce back with a chilling supernatural suspense and horror story. This story revolves around a teacher named Ryan Herb. He wanted to start a school in the building of another old school. 

The name of the old school was Highland Elementary, and it has a dark and cold past. So, local people burned Highland Elementary to the ground. But Ryan is a well-educated and realistic man who doesn’t believe in ghost stories. Locals told him that the rebuilding and changing names of the school are not enough. The devil of Highland still resides in the new school. 

When Ryan begins to experience the confrontations of the horrifying past of that school, he questions this own belief. He felt that something from the school is pleading him to help. To reveal the truth about evil and how to make this school normal; are became the aims of Ryan. 

  1. Psycho

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Psycho is a horrifying and thriller story novel. Normal Bates and his mother run a small hotel, and it was their family business. Norman’s mother has a dark and wicked side. When the government started to build the highway through that area, the number of guests in Norman’s hotel also reduces. 

One day, a woman named Mary Crane came to his hotel; she seems lost. Norman gave her a room, but he was unbeknownst from the fact that May was a wanted thief, and she recently steals thousands of dollars. Norman invited her for dinner.

When Mary joined Norman and his mother for dinner, Norman’s mother acted violently, and Norman also seems awkward. So, she immediately runs away to her room. But she was unaware of the horrifying circumstance that she is going to face in that hotel. The plot of this story is unique and thrilling. 

  1. Interview with a Vampire  

Interview with a Vampire
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If you love Twilight, you will indeed also love this horrifying novel. Anne Rice described the immortal life very sincerely. In some situations, you will feel sympathy for a bloodthirsty vampire. The story starts with a night when a vampire named Lestat turns Louise into a vampire. 

Lestat is a mysterious man who lived in New Orleans. Louis falls in love with a Lestat’s sinister, but he couldn’t control his bloodthirst. One night he satisfied his bloodthirst with a young girl’s blood, and from this incident, Louis knew about his dark fate. Claudia was a resurrected daughter of Lestat, who is trapped in the child’s body for eternity. 

Claudia wanted to take revenge with Lestat. So, Louis and Claudia decided to kill Lestat and escape to Europe. But it wasn’t that easy to kill the immortal vampire Lestat. The enthralling exploration of immortals and the loneliness of these creatures is well written in this novel. It is a good horror audiobook if you want to feel horror in your own house. 

  1. I am Legend

I am Legend
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Richard Matheson comes with a horrifying story in the Zombie genre. It is a horror sci-fi story. After the worldwide pandemic, people turn into zombies. And only one man left on the earth. Robert Neville somehow stayed as a man, and everyone turned in to zombies. He is in solitude because he lost his wife and a sweet daughter. 

Although he is the only one on the earth, the willpower of living isn’t decreased in him. He tried to find the answers to the question of why he didn’t turn into zombies. Robert researches days and nights to find solutions. He went out to find the supplies, and he killed every zombie who came across his way. 

And He continually fights with the zombies for survival. This story includes some horrifying and dark experiences of Robert Neville’s survival on the earth. He is the only hope of humanity, and he doesn’t want to let others down. So, he experiments a lot on the zombies to make them human again.  

  1. Metro 2033

Metro 2033
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Metro 2033 is another science fiction and horror audiobook on this list. It is the bestselling post-apocalyptic novel that surfaces the consequences of atomic war and the survival of humankind. 

After the 20 years of the Global nuclear holocaust, the earth’s surface became uninhabitable and radiated. The remaining survivors live under the surface across various cities, and they use the metro network for connection and commuting. They have their politics and ideologies for ruling. A few metro stations are notoriously known for war and few for helping other stations. 

One metro station named “VDNKh” confronted the mutant creatures that creep into Metro lines’ depths. These creatures slaughtered few metro stations, and it’s on the way to VDNKh. A young man named Artyom takes the responsibility to send word for help to the Polis, which is a kind of capital metro station. The horrifying journey of Artyom with adventures is well cited in this book. 

  1. IT

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This is another novel by Stephen King that never gets old. It is one of the scariest books that has ever been written. This story revolves around a group of seven children and an evil monster. The plot of this movie is worth listening to one time as its audiobook is available.

In summer 1958, a child was mysteriously missing from a town named Derry Maine. After that, a shape-shifting monster started to prey on seven children. The missing child’s brother is in these seven children. He confronted this monster first with the body of his brother. 

Adults from this town were unaware of this monster, and they didn’t trust these seven children. So, the responsibility of saving the children from Derry is on these seven children. They stayed strong and together to kill this nightmarish creature. However, these kids faced many horrifying visions and circumstances while fighting to kill this shape-shifting monster. 

  1. The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting of Hill House
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This novel is one of the best-haunted house stories in history. Shirley Jackson deliberately described the events in this novel to rip your Ass. This story inspired many famous authors like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman

A young boy named Luke Sanderson inherited a Hill House Mansion. People told him about the ghost entity that resides in the halls of this hill house. To capture this evil, Luke invited some unusual guests. Among them is Dr. John Montague, obsessed with paranormal phenomena and knows a lot about ghosts. 

The other two girls, named Eleanor and Theodora, are supposedly susceptible to the ghost and supernatural spirits. John has a plan to capture the evidence of ghosts and clear the rumors about hill house. Then they all face some horrifying circumstances, and the unpredicted twist will blow your mind.

  1. American Elsewhere

American Elsewhere
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It is a psychological thriller with horror in the plot. Bennet wrote this novel to pressurize the reader to imagine beyond the world of realism. It is the story about loss and closure. It has some thrilling twist and some horrifying circumstances. 

This story revolves around a protagonist named Mona Bright. She was an ex-cop and traveled to the small town of Wink near the government laboratory in Mexico. Mona was the rightful heir of her mother. However, their relationship was not usual. Mona returned to Wink to proclaim what is her. 

However, the residents of Wink knew something about her mother’s dark past. Mona tried to reveal the secrets of her mother’s past. She encountered many horrors and dark entity in the quest to find answers about her mother. Finally, Mona found more than she ever imagines. The strong willpower of Mona binds readers to complete this novel to the last page. 

  1. Legion

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Another horror audiobook from The Exorcist – William Blatty, is one of the most horrifying novels you ever read or listen to. Legion starts with the murder of a young boy in a mock crucifixion. Lieutenant Kinderman follows this case. 

There are four suspects of this murders: An older woman who reported the crime, a neurologist who has endless agony in life, a psychiatrist who acts like he has a guilty secret, and a mysterious mental patient of silent isolation. Kinderman dubious and indulge in this case; meanwhile, a few more murders came to surface. Each victim of murder suffered from dreadful mutilations. 

Two priests were also murdered, and the Lieutenant tries to find the connection between the series of murders in the same city 12 years ago. All questions are answered at the end of the story. This horrifying suspense and thriller story is the best to listen when you are alone in the house. 

  1. NOS4A2

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This Horror dark fantasy novel revolves around a young girl named Vic McQueen. She has some unique ability to find things, and somehow, she finds a bridge when she returned home from school. This bridge can transport Vic to anywhere she wants.

One time she went to the library, and she met Maggie there. They both became friends. Maggie has some supernatural power also. Meggie warns Vic about the evil, sinister murder Charles Manx “Th Wraith.” Charles Manx was a powerful evil with cunning intelligence. He kidnaps the kids and leaves them somewhere for terrifying death. 

Charles knew about the Vic and her power to find anything. Charles haunts Vic, but Vic wanted to take revenge for the kids, and finally, Vic McQueen destroyed Charlie. The exciting and horrifying part is how she killed Charlie, the powerful evil sinister. 

  1. The Call

The Call
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This dystopian horror story starts with a girl named Nessa. After breaking up with Polio, her life was not much interested, and she doesn’t have the willpower to live. Meanwhile, Ireland’s kids are cursed to snatch into a distant realm for just three minutes and four seconds. 

However, the time is different on the Grey land. It is One day for kinds on Grey land. The kids’ survival rates are also low; only one in ten can survive and come back to earth after 3 minutes and 4 seconds. 

Nessa doesn’t have any idea what she is going to face in her college life. She got the call from grey land, and she snatched to Grey Land. The story moves forward with the horrific adventure of Nessa. The never give up attitude of Nessa helps her to proclaim her life and come back to earth. 

  1. The Twisted Ones

The Twisted Ones
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Melissa’s grandmother was a hoarder, and she kept all things that belong to her and her husband. When she died, Melissa went to North Carolina to clean up her grandmother’s place. Her father gave this instruction, and she can’t say no to him. 

She took Bongo, her beloved canine companion, along with her. She found out the Step grandfather journal when she was sorting things to clean the place. Now, from her, the bone tingling and chilling horror story start. 

When she read the journal, she thought that her grandfather was mad. However, when she encountered some unusual circumstances, she realized that her grandfather wasn’t the only one with spooky stories to share. This story’s plot is well written, and the reader can imagine even the small details from this horror audiobook. 


These are the 15 best horror audiobooks that may result in sleepless nights. The audiobooks are the easiest way to read the novel, and it is less time consuming also. Comment below if you have any questions. 

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