10 Best History Audiobooks [Recommended By Experts](2023)

best history audiobooks

All human beings need clarity, it is the only thing that helps them to grow inside and out. The clarity that people receive from studying history minimizes unwanted noise. Experts suggest that when you get aware of the history it is productive for you, reading or listening to history is better than reading the news. Best history audiobooks allow you to consume the knowledge of the world’s past. What people do not understand is, getting to know history increases your effectiveness to an exponential rate.

Generally, people do not hate history, rather they think history is a drag. History has been an important part of our lives when we were kids. Do you remember hating your history teacher more than anyone else? Well, there is an argument, everybody hates Mathematics as well. However, we are here to make people listen to the history audiobooks, not Mathematics. Students often disliked history as the names were difficult to remember. In addition to this, children also found that dates are equally hard to remember. Even our parents claim that they didn’t like history when they were younger. Well, a pattern has already emerged why people do not like to pursue history.

In reality, history is one of the most important and crucial subjects that you could’ve ever read. History is not only about influential people, dates and other mumbo jumbos. Rather history is the rich vastness of the glorious past which ultimately shaped the future that we are living in.

Are you still wondering if you should listen to the best history audiobooks? Well, allow us to highlight the same:

  • If you want to understand the world better, then listen to the best history audiobooks. History allows you to build a concrete understanding of the world. You just cannot curate a framework for you if you don’t understand the way of the world. History resonates with the core of how the world works.
  • History will aid you to understand yourself better as you’d develop a sense of self. Some people have a hard time determining where they fit into. Some even are perplexed about where they belong. When you understand “self” you understand how feeble your existence is. History is a reminder of the fact that humans are a part of a grand plan.
  • Best history audiobooks provide a deep insight to distinguished personalities. The more you research on distinguished people’s personalities, the better you understand others. History plays a crucial role in showcasing the multicultural influences that run in every community across the world.
  • What is the ideal virtue of a good citizen? They are well-informed and learned. The people who know the history of their province and country could call themselves good citizens. If you’re in the pursuit of making the world a better place, then you should indulge in learning history. Best history audiobooks provide you with an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the long past.
  • Change is inevitable, everyone who has lived and died knows this. However, accepting change and understanding the concept of change is difficult. Everyone has a different understanding of the world. For some, the world is a beautiful place, for others, the world is a war zone. History unifies cultural differences, societal norms, as well as personal experiences. The world we live in has changed significantly from the world of the 18th century, there have been changes. History records all the changes that have taken place in the last 200 years.

These instances prove how powerful history is, and if we want to learn everything about history then listening to the best history audiobooks available is the only solution. Remember, history is more than the record keeper of the world, when we talk about history, we refer to our stories. History is the story of each person on the planet, and this makes you a part of history.

Let’s take a look at the best history audiobooks suggested by experts:

  1. A History of the World (2012)

A History of the World (2012)
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The book turned audiobook by Andrew Marr depicts a global voyage echoing the entire human history. The book was tied up to BBC for a television series. Marr has already penned down a couple of bestselling histories. The audiobook will take listeners from the ancient Mayans all the way to Mongolia. Further, listeners will also uncover the history of Benin to Jagiellonian King’s court. 

Marr did a marvellous job in widening his understanding of world history. The author penned history across a single place. He didn’t focus only on America or Asia, or Africa. Rather in the most creative manner, Marr draws remarkable connections by drawing parallels of each notable indecent which occurred in the past world. Marr talks about the Civil War of America alongside serfs’ libration in Russia.


The listeners will be getting to hear about the popular historic events in a fresh narration.

  1. Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow (2017)

Homo Deus: A History of Tomorrow (2017)
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The book comes from the mind of Yuval Noah Harari. Harari had penned down the critically-acclaimed NY Times bestseller, Sapiens which also received international prominence. Just like Sapiens Homo Deus is equally compelling, provocative and original. The book talks about the future of the human race, hence it can be enjoyed better as an audiobook. Harari has brilliantly shown the quest of humans to become gods.

The listeners will hear how human beings have done the impossible by controlling the incomprehensible as well as uncontrollable forces coming from nature. Nowadays human beings are dying as they are eating too much; however, previously people were dying as they didn’t get much to eat. The audiobook will provoke your thoughts and your mindset with Harari’s version of tomorrow. Most parts of the book are true.


If you want to know the future, well, you can listen to it. Harari outlines the most realistic future of human beings.

  1. The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great (2019)

The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great (2019)
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Ben Shapiro, the author of The Right Side of History has given some realistic lectures in his life. However, people get provoked from these lectures. According to Shapiro, western civilization is teaching the children of tomorrow to choose emotions over the rational debate. The audiobook, The Right Side of History comprises dozens of philosophers’ ideals as well as modern politics’ thicket. With this audiobook, listeners will understand the true purpose of human beings. Shapiro has managed to put 3,500 years of ideals and principles of notable personalities to inspire the future generation.

It is the inception of science, progress, prosperity, human rights, artistic beauty and peace that defines the world. It was Athens and Jerusalem that built America that led to the end of slavery. Further, the defeat of the Communist and Nazi made the world what it is today.


The listeners will understand how people have lost the moral purpose of their very existence. The audiobook also suggests that working together will help you grow for the greater good.

  1. Sacred Duty: A Soldier’s Tour at Arlington National Cemetery (2019)

Sacred Duty: A Soldier's Tour at Arlington National Cemetery (2019)
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Sacred Duty by Tom Cotton is by far one of the most inspiring audiobooks you can listen to in 2021. Sacred Duty reminisces the honorary unit of the U.S. Army “The Old Guard”. The listeners will hear the most intimate and at the same time inspiring portrayal of the most revered platoon. The book gives homage to the Old Guard, an embodiment of sacrifice and honour the history of the nation. They have been tasked with carrying out the funeral rites of the fallen American soldiers since 1784. The funeral ground is spread out to 624 acres at Arlington.

The Old Guard sees no discrimination when it comes to honouring either a humble private or legendary general. To bring this book to life, Tom Cotton travelled to Arlington & began shadowing the soldiers of the regiment.


This history book is a testament of timeless sacrifice to the nation as well as the service.

  1. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
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This is another book from Yuval Noah Harari. However, Sapiens is a NY Times bestselling book and also has an international following. The book talks about how Homo Sapiens are the only dominant species in the world, given that 100,000 years ago there were six human species across the earth. The inescapable truth is homo sapiens or the modern-day human succeeded to be dominant whereas others fail.

Sapiens will make you question things about your existence that you’ve never wondered before. Harari will take you to the first of human history to the radical and devastating Agricultural, Cognitive, and scientific breakthrough that humans have achieved. The audiobook also comprises the insights from several sources of history which shaped the present-day human societies.


The audiobook challenges the core value of being human.

  1. Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (2016)

Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon (2016)
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Larry Tye brings a vibrant, in-depth, as well as measured biography regarding the most controversial and complex person from America’s Kennedy Family. The Washington Post’s book of the year, Bobby Kenny revolves around the life of Robert F. Kennedy. Robert was a pulpit for the poor, racial healer, and the last of the progressive knights of the yesteryears. Tye did extensive research on the myth surrounding Bobby Kennedy and the misconceptions, painting the most fascinating figure of the Kennedy Family.

The author has done a remarkable job in beautifully penning down a one-volume biography of the man who was quite misunderstood by everyone, even family.


This historic biography of a significant idealist, a people’s person speaks of the time and emotions of America in a different era.

  1. These Truths: A History of the United States

These Truths: A History of the United States
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Jill Lepore, an award-winning historian pens down the most ambitious book depicting American history. Lepore, in the most authoritative kind of way, accounts the origin of American which was once a divided nation. The listeners will appreciate the elegiac prose by Lepore which came from a significant investigation. The historian and writer devoted her time to acquire the proof, facts, as well as evidence which centres around the history of America.

The premise of the audiobook is based on the happenings at the beginning of 1492. The audiobook is filled with several artistic portrayals of many Americans.


This audiobook is a must-listen for every American and people who adore American history and culture.

  1. India’s Wars: A Military History (2017)

India’s Wars: A Military History (2017)
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The Indian Army has distinctive respect in the hearts of all Indians as they protect the border and the country itself from external forces. Arjun Subramaniam, Air Force Vice Marshal tells the history of Indian Army to give one of the best-armed forces in the world the rightful place it deserves. Subramanium’s India’s War begins from the strengthening of the Indian Army, further becoming a part of India’s rich history.

Listeners will hear the history of independent India from a person who served his nation with complete dedication. The book offers a brand new perspective on how the Indian army has grown to become one of the greatest battalions in the world.


The audiobook has been researched extensively and it is penned down by Subramaniam with sheer passion.

  1. Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn (2016)

Israel: A Concise History of a Nation Reborn (2016)
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Daniel Gordis’ Israel is the first-ever comprehensive as well as the accessible history of Israel from its very beginning until now. Gordis is regarded as a reputed Israel analyst who resides in Jerusalem.

The audiobook addresses the long-time questions of listeners such as what makes Israel, a puny state to be in the crosshair of the entire world. Gordis passes on the spirit and story of the Jewish people to the world via “Israel.”


The audiobook talks about the creation of Israel, a cultural, military and economic powerhouse in the country.

  1. Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History (2017)

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History (2017)
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Vashti Harrison’s Little Leaders features 40 of the trailblazing women of colour in the history of the world. The audiobook is meant for women and it is about women who broke barriers and exceeded all of the expectations.

Harrison narrates stories of lesser-known and iconic women of colour of the black community’s history.


As a historic biography, listeners will find their real-life heroes among these remarkable women of the past and the recent past.


Simply put, history is very interesting. When you get into listening to the best history audiobooks you not only learn about a country, a civilization or its people. You also experience the lives they live, the contribution they made to make the world as it is today. History allows you to explore the core of possibilities of the present-day as it allows you to change your outlook about things, permanently.

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