10 Best Funny Audiobooks Guaranteed To Make You LOL In 2021

best funny audiobooks

If you are a fan of comedy and humor, you come to the right place. Have you ever tried to read listen to these funny audiobooks? People often watch comedy movies to enjoy a laugh. I challenge you; once you listen to them, you won’t like comedy movies. The humor and comedy from these audiobooks are way better than the awkward and nonsense comedy shows. 

Reading a novel may be time-consuming for you if you don’t have a faster reading speed, and you can’t multitask while reading a book. That’s why audiobooks are a very comfortable way to finish the novel. If the story is from the comedy genre, you should try the funny audiobook to make humor more interesting. So, follow this article to know the 10 best funny audiobooks that make you LOL. 

10 Funniest Audiobooks That Make You Laugh Hilariously:

  1. Silver Screen Fiend

Silver Screen Fiend
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An author, comedian, actor, writer, and pop culture junky, Patton Oswalt has written a fantastic book in the comedy genre. It is a New York Times bestselling book. In this book, he shares incidents of obsessively watching classic films in the ’90s at the New Beverly Cinema, Los Angeles. He shares his views in a subtly humorous way. 

Patton Oswalt lived with an obsession of files between 1995 to 1998. He was becoming a huge film buff when he moved to Los Angeles. He started to see movies at least three times a week in Beverly Cinema. Along with this, he began to practice acting, writing, and comedy, and also cinema was witness to many of his broken relationships. 

In this book, he very precisely wrote the description of award seasons, when everyone is waiting for their respective awards and talks about each other behind the back. He also mentioned his early struggling days of stand-up comedy. 

Best about Silver Screen Friend audiobook: 

You can’t stop laughing after listening Humorous writing of Patton.

The times of the ’90s and films are very precisely described. 

  1. Things I’ve learned from women who’ve dumped me

Things I've learned from women who've dumped me
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Bev Karlin is an Emmy award-winning former producer of “The daily show” and wrote this book about his broken relationships and the things he learned due to the various women in his life. It is a classic combination of life lessons, pain, and comedy. He deliberately described his relationships with women and the reason for being dumped by them. 

It is a little bit emotional, humorous and many plots are insane. The lesson in which Bob Odenkirk talks about his funniest meltdown after the end of a seven-year relationship. Stephen Colbert, Nick Hornby, Andy Richter, Bob Odenkirk, and many other writers also wrote about their funny relationships. 

If you still feel guilty and bad about your breakup, you should try these funny audiobooks stories. There are so many things that you can learn from broken relationships, and each woman teaches a lesson. These things are very briefly written in this book. 

Best about the Things I’ve learned from women who’ve dumped me audiobook: 

Special package of a life lesson, humor, comedy, and emotions.

  1. Born Standing Up

Born Standing Up
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Martin’s Born Standing Up book is spectacularly described in his life, and this memoir of Steve Martin contains the life story of him. He is an Emmy and Grammy award winner and author of many mega-selling books. The comedy and Humour reside in his soul, and he perfectly portrays this on the pages of books. 

He started his stand-up career in the mid-seventies, and by 1978, he became the biggest concert draw in the field of stand-up. But in 1981, he left stand-up comedy quietly. This book contains the answers to why he started stand-up and why he walked away quietly. Martin wrote that he started his career from selling guide books at Disneyland. 

After that, he worked at the Disney magic shop and the birdcage theatre, where he performs magic/comedy acts a dozen times a week. From this point, he sharpens his stage skills and gains confidence in speaking in front of people. He beautifully writes his sacrifice, originality, and discipline in this piece of art. 

Best in the Born Standing Up Audiobook: 

You will get to know the life story of one of the greatest stand-up comedian Steve Martin with his humorous writing skills. 

  1. The Last Black Unicorn  

The Last Black Unicorn
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Tiffany Haddish is a stand-up comedian and actress of Girls Trip, wrote majestic, hysterical, personal views in this book with a fearless attitude. From a very young age, Tiffany learned to survive by making people laugh. She grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in South Los Angeles. 

She thought that if she could make other people laugh, her classmates would let her copy their assignment, other foster kids won’t beat her up, and she would get a nice boyfriend. Or at least she could have earned money if she knew how to make others laugh. Although she has the skill of making other people laugh, none of these happens. She is still single. 

She never left comedy, and she loved the humor. Tiffany can’t avoid her funny attitude. Sometimes this funny attitude put her in undesirable situations where she had to face some consequences. She also mentioned the most humorous way of how she took revenge with her ex-boyfriend. She is grateful, humble, down to earth, and funny as hell. 

Best in the “The Last Black Unicorn Audiobook”: 

This personal essay may be a little bit unsettling in some lessons, but you should stick to this audiobook. You will laugh out of your ass. 

  1. Where’d you go Bernadette

Where'd you go, Bernadette
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It is one of the funniest novels and becomes more amusing when you listen to the audiobook. It shows the severe anxiety and disappointment of upper-class America. Many times, although people have money, they face a lot of problems in other ways. It is the story of the relation between mother and daughter. 

The story revolves around Bernadette Fox and her sweet daughter, Bee. Bernadette is a fearless, opinionated partner for her husband and revolutionary architect, and she is the best friend of her daughter. Then suddenly, Bernadette vanishes. When Bee asked her mother for the family trip to Antarctica, Bernadette couldn’t refuse. 

Bernadette has agoraphobia, and it is very challenging to go to the end of the world. Then Bee tries to find her mother. She writes emails, secret correspondence, and many other ways to connect with her mother. It is a beautiful and funny plot that defines the ups and downs of mother and daughter relationships. 

Best in the Where’d you go, Bernadette Audiobook: 

It is one of the best funny audiobooks and has a humorous and emotional plot. 

  1. Let’s pretend This Never Happened

Let's pretend This Never Happened
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Jenny Lawson shares the highly inappropriate moments of her life in such a funny was that reader or can feel unsettling and funny at the same time. She effectively portrayed the scenes, and even used the sound effects, swear words to complete it. She wrote the most hilarious and embarrassing moments of her life. 

Since childhood, Jenny wanted to fit in with others. But her nature and imagination were different from others. Her youth was a little bit disturbed. But when she grew up, she found a talent in herself called Humour. Then her life turned around, and she lives the happy moments of her life. 

She discovered many surprising moments of her life with her husband and her sweet daughter. This story tells how the intellectual misfit people learn to mix with others. She openly wrote about the most inappropriate moments of her life. It is a hilarious audiobook to listen to. 

 Best in the Let’s pretend This Never Happened Audiobook: 

This audiobook’s adorably offensive plot will surely make you laugh, and you will laugh whenever you remember the stories from this book. 

  1. I can’t make this up

I can't make this up
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One of the greatest comedians, actor, motivational speaker, and author of this contemporary era, Kevin Hart, has opened his life through this book. The audiobook is recorded by himself. So, it is the best funny audiobook available online. He wrote about his journey from the streets of Philadelphia to the biggest comedian in the world. 

The story begins in North Philadelphia, where unwanted childbirth occurs from a strict mother and drug addict father. Kevin’s father was a petty thief and often visited the jail, and her mother was a stern, abusive mother. His brother was a crack dealer. Kevin belongs from such a family and struggled a lot to achieve in life. 

He speaks about his life’s most inspirational moments and situations when he learned to see things positively. Not only with hard work, determination, and talent, he became successful with his unique way of perceiving the world. This audiobook will make you laugh and also teach you life lessons simultaneously. 

Best in the I can’t make this up Audiobook: 

Whether you are a fan of Kevin Hart or not, you will become after listening to this best funny audiobook. The life lessons are very crucial to learn in our life.

  1. Napalm and Silly Putty

Napalm and Silly Putty
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George Carlin is one of the biggest stand-up comedians of the nineties. His attribute to the comedy genre is irreplaceable. When Twitter was not invented, George Carlin wrote down his funny thoughts in this audiobook. It speaks about the imagination, rivalry, realistic, dark need, and the habits of Americans.

In this book, he wrote about the thoughts of cats, dogs, has and many more, including the dark things that we need. George Carlin was a master of exploring things and make it humorous. He was very precise and brief with words. It is one of the best bundle funny ideas that you ever come across. 

Best in the Napalm and Silly Putty Audiobook: 

You will know the unique thought process and perspective to see things differently with funny examples. 

  1. Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood
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Comedians often help people to fight with their hard time and motivate them to work even harder. Trevor Noah is mixed-race, and his childhood is also very disturbing. He was born in the time of Apartheid. So, he faces discrimination and depicts the situations in such a funny way that you can’t deny to laugh. 

His life in South Africa was not ordinary, and the stories from his childhood are full of spuriousness and discrimination. In one lesson, he wrote about the day when he pooped in a newspaper because he didn’t want to use an outhouse. Then his blind grandmother thought the devil came to their house, and she burned that poop and gathered other people. 

Best in the Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood Audiobook:

The stories from this book will give you insight into people who face discrimination due to race. 

  1. Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee
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It requires a lot of courage to write about your faults, mistakes, and life. Sarah Silverman is the most honest comedian that you even saw. In this book, she wrote about drugs, sex, depression, and wetting the bed. 

When she was a teen, she was a great rule breaker. She writes about her relationship and the things that she lost and gained from the various relationship. She was never frightened to write or talk about anything. 

Best in Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee Audiobook:

It is the best combo of the drug, sex, and funny stories. You should take a puff from the vape pen enjoy this funny audiobook.


It is crucial to listen to funny audiobooks because life is full of serious things and funny audiobooks help you refresh your mind. You can also learn from these humorous memoirs of some comedians. Hopefully, from this article, you knew about the 10 best Funny Audiobooks Guaranteed to Make You LOL in 2021. Comment below if you have any questions.

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