10 Best Gay Audiobooks To Make You Feel Yourself (2023)

The most important and optimistic facets of literature include inclusiveness and inclusion. Unfortunately, people looking for the best gay audiobooks know that it is not necessarily easier to find stories on gay characters. So, from queer literature to bisexual and trans-stories, we have compiled several lists highlighting some of the best available gay audiobooks of all Times.

Why Are These Gay Audiobooks a Must Listen?

This was a Romance genre that I declined to explore for a long time. I needed to see Gay Romance attract more interest as a bisexual man. And it seemed like these two had fought for M/F readers somehow.

I found, though, that M/M provides me with the same kind of M/F escapement as Gay and Queer Romance provide after accepting an M / M summary Copy in 2018. I want to read love stories where the two parties are genuinely equal and I don’t want to stumble across interiorized sexism that still exists so frequently in M/F Romance.

And there are only a few incredible writers of MM Romance audiobooks out that I won’t forget anywhere.

So I send you a whole bunch of absolutely gorgeous Gay Romance audiobooks without more announcements and explanations-some very hot, some very good, some extremely humorous, and some distracting audiobooks. 

For each mood two guys!

Best Gay Audiobooks of All Time:

  1. Boyfriend Material 

Boyfriend Material
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Luc O’Donnell is so reckless? Well-known. When he was young, his parents broke up and the man he never knew spent the next twenty years in and out of a rehabilitation cruise. 

Now that his father’s back, Luc is back in the public domain and a compromising photograph is sufficient to kill it all.

Luc needs to find a good regular partnership to clean his profile… And Oliver Blackwood’s just as good as normal. He is a barrister, an ethical vegetarian, a person who in his life never inspired a controversy. He is ideal boyfriend material in other words. In other words. Unfortunately, Luc and Oliver have little in common but being gay, single, and truly in search of a date for a major case.

Yet fake dating is because it looks more like actual dating. And then you get used to someone, start falling for them… never want to let them go. And when you get used to someone…

Best About This Audiobook

It’s certainly one of my favorite audiobooks from 2023 and surely one of the best homosexual romance audio novels there! 

What kind of the year 2023 is, I don’t need to remind you. And when an audiobook makes me laugh numerous times in all this, makes me forget whatever read slump I have had and makes me just crazy, it’s obviously a must-listen If you need the Romantic Comedy that you love, have the Enemies of Lovers MM Romance this witty, funny and just wonderful one!

  1. The Weight Of It All

The Weight Of It All
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Henry Beckett tries to make dramatic improvements after having been dumped by his long-time boyfriend for being overweight. Henry does the most absurdly terrifying thing he can think of in a desperate effort to get his boyfriend back.

He’s attending a wellness club.

Reed Henske is a personal mentor who is unsure if he’s never going to be fit again. He’s sick of men who just care for the flawless picture of his body, never see him for who he is.

Henry loves Reed with recettes and laughter as Reed tortures Henry over topics like food and exercise. With the boundaries of friendship blurring, Henry is persuaded that Thor-like Reed will never be interested in a man like him.

Reed has only to persuade Henry that life doesn’t hit the perfect body weight. It’s the dream counterweight to find.

Best About This Audiobook

There is a long list of audiobooks I would recommend to you (I truly AM recommending them all to you!) by N.R.Walker and told by Joël Leslie. The weight of everything I see, though, is the one most often suggested by friends of MM Romance. It’s such a sweet and funny tale about a guy who gets dumped and turns his life around by his long-time girlfriend.

  1. Sticking to the Script

Sticking to the Script
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It was a bad year for Steven Thompson. Steven’s stress level is high due to a cruel, kinky (the alarming type, not the nice kind) and mad dating debacles in tandem with a male-prenatal psychosis manager. They’re so strong that he wanted to quit and concentrate on his career alone instead.

He saw Dr. Ken Miles before he saw him.

Dr. Ken Miles had a great year. His hard work pays off professionally in a large way. . His social life, however? Not too many. Not so many.

Steven is not so sure of Dr. Miles, but Ken is 100% sure of Thompson. And while both men know well that it is hard work to get what you want from your life, they don’t seem to do it all together.

Is it ever going to be on the same page? Or simply keep the same old script sticking?

Best About This Audiobook

If in the City series you’ve ever read Knitting and wondered what Steven and his mystery date have been… You’ve got the reply now! However, even if you haven’t been reading any of Stella Weaver’s Romantic books before, the tale of Stella Weaver is merely wonderful here in this world. This is a very emotional and very erotic audiobook, which is charming and with a strong bisexual portrayal that hits home!

  1. Two Rogues Make a Right: Seducing the Sedgwicks

Two Rogues Make a Right: Seducing the Sedgwicks
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Will Sedgwick can’t believe Martin Easterbrook, his oldest friend, has been found hiding in an attic like a gothic nightmare after months of searching. Will kidnaps Martin and takes him to the countryside to recover, far away from the world, intending to nurse him back to health.

Martin is unconcerned about where he is or how he got there. He’s much more worried that the guy he’s loved his whole life is currently waiting on his hand and foot, feeding him soup and making him tea. Martin is well aware that he is a lost cause, and he does not want Will to waste his life on him.

Can they imagine a life free of the constraints of the past, a life with each other, as a lifetime of love turns into a tender passion both men always wanted but neither expected?

Best About This Audiobook

For LGBT Historical Romance, Cat Sebastian is a go-to poet. And this again proves her Seducing sequence The Sedgwicks! Two Rogues Make a Right deal with the physical and psychological disease, the search for redemption and love for oneself. It’s an epic love story!

  1. Strays

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Jory Smith, who was orphaned at a young age and raised in the foster system, has no idea he’s the half incubus. He only knows he can cure others while still getting himself ill. Jory flees after being exploited by a corrupt faith healer who sells his skills and his soul to the highest bidder and then abandons him for dead, landing a job at a small-town cafe where he can put his lifelong fascination with baking to good use.

But the minister who took advantage of him wants him back.

Malpheus Pelle, an exiled hellhound turned bounty hunter, has no idea why his human client wants him to track down an incubus. Jory has been traumatized and is afraid to touch someone, which may be fatal for a demon who needs physical contact. 

Mal, desperate for answers, devises a catastrophic plan: pretend to date Jory to discover the truth. Unfortunately, he never planned on dealing with an ancient demon assassin, Jory’s orgasmic pumpkin cookies, or losing his heart to the incubus he’s supposed to be hunting.

Best About This Audiobook

If you enjoy Urban Fantasy, particularly that which involves demons, you’ll enjoy Strays! A hellhound is a rare sight in Romance, and even rarer when combined with the adopted son of a faith healer… who happens to be half-incubus! This isn’t just an interesting mix; it’s also a compelling tale!

  1. Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel

Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel
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One of AudioFile Magazine’s Best Audiobooks of 2019; an Instant New York Times bestseller; a *Must-Read Book* for Us Weekly, Vogue, NPR, Entertainment Weekly, Oprahmag.com, and more!

What happens when America’s First Son falls head over heels for the Prince of Wales?

Alex Claremont-Diaz was cast as the American equivalent of a young prince when his mother became President. His picture is pure millennial marketing gold for the White House: he’s handsome, charming, and brilliant. There’s just one problem: Alex has a grudge against the real prince, Henry, who lives across the pond. And when the tabloids get their hands on a snapshot of an Alex-Henry brawl, US-British ties deteriorate.

What starts as a fake, Instagram-worthy friendship grows deeper and more dangerous than either Alex or Henry could have expected. 

Soon, Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret relationship with a shockingly unpretentious Henry, which threatens to derail the campaign and upend two nations, and begs the question: Can love, after all, save the world? Where do we find the strength and bravery to be the people we were born to be? And how do we learn to let our true colors shine? True love isn’t always diplomatic, as Casey McQuiston’s Red, White, and Royal Blue show.

Best About This Audiobook

Red, White, and Royal Blue got a lot of attention. So… obviously, it took me a while to pick it up. Isn’t it true that no one believes the hype? But it is worthy of all the praise it has got! This is a sweet Young Adult MM Romance, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should! I’m certain you won’t be sorry.

  1. Possible Side Effects

Possible Side Effects
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Augusten Burroughs’ most controversial collection yet, from the million-copy bestselling author of Running with Scissors.

This audiobook is appropriate for those looking for pleasure, escape, amusement, enlightenment, or general distraction. This audiobook is not recommended for the treatment of conditions such as eBay addiction or constant blind dating.

Some people reported inappropriate, convulsive laughter, tingling sensations in their limbs, and sudden gasping in studies. Narcolepsy was registered by less than 1% of the population.

This audiobook is not recommended for people who have such mental illnesses, such as schizophrenia, but not exclusively!

Listeners suffering from anhedonia, or the inability to taste pleasure.

Inquire with your doctor about any potential side effects.

Best About This Audiobook

This audiobook has been shown to be particularly useful to those who have incontinent dogs, parents, grandparents, life partners, or other family members. People with rough, cracking skin, as well as those with certain heart problems, have reacted favorably to this audiobook.

  1. Raze

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Often the walls we build to protect ourselves have to crumble.

Huey has based his life on his sobriety over the past ten years. If that means he doesn’t care about seeking love or companionship for himself, that’s probably for the best. After all, the last thing he wants to do is cause harm to someone else. Until Felix Rainey walks into his bar, fresh-faced, unbearably sweet—and, for some inexplicable cause, interested in him.

Best About This Audiobook

Huey and Felix’s spark ignites as they get closer, and they can’t get enough of each other. Huey has worked hard to escape intimacy, and Felix puts his carefully designed defenses in jeopardy. Huey knows he must improve if he is to really put his past behind him and begin a new life with Felix.

  1. Within the Mind

Within the Mind
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Seneca is a one-of-a-kind kit. He’s smart, attractive, and self-assured, much to Chevy’s chagrin. They’ve been working together for two years, and although Chevy may secretly find his wife charming and sexy, playful abuse is all they’ve got.

Chevy was born with a special skill that allows him to access other people’s memories. As a detective, he employs this talent to bring peace to victims who have been harmed or assaulted. He delves through their memories, picking out minute information that will assist them in apprehending the suspect.

Best About This Audiobook

The dark world in Within the Mind brings the two men together in unexpected ways. It will take everything Chevy and Seneca have to offer to put a stop to the darkness that threatens to overtake their minds. As the two are forced to confront what is separating them, they discover that there is more to the mind and heart than either of them realizes.

  1. c

This Time Around
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Andy Mason was just a teenager when he left home to chase big-league aspirations, but the man who returns to Blissville is humbled by broken dreams and secrets. Andy is no stranger to grit and determination, and he’ll need both to reclaim Milo’s jaded spirit.

Strong will collide with stubborn hearts, igniting a blaze of passion as Andy begins renovations at the cafe. Milo would like to divert Andy’s attention away from the design. Andy would like to make a suggestion about what Milo should do with his wicked tongue rather than exchange barbs with him. Neither man is able to budge before they are prodded by an outside force. Can Andy and Milo know that confidence must be earned?

Best About This Audiobook

This audiobook is an excellent empathy of how love came across at Andy’s worst and how it helped him overcome nausea caused by society for being gay. This is absolute motivation.

Love has No Boundaries!

We all know love is somewhere eternal and it never bounds seeing your age, race, height, gender, or any possible inhuman factor. 

It’s your time to share steamy stories with your partner!

Just pick any of the audiobooks in the compiled list and turn your nightmares into minimalistic romantic moments.

Grab your Audiobook today!

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