10 Best Erotic Audiobooks Which Can Turn On Anyone [Not For KIDS] – 2023

best erotic audiobooks

For those seeking to update their mobile phone with dazzling audiobooks that hit all the erogenous zones, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best sexiest audiobooks you will ever listen to. No one needs to know what you do wearing headphones, but these audiobooks all know how to get your heart racing. There’s even an audiobook that spans the length of a single blow job.

Why young people are looking for Erotic Audiobooks?

Have you ever tried to listen to Erotic audiobooks with your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband? You should do this, and it will give you immense pleasure and erotic feelings that you never get by watching adult films. These audiobooks are a subtle line between vulgarity and sexually appealing. 

Among thousands of Erotic and sexy love stories, we bring you the 10 best seductive erotic Audiobooks. Read further to know what is in these best erotic audiobooks. 

10 Sizzling Erotic Audiobooks To Make Atmosphere Hot:

  1.  The Red

 The Red
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The Bourbon Thief and the Original Sinners series’ internationally bestselling author bounce back with such an erotic masterpiece called The Red. It is the story of a girl named Mona Lisa. When everybody is selfish, Mona thinks about her family and promises and makes sacrifices without any second thoughts.

Mona promised her mother that she would do whatever is required to save her mother’s art gallery on her dying breath. The name of the art gallery is The Red. When he gave that promise, she didn’t know what price she had to pay. The handsome English man came to her rescue by stating one proposal. 

The man told her that he would help her get out of the financial crisis and save the art gallery, but Mona has to sell herself to him for a year. Then the erotic imagination starts with the following chapters. You can’t pause this audiobook incomplete. It’s a very tempting and seductive audiobook. 

Best in the “The Red Audiobook”: 

It is not only filled with sexual imaginations but also has a beautiful story with some great message. 

  1. The Sex Chronicles

The Sex Chronicles
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Zane is well known for its Cinemax erotic stories, the popular TV series. If you want to get in deep with the sex chronicles, you should listen to this erotic audiobook. It is one of the best erotic audiobooks that you have ever listen to. Cinemax series Zane’s Sex Chronicles, which is an urban erotic series broadcasted on the television.

The story revolves around four characters named Zane, Maricruz, Lyric, Eboni, and Ana Marie. It is about the sexual revolution and how people balance their life in daily problems and hot sex in the bedroom. It also enlightens about the empowerment and liberation in the bedroom and out of the bedroom.  

This audiobook is pleasurable from beginning to the end and increases the thirst of sex in you. The fantastic character building and deliberate skill to explain this audiobook enough to seduce both men and women. 

Best in the “The Sex Chronicles Audiobook”: 

It is erotic tales of city-dwellers with the sex revolution and liberation. You can feel their pleasure while listening to the audiobook. 

  1. Henry and June

Henry and June
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Henry and June is a fictional story about a beautiful romantic affair between Henry Millar and Anais Nin. The erotic and seductive words from this audiobook are irreplaceable. Anais Nin delicately explained each thing of love affairs and precisely focused on sex and pleasure. 

At the end of 1931, Nin wrote about Henry’s trio, his wife June Mansfield, and herself. She mentioned that if she was not a writer, the creator, she might be a faithful wife. In this book, she wrote the sexual adventures of Henry, June, and Nin. 

The exotic language and pleasant seductive words of this story are enough to experience the same what the characters are feeling and beautifully spoken by a lady who seems to have mastery in audiobooks

Best in the “Henry and June Audiobook”:

It is the best Erotic audiobook to listen with your partner to enhance the pleasure you get from sex.

  1. Stay Close

Stay Close
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Written by the New York Times number 1 bestselling author Alexa Riley, Stay Close will redefine the love from your perspective. It is the brand-new novella with erotic language and wording. 

If you love to listen to love stories, this Novel will enhance your experience of the same. It is a love story of an 18-year-old rich girl and a former Russian Mafia soldier who hired that young girl’s bodyguard. Ivan is a highly trained, muscular, and dominated man while Penelope is a naughty young girl.

When they look at each other, they fall in love, and the endless sex and pleasure started. For Penelope, Ivan was a man that she never saw in her life. Both were indulged in sex and erotic feeling. The complications began when Penelope’s father knew about them. From start to end, you will feel thrilled, suspense, and pleasure. 

Best in the “Stay Close Audiobook”: 

It is one of the best love story novels in the form of audiobooks. You will know the love in the abnormal age difference. 

  1. The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty
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Anne Rice, the bestselling author, has written this sizzling book that experienced you the interpersonal dynamics of sex and the erotic feeling that you never experienced through a movie. It is the best entertainment and pleasure, gaining experience for listeners. 

Seduction and romance are the centers of focus in this audio novel. The persuasive writing skills of Anne majestically defined a beautiful folk tale. All of you may have heard of the story of a princess who sleeps due to the devil’s curse. And only a kiss from the prince can wake her up. But in this story, a kiss is not enough. 

The sexual interactions and desire are essential to awake the princess. Anna Rice has splendidly explained the passion of a princess who slept for hundreds of years and the sexual encounter with a young muscular prince. The eagerness to satisfy a sexual desire is the soul touching. 

Best in the The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Audiobook: 

If you are looking for a thing superior to adult film, this erotic audiobook is the answer.

  1. Her Body and Other Parties

Her Body and Other Parties
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In this story author, Carmen deliberately explains the borders of psychological realism, love, and horror. In this story, the choice of words to describe the feeling is irreplaceable. The erotic audiobook indeed gives pleasure to the listener. 

It is the story of an interesting urban girl who wears a green ribbon around her neck. She never took off this green ribbon. This girl falls in love with a handsome boy and marries him. After marriage, the boy told her to take out the ribbon from her neck, but she refused, and the story starts after. 

It is a subtle package of sex and spook. Some superstitious things are also mentioned in this audiobook. Readers and listeners will never get disappointed after finishing this Novel. It reflects the transition of girlfriend-boyfriend relation to the husband-wife relation. The same change also happens in sex. 

Best in the “Her Body and Other Parties Audiobook”: 

If you are looking for horror and erotic audiobook, this book will provide you both to the fullest.

  1. Skin

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Have you ever thought that apocalypse can be sexy? Kylie Scott came up with an erotic audiobook with such hot explanation and wording to seduce men and women both. The story starts with an apocalypse due to the Zombie plague. Only a few survivors left on the earth.

Eight survivors live in a school, and Roslyn used to be the librarian of that school. They are running out of supplies for survival. One day a stranger came and offered a deal for more supplies for a woman, Roslyn. The name of that stranger was Nice. He was an Ex-army man with a muscular and good-looking body. 

Nick will be going to take care of Roslyn like a queen and protect her for life in exchange for sex. But Roslyn refused that offer. So, people from school chained her and brought her to Nick. Nick chained her to the bed and made love with her every day. This story is enough for you to imagine the dilemma of Roslyn and the need for Nick. 

Best in the “Skin Audiobook”: 

The plot of this audiobook is unique and exciting. 

  1. Gotta Have It

Gotta Have It
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If you love to try new things and add spice to your sex life, you will like this audio novel. Rachel Bussel wrote wonderful 69 stories that contain erotic narration of sex with multiple partners and strangers. If you want to enjoy the sex stories, this the collection that you should listen to. 

This audiobook includes the lovemaking of young lovers, and the twist is that it also consists of the sex with lusty strangers to enjoy the pleasure to the fullest in the materialistic world. Each word of these stories reflects satisfaction. 

The various sex fantasies like threesome, sex toys, BDSM, public sex, and much more are in these sex stories. She wrote about the quickie sex with neighbor, travel mates, co-workers, and many other people she met. She has written the best erotic audiobook that every you listen to. 

Best in the “Gotta Have It Audiobook”: 

You can enhance your sex capabilities and knowledge with this sex story.

  1. Bedfellows

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This Novel will broaden the horizon of the reader and listener towards sexuality. Many people are homophobic, but this book will give them a glance of bisexuality and the pleasure that homosexual people get. 

Many of you love to read love stories, and if there is a love triangle in it, maybe it is the best story with a twist. Bedfellows is a triangular romantic story of bisexual people. The story revolves around the two best pals Sullivan and Will, and they share everything between them, even their sexual partners. 

When Will and Sullivan met Adrienne, they couldn’t think of sharing her. They become selfish for Adrienne. From this instance, the love triangle begins. 

Best in the “Bedfellows Audiobook”: 

The Novel has a great story of friends, and an erotic audiobook serves you immense pleasure. 

  1. Dirty Talks

Dirty Talks
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When his irresponsible boyfriend broke a girl’s heart, she couldn’t set her mind to one focus. The same thing happened with Kat. Her irresponsible and unpredictable boyfriend breaks up with her, but Kat was deeply in love with him. 

Meanwhile, Kat is looking for support and one radio host, Derek king, sends her message to give some advice. In the beginning, they talked through messages, and then they started to call each other. In the talking, they find various ways to please themselves, and there is no limit to the things they share. 

Best in the ‘Dirty Talks Audiobook”: 

You will get to know to talk with your partner via call and satisfy their needs. 


These are the best 10 Seductive Erotic Audiobooks available. If you want to feel the seduction and pleasure, you should listen to these erotic audiobooks. Comment below if you have any questions.

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