20 Best Business AudioBooks You Can’t Afford Not to Listen [2023]

best business audiobooks

Many business owners around the world are committed to listening to business audiobooks. Entrepreneurs are heading towards the direction where they will become the next-gen leaders. Reading influential books or hearing their audiobooks would motivate you to give your best. It is already evident from your professional pursuit that you’re more than capable to begin, manage, as well as grow a small business. However, you need some existential knowledge from the business audiobooks as they could make you triumphant at everything.

The motivational and informational context and wisdom from business audiobooks are a catalyst for you to begin with your successful journey. A new year is right around the corner, as you’ve already seen how unpredictable a place the world can be, it is better to be future-ready. Everyone has the right to yearn for an extra boost to be inspired.

Why you should start listening to the best business audiobooks?

Listening to business audiobooks can be a source of motivation, develop skills, and provide tips and business strategies. They can help us to become successful by providing the right understanding, new ways of thinking, new perception and help us to develop important skills.

Business audiobooks give the immediate experience of how to solve some basic problems and challenges you are going through. They can help you with tips and tricks. They can show new ways of living or thinking, bring a fresh perspective, or some much-needed inspiration.

10 Best Business Audiobooks Of All Time:

  1. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (2013)

Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead (2013)
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The COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg penned down this marketable audiobook alongside Nell Scovell magazine and TV writer. Sandberg addresses the exponential gap in leadership that persists in the world. According to Sanberg, women unconsciously hold them back when it comes to their careers. Even her most profound TED talk has been viewed by people across the globe for over six million times.

As an influential woman, Sandberg through “Lean In” asks women to take risks, seek challenges, and pursue their goals. The audiobook is a must-listen for aspiring women who are also entrepreneurs. The book comprises real-life incidents from the personal life and work of the author herself. Self-confidence plays an important role in all phases of life is the central theme of the audiobook.


Lean In by Sherly Sandberg, read by Elisa Donovan, Lean In was the finest decision I’ve made recently.

An unbiased view of gender issues that promote the need to support and advocate for one another regardless of gender, as well as the need of recognizing the efforts made by men and women equally at work and home, is the route to achieving true equality! 

This audiobook has encouraged me to lean in whenever and whenever I can. I could sense the drive to be more and accomplish more as I listened.


  1. Crack the Funding Code: How Investors Think and What They Need to Hear to Fund Your Startup (2019)

Crack the Funding Code: How Investors Think and What They Need to Hear to Fund Your Startup (2019)
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Written by Judy Robinett, Crack the Funding Code explains the listeners about venture capital, angel investing, & corporate funding. Robinett holistically laid down strategic pathways for entrepreneurs who are looking towards securing funds. A deficit in funding is the main reason why most of the small and middle-sized businesses fail. These businesses fail as their owners aren’t aware of angel investors or venture capitalists. Further, even if they have a faint idea, they are not sure how it works.

The audiobook provides a board perspective to business owners regarding how businesses with funding work. The business owners will also get to know how investors perceive things professionally. When entrepreneurs are done with the audiobook, they can curate a roadmap for their business to prosper, significantly.


Crack the Funding Code will teach listeners how to acquire money, pitch to investors, and build fair, ethical deals that will offer them new sources of outside funding and essential expert guidance.

It provides listeners with a deeper perspective on how financing works, how investors think, and what they need to hear to put their money where their mouth is.

In my humble opinion, this audiobook will be one of the smartest investments you would make in your journey to become a successful entrepreneur. The lessons and advice are priceless.

  1. The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work (2020)

The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work (2020)
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Natalie Nixon’s The Creativity Leap sheds the reality between people’s perceptions of creativity. Most people consider creativity amalgamated only to arts. They dismiss that creativity is deeply rooted in an entrepreneur, engineer, and scientist. It is the creativity that leads to the curating of groundbreaking services and products. By the looks of it, Natalie Nixon is a creative strategist by profession. She also has a background in fashion, anthropology, & service design.

According to Natalie, creativity fills the gap between the inception of an idea and innovation. It is in humans to be creative, and it is creativity that sets them apart from each other. In The Creativity of Leap, Nixon also explains how creativity balances rigor, wonder, improvisation, intuition, and skill-building. This audiobook will teach listeners how to unify real-world techniques with creativity to get desired results.


If you’re searching for a practical, example-filled guide on applied creativity, you should get this book as soon as possible. Natalie guides the path for reaping the benefits of enhanced creativity with clear exercises for individual and organizational applications throughout. 

That said, The Creativity Leap is an excellent business audiobook for teams and organizations, as well as anybody looking to harness the potential of everyone’s Creativity Quotient.

  1. Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur (2011)

Anything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur (2011)
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Derek Sivers is popular across the US for curating a notable music website for independent artists, CD Baby. Listeners will learn about Sivers’ failures and accidental success in this audiobook. The book has been an inspiration to entrepreneurs since its release. New entrepreneurs can learn how to become successful and make a multi-million fortune by simply following their passion. The journey of the author to create CD Baby can be heard throughout the audiobook.

Unlike other influential books, Anything You Want is fresh, less-scripted, and educated readers by empowering them to chase their goals. Sivers’ message to the listeners is transparent. He constantly reminds listeners that what they desire is truly achievable. If all entrepreneurs will think like Sivers, care for the customers, run the business like he doesn’t need money, then they will create bigger brands.


Sivers describes his experience and the lessons he learned while founding CD Baby and constructing a business near to his heart In Anything You Want.

According to Esquire magazine, it is one of the last music-business folk heroes.” His unscripted attitude to business is refreshing, and he will encourage people to pursue their ambitions. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs and those attempting to forge their way will be especially encouraged by Sivers’ audiobook, which serves as a reminder that anything is possible.

  1. Dare to Lead: Brave Work, Tough Conversations, Whole Hearts (2018)

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts (2018)
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Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead is not to showcase how stoic leaders should be. Rather leadership isn’t about status, titles or power to condescend people. Leaders are the ones who hold themselves accountable to recognize sheer potential among people and their ideas. Leaders are also responsible to develop the latent potential in people. The audiobook is for the entrepreneurs who want to step out of their comfort zone. To make a difference in the world and lead.

The leaders do not have all the answers; however, they ask the right questions. Leaders are supposed to be curious, they know things are finite when you dictate people and infinite when you share the power with people around you. Young entrepreneurs need to learn lessons from this audiobook if they want to be good leaders. The author spent around a couple of decades understanding the emotions of leaders and people working under said leaders.


Dare to Lead tackles an epidemic need for more trust, honesty, empathy, and caring in our workplaces and organizations. Miscommunication, demands to achieve, temptations to hide your flaws and failings, and so much more will surely occur wherever we work. According to the statistics, most of us experience problems with our bosses or coworkers.

This business audiobook comes highly recommended by me! It is timely, strong, easy to adapt, and very professional.

  1. The Power Body of Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter (2007)

The Power Body of Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter (2007)
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Understanding the body language of people around plays a crucial role in understanding them. Nevertheless, reading people’s body language is still one of the underrated skills in the professional sphere. Understanding people’s body language during negotiations, & interviews is an invaluable virtue. 

When you commute you see many people; however, you never try to observe them. You can use the teaching of this audiobook to learn about people from their body language in public transit. The audiobook will teach you how to take interviews, shake hands and also make first impressions.


The Power of Body Language is your personalized audiobook for getting what you want from people and tuning in to what others are saying to you without saying anything.

Once you understand the hidden meaning behind certain gestures, facial signals, postures, and body movements, you’ll have a sixth sense that can be a life-changing, career-saving, trouble-shooting skill you’ll never leave home without subtle confidence.

  1. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (2009)

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action (2009)
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Do you ever wonder what do influential, innovative organizations and people have in common? World leaders like Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr. have one thing in common. They started their journey and changed the world with “Why?” The inspired people around them with their natural aura. Further, they guided people to achieve the greatest feats in the world. 

Simon Sinek after extensive research on these world leaders, he found that they communicate, act, think alike. The way they see the world is different from others’ perspective. Entrepreneurs, young or experienced, need to ask why to everything. Only then can entrepreneurs succeed.


Starting with WHY works in large companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and even politics.

Sinek pulls together a clear image of what it actually takes to lead and inspire by drawing on a wide range of real-life tales. This business audiobook is for anybody who wants to inspire others or seeks to be inspired.

  1. Rework (2010)

Rework (2010)
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Jason Fried’s rework is NY Times’ best-selling business and economics book. The audiobook offers a fresher, faster, better, and easier take to make a business successful. Entrepreneurs usually tend to curate a business plan, study competition, and seek investors to kick-start their journey. After exploring this audiobook, entrepreneurs will let go of the conventional plans to set up businesses.

The audiobook suggests if you have a vision, you don’t even need an office. Neither do you have to waste your time on meetings and meaningless paperwork? The author Jason Fried suggests that people should stop talking and start working. Being productive is an instinct. Entrepreneurs won’t have to break banks to be productive.


Rework is the ideal business audiobook for everyone who has ever wanted to do it on their own. These pages will provide vital inspiration and assistance to hard-core entrepreneurs, small-business owners, those caught in day jobs who want to get out, and artists who don’t want to starve anymore. It’s time to rethink and listen to Rework.

  1. Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean (2017)

Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean (2017)
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Kim Malone Scott in her book Radical Candor narrates how people are told only to speak nice things. Even our parents, partners, and people we live with suggest, if you can’t speak good things then you must refrain from speaking. However, entrepreneurs and people in managerial positions have a tough time speaking only good things. 

Scott has worked for two significant tech companies in the world, Google and Apple. In both companies, she was in charge of building optimal management. She received widespread acclaim after curating Radical Candor and sharing it with everyone. Great bosses get things done, make things personal, and understand the importance of things. Entrepreneurs will learn many insightful lessons to manage people via Radical Candor.


Radical Candor is an audiobook intended for bosses and people who manage bosses that provides guidance to individuals who are befuddled or overwhelmed by managing. Drawing on years of direct experience and distilling it succinctly to provide the audience concrete lessons.

It is the ideal guide for anybody wanting to discover purpose in their work and build an environment where people enjoy their work and their colleagues and are inspired to achieve even greater achievements.

  1. Creative Calling: Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work + Life (2019)

Creative Calling: Establish a Daily Practice, Infuse Your World with Meaning, and Succeed in Work + Life (2019)
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In Creative Calling, Chase Jarvis notes people often think they have to find success and fulfillment. However, the truth is a success is created, it is earned not pursued. Creative Calling is a Publishers Weekly and LA Times’ best-selling business and economics book. Creative calling also addresses how people don’t emphasize creativity as it is necessary to transform both business and lives.

If you want to live better and pursue creating a fulfilling life, then you’ve to be creative. The audiobook conveys to budding entrepreneurs to create a life that they’ve been dreaming of since childhood.


Creative Calling is an incredible business audiobook for both beginning and expert creative practitioners. This audiobook is a fantastic way to stay motivated while working on one of your life projects.

His enthusiasm for producing things is sure to pique your attention. Excellent listen or read. Beautiful stories that inspire you to try new things and follow your own creative path!

We believe you’re capable of founding, maintaining, and developing your own small business—but that doesn’t mean you won’t require some assistance from time to time. And knowing where to go for educational and motivating content is just as crucial to the success of a small company owner as assembling a trusted network of mentors and advisors. 

Consider listening to some of the greatest business audiobooks this year for an extra burst of inspiration.

How these Audiobooks can help Flourish your Small business?

It is difficult to find time to improve your business development skills amidst managing a running business.  But, making sure that you are up-to-date with trending entrepreneurial skills to thrive in the competition.

These business audiobooks provide great insights on some nerve-wracking investment strategies which can be highly beneficial if you implement them the right way!

If you are an SMB owner planning to expand your business to new heights, these audiobooks provide great insights on how to leverage marketing tactics with maximum ROI to benefit your venture!

10 Best Small Business Audiobooks:

  1. Zero to One

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future
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Start-ups are considered to represent the future, so entrepreneurs Peter Thiel and Blake Masters walk us through the steps to creating a successful firm from the bottom up. Instead of learning from previous accomplishments, this thorough handbook focuses on the future. Thiel and Masters discuss tried-and-true methods for generating new ideas and creatively identifying market gaps. 

Zero to One, narrated by Masters himself, provides insight into the startup ecosystem and how to succeed in it with a unique concept. This forward-thinking listen, endorsed by start-up pioneers Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, is a vital guide for the budding entrepreneur.

Best About This Audiobook 

The audiobook Zero to One is about how to develop businesses that produce new things. It is based on what Peter Thiel has learned as a co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, as well as an investor in hundreds of businesses, including Facebook and SpaceX. Thiel’s single most significant pattern is that successful individuals uncover value in unexpected places, and they do it by approaching business from fundamental principles rather than formulae.

  1. Good to Great

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't
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Jim Collins feels that good is the adversary of great, and he begins Good to Great with that statement. Collins sets out to determine if any firm can progress from excellent to great, or whether greatness is required from the outset. This audiobook investigates the concept that accepting good, or even mediocrity, might impede businesses and ideas from becoming remarkable and creative.

But what about businesses that aren’t born with a strong DNA? How can good, average, or even poor firms attain long-term greatness? Is it possible to transform long-term mediocrity or worse into long-term superiority? If that’s the case, what are the defining traits that propel a firm from excellent to great?

Best About This Audiobook 

This business audiobook is based on five years of study and is narrated by Collins himself as he compares 28 different firms in an eloquent, informative tone. 

As you listen to him tell each story, it is apparent that he is well-researched and passionately engaged in the subject, and he is likely to pique the same enthusiasm in his listeners.

  1.  Hooked

Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products 
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Why do certain items captivate our attention while others fail to do so? What drives us to buy certain items out of habit? Is there a pattern to how technology entices us? 

This audiobook introduces readers to the “Hooked Model,” a four-step method that businesses employ to develop consumer habits. Successful products achieve their ultimate aim of attracting customers back frequently over subsequent cycles through the hook – without relying on costly advertising or forceful messaging.

Best About This Audiobook 

This business audiobook was narrated with the intention of keeping your clients. It is about how you can keep your consumers or clients satisfied and returning to you.

Aside from that, it explains how you may improve the quality of your products and services in order to give the greatest possible customer experience.

It offers important lessons that you may use right away to become a successful entrepreneur.

Hooked has some of the greatest entrepreneurial advice around. Check it out!

  1. Stealing Fire

Stealing Fire: How Silicon Valley, the Navy SEALs, and Maverick Scientists Are Revolutionizing the Way We Live and Work
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The majority of business advice focuses on a few important areas, such as productivity, leadership, and behavior. But how does such guidance reach the subconscious, which is where most of us believe we are most creative?

New York Times bestselling author Steven Kotler and high-performance expert Jamie Wheal spent four years probing the cutting edge of this revolution.

 And what they discovered astounded them: Every one of these organizations has been silently chasing the same thing in their own ways, with varying languages, tactics, and applications: the increase in knowledge and creativity that altered states bring.

Best About This Audiobook 

 Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal explore how we may all create ecstasies, sometimes known to athletes as “being in the zone,” to accomplish our best work in Stealing Fire.

 Fred Sanders’ quiet, methodical cadence echoes the meditative experience alluded to by Kotler and Wheal throughout their stories, allowing you to focus on the words and the wisdom of the story so you, too, may enter your creative zone.

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy, Expanded Edition: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make the Competition Irrelevant
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In this perennial best-seller, which has been adopted by companies and industries all over the world, world-renowned management thinkers W. Everything you thought you understood about the prerequisites for strategic success is called into question by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. One of the most memorable and influential business audiobooks ever produced.

Blue Ocean Strategy, now updated with fresh content from the authors, argues that cutthroat competition results in nothing but a bloody red ocean of rivals fighting over a shrinking profit pool.

Best About This Audiobook 

This business audiobook provides a concrete strategy for altering the way you do business, using the concept of swimming toward open seas,’ as the title suggests. 

Instead of battling competitors in the bloodred oceans,’ this listen emphasizes the benefits of seeking undiscovered market space and growth in the ‘blue oceans.’ To develop your business, change your mentality to overcome obstacles, make smart actions, and focus on the broader picture.

  1. Crushing It!

Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too 
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Crushing It! is a state-of-the-art guide to building your own path to professional and financial success, but it’s not about getting rich. It’s a blueprint to living life on your own terms.

Gary Vaynerchuk, a four-time New York Times best-selling author, offers new lessons and inspiration gleaned from the experiences of dozens of influencers and entrepreneurs who eschewed the predictable corporate path in favor of pursuing their dreams by building thriving businesses and extraordinary personal brands.

Best About This Audiobook 

Gary dissects every current major social media site in this entertaining, practical, and motivating audiobook, so that anybody, from a plumber to a professional ice skater, would know exactly how to magnify his or her own brand on each. 

He provides both theoretical and tactical guidance on how to become the most popular person on old standbys such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

  1. The 4 Disciplines of Execution

The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals
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The 4 Disciplines of Execution is a basic, tried-and-true methodology for attaining the goals that any individual or organization must achieve.

What is a really essential goal? Simply said, these are the objectives that you must achieve in order to succeed in business or in life. Sean Covey, the planner expert adored by type-A people, A well-known personality, has collaborated with others from his family company, Franklin Covey, to impart his expertise in a pleasant 8-hour and 27-minute audio format. 

Best About This Audiobook 

Covey discovered that the best approach to achieve these really important goals is to, well, focus on them, act on the best advice, find out how to evaluate progress, and enhance responsibility. 

You’ll learn to manage urgent chores while keeping your sights set on the larger picture. You will also be able to immediately use what you learn in your personal and professional life.

  1. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building a Business When There Are No Easy Answers
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While many individuals extol the virtues of starting a business, few are candid about how tough it is to operate one. Ben Horowitz explores the issues that executives face on a daily basis, offering the lessons he has acquired through founding, managing, selling, purchasing, investing in, and overseeing technology firms.

The Hard Thing About Hard Things, filled with Horowitz’s typical humor and direct language, is useful for seasoned entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to their own new businesses, relying on Horowitz’s personal and often humbling experiences.

Best About This Audiobook 

The Hard Thing About Hard Things tackles the most difficult challenges that business school does not touch and provides a practical roadmap to launching a successful firm. This isn’t your average business audiobook, so keep an eye out for allusions to rap songs and lyrics that influenced Horowitz on his path to Silicon Valley success.

 Learn to adopt the CEO mindset based on this writer’s personal experiences, complete with lighthearted humor and straight-to-the-point teachings.

  1. The Ride of a Lifetime

The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company
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Number-one New York Times bestseller

In The Ride of a Lifetime, Robert Iger discusses the lessons he acquired while operating Disney and guiding its 220,000-plus workers, as well as the concepts required for genuine leadership.

This audiobook is about Iger’s insatiable curiosity, which has motivated him for 45 years, since the day he started as a lowly studio grunt at ABC. It’s also about decency above money, which has been the cornerstone of every initiative and collaboration Iger undertakes, from a profound connection with Steve Jobs in his final years to an undying love of the Star Wars story.

Best About This Audiobook 

In his narrative of his achievements, Iger discusses the lessons he’s learned and emphasizes the significance of real leadership values such as optimism, boldness, decisiveness, and justice. 

This is an inspirational business audiobook about how one man’s unwavering dedication and hard work altered the fate of a multibillion-dollar corporation and positioned himself as one of our generation’s most recognized CEOs.

  1. The Great Mental Models

The Great Mental Models: General Thinking
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The Great Mental Models investigates the connection between one’s mental tools and the quality of one’s outcomes. Shane Parrish’s goal is to assist the listener in “upgrade” their thinking by employing the greatest, most helpful, and most powerful tools available, so you always have the proper mental tools at your disposal. 

The listener will discover what forces govern the universe and how they can harness these forces to their advantage instead of fighting or ignoring them as they explore nine of the most versatile, all-purpose mental models that can be used to improve your decision-making, productivity, and how you see the world.

Best About This Audiobook 

Understanding The Great Mental Models can help you flourish in an unpredictable environment. The appropriate cognitive skills may help you prepare for any sort of task. This book will provide you with fresh glasses for seeing life, from parenting to healthy eating, relationships to personal productivity, and learning to product creation.

A fantastic business audiobook that you will come to year after year. You will see the world through new eyes as you adopt the models in this audiobook into your mental toolkit.

Final Verdict

A new year is an excellent opportunity to make resolutions for yourself. We believe that committing to listening to at least one of the finest business audiobooks on our list is not only possible (and enjoyable! ) but may really transform you into a better business leader.

So, whether you’re actively looking for advice on a specific topic or you’re intrigued about entrepreneurship in general, we believe these business audiobooks may offer you the information and motivation you need to effectively establish, develop, and operate your small business.

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