10 Best Audiobooks of the Bible You Should Listen Again and Again(2023)

Best Audiobooks of the Bible

In today’s world, everyone leads a busy life. Be it working, living, enjoying, not everyone has the privilege to sit down and read the ads Bible. Bible audiobook can be both stimulating and enlightening. Why would one prefer listening over reading? Because listening is much more relaxing than reading the entire text. 

What are some of the best bible audiobooks? 

The answer is that one can listen to the Bible while they sleep, eat, or do the chores. There’s no time for learning about God’s will and listen to the scriptures. The more you will hear, the more it will sink into your subconscious mind. These ten best audio Bible are based on everyone’s preferences, from the old testaments to the latest translations of the Bible. 

Best 10 Audios Of Holy Bible With Review:

  1. Bible: The Story of The King James Version

 Bible: The Story of The King James Version
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BIBLE: The Story of The King James Version is a magnificent work of Gordon Campbell, which was delivered on the 400th birthday of the King James Version Bible. Oxford commissioned this entire project, making it even more suitable and trustworthy to provide the best content. You must have heard about the history of translations, but you rarely encounter the process of translation. Campbell’s book reveals how it was translated? He talked about translation via the different translators and showed some actual proofs of revised-notes, language, and style.

The book starts with a concise description of the Bible’s previous versions, such as Wyclif, Tyndale, Coverdale, The Matthew Bible, The Great Bible, The Geneva Bible, The Bishop’s Bible, Douai-Reims, and the impact they made in the making of the King James version. Campbell talked about some of the best KJV Bibles that have been published and stayed focused on the subject while providing the required historical and cultural background.  

Best About This Audiobook:

This audiobook Bible narrates clearer and slower than previous audio bibles I’ve listened to; Christopher Glyns’ voice is a delight to listen to, and the lack of background drama noises and music keeps me completely focused. This audiobook is highly recommended for serious Bible enthusiasts and students who don’t want God’s word jumbled up.

Christopher Glyn did an excellent job of recreating the tone and mood of the Bible, particularly the King James Bible. 


This Audiobook is for the vast community who want to dwell in the wonders of this English prose and one of the finest Bible translations in English to date.

  1. Listener’s Audio Bible – New International Version, NIV: Old Testament: Vocal Performance by Max McLean

Listener's Audio Bible - New International Version, NIV: Old Testament: Vocal Performance by Max McLean
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As far as you can go back, you will realize that “God” words have been narrated, said out loud in public gatherings, but now we are at the stage where one can receive and rejoice in their faith while listening to the Bible. The same verses you have read much time will impact and give you a better consciousness when you hear them through the Listener’s Audio Bible (NIV). This is both written and narrated by Max McLean.

Everyone is aware that music heals, reduces stress, and calms us. So, the icing on the cake is you will listen to it in the constant voice of Max McLean with subtle background music, which will help you concentrate on the context and think deeply about the matter.

Best About This Audiobook:

The narrator did a fantastic job at narrating the Bible, and of making it flow easily. I’ve found this to be a fun method to learn the Bible and would definitely suggest it. It has also been beneficial to my children, as they can now appreciate the word of God without becoming distracted by the pronunciations and other complicated threads present in the Bible.

Max McLean performed an excellent job, making the experience of reading the Holy Bible from beginning to conclusion a rewarding one.


Max brings back the writers with his skillful and engaging voice so you will feel as if they were speaking instead of writing. So, grab this piece of work and spend 57 minutes of your life rejoicing your faith and to enlighten your inner self.’

  1. James Earl Jones Reads the Bible: The King James Version of the New Testament

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible: The King James Version of the New Testament
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Out of all the factors that an audiobook depends on, the speaker’s voice is one of the most dominant positions.

When James Earl Jones speaks, the rest listens. A voice rich and familiar be. Jones’s slow and purposeful speech reaches the hearts of millions. He uses his narrative talent to the King James Version of the New Testament. 

Listening to the nineteen soothing hours of this inspirational piece could become the light for the soul that has lost its path or become the path itself for others. Twelve digitally mastered cassettes or sixteen CDs intensified with a musical score, James Earl Jones, one of the world’s most gifted actors of all time, reads The Bible claimed as the most enduring book of our time.

Best About This Audiobook:

Jones contributes his storytelling skills to the King James Audiobook Version of the New Testament. James Earl Jones interprets the greatest lasting book of our time in almost 19 hours, supplemented with a full musical score, employing the famous actor’s outstanding narrative and skillful characterizations. This magnificent audio collection is sure to thrill and inspire, having been hailed as the finest spoken-word Bible translation ever, and having sold almost half a million copies.


With more than half a million copies sold to date, this audio masterwork is dedicated to individuals who want to enjoy this audio to soothe, satisfy, and inspire themselves.

  1. The One Year Chronological Bible NLT

The One Year Chronological Bible NLT
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If you want to go through the events the way they occurred, if you are busy in your life, yet you want to devote yourself most for 15 minutes to understanding the Bible, then this is for you. So, what makes this Holy Bible audiobook different? It is unique that you can listen to the Bible text in the exact order of the biblical events that were unfolded. The uniqueness of this Bible also lies in the fact that this new living translation is an authoritative Bible translation.

 This is different because 90 leading Bible scholars collectively worked on translating this formidable piece from the ancient texts, and it has been rendered faithfully into today’s world.

The clarity to breathe life into even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages makes it a favorite among individuals. A book or a narration is being called the best if its users can understand the context and that’s where this Audiobook comes.

Best About This Audiobook:

This Bible audiobook, expertly narrated by Todd Busteed, is unusual in that you may listen to the Bible text in the order that the biblical events transpired. The New Living Translation is an authorised Bible translation properly translated into modern English from ancient texts by 90 prominent Bible experts.

The scholarship and clarity of the NLT bring life to even the most difficult-to-understand Bible passages, but accounts of how people’s lives are transforming as the words speak directly to their hearts are even more compelling.


The factor that makes the Audiobook worthwhile is the stories of how people’s lives it has changed as the words speak directly to their hearts. That’s why it is called The Truth Made Clear.

  1. The Holy Bible in Audio – King James Version: The Complete Old & New Testament

The Holy Bible in Audio - King James Version: The Complete Old & New Testament
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King James I of England approved that a new translation of the Bible into English must be started, so the work started in 1604. After 85 years, that is, in 1611, it got finished. This was the first translation of the New Testament that is Tyndale, 1526 that was translated into English appeared.

The King James Version New Testament was translated from the Masoretic Hebrew text, and the Apocrypha was translated from the Greek Septuagint.

King James version has been the most accurate translation in English.

This Audiobook renders the beloved part of history to the world. Even after 400 years, this has been shaping Christians for centuries with its magnificence and solemnity.

Best About This Audiobook:

The King James audiobook Version has remained one of the most cherished and frequently sought-after translations of the Bible into the English language to this day. The King James Version, at over 400 years old, has shaped Christians for ages with its majesty and solemnity. Narrator David Cochran Heath uses his clear and pleasant voice to make listening an experience that the listener will want to return to again and again.


This Audiobook. David, with his clear and concise voice, brings clearness and divinity in the thoughts of the listener. Grab this 72-hour majestic piece of work, and listen whenever you want to.

  1. David Suchet Audio Bible – New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible

David Suchet Audio Bible - New International Version, NIV: Complete Bible
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David Suchet, who is known for voicing Hercules Poirot, and Rita’s Dad. His exceptional voice and work have made him won millions of hearts.

David converted into a Christian at 40 and since then he has always dreamed of making an Audiobook of the Bible into his voice. When he got the chance, he was shooting the final episodes of Poirot and dedicated 200 hours to recording this spectacular piece. 

This Audiobook has been declared the first full-length audio version of the NIV Bible and a single British actor also speaks that. The best part about this audio is that it has also been made available in an app. The full text of the New International Version (British Text) is available on the app. This helps users to read and listen at the same time.It is known and dedicated to the audience who wants to learn and know about the Christian scriptures and the audience who already know but want to increase their understanding. 

Best About This Audiobook:

I’m familiar with the Bible, but this audiobook represents it in its purest form, as literature. David Suchet’s beautiful voice has profoundly influenced my thoughts on the subject.

I suggest this CD to all of my atheist friends. Listen to it for the same reason I am: to enjoy it as a magnificent and historical work of writing, which David Suchet immensely facilitates. You’ll realise what a masterpiece, what a gem this audiobook is!


This Holy Bible is written by Zondervan and has 83 hours 34 minutes, which you can spend listening to God’s holy words. It is one of his best compilations.

  1. Listener’s Audio Bible–King James Version, KJV: Old Testament: Vocal Performance By Max Mclean

Listerner's Audio Bible–King James Version, KJV: Old Testament: Vocal Performance By Max Mclean
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The audio Bible- King James Version can be regarded as one of the best versions available in the market. It provides you with a great way to hear God’s word in the powerful voice of Max McLean when you are busy and don’t have time to read. Perfect for anyone who is seeking spirituality but doesn’t want to invest time solely into reading.

The subtle background music just adds to this Audiobook’s charm and makes it even more comforting and engaging, unlike many versions having additional sound effects to add an edge to the scenes. Max McLean’s phenomenal voice can be considered as one highlight of this audio Bible. His narration of the glorious King James Version gives the words of Scripture more power and turns them into an audio experience you cannot forget. 

Best About This Audiobook:

Max McLean’s stage versions of The Screwtape Letters, Mark’s Gospel, and Genesis have earned critical praise. He is well-known as the narrator of The Listener’s Bible.

The magnificent King James Version is transformed into a spectacular audio experience by Max McLean’s impassioned reading of it. McLean’s award-winning narration of the Old Testament will inspire and encourage commuters, runners, and everyone who loves God’s Word.


Any person who seeks and loves the almighty will gain encouragement from this award-winning narration of the old testament. 

  1. The Word Of Promise Audio Bible – New King James Version, NKJV: Complete Bible : NKJV Audio Bible 

The Word Of Promise Audio Bible – New King James Version, NKJV: Complete Bible : NKJV Audio Bible
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With dramatization by an all-star cast of actors including Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Academy award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss as Moses, and over 600 actors being a part of this timeless piece, every effort put into this version has been on track to bring this Gospel to life.  It has been produced with state-of-the-art audio technology, including sound effects and an original musical score by the one and only Stefano Mainetti, the renowned composer. This devoted rendering of the New Testament in the New King James Version creates an audio theatre experience that feels unreal and realistic.

Listen to this beautiful work in your car on the way to work, while jogging, with your family or friends, while cleaning the house, or any other time you deem fit and gain an insightful experience and outlook of the Bible.

Best About This Audiobook:

The Bible audiobook is presented in more than 90 hours of captivating, dramatic audio theatre style in this accurate rendition of the New King James Version. This world-class audio production immerses listeners in the dramatic realism of the Scriptures in a way that they have never experienced before.

This version is an audio play in which many well-known performers read the various sections of their characters. There are also sound effects and a score to make it more interesting.


The Word of Promise Audio Bible will not just interest the listeners but drown them in the deep waters of the dramatic reality of the scriptures, giving them an experience as never before.

  1. Seeing Jesus from the East: A Fresh Look at History’s Most Influential Figure

Seeing Jesus from the East: A Fresh Look at History's Most Influential Figure
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If you’re deep into the process of self-discovery and want some cultural perception, then this Bible audiobook won’t disappoint you. The story gives a zest of Eastern context and enlivens the teachings of Jesus that beautifully touch your soul and heart. The depiction of the Bible audiobook is so that it covers a broader perspective of Jesus, particularly in Eastern means of concept and communication mentioned in the Bible.

The authors illustrate the facts and philosophical messages, viewing it through Eastern perception and conveying the power and compelling story to captivate viewers’ minds.  The ingenious story with a belief of honor and shame to the sacrifice and rewards shows the Eastern cultural concept of understanding the work of Jesus. This Audiobook is highly recommended for all the modern readers following the ideologies of Jesus and wants to know more about the western values that result in community transformation.

Best About This Audiobook:

Ravi Zacharias and Abdu Murray depict a reinvigorated gospel message via an Eastern lens in Seeing Jesus from the East, exposing its power and presenting the truth about Jesus in a fascinating and appealing manner.

These men truly emphasise Jesus’ Easterness, successfully refuting any claims that Jesus is western or that Christianity is a western religion. I really loved this CD; Ravi utilised God in many dramatic ways, and this final audiobook is a fantastic way to conclude.


It’s a great story that will Ignite your knowledge and conception and will lead you to the right path of spiritual enlightenment. 

  1. The Message Bible

The Message Bible
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Great audiobooks would infiltrate your mind and sanity, converting you to be the right person every day. The intriguing message presents how much God loved the world and sent his beloved son to the earth so that people would believe him and can live a long-lasting life. All those aware of the Bible narrative can comprehend John’s portrayal of the story in a mind-bending way. 

The phrases are entirely new, unique, and raw, giving out a vibe of 21st-century representation.  The message restores the authentic and expressive characters of the Bible and presents it like watching the events unfolded right in front of you. 

Best About This Audiobook:

The Message is a modern-day exposition of the Word of God. Eugene H. Peterson, translator and editor, discovered through his years of teaching and pastoring that most people were missing the full meaning of Scripture,

“The Word that God uses to create and rescue us, cure and bless us, judge and reign over us.” So he set out to offer us that Word in a language we could understand – an audio Bible that would enter our hearts and brains, gradually moulding us into the people God wants us to be.


It has more than 6 million readers, or we can say 6 million people who find it useful and have transformed their lives. Go ahead and grab this Audiobook and start listening to the best 19Hour 26 Minutes of your life.

Best Audio Version Of Bible: Verdict

The Bible teaches us the actual meaning of our existence. The list mentioned above includes the best audio bible that entails unique characters, remarkable stories, and memorable lifelong teachings. It enlightens us through the incredible story of Christ and gives a precious lesson on salvation. We hope these audiobooks answer your spiritual question and inspire you to do good things in your life. 

Prayer is communication. You talk; God listens. You listen when God speaks.”

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