10 Best Audiobooks To Make Your Road Trip Thrilled(2023)

audiobooks for roadtrips

Road trips are joyous endeavors that everyone must undertake at least once in their lifetime. They help us to get away from our usual bustling lifestyle, which is hectic and soul-draining. Both solo, as well as group ventures, hold their own ground against each other. There is a lot of contrast in the kind of experiences they offer, and both are not inferior to each other in any way. 

What could be better than a selection of the best audiobooks for road trips to accompany you on this journey of discovering the smallest pleasures that life has to offer at every juncture! Of course, there is no singular, best audiobook for road trips as the variety in this category is humongous. 

The writing styles are different; some of them will be in the form of auto-biographies; some might include heart-warming romance, while others might have included mystery and horror themes in the stories. The added feature that it is an audiobook will further enhance the experience as our sense of visualization and imagery will multiply by manifolds as we listen to the book. Let us look into the criteria as to what makes a road trip audiobook worth listening to. 

What Are The Best Audiobooks For Road Trip?

The best audiobook for the long drives will primarily include books that bring out the right ambiance, making the trip memorable and euphoric. Most people prefer stories that ooze positivity and good vibes, enhancing the listener/traveler’s high spirits. Others might like thrillers or horror tales as they will help the listener to pass the time effectively. A lot of people also enjoy family audiobooks on road trips. 

In case the listener feels that a specific audiobook will not match their preference, there are always tons of other options to choose from. Hence, we have compiled this list of audiobooks for road trips from under several sub-genres and themes to include something for every listener.

Best Roadtrip Audiobooks to Rock the Drive:

  1. Long Way Down

Long Way Down
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This gripping, teen-centered novel written and narrated by Jason Reynolds is the perfect pick for you if you wish to listen to an audiobook for a relatively short trip and yet want to have a lot of content to ponder over later on. This book has been recommended by several people as a book fit for teenagers as the protagonist is a teenager himself.

A long way down is also the winner of several esteemed awards, which include the Coretta Scott King Honor, the Printz Honor, and the Newbery Honor. It is enough proof to showcase the merit of the book and its credibility as well. The audiobook mainly focuses on the haunting issue of gun violence and its repercussions. The book rides high on the factor of empathy and pushes the listeners to understand the anguish of the protagonist, Will.

Best about this audiobook:

  • The pain of grief has also been dealt with in this audiobook very elaborately. Overall, this book is a must-listen for you if you prefer a short tale with loads of impact.

  1. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby
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The great gatsby is set in the 20th century and follows an affluent man named Jay Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald has written this book, and Dan Russell narrates it. This audiobook is the perfect choice for you if you prefer to listen to tales that run down memory lane and have lost-love and yearning themes.

You can call this type of story, the “Great American Novel” kind of book. The opulence and glitz involved in the lavish parties which Jay Gatsby throws are described down to the most minute details, thereby invoking in us a sense of being there physically. It gradually leads to another sad fact that states the real reason for all the parties – searching for a lost companion.

Best about this audiobook:

  • Do give this audiobook a listen if you are in the mood for some good old-fashioned drama and romance, spiced up with love triangles and much more.

  1. Homegoing

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If historical fiction is your cup of tea, Homegoing will feature in your list of best audiobooks for road trips. This audiobook has been written by Yaa Gyasi and narrated by Dominic Hoffman. It is the tale of 2 sisters, Effia and Esi, whose destinies are as distinct as possible.

The story takes place in 18th century Ghana and focuses on the Fante and Asante tribes. The central theme which has been tackled in this story is slavery and the slave trade. That is precisely how the two sisters are linked. Effia gets married to a slave-trader, whereas Esi is sold into slavery. This stark difference in their fate paves the way to an earnest narrative solidly structured upon compassion.

Despite having a massive slew of characters, this book does not get overbearing at any point in time and pays attention to the tiniest of details in a very charming manner. The unheard’s voice has been amplified in a very humane way and brings out their tales to the world.

Best about this audiobook:

  • You can realize how powerful fictional narratives could be with this audiobook. A moving story of strength, resilience, and trauma sprinkled across the ages; I think Homegoing fascinated everyone in the fullness of the Black diaspora’s plight across time and space.

  1. The Fault In Our Stars

The Fault In Our Stars
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The fault in our Stars is a pretty popular book which is written by John Green and narrated by Kate Rudd. It is one of the best audiobooks for a long drive as it will leave you with a mixture of emotions, and hence, you will require a lot of time for contemplation.  

It is a poignant tale of two cancer patients, Hazel Lancaster and Augustus Waters. They meet at one of the most unusual places where you would expect love to bloom – a cancer support group. They slowly warm up to each other, and their lives get intertwined in a charming and yet heart-wrenching manner.

The general bittersweet and mortal nature of life has been portrayed in this audiobook compelling and affecting manner. You will root for the protagonists, laugh with them, cry with them, and cry for them. The most significant plus point of this book is its simplicity, which is heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Best about this audiobook:

  • You can’t mark this part, or that part is good. The book leaves a strong message to everyone present out there. Every life should be a full life; everyone should leave a mark on the Earth. Even if you know, that won’t live long, live completely.

  1. Bird Box

Bird Box
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Next up in our list of best audiobooks for road trips, we have Bird Box. It is a solid thriller which is written by Josh Malerman and narrated by Cassandra Campbell. Its edge-of-the-seat nature is bound to leave you craving for more and make your entire road trip experience very exciting with the adrenaline rush provided by this story.

The incidents unfold in an apocalyptic world, possibly set in the upcoming days of the future. The journey of the protagonist, Malorie, forms the base for the thriller to unfold. Along with her two kids, she sets out to embark on a boat trip, extremely hazardous. The catch here is that she might undertake the entire journey blind-folded due to her surroundings’ hostile nature.

Her surroundings’ mysterious nature delivers plenty of spooks, and experiencing it through an audiobook is bound to multiply the thrills several folds. Do give this audiobook a listen if you would love an excellent hair-raising experience!

Best about this audiobook:

  • Bird Box is an incredibly original horror/psychological suspense novel that reminds us that the unseen is much more terrifying than the seen with all great horror.

  1. Educated

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At times, while undertaking a road trip, the listener will require some motivation and upliftment of spirits. It is one such best audiobook for road trips because it is in a memoir-style format. By Tara Westover and narrated by Julia Whelan, this book comprises the tale from Westover’s childhood to her university days and receiving a doctorate.

Although the book is mostly about how she defied all the odds and rose against all forms of adversities, the book is written in a very candid style and instantly engages with the listener. A detailed account of her father’s life-threatening escapades, who is later revealed to be bipolar, is also written very well. Despite his reluctance to let her continue her education, how she braves against all the stumbling blocks in her path forms the crux of the tale primarily.

Best about this audiobook:

How Westover dealt with her mounting insecurities and savored one win is the story’s base and hence provides a very inspiring read. You can learn too many things from this powerful story but for me is your voice is powerful if you dare to use it.

  1. Modern Romance

Modern Romance
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Dating cultures have always been a good source of amusement and have provided a lot of content for writers. In this book written and narrated by Aziz Ansari, how romance has transcended over the ages has been depicted accurately.

The concept of dating is not alien to the world. But the tale of its roots in the current digital world has been dealt with in this audiobook. The significant aspects of dating in the digital world, such as texting and other seemingly trivial issues, have been discussed in this book in a very humorous manner. It is an easy read and will suit you perfectly for breezy and casual road trips.

The relatively new concepts such as sexting also find a place in this book of his, and the moral correctness of these fads has also been analyzed in an amusing yet thought-provoking way. Give this audiobook a listen if you want something to lighten up your mood and make your trip an enjoyable one!

Best about this audiobook:

  • This audiobook represents dating in hilarious style. It comes across pretty much entirely from an objective standpoint, backed up by actual data and opinion and evidence.

  1. Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly
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This audiobook, written and narrated by Dr. Brene Brown, is a social commentary on how to stay courageous while also holding on to our vulnerability. It is one of the perfect family audiobooks for road trips, as listening to this book with our close ones can help us delve deeper into the philosophy preached in this audiobook. 

Although it is a health and wellness book, listening to it on a road trip can positively affect one’s mood and help the listener reach a calm sense of collective. Bursting myths about how vulnerability is not equal to weakness, the author takes the narrative forward by gently nudging us to look at everything from the truth’s perspective.

If you are someone who has always reeled from self-doubt and lack of reassurance, this audiobook should be mandatorily listened to by you, as it is an assortment of 12+ years of experience of the author in social research.

Best about this audiobook:

  • It offers a powerful new vision that encourages us to dare greatly, to embrace vulnerability and imperfection, to live wholeheartedly, and to engage in our lives courageously. Each day is a new experience; each day is filled with risks, uncertainty, and emotional exposure and ultimately it defines what it means to be vulnerable or to dare greatly.

  1. Outlander

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If you are a mega science-fiction buff and prefer tales involving time travel and other unanswered mystic concepts, this audiobook is hands down the best pick for you. Now a majorly successful TV-series, this book is written by Diana Gabaldon and is narrated by Davina Porter. 

It is a series of books, and you will be able to make time for more than one book if your journey is relatively long and tiring. The story is set in 1945, during the war, and all the incidents branch out from this focal point. Claire Randall, the protagonist, a former combat nurse who served during the war, reunites with her husband. However, in a completely unprecedented turn of events, she gets transported back to 1743.

Best about this audiobook:

  • What happens subsequently in this fascinating and riveting tale forms the crux of the plot. Do give it a listen if you enjoy listening to well-written thrillers with a blend of the sci-fi genre.

  1. The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid's Tale
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The Handmaid’s Tale was written by Margaret Atwood and narrated by Elisabeth Moss, Amy Landecker, Bradley Whitford, and Ann Dowdis. It is set in a dystopian era and winner of several prestigious awards such as the Best Audiobook (Fiction) at the New York Festival Radio Awards 2020. It revolves around the tale of a handmaid, Offred, and the numerous misfortunes in her path.

It is a harrowing account of our society’s fabric and its ironical yet saddening ways and means. The plight of women and the blind eye turned towards their sufferings has also been criticized effectively in this tale of handmaids and their lives.

The oppression of religious extremists and their sense of entitlement has been portrayed in a very deserving harsh light. Its relevance in the current times is also pretty hard to digest. If you want to have something to mull over and have a lot of time to spare on a long journey, this book will suit you for sure.

Best about this audiobook:

  • The story is set in a dystopian version of the near future. It shows us the importance of economic freedom and other human rights in society.

Best Audiobooks For Road Trip: Final Verdict

An amalgamation of several polar opposite genres and themes has been put together. It is to make a list inclusive for everyone who is bound to have different choices and requisites. Do go through this list before selecting the audiobook you would like to listen to. 

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