The Best Audiobooks To Listen To While Working 

Audiobooks To Listen To While Working

Do you not get time to immerse yourself in a book? Does your work schedule seem endless? Why not try to explore the world of audiobooks? Audiobooks are increasingly becoming popular among people as they can easily listen to their favorite stories while working on various tasks without even feeling guilty. 

Why is listening to audiobooks a good habit?

Social distancing and self-isolation have taken a toll on both our bodies and mind. Fortunately, audiobooks are there for our rescue. These are the most helpful tools to combat negative thoughts and feelings. 

Here are some ways audio books can boost your physical and mental well-being:

  • The habit of listening to audiobooks build crucial listening skills 
  • It disrupts our negative thinking patterns and boosts our mood
  • Listening to audiobooks helps your mind to relax

Listed below are the top ten audiobooks that can give you company while working 

  1. Art Matters

Art Matters

Art Matters is inspired by Gaiman’s collection of poems, creative manifestos, and published speeches about what he thinks about art. It is an exclusive embodiment of the vision of this remarkable author. The audiobook talks about how one’s imagination, reading, and creating can transform the world. This would be a lovely treat to your ears if you are the one who appreciates art. 

In this audiobook, Neil Gaiman talks about art in a very enlightening and diversified way. After listening to this audiobook you will be inspired and encouraged to be more creative and this would eventually reflect in your work and productivity. The author talks about different ways to make good art, free expression in art, the process of creating art, and the importance of libraries in our society.  

Best about this audiobook

I personally love to listen to audiobooks while working at my office. This is a must-listen audiobook for people who are in creative fields as it outlines many ways to get commercial success along with personal gratification.

This audiobook was a quick listen and also provided an inspiring insight into the arts. It truly motivated me to be more creative in my field.

  1. The Oxygen Advantage 

The Oxygen Advantage 

The Oxygen Advantage is one of the best audiobooks to listen to while at work. If you are too stressed while working and want to take a break and feel relaxed, you should definitely listen to this audiobook. It gives some simple and scientifically proven breathing techniques that can help calm your brain. 

This audiobook provides you with an informative and very interesting take on breathing. Most of us do not even know the right way of breathing and this results in lethargy, stress, and anxiety. Written by Patrick McKeown, the story is read by Alan Smyth with a very clear voice and an affirmative tone.

Best about this audiobook

The audiobook is educational and contains a lot of useful information that is not even taught in any conventional medical approach. 

It uses a highly counterintuitive approach with profound health benefits. The audiobook talks about the right way of breathing which is a very important inexpensive tool for better health. 

  1. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat teaches its listeners to master the elements of good cooking. This would be a perfect audiobook to listen to while working in a kitchen. Starting with a lighthearted and encouraging introduction, the audiobook talks in detail about the dos and don’ts of using various ingredients in the kitchen. 

The book is written and narrated by Samin Nosrat in which she talks about mastering the four elements of cooking, Salt, Fat, Acid, and Heat. She believes that anyone who knows these four elements of cooking well will never make bad food.  The narration done by Nosrat is so soothing and engaging that you get to easily follow her story and the description of various ingredients. She also talks about her own experiences of her beginning before becoming one of the well-known celebrity chefs in America.

Best about this audiobook

This is a cooking audiobook and not a cookbook audiobook. There are many teaching methods and how-to-cook techniques in this audiobook that you can listen to while working in the kitchen.

This is the best audiobook on cooking ever. It is both logical and fun to listen to. It is clever, witty, helpful, and intuitive to listen to.

  1. Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done

Getting Things Done is one of the best self-help audiobooks that you can listen to while working in an office. This audiobook would be a perfect pick for people who are in dire need of time management assistance. It is written and narrated by a productivity expert, David Allen who helps people in managing time to achieve success. 

This audiobook is very useful to listen to while at work as it provides practical advice that you can actually use to be more productive. This is one of the most influential business audiobooks and has completely changed the entire way of approaching professional and personal tasks.

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook has completely revolutionized my professional and personal life. It has taught me to be more organized in my life. If you want to improve your productivity, you should definitely listen to this audiobook.

The author has brilliantly explained how to break down any project irrespective of its size and scope. This is highly recommended to people who want to improve their organizing skills. 

  1. Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism

Digital Minimalism is an audiobook that teaches the listeners to choose a focused life in the noisy world of social media. Recognized as the best-seller from Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, New York Times, and USA Today, this audiobook talks about applying the idea of applying the philosophy of minimalism to our personal technology. 

In this audiobook, there are given many sustainable practices that you can use to make the best out of the emergence of new technologies. After listening to this audiobook, you will better understand why we feel more lethargic even after the leisure time of scrolling on social media. In the nutshell, the key to the appropriate use of technology is to use it to only support your goals and values and not let it use you.

Best about this audiobook

The audiobook is instructional, compelling, and at the same time practical. Listening to this audiobook helped me better understand the forces that are behind these addictive technologies.

The audiobook provides excellent ideas to easily implement the minimalism philosophy. This is the best audiobook to listen to if you want to break your digital addictions.

  1. Haunted Nights

Haunted Nights

If you love to listen to horror stories while working then Haunted Nights is the audiobook you should download. It is a horror anthology of sixteen scary creepy short stories exploring every aspect of the darkest holiday, Halloween. The audiobook has it all that it needs to be the best horror listen, monsters, haunted houses, home invasions, and many other creepier things. 

One of the best frightening scary audiobooks, it has a good collection of horror stories by some of the best-selling authors like Garth Nix, Pat Cadigan, Kelley Armstrong, Eric J Guignard, and John R. Little. It is edited by Ellen Datlow and Lisa Morton. 

Best about this audiobook

The editor did a great job at editing these short horror stories. All the stories have explored Halloween in many different ways that I have not even expected. 

This is the most enjoyable anthology of horror stories I have ever listened to. Every story is so well-written and the narration is done in such a brilliant way that it feels like you are living the part.

  1. The Farm

The Farm

If you love to listen to literature and fiction while concentrating on a project then you should pick The Farm for its gripping, proactive, and heartbreaking story. Joanne Ramos’ debut is the National Best Seller and People Book of the Week. This audiobook forces us to challenge our thinking on motherhood, money, and merit. In the end, it leaves the listeners with crucial questions about the compromises a woman has to make to secure her future and the future of those she loves.

The main character of the story, Jane, is an illegal immigrant from the Philippines. She commits to being a host at the Farm in desperate need of a better future. The Farm is a luxury retreat nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley. You get all the luxury you have ever dreamt of free of cost. In return, you just have to dedicate yourself to the task of producing perfect babies for someone else.

Best about this audiobook

Ramos has played beautifully with different notions of society like religion, gender, race, and class in her debut. This was a thrilling story to listen to.

The story was gripping and realistic. It was about a proactive idea and Ramos, the author, has nailed it completely. It was crisp and believable.

  1. Ready Player One

Ready Player One

An excellent debut story when it comes to ambition, genre-busting, and charm, Ready Player One number-one New York Times best-seller story. You can listen to this audiobook while working in your office or at home. Written by Ernest Cline and narrated by none other than the Star Trek actor Wil Wheaton, this audiobook takes you to the future in the year 2044. This is the best pick for those who love to listen to dystopian fiction stories. 

The story is set in a time when the real world has become an ugly place to live. This is a wildly original story stuffed with irresistible nostalgia. There are many elements in this story that makes it the best like a novel, love story, and a virtual space opera. The entire plot is set in a universe where planets are moving like Blade Runners and flying DeLoreans have achieved the speed of light.

Best about this audiobook

I prefer to listen to this audiobook whenever I am working on an assignment as it helps me concentrate better. The story was engaging from the start. 

The plot of the story is very extreme and varied, changing from one chapter to the next, but there was not a single point when it became confusing. 

  1. Little Fires Everywhere

Little Fires Everywhere

This is one of the best mystery audiobooks that you can finish in a single breathless sitting while working at the office. Little Fires Everywhere is a deep psychological mystery story that talks about the power of motherhood, the danger of perfection, and the intensity of teenage love. Written by the best-selling author of Everything I Never Told You, Celeste Ng, the story explores the burden of secrets and the ferocious pull of motherhood. 

Elena Richardson, whose only principle is to play by the rules, lives in Shaker Heights, a placid, progressive suburb of Cleveland where everything is planned. Starting from the layout of the roads to the successful lives its residents will lead, everything is organized in this city. The story takes a turning point when Mia Warren, a single mother of a teenage daughter, Pearl, rents a house from Richardsons. Mia has a mysterious past that Elena is determined to uncover.

Best about this audiobook

I highly recommend this audiobook to people who love to listen to stories while working. While listening to the audiobook, it was like watching a story unfold that was thrilling and exciting at the same time. 

The storyline was interesting, it was very detailed and well-written. I literally could not stop listening to this thrilling story till the very end.

  1. A Brief History of Seven Killings 

A Brief History of Seven Killings 

A Brief History of Seven Killings is a revealing modern epic that has secured Marlon Jame’s place among the great talents of his generation in the genre of literature. This is a fictional audiobook that talks about the dangerous and unstable time of America and its bloody aftermath. It takes you through the streets and slums of Kingston from the 1970s, the crack wars of New York from the 1980s, and a radically altered Jamaica in the 1990s. 

Best about this audiobook

This audiobook is best for people who want to know more about Jamaica and the forces impacting our world. It takes you in a dark reality that is very far from your normal life. 

This is an absolute audiobook on Jamaican political history, its gang wars, and the popular attempted assassination of Bob Marley. Most of the characters in the story are based on real-life people.


It can be very tough for people with busy working schedules to set apart time for reading their favorite books. In this scenario, audiobooks come to your rescue. That is the real beauty of audiobooks, you can listen to them even when you are working at the office. 

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