Learn Japanese At Home! 7 Best Recommended Audiobooks(2023)

best audiobooks to learn japanese

Japanese is the 6th globally spoken Asian language. By the looks of it, around 128 million people in Japan are fluent in Japanese. These individuals are called Nihongo. Moreover, there are thousands of others scattered across the globe who are learning Japanese. Some learn Japanese to appreciate the vast culture whereas others learn Japanese to amplify their careers.

Japan has a rich and vibrant culture that people are flabbergasted about. It also entices people to learn the Japanese language to understand the culture better. The primary Japanese language is an integral part of the Japonic Family. The best audiobooks to learn Japanese is the ultimate source to learn one of the most impossible languages in the world.

Given that Japanese and Chinese seem alike, they aren’t. Kanji doesn’t possess the single-most phonetic pronunciation/character. Phonetic sounds often fall in the English language as well. However, the tone has a distinctive variation. Furthermore, the Japanese are much less languid as far as rhythm is concerned. The language comprises pure vowels, phonotactics, and consonance. These properties make the language have lexical significant pitch accents. For starters, learning Japanese is more like playing drums rather than playing, well, violin, meaning it’s easy. Japanese history suggests that the language is specifically divided into:

The era of Buddhism (Old Period)

Heian Period (Early Middle Japanese)

Kamakura and Muromachi Period (Late Middle Japanese)

Meiji Restoration (Early Modern Japanese)

Edo Period (Modern Japanese)

The influence of Japanese

Before we move onto the best audiobooks to learn Japanese, let’s understand the language comprehensively. Several kinds of dialects are spoken all across Japan. However, only three are cut out to be major dialects, such as Oska-type, Kyoto-type, and Tokyo-type. The Japanese dialects spoken in the mountainous regions are a significant part of the Old Japanese Era.

Many people seem to come across the Japanese language via anime or manga. Even the gaming industry is dominated by Japanese developers and animators. The major brands whether it is an automobile or audio system or photography are Japanese. The influence of Japan has been widespread across the world since World War II. Even the learners of history, mainly the geeks, are intrigued by different Japanese eras. The connoisseurs usually opt for Japanese food when they dine out. Japanese is the perfect getaway language there is, even if it is difficult to learn.

Most people get to know about Japan and its culture upon visiting. Most of the history of Japan is isolated and learning the language will open up many opportunities. There is always a need to learn a new language to expand one’s horizon and perception. Learning Japanese could also expand the minds of learners across the world. With technology, almost any language can be translated. Nevertheless, certain Japanese words can’t be translated into English by using translation tools. By the looks of it, this uniqueness of the language can be found from the cultural roots of the glorious nation.

List Of Best Audiobooks To Learn Japanese In 2023:

  1. Japanese: Absolute Beginner Bootcamp.: Step by Step Coaching and Practice

Japanese: Absolute Beginner Bootcamp.: Step by Step Coaching and Practice
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As the name of the audiobook suggests, it’s step-by-step coaching and practice to teach Japanese. The audiobook also teaches Japanese vocabulary to learners who have just started learning the language. David Michaels’ audiobook is a comprehensive guide to learning the basics of the Japanese language.

In addition to this, it will train you to ace Japanese vocabulary. Also, by the time you complete this audiobook, you’d muster the confidence to speak one of the toughest languages in the world. The author has put straightforward explanations that are perfect for even non-grammar enthusiasts.

The idea behind the audiobook is to empower people to speak Japanese like it’s being spoken by a native. The audiobook has been curated to aid you in enhancing your pronunciation and listening skills.

You can also get brainstorming in the practice section. You can make sure of everyone you’ve learned so far. The section acts as a self-reflection and conveys how much you’ve learned. When you use the target language repeatedly, you’ll become a better speaker. The entire audiobook provides a comprehensive summary of everything you’ve learned.


If you’re a beginner, this audiobook is an absolute solution for your learning needs. Japanese beginner speakers, students will find the audiobook worthwhile.

  1. Japanese Parallel Audio – Learn Japanese with 501 Random Phrases using Parallel Audio – Volume 1

Japanese Parallel Audio - Learn Japanese with 501 Random Phrases using Parallel Audio - Volume 1
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The audiobook is written as well as narrated by Lingo Jump. The unabridged audiobook makes it easy for you to learn Japanese in no time. Well, this is what the author claims and he’s not wrong. If you’re a working professional and you’re always on the move, then this audiobook is ideal for you. Professionals are always on the move, they need an easy, simple, and comprehensive audiobook to learn Japanese. The audiobook offers an immersive experience where listeners can indulge themselves to learn a completely new language. Lingo Jump has carefully introduced the listen to learn methodology. The author follows the language-learning methodology equipped with the repetition of phrases and words.

Learning a new language hasn’t been this fun or intuitive. The audiobook also focuses on boosting your oratory and listening skills. At the same time, it also aids you in improving your memory while picking up the perfect accent. Phrases in the audiobook follow a specific pattern that allows you to understand the context seamlessly. The truth is not everyone in this world speaks in the same manner. When you’re learning a new language, you need to talk like a local. Moreover, this audiobook teaches you how to talk local without unnecessary gimmicks.


If you already have some experience with the Japanese language, this audiobook is for you. Manga and anime enthusiasts will find this audiobook useful to learn Japanese in real-time.

  1. Japanese: Proven Techniques to Learn and Speak Japanese

Japanese: Proven Techniques to Learn and Speak Japanese
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Made For Success’ revolutionary audiobook is a passport for learning Japanese. The audiobook is curated to aid listeners to build a strong revolutionary base. Equipped with key phrases and simple vocabulary, this audiobook aids in navigating people across one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

You can easily make the transition from your native language to Japanese seamlessly. Some of the top language instructors from across the world are the brains behind the audiobook. In addition to this, the native speakers have also contributed their part.

The audiobook is focused on teaching Japanese to people of all ages. Techniques involved in the audiobook are in Step-by-Step format. Further, suggesting that it is ideal for both beginner and intermediate speakers. Also, people who travel across the world can make use of the audiobook.

The author claims that the audiobook can help anyone make Japanese either their second language or their third. The methodology of the audiobook is tried and tested on 4-year-olds. They were able to speak Japanese even before they could read and write. The conversational approach of the audiobook makes it a delightful experience for listeners.


The audiobook highlights the best way to learn Japanese is to surround yourself with native speakers. Native Japanese speakers are an integral part of the audiobook.

  1. Japanese for Beginners

Japanese for Beginners
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The name of the audiobook is very straightforward. The Centre of Excellence’s Japanese for Beginners is more like an audio course. More likely, the audiobook will guide you to study the rules of Japanese grammar. You can also learn how to frame sentences in Japanese without being a native speaker.

You can be comfortable with the language by learning it every day till you master it. Like all the other audiobooks on the list, even Japanese for Beginners is a great choice. As the book is written keeping the beginners in mind. Moreover, beginners will learn the fundamentals of the Japanese language from the audiobook. The basic grammar, pronunciation, and writing are an integral part of the audiobook.

If you’re moving to a Japanese-speaking province, this audiobook might come in handy. For instance, the audiobook will guide you to introduce yourself or greet someone in Japanese. Further, upon practice, you can express both your dislikes and likes in Japanese. You will learn about tenses, verbs, and adjectives in Japanese. If you’re slightly interested in Japanese culture and history, you should listen to this audiobook.


If you’re not a native speaker yet you reside in Japan, this is the perfect audiobook for you. Comprehending and conversing Japanese in 2021 has never been this easy.

  1. Japanese in 40 Minutes: Learn to speak Japanese in minutes with Collins

Japanese in 40 Minutes: Learn to speak Japanese in minutes with Collins
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Collins Publication has always been a step ahead of the mainstream. The audiobook from Collins ensures listeners to learn Japanese in 40 minutes. It is fast, fun, and at the same time flexible. What is the first thing you need if you’re traveling to a different region? Picking up the most essential sentences to introduce, greet, or impress. Learning the essential has never been this easier.

The audiobook is infused with an easy-to-use Japanese language for anyone. Further, it covers the essential and most basic verses people use every day. For instance, this audiobook will aid you to talk about yourself to people.

The guide is only 40 minutes long. However, the lessons that you’ll learn here will last significantly. You can easily learn simple and short phrases via this audiobook quickly. All you need to do is listen and repeat. By the time you complete this audiobook, you can ask for things, communicate in a cafe, among others.


The linguist experts who created this audiobook are also its narrators. A comprehensive guide to learning Japanese without investing much time.

  1. 3-Minute Japanese: Everyday Japanese for Beginners

3-Minute Japanese: Everyday Japanese for Beginners
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Before we begin reviewing this audiobook, let us clear the air. The audiobook is not 3 minutes long. The runtime of the audiobook is around 2 hours and 48 minutes. Curated by Innovative Language Learning, the audiobook does teach basic Japanese in 3 minutes. You can devote three minutes every day to learn Japanese using this.

In just three minutes, you can learn to converse with native speakers without a hiccup. Also, if you like making small talk with strangers, this audiobook would be very useful for you. It comprises answers as well as phrases that you can use every day.

If you want to start speaking Japanese immediately, this audiobook won’t disappoint you. There are a total of 25 lessons which makes the audiobook intriguing. Further, the 25 lessons are the reason the audiobook can be preferred by working professionals. The first five lessons of the audiobook are:

  • Self Introduction
  • Farewells and Greetings
  • Manners
  • Asking People how they are
  • Convey Apologies

The lessons are fast, easy, and convenient audio lessons. The audiobook is narrated by an anonymous contributor who did a fabulous job.


The audiobook focuses on the Japanese Language in the form of instructions.

  1. Learn Japanese Book For Beginners:: Learn Practical & Conversational Japanese, Hiragana & Katakana

Learn Japanese Book For Beginners:: Learn Practical & Conversational Japanese, Hiragana & Katakana audiobooks
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If you think you’re ready to write, speak as well as understand Japanese comprehensively. And no, learning Japanese extensively via this audiobook won’t take months or years, just a few minutes.

Do you want to study the core Japanese culture, holistically? Have you made plans to travel to Japan? Do you want to converse with Japanese friends on social media sites? Or if you’ve landed a job at a famous Japanese firm and wish to impress the CEO with your Japanese learning skills, this audiobook is the thing you’d truly desire.

In this audiobook, you’ll explore the tricks and tips about things to study and learn. The audiobook provides you with the basic Japanese Vocabulary. The vocabulary urges you to learn useful phrases for conversation. The pronunciation nuances of the audiobook talk about the ins & outs of the language. Furthermore, the audiobook also talks about the common mistakes that learners tend to make. In addition to this, the audiobook also teaches you how to avoid mistakes. There are three distinctive Japanese Writing Systems. The introduction to these systems would aid you in identifying directional signs of the language.


The audiobook acts as the ultimate guide for any Japanese language beginner.

Final Verdict:

The list of audiobooks mentioned in the list is the best audiobooks to learn Japanese. You can seamlessly solidify the knowledge of Japanese grammar and vocabulary. These audiobooks carry the authentic Japanese text for learning. Almost all the audiobooks in the list are either for the beginner or intermediate learners. Also, you cannot learn Japanese from a single source. If you have to listen to countless audiobooks to become fluent in Japanese. Moreover, this pursuit of learning Japanese will be fulfilling and rewarding in the years to come.

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