10 Best Audiobooks Every Woman Should Listen Once In Her Life(2023)

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Books are one of the most significant enrichment sources for your growth and offer food for your thought. They can also manifest as a tool for empowerment concerning women and their livelihoods. Be it books of fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, or classics, all of them will add some value to our lives if they are good enough. With the advent of technology and the internet, audiobooks have gained a lot of prominences recently. Hence, we will be amassing a list of the best audiobooks for women in this compilation.

It is challenging to pick just one best audiobook for women as the potential options are never-ending and listless. As a result, we have tried to amalgamate a mix of a genre of books, ranging between a wide variety of choices. Since we are looking at audiobooks for women, we will also try to ensure that the books are narrated by women as well, as it is bound to add more authenticity and flavor to the contents. We believe that an audiobook for women should be wholesome in all aspects. It should motivate her and be a source of entertainment as well.

What Are The Best Audiobooks For Women?

While scouring for the best audiobooks for women, it is preferable to set a few criteria beforehand. At present, women are slowly but steadily rising the ranks and are discovering themselves with various resources. Hence, it is appropriate to narrow down on a book with reliable content and gripping writing to enrich oneself effectively. 

A book with several positive reviews and much favorable word-of-mouth feedback is bound to be a worthy audiobook for women. A book can also be deemed the best audiobook for women if trustworthy and well-informed people vouch for its value and quality.  

There are many options available in the market, and as a result, it could all get overwhelming at times. To make it easier for readers, we have tried to keep the list exclusive by including only the most appreciated audiobooks for women.

All Time Best Audiobooks For Women

  1. H Is For Hawk by Helen Macdonald

H Is For Hawk
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H is for Hawk is a memoir-style audiobook that has been written and narrated by Helen Macdonald. It follows her life through her struggles after her father’s passing and her subsequent vision to become trained in falconry. She was always obsessed with this practice and losing her father pushed her towards her dreams, more vital than ever.

As the author reached her 40’s, her entire life seemed to be falling apart as she faced a series of stumbling blocks, the final blow being her father’s death. In the form of her childhood companion, he had been the guiding force of her life and had instilled the love of falconry in her. She decides to groom a goshawk named Mabel and finds renewed meaning in her life. 

This audiobook has made its way to our list of best audiobooks for women as it touches upon very inspirational subjects and offers a form of solace to its readers. It rekindles lost hope for life and depicts a very touching story.

Best about this audiobook:

This audiobook gives us a message that Wise people give good advice about never being fooled by a book’s cover.

  1. Her Last Word by Mary Burton

Her Last Word
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This audiobook is a thriller whose main protagonist is a woman ridden with guilt. Written by Mary Burton and narrated by Brittany Pressley, this chilling tale follows the life of Kaitlin Roe, who has been traumatized due to an incident during her childhood. Her cousin’s abduction in front of her own eyes and her inability to prevent that incident is still fresh in her mind and is continually tormenting her.

The protagonist tries to find closure by hosting a podcast and invites people who were linked to the case in one way or the other. However, another tragedy strikes and brings her to the realization that the game might have just begun.

The tale of a troubled woman and her journey towards finding salvation is not new. This book gets slightly predictable in parts, but that does not deter it from being a satisfying read. Do give this book in our list of best audiobooks for women if you are an avid fan of the mystery genre

Best about this audiobook:

The moral of the story is everyone changes for some reason. Some changes for the better whereas some for the worst, but holding on past can destroy lives.

  1. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

The Poet X
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Written and narrated by Elizabeth Acevedo, this is a unique novel that has been reported in a verse format. The bittersweet essence of a girl’s teenage phase is the primary content in this audiobook. It is fit to be called the best audiobook for women. It has secured multiple awards, including the Pura Belpré Award, the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature, and the Michael L. Printz Award.

Xiomara Batista, the leading character of this novel, is going through a period of turmoil. She feels obscure as her neighborhood starts seeming alien to her. Journaling in her leather notebook is the only way to channel her exasperation and fervency effectively.

This audiobook is worth listening to as the unheard voices of millions of teenage women are brought to life and get personified appropriately. Authenticity and sincerity are the main driving forces that anchor this novel and offer a fresh lease of life to the otherwise cliched coming-of-age stories we have witnessed.

Best about this audiobook:

The author herself classically narrates this audiobook. It is for every woman and girl who feels like no one cares about them or listens to them. Words and stories were so beautiful.

  1. Power Up: How Smart Women Win The Economy by Magdalena Yesil

Power Up: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy
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Amidst a list of audiobooks for women, a book for female entrepreneurs is mandatory. This book has been written and narrated by the eminent pioneer, Magdalena Yesil. This audiobook is packed to the brim with first-hand insight from her and offers a solid framework that is as effective as an MBA degree itself.

Through her vision, the author breaks several myths about the tech industry and encourages fellow women to stay undeterred by their profession’s sexism and gender ratio. Her experiences in the Silicon Valley and all of her struggles right from the start of her career has been outlined to serve as a source of inspiration for other women creators who are unsure of where to start.

She also compiles the cognizance of several other female entrepreneurs and brings multitudes of awareness through this book. Listening to this audiobook for women is guaranteed to get renewed vigor to your hopes and dreams and prepare you to shatter the glass ceilings!. It is one of the best business audiobooks focused on women.

Best about this audiobook:

This audiobook helps the next generation of women look blithely past as the poor odds to power UP and command the right to be in any room.

  1. The Giver Of Stars by Jojo Moyes

The Giver Of Stars
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It is a heart-warming tale of a newlywed woman who is unhappy in her marriage, which sets out to find the purpose of her life. This audiobook, written by Jojo Moyes and narrated by Julia Whelan, is set in the 1930s. The main themes which are highlighted in this audiobook for women are love and friendship.

The importance of a supportive community that has your back through thick and thin is reiterated in this audiobook repeatedly. The tale of this audiobook is derived from the real-life story of Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky. Alice Wright, the protagonist of this story, gets married to escape her restricted life in England but realizes that she has just traded the devil for the deep sea by getting married to the American Bennett Van Cleave. Her father-in-law is also overbearing to a fault and adds to her woes.

She forms beautiful and platonic friendships with other women, finds acceptance, and derives satisfaction from helping others forms the story’s crux, making it the best audiobook for women.

Best about this audiobook:

The giver of stars asks society what they allow a woman to be. It shows us a mirror to each woman; no matter what conditions are, she can overcome the challenges that are put in front of them.

  1. The Secret History Of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore

The Secret History Of Wonder Woman
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This non-fiction audiobook is written as a fusion of genres, including feminist history, satire, biography, etc. It is written and narrated by Jill Lepore, who shatters several misconceptions and reveals the truth lurking behind the rise of one of the most popular superheroes currently, Wonder Woman. The secret history which shaped this character’s story is delved into in this audiobook.

The life of Wonder Woman’s creator, William Moulton Marston, is uncovered, and his private secrets are also brought to the light, offering insight into the creation of Wonder Woman. How feminism influenced him right from his undergraduate period of study is discussed in this book. Several themes, such as irony and drama, run through his life.

Cultural and intellectual history are discussed in-depth and throw light on several missing links wiped off feminism’s past pages. If literary criticism is your cup of tea, this book should be on your bucket list.  

Best about this audiobook:

The Secret History of Wonder Woman illuminates the struggle for women’s rights during the 20th Century. Its focus on the impact of specific individuals who were part of an extraordinary extended family.

  1. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us
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The wife between us is another suspense thriller on our list of the best audiobooks for women. This book is written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen and is narrated by Julia Whelan. It follows the story of 2 women, an ex-wife and a woman who is about to replace her. This audiobook is known for convincing you that you have everything sorted, ranging from the dynamics between the characters, their motives, and so on, and shatter it all at once.

This tale takes advantage of several popular literary techniques such as a complex chronological order and various points of view to keep the listener hooked till the end. Although the audiobook follows the route taken by Gone Girl, the revelations and twists do prove to be juicy and worth our time.

The audiobook takes us through the lives of the main characters, the husband, the rejected wife, and the woman about to marry the man. An interesting subplot is also woven into this tale of mystery and suspense. This audiobook is an easy read and will interest you if you like non-scary thrillers.

Best about this audiobook:

It delivers a whip-smart, twisty plot in a taut and pacy narrative. It is terrific and troubling at the same time.

  1. Mom Up by Kara-Kae James

Mom Up
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Our catalog of some of the must-listen audiobooks for women would be incomplete if it did not feature a unique book for a category that mothers often take for granted. This book is written and narrated by Kara-Kae James. This audiobook has been refreshing and honest by everyone who has got a chance to read it as it easily resonates with mothers’ struggles.

This audiobook offers reassurance to mothers who often doubt themselves and gives them the much-needed solace to let them know that they are enough. The listeners could be in any stage of motherhood, and this audiobook would still have something to offer them. It is a wholesome and endearing audiobook and has several biblical faiths intertwined in it as well.

The absolute beauty of motherhood has been highlighted in an exemplary manner in this audiobook and is definitely worth reading!

Best about this audiobook:

In Mom Up, the author shares her experience in four themes titled intentional motherhood, genuine community, refreshing rest, and embracing the chaos.

  1. Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Bad Feminist
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This audiobook comprises a collection of essays which is written by Roxane Gay and narrated by Bahni Turpin. Politics, criticism, feminism – you name it, and you have it. From a young woman’s perspective, the coming together of all these themes makes this book a worthy listen.

The author’s entire arc of growth is dealt with in this audiobook, which takes us through several ideas of a singular concept, thus obtaining a perfect mixture of insights. The culture in which we live is scrutinized funnily, and a call-to-action about the areas in which we need to improve is also provided. 

This audiobook should be listened to by all as it has a heart and a strong sense of integrity in the right proportions.

Best about this audiobook:

Bad Feminist explores the combination of being a feminist and things that could seem at odds with feminist ideology. It engages pop culture and the author’s personal experiences and other topics.

  1. Becoming by Michelle Obama

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This memoir is written and narrated by the former first lady of the USA, Michelle Obama. It is a collection of intimate and inspiring experiences of her life, which prove to be an excellent listen.

The listeners get a glimpse of her entire life, right from her childhood to her experiences with motherhood and her profession, to becoming the first African-American First Lady of the White House and her duties and responsibilities in that role.

Her wins and losses have been charmingly described by her and serve as a source of inspiration and hope to all the women out there fighting their own battles.

Best about this audiobook:

Becoming is the autobiography of Michelle Obama, former United States first lady. She beautifully described all her personal experiences, her roots, her time in the White House, her public health campaign, and how she found her voice and role as a mother.

Final Verdict

We have come to the end of the list of the best audiobooks for women. A mixture of several genres and themes have been incorporated into this compilation to make it as inclusive as possible for women from all walks of life.

If you are a die-hard audiobook lover we suggest you to buy an unlimited audiobook subscription.

Comment below if you have any suggestions!!

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