10 Best Audiobooks For Learning & Speaking English Super Fast(2023)

best audiobooks to learn English

What is the moment of triumph for any learner? Whether you acquire a new skill or learn a language when you make people understand what you’ve learned. By far, this is the most incredible feeling in the world. For a learner of speech, when their words are understood, they can communicate. In recent years, audiobooks have become the most significant source of learning. We will be recommending the best audiobooks to learn English here.

Did you know that listening and learning is regarded as the hardest? How does any learn their maternal language? By reading, writing, and speaking? No, by listening. Even if listening is the most challenging way to learn English, it is useful. Speaking, on the other hand, is considered the most challenging aspect of learning English.

In the worldwide survey conducted with 6,000 learners of the English language. Around 44% of learners said that English is tough to know if you don’t listen to audiobooks.

Audiobooks are a comprehensive tool for learning English.

Audiobooks empower listeners with extensive listening. Hence, the source of knowledge, audiobooks, is a terrific tool to improve speaking and comprehension skills. Well-reviewed best audiobooks to learn English can also improve your oratory skills. People might argue if extensive listening is a great tool, then people can learn significantly from classrooms. When you’re learning a language, developing a habit, and making time for holistic learning will yield different results. The result could be staggering and beneficial at the same time.

Most people began listening to audiobooks to enhance their oratory skills. Learning from an audiobook is the core idea, but improving pronunciation or developing accents can only be done if you’re exposed to literature or skill-enhancing audiobooks significantly—best audiobooks to learn English aids people to understand basic grammar. And vocabulary is a bonus. When you listen to audiobooks to learn English, you will also learn how to appropriately use vocabulary and grammar. Audiobooks can help people make impeccable communicative messages.

Are you dedicated to learning English comprehensively?

Top 10 tips to consider while listening to audiobooks:

  • Focus on the gist if you’re listening to an audiobook for the first time.
  • Be ready for repeated listening to understand the language.
  • At first, you won’t be able to understand things instantly. Have patience.
  • For context, fill in the blanks, get creative.
  • Pick the audiobooks that you’ll find interesting. But before that, listen to the ones in the list that follows below.
  • Narration is critical. Choose a narrator with whom you are comfortable within the beginning.
  • Never try your hand at translating the text. It’s a rookie move.
  • When you’re trying to think, do it in English.
  • You might feel overwhelmed while you’re learning a new language. Do not give up.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best audiobooks to learn English:

  1. The Son

The Son
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Philipp Meyer’s ‘The Son‘ is a coming-of-age story featuring classic Texas. The audiobook is a multigenerational, epic saga of blood, power, and land. Yes, you’ll find the theatrics of a drama in the audiobook. But the audiobook has more to offer to the listeners—much more than anyone can comprehend. Want to learn English? The Son is one of the audiobooks you must hear and learn from it. Some of the amazing voice actors narrate the audiobook. Kate Mulgrew, Will Patton, Clifton Collins, and Scott Shepherd.

The audiobook does provide great English lessons, but there’s more. The audiobooks are powerfully evocative, Panoramic, and completely transitional. As a masterpiece of American Literature, the audiobook is for people exploring American English. The narrative is straightforward yet has an insurmountable prowess. Listeners are going to love the edgy sharpness that the audiobooks provide. There was a time when ‘The Son’ was the epitome of American Literature.

Level: Intermediate


Harrowing, vividly, and the dramatic story of the Spring, 1849.

  1. The Picture of Dorian Gray

The Picture of Dorian Gray
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The classic story of sin and greed was published in 1890. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde is an immortal work. The teachings of the book echo even in the age of audiobooks. The audiobook explores the importance of aestheticism, which exists even today. The unabridged audiobook is narrated by Miles Richardson, Alexander Vlahos, and Marcus Hutton. The story is about a young man who hides his sins in his portrait. The man, Dorian, is both superficial and self-obsessed. However, innocents get hurt, even the people who love him.

It is deceit and deception that claims the lives of people. Dorian doesn’t age; Dorian doesn’t have a wrinkle on his face. But his sins and his deeds keep showing over his portrait. And the best thing about the picture, it is painted by someone who adored Dorian. Given that Oscar Wilde is a literary genius. The audiobook might feel too much for a beginning. The lesson of human wretchedness will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Level: Intermediate


The climax of the audiobook is groundbreaking.

  1. The Time Machine

The Time Machine
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Do you love films like Donnie Darko, Inception, Aliens? Well, you’re a science-fiction fanboy. Well, most of us are, and it’s a beautiful feeling. However, there is something more massive than all these works, Time Machine. For sci-fi fans, Time Machine is the epitome of sci-fi written by H.G. Wells. The must-listen audiobook is something you should listen to after being exposed to much of Charles Dickens’ work. The time travel revolves around a protagonist who ventures 800,000 years into the future. But, what he finds changes everything about humans.

The protagonist meets human beings’ descendants. Nobody believes him in his timeline, and he gets mocked. However, he time travels again and is never found also.

Level: Intermediate


The original novel is only 84 pages long. Further, suggesting that you can finish this audiobook in a couple of days.

  1. Because of Winn-Dixie

Because of Winn-Dixie
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Kate DiCamillo culminates the Nature, Animals, Family, and Health genre into this novel. Moreover, Cherry Jones helms the role of the narrator of the audiobook. DiCamillo is regarded as one of America’s most beloved storytellers. Further, the audiobook narrates the story of Opal Busoni. The 10-year-old child moves to a whole new city. The premise of the story is the friendship between a human and a dog. One fine day, Opal visits a supermarket to get groceries. However, the young child comes home with a dog, Winn-Dixie.

As beginners, listeners will learn a great deal as it is simple. As the listeners explore the audiobook, they understand the strength of friendship. Everything that happens with Opal during the summer is only because of Winn-Dixie.

Level: Beginner


Even for the adults, the story is heartwarming. This is perfect for learners who just started learning English.

  1. The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows
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Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows is a children’s classic. The audiobook’s level of simplicity is rare and magnificent. Michael Ward does a marvelous job in narrating the audiobook. By the looks of it, Wards lend his magical narration, making the audiobook an absolute delight. The book was first published in the year 1908. The audiobook starts a little slow, giving listeners the time to adjust. However, as soon as the story unravels, it changes its tune. The setting of the book makes it compelling to listen to even today. In addition to this, the premise makes the English language easy to understand.

The audiobook unifies mysticism, morality, camaraderie, and adventure. The reason why we did the book on the list is due to its evocation.

Level: Beginner


Given that the book is for children. Adults can also enjoy it.

  1. Dracula

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Dracula is by far one of the greatest Gothic novels of all time. The horror novel is set in the late 90s. Mainstream media has adapted Dracula as films and TV Series countless times. Recently in 2020, Mark Gattis & Steven Moffatt created the Dracula miniseries. By the looks of it, the series received wide-spread acclaim for the script. The audiobook is a tad perfect for English learners from across the world. The vocabulary is rich, and the premise of the audiobook is chilling. Given that there are countless adaptations of Dracula, nothing can beat the audiobook.

Randal Schaffer narrates the audiobook. As the audiobook is unabridged, listeners will get the most out of it. Understanding 18th century English is easy. In addition to this, 18th-century English is perfect for learning English grammar. The audiobook is a tale that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Level: Beginner


The audiobook revolves around life and death and the repercussions of evil deeds.

  1. Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe
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Written by the literary genius Daniel Defoe is a well-received novel. The book was published back on the 25th of April 1719. Many readers still believe the book to revolve around a real person. In addition to this, experts also feel the book is a culmination of several real-life incidents. The listeners will find the audiobook to be narrated by Zacharias Prewett. English learners will appreciate the confessional, epistolary, and didactic form of language, which can captivate even the beginners.

The straightforward narrative of Robinson Crusoe makes the audiobook perfect for all levels of listeners. Robinson Crusoe will create the benchmark of realistic fiction. It also serves as the start of realistic fiction in the world of literature.

Level: Intermediate


The story is about a person who goes to lengths to live up to his parents’ will.

  1. Howard’s End

Howard's End
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The audiobooks are the mirror of the Edwardian English era. It addresses numerous intricacies of the classes in English society. The author E.M. Forster brings two families with contradictory perceptions and values in a straightforward yet perplexing manner. The families go against each other’s throats for a property dispute, Howards End. By the looks of it, the title of the audiobook is the name of the property.

Listens will be hearing the audiobook foretold by Nadia May. May does a tremendous job of bringing the conflict to life through her voice. Many literary experts deem Howard’s End an absolute masterpiece by Forster. The discrimination of tradition in England concerning class is enjoyable. Howard’s End addresses the reality of social stature, and class affects relationships among families even today.

Level: Advanced


The audiobook also speaks of arousing entanglements, sudden tragedy, and disappearing wills.

  1. The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book
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The classic English literature is a culmination of stories for children. However, the popularity of the book doesn’t make it bound to a particular age group. The Unabridged Audiobook features Gildart Jackson as its narrator. The author of the book is already well-known to everyone across the world, especially India. As a beginner, The Jungle Book will serve the purpose of teaching you English properly. The anthropomorphic characters depicted by animals and an orphan convey moral lessons with great value in real life.

Mowgli already has a cult following In India and the world. If you’ve just begun your journey as a learner of the English language, The Jungle Book is a must-listen.

Level: Beginner


The author beautifully brings the beauty and ravages of the Indian jungle to life in The Jungle Book.

  1. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
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Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a must-listen audiobook for English Learners. The premium audiobook features Alan Smyth, Nicolas Soames, and Jenny Agutter as narrators. The abridge audiobook also features music-making listening ambient. Moreover, Pride and Prejudice is an absolute delight as a listen for fans of English Literature and learners. Given that the story is romantic, it still talks about the discrimination of class. And how subtle differences put an end to relationships.

The audiobook is filled with satirical elements, comedy, and joyous nature.

Level: Advanced


What happens when a man from high stature falls in love with a woman beneath his class? Hear it out, and unravel the topsy-turvy epic love story.

Final Thought

An English language learner must also be able to commute effectively. Numerous ways can help anyone to learn English. Even if you do not have access to being a native speaker of English, you can still understand it. And the best way to learn English? Audiobooks.

Our team features a dedicated fan of English literature. We list these ten audiobooks as the best audiobooks to learn English after careful evaluation. Given that these are the suggestions as everyone has a specific taste. As different people like different kinds of stories to learn languages, we tried to cover almost all genres that make English Literature one of the vast subjects in the literary realm.

Listeners could also explore their option by indulging a few more titles, which we found positively daunting and profound. We recommend you to listen to these audiobooks at the beginning of your learning phase. As time passes, you can go for titles like “On the Places, You’ll Go,” “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” and last but not least, “Alice in Wonderland.” Learning is an endless pursuit of life. So, LEARN.

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