10 Best Audiobooks For Kids (2023 Updated)

best kids audiobooks

Whether you are just going on a long trip with your family or want to introduce some fantastic audiobooks to your children, there are hefty options available for children out there. With so many options available in the market, it becomes challenging to choose the right audiobook that your child will enjoy. 

Therefore, we have made this recommendation list consisting of the best ten audiobooks for children, which will treat the mind and soul. Every audiobook has a highly engaging story and is fun to listen to. We made sure that almost every audiobook has a moral embedded in it to help your child inhibit good ideas and habits.

Why Audiobooks Are Important For Kids/Children?

Kids have a creative mind and can grasp things quickly. Therefore, we have aimed for audiobooks that have a moral at the end which will help them in their upcoming life. With interesting characters and impeccable descriptions, kids can improve their imaginative power as well while listening to it by imagining the scenario.  

List Of Best Audiobooks For Kids With Review:

  1. The Graveyard Book

The Graveyard Book
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This book is the story of Bod(Nobody Owens), who used to live in a graveyard. Why? Someone murdered his entire family. Ghosts raised him with the help of Mr. and Mrs. Owens, with their guardian, Silas. The most intriguing part here is that Silas is neither alive nor dead. Each chapter of this book revolves around Bod’s life incidents with a great sense of humor. It also speaks about school bullies in a chapter, which is a great lesson for kids.

The ending of the book has an exciting twist to it. You might not even see it coming, but the twist is the most exciting part of this book.This book won the Carnegie medal for children’s fiction. The story has such a friendly tone of writing, which is relatively easy for children to listen to and understand since it is highly descriptive. 

Best Fact:

This audiobook is excellent for kids aged from 8 -11 years old who are into different kinds of stories. There is a mix of murder stories, along with great morals. 

  1. One crazy summer

One crazy summer
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The story is based on 1968, where an 11year old Delphine Gaither was playing with her mother and her two sisters. Vonetta of the age nine and 7-year-old Fern were her two little sisters. She lived in Brooklyn with her father and his prim, whom she used to call Big Ma. 

The story arrives when people start questioning, where is their real mom? Cecile Johnson abandoned the family before Delphine even turned 5. Finally, their Pa thought that they should spend a summer with their long lost mom in Oakland, and it will be one heck of a trip!

When they arrived, Delphine never expected the cold reaction that he and her sisters have received from their mother, who preferred life without kids. Furthermore, she was quite resilient to Cecile s well for leaving them.

One crazy Summer is a story that portrays a broken family. This story also illustrates the intelligence and the dedication of a young girl who is wise beyond her years and is quite focused.

Best Fact:

This story is exciting and changes the perception of a happy family that adults portray to their kids.Therefore, this can give them a good realization of real life.

  1. Brown Girl Dreaming

Brown Girl Dreaming
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This audiobook is a memoir in verse that depicts Jacqueline herself growing up in different places during a unique time in American history. She was born in Ohio but was raised in the south by her grandparents. She then moves back to the north and arrives at a noisier place with numerous friends. This story is about the way she can reconcile two different worlds altogether. 

How can she cope with this sudden change? Can she finally find her voice here in this extravagant world?

These memories are full of retraces of the mundane yet beautiful and dramatic periods of her childhood, which is captivating. 

Best Fact:

You might find a reflection of you while reading this book. The intimacy of a family, friends’ support, the worries of growing up, being lost in this misty world, and many more. This audiobook is a complete package of amazing stories that will touch your heart and teach numerous lessons to your kid.

  1. See you in the Cosmos

See you in the Cosmos
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This audiobook is about 11 years old, Alex, who sets off for a rocket festival in New Mexico. His companion was his dog, who was named after the astronomer Carl Sagan. In this book, Alex narrates his exciting trip on an iPod that he plans to launch, just like Carl. 

His adventures take numerous unexpected turns, and he makes many new friends. He goes off to Begas to decode the mystery of his long lost father, whom he thought was already dead. And by the time the trip ends, his perspective of a family completely changes. 

This story talks about numerous aspects like love, bravery, and truth. This boy is an epitome of positivity and full of optimism. 

Best Fact:

Alex’s solo adventure attempt was the most intriguing factor here and will be an excellent audiobook for your kid.

  1. The hobbit

The hobbit
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This is one of the renowned and the most loved fantasy books ever. George Allen and Unwin first published this book in 1937. This audiobook has been translated into 50 different languages, and over 100 million copies were sold. This book is full of adventure, heroism, and laughter.

The beautiful descriptions of the sceneries are to die for. One of the most appealing factors of this audiobook is finding our inner hobbit, which is deep within our soul that perks up at the thought of adventure and fun. 

Best fact:

With so many exciting stories,this is a journey to the unknown road and is a great audiobook to understand the beauty of everything around.

  1. The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary

The last fifth grade of Emerson Elementary
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Ever thought about how much one can change in a single year of school? If you think about the answer from the perspective of Ms. Hill’s fifth-grade class, it is quite a lot! Their school was slated to be torn down by the end of the year, and they were instructed to create poems for a time capsule. 

These poems depicted a variety of different forms and heartfelt confessions. Some are comical, while some are struggling. Some students have struggled with a parent getting divorced or going overseas in the army, a sick grandparent, or a financial crisis. There are joys, sorrows, and so much more in these poems.

Within these poems, they grow significantly and heal in the entire process. This audio book is positively delightful and has specific voices with specific opinions mentioned. 

Best Fact:

All of the kids are so genuine, and the language is perfect for the entire story. This poetry collection is honestly an utter beauty. This is a fantastic choice as an audiobook to teach children about various hardships in life and make them feel grateful for being privileged.

  1. Listen, Slowly

Listen, Slowly
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This audiobook talks about Mai, who is eagerly anticipating her summer with her best friend and crush. She is just twelve and almost a teenager. There was a piece of sudden news that her grandfather might be alive, and there starts her journey with her grandmother to a small village in Vietnam during the summers. 

The growth of Mai here is impeccable. in this story, and her connection that she makes with a teen guy was nascent and innocent. As she gradually and finally opens up to her friends and learns more regarding other people’s lives, she slowly wants to learn more regarding her grandfather. He escaped during the Vietnam war.

There are great explanations of various cities and new places that Mai is unaware of. 

Best fact:

This will teach the kids about the hardships of life beforehand. The way Mai dealt with her frustrations were genuine and authentic and touched hearts. This is a great heartfelt story and is excellent for adults as well as kids. It has family secrets, cultural barriers, and many more.

  1. Princess Academy

Princess Academy
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This is a great comfort read and a great fantasy book for the teenagers out there. The 2006 Newbery award awarded this book.Miri is a teenager who lived in a small and simple village within the mountains where everyone makes a living by quarrying a lovely marble rock that was exclusively found in those mountains. 

The audiobook talks about the harsh life, kind of love and belonging with close friends and family. There was a mistress of an academy that Miri and her other village friends used to deal with. She had a stern and cold behavior. There was a competition regarding the head of the class and was aspiring to be the topper. 

But she also had her conflicts. She had disputes regarding a boy and the feelings she had for him. This audiobook is focused not only on the competition to win the boy’s heart and grab his attention but also on Miri’s strong personality and the magic she had within her.

Best fact:

This audiobook focuses largely on building a strong personality at an early age. 

  1. The ice monster

The ice monster
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This unforgettable story of a homeless young girl named Elsie can move you and is an excellent read for your kid. This story is of 1899 during the journey of London. She searches for a place to live and soon finds a Natural History Museum where she helps bring life to the ice monster who was completely frozen and was just a mere showpiece.

Elsie and her friends tried every innovative way to help the freeing mammoth come to life. This is precisely where the adventure finally begins. This book is a thrill, as well as educational for the kids. It brings a rich history to life and offers excellent information regarding every historical monument and legacies engagingly.

The humor of the audiobook is neither too dark nor too lame. It is just perfect for every child and her parents to laugh at. It’s message is the defining glory and finding your way in this challenging and unpredictable world—it is about family, fighting, and the rights she deserves.

Best fact:

The tale and the journey of Elsie are full of rich adventure and are quite impressive. It ends on a happy note and is an excellent recommendation for your kid.

  1. Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables
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This audiobook has a different essence to it. Anne and her zest for life and enchanting zeal is incredible. Her appreciation and loveliness will fill you with gratitude and love. Anne makes mistakes in this book, and she is far from perfect. Just like any other teenage girl. 

She has her feelings and sees the value of learning in her way. She loves looking at the butterflies and flowers and has a subtle sense of appreciation towards everything. Anne quite straightforwardly mentions the wanting, seeking, and building friendships with various companions. Even though we are awkward at building relationships at this age, Anne is a source of inspiration by being such an outgoing girl.

This audiobook’s fluency is excellent if you want to improve and instill the right vocabulary words in your child’s mind. 

Best Fact:

This audiobook is one of the old classics and is one of the most favorite kids books out there that are widely read and loved by every kid. This book teaches the kids how to be outgoing, loving, graceful, and appreciative of every little thing and moment in life.


Audiobooks are immensely engaging and the best alternative for physical books. Investing loads of audiobooks can help your child learn different things quickly and easily without any hassle. These ten recommended books are an excellent option if your child is starting out in the world of stories, and you want to inculcate the habit of learning at a very young age. 

Therefore, pick up any one of them today, start the audiobook with your child, and enjoy each chapter’s childish essence. Try comparing it to your everyday life, and you will feel how powerful these children audiobooks can be for your experience. We hope these recommendations helped make the right choice.

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