10 Best Investment Audiobooks That Will Make You “GOOD” Investor[2023]

best audiobooks for investors

Investors, young or old, have learned many great things this year. One of the most important lessons that investors have learned is everything about the world can change in a snap of fingers. Young Investors had a tough time as they have never faced such atrocity. However, the only solution to beat all odds during the pandemic is knowledge.

Coronavirus is one of the greatest threats that the entire world has witnessed for the past 100 hundred years. The world is still coping with the losses of both lives and assets. As investors are staying home these days, they are missing out on real-life experience. They might as well listen to investment audiobooks as they provide the best way to acquire knowledge in everyday life.

What is the importance of audiobooks for investors?

Early investment is crucial but investing wisely is the need of the hour. The present-day environment is difficult for everyone. Moreover, it gets tougher for new and enthusiastic investors across the world. If you’re looking forward to enhancing your wisdom on making stable and massive returns, we have handpicked the best investment audiobooks.

The world we are living in is uncertain, so leveling up your A-Game with audiobooks can give you a necessary advantage to succeed. Let’s get started.

Top Audiobooks Every Young Investor Must Listen

  1. A Random Walk Down Wall Street (1973)

 A Random Walk Down Wall Street
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Burton G. Malkiel, greatly informative and reassuring work is one of the best investment books available in the market. Sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide, the book has been converted into an audiobook to reach young investors. The audiobook is tried-and-tested featuring a thorough strategy based on cumulative research for any investor’s portfolio. The reason why A Random Walk Down Wall Street is mentioned first in the list as it teaches the most basic knowledge of ‘street’. It also teaches investors into navigating a strong investment strategy in the most user-friendly and extensive manner.

The audiobook teaches investors to buy over some time and hold internationally diversified securities for exceedingly profitable returns. A Random Walk Down Wall Street also provides insight into the 2017 cryptocurrency bubble and tax-loss harvesting, which is considered as the epitome of tax management. The book also provides an insight into the new-age popular management-investment techniques, namely, risk parity and factor risking.

Best About Audiobook:

The classic life-cycle approach to investing in A Random Walk Down Wall Street audiobook, which tailors techniques to investors of all ages, can help you prepare confidently for the future. 

You’ll learn how to assess the prospective returns not only for basic stocks and bonds, but also for a wide range of other investment options, such as money-market accounts and real estate investment trusts, as well as insurance, house ownership, and physical assets such as gold and collectibles.

  1. Flash Boys (2015)

Flash Boys
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The Audie Award 2015 Non-fiction Finalist written by the writer of The Big Short, Michael Lewis. The Big Short has already been adapted into a motion picture of the same name featuring some of the best Hollywood actors like Steve Carell, Selena Gomez, among others. Flash Boys follows up the release of The Big Short. You can get your hands on Flash Boys which is available as an audiobook to help educate young investors across the world.

The audiobook revolves around a handful of iconoclasts in Wall Street who come up to realize that the stock market in the US is rigged. The insiders are responsible for rigging the stock market in their favor. The group bands together to expose, investigate as well as reform the sinister plot of the insiders.

Best About Audiobook:

Flash Boys is an exciting new unabridged audiobook authored by Michael Lewis, a highly respected financial journalist and novelist, and voiced by Dylan Baker. This narrative depicts the future of trading, in which well-suited Wall Street traders have been supplanted by computer code so complex that only a genius could outwit and steal from it. 

This is an incredibly captivating audiobook that should not be missed.

  1. Trading in the Zone

Trading in the Zone
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Mark Douglas’ Trading in the Zone is finally available as an audiobook from 2018. The author reveals the most undetected reason for lacking fundamental consistency. Listening to the audiobook will aid listeners to mend the mental blocks and dilemmas that make them lose both their time as well as money.

Mark Douglas offers a different take on the prevailing market’s myths that have been in circulation since the existence of wall street and stock markets. Douglas exposes the myths one after another and teaches young and observant traders to oversee beyond the conventional outcomes. The traders will understand the realistic nature of the risks and how to overcome these risks.

Best About Audiobook:

Douglas’ investor audiobook reveals the fundamental causes of inconsistency and assists traders in overcoming the established mental patterns that lose them money. 

He debunks market fallacies one by one, training traders to look beyond random outcomes, grasp the underlying realities of risk, and be at ease with the “probabilities” of market movement that govern all market speculation.

  1. Stock Investing for Dummies

Stock Investing for Dummies
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Written by Paul Mladjenovic, Stock Investing for Dummies shares how to grow stock investment in the ever-changing world. The audiobook reflects on the present-day market while providing strategies to manage and choose profitable investments, irrespective of the market conditions. In the audiobook, you’d learn to navigate the economic market, holistically. As young investors, you need to formulate situations for maximizing your investment portfolio.

Also, listening to the audiobook will give you an insight into global as well as economic events as they affect the portfolio of stock investors. The recent-most global event is the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. The worldwide events tend to be dramatic and present some new challenges as well as opportunities for all kinds of investors. The guide would aid you to swiftly navigate the constantly changing stock market with simplistic tips & information. It is always important for young investors to integrate stocks right into the investment portfolio. To further capitalize and understand the prevailing market conditions.

Best About Audiobook:

This audiobook of Stock Investing for Dummies, updated with fresh and rewritten content to match the current market, provides you with proven techniques for picking and maintaining lucrative investments regardless of market circumstances. 

You’ll learn how to navigate the changing economic environment and select the best stock for each circumstance, with real-world examples that teach you how to maximize your portfolio.

  1. A History of the United States in Five Crashes

 A History of the United States in Five Crashes
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Scott Nations’ A History of the United States in Five Crashes is smart, absorbing, & an accessible unification of the cultural history of America and its economy. Nations have been a longtime financial engineer, trader, and contributor to CNBC. The audiobook would transcend you to a journey about five notable stock market bursts in the past 100 years. The book comprises the greatest stock crashes such as 1907’s Panic, 1929’s Black Tuesday, 1987’s Black Monday, 2008’s The Great Recession, and the 2010s’ The Flash Crash.

The audiobook narrated stories behind the US’ great crashes filled with human foibles, drama, and last-moment heroic rescues. The author brings together some of the crashes that have shaped the country to reach new heights of economic and financial power. The book also lays down a simple rule that almost all Americans follow, to invest the savings to get a hefty return.

Best About Audiobook:

The financial implosion that triggered a catastrophic plunge in the American stock market is a spectacular narrative in and of itself. However, when viewed as a whole, they provide a unique financial history of the twentieth century in the United States.

A History of the United States in Five Crashes clearly and compellingly demonstrates the linkages between these financial disasters and explores the strong, clear-cut lessons they give for averting the next one.

  1. Investing QuickStart Guide

 Investing QuickStart Guide
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If you want an audiobook that has a simplified yet extensive introduction to investment. The author of the book brings in 30 years of extensive experience in the finance industry. Ted’s Investing QuickStart Guide will greatly benefit young investors. At the same time, experienced investors can strengthen their portfolio as the audiobook covers mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, stocks, treasuries, REITS, indexes, alongside investment securities.

Snow’s Investing QuickStart Guide is unconventional, unafraid yet takes a practical approach towards asset-allocation. The philosophical element in the audiobook is communicated seamlessly. Additionally, the content is remarkably appropriate for newcomers who want to dominate the market. The simplistic, as well as comprehensive take of Investing QuickStart Guide, makes it worth-a-while as compared to its counterparts in the market.

Best About Audiobook:

If you’re seeking the greatest investment primer on the market right now, consider your discovery of this book to be the first significant event in a long run of excellent financial fortune!

The Investment QuickStart Guide provides a concise but thorough introduction to the world of investing.

The Narrator did an excellent job with the subject, which you should approach gently since you want to learn as much as possible from this audiobook and as many sources as possible.

  1. Big Mistakes

Big Mistakes
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Big Mistake by Michael Batnick is a must-listen for investors looking forward to maximizing their returns. Big Mistakes unveil some of the greatest investment mistakes and failures in the history of humankind. Many big names have failed in investment and stock. Further, the said mistakes and failures lead to moments of enlightenment where they mend their strategies to have successful ventures.

Investing is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride with unpredictable highs & lows. The book comprises success stories from the lives of Warren Buffet, Chris Sacca, Bill Ackman, Mark Twain, Jack Bogle, John Maynard Keynes, among others. All these notable people have reportedly handled thousands of dollars as well as a few billion, losses, and failures. All of these investors have faced missteps and created a massive portfolio in investment. Big Mistakes has been thoroughly researched and reflects realism. Do you want to maximize your success rate? Listen to the audiobook today!

Best About Audiobook:

A Must-Read for Any Investor Looking to Maximize Their Chances of Success

This audiobook is a must-read for every investor wanting to optimize their chances of success. It is research-heavy and anchored in realism.

A heartbreaking and optimistic narrative of Michael Batnick’s personal faults, which appear to embrace all of the other investors in this audiobook about investing.

  1. The Intelligent Investor

 The Intelligent Investor
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The intelligent investor is a classic work by Benjamin Graham that provides time wisdom since 1949. Benjamin Graham is considered one of the influential investment advisors of the 20th century. For ages, the book has taught as well as inspired people around the world. At times, The Intelligent Investor is regarded as the bible for the stock market and investment. “Value Investing” is the core philosophy of The Intelligent Investor. By the looks of it, Value Investing can shield investors from making considerable errors. Further, teaching investors in curating long-term strategies for profitable returns.

The audiobook preserves the integrity of the original text in The Intelligent Investor. The new edition also includes commentary from Jason Zweig, a notable financial journalist. Zweig’s perspective ponders on the present-day market’s reality and also draws a parallelism between Graham’s texts and Zweig’s perspective.

Best About Audiobook:

Benjamin Graham, the best investing counselor of the twentieth century, taught and inspired individuals all over the world. Since its initial publication in 1949, Graham’s theory of “value investing,” protects investors from significant mistakes and encourages them to create long-term strategies.

This HarperBusiness Essentials version of The Intelligent Investor is the most important audiobook you’ll ever listen to on how to achieve your financial objectives.

  1. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

 Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits and Other Writings
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Several pieces of wisdom can be found on each page of this book. The books are written by one of the celebrated investors in the world, Philip A. Fisher. Fisher’s investment philosophies came into being around 40 years ago. All of the research and strategies introduced by Philip Fisher are still used by investors and financiers of the modern-day.

The audiobook offers a thorough understanding of businesses and encompasses the smartest investment commitment to inspire young investors.

Best About Audiobook:

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, one of the most influential audiobooks on investment theory ever published, sets out the essential concepts of intelligent investing. 

Philip Fisher is widely recognized and admired as one of the most important investors of all time. His investing theories are not only studied and used by today’s financial experts but are also held in high respect by many. He is regarded as a forefather of contemporary investment theory.

  1. Beating the Street

Beating the Street
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The audiobook is written by Peter Lynch, a notable money manager. Lynch has his theories and he advises the strategy of his curation to the young investors in the ever-changing market. In Beating the Street, Lynch reassures investors that stocks aren’t anything like the lottery. A stock belongs to a company and that’s what makes stock lucrative and a risky investment at the same time.

Investors need to become experts about a company before they start investing. This is the golden rule if you want to have a strong investment portfolio.

Best About Audiobook:

Peter Lynch, the legendary money manager, outlines his own investing techniques and gives guidance on how to choose stocks and mutual funds to build a profitable investment portfolio.

Lynch discusses how to create a mutual fund strategy for the first time in Beating the Street, demonstrates his step-by-step stock-picking techniques, and outlines how the individual investor may enhance his or her investing performance to rival that of the professionals.

There’s no reason why the average investor can’t compete with the pros, and this book will teach you how.


You can’t reach your potential as an investor overnight. There are no shortcuts when it comes to investing. The handpicked best investment audiobooks will provide you with the necessary insights to rise and reach the stars. The investment audiobooks list is curated after extensive and thorough research, targeted towards the young investors holistically.

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