10 Best Audiobook Series To Get Stuck Into 2023{Final List}

best audiobook series

Escapism is one of the most significant reasons why people tend to read books series. As the world is adopting digitalization wholeheartedly the conventional books irrespective of whether they are part of a series or standalone, are turned into audiobooks. Best audiobooks series have a way of captivating the listeners and its audiences. Once you begin listening to the first part of any audiobook series, you won’t stop until you complete all of them. It is often suggested to make kids and teenagers go through book series so they can invest their time as well as energy to understand the characters, their complexities and what makes each character unique as the story expands into a series of events following the first one.

Audiobook series comprise a lot of wow moments and interconnectedness which transcends the listeners to a whole new horizon. Only the best audiobooks series curated by some of the brilliant and creative minds will take you on an incredible journey with a new adventure in a definitive chronology. The audiobook series are generally of two types. 

Why invest time with the best audiobooks series when we live in a world of Netflix and other streaming platforms with thousands of unique content?

Books and audiobooks are the epitomai of knowledge. They are by far the greatest source of entertainment, knowledge and ideas that invokes a sense of fulfilment in people. The more exposed you become to literary works of the great authors in the world, you become a connoisseur who has a better understanding of storytelling even if you’re not a writer. These are the reasons why books and audiobooks hold the utmost importance in any era. Let us give you one more reason why you should invest your time in the best audiobooks series.

People indeed prefer digital media to learn new things and entertain themselves. Hence, the inception of audiobooks has been a boon for the readers who have busy schedules and cannot carry paperbacks to read while travelling or while they are working. Audiobooks are the alternatives in the fast-paced world which are born out of a rat race. The race isn’t going to stop, ever, but you can equip yourself with the best audiobooks series to enhance your learning experience by immersive reading. We’ve put together a list of 10 best audiobooks series from every genre that will keep entertaining you, seamlessly. You can pick up any audiobook series from the list and get started. All you need to do is get your hand-on one of the audiobooks, a pair of earphones, a device and start listening.

10 Best Audiobook Series Guaranteed to Keep You Listening

  1. The Vanderbeekers ( 4-Book Series)

 The Vanderbeekers ( 4-Book Series)
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The Venderbeeker series, a critically acclaimed and fan-favourite series was first published in 2017 with the introduction of The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street. Written by Karina Yan Glaser, best-selling New York Times author the success of the first book followed three more and equally popular sequels such as The Vanderbeekers and the Hidden Garden, The Vanderbeekers to the Rescue, and The Vanderbeekers Lost and Found.

The series is a heartfelt and pleasant throwback to the yesteryear’s big-family novels. The story explores a biracial family who undergoes everyday challenges to survive years after years together battling the challenges that head their way. If you appreciate the classic novels that came into being post World War II to the mid-70s, you’ll love the setting of the book. The series will take you on a nostalgic journey that you miss in the modern-day audiobooks.


The Vanderbeekers is regarded as the ultimate feel-good as well as Avant-grade narration which changed the dynamics of storytelling in 2017.

  1. The MaddAddam Trilogy (3-Book Series)

 The MaddAddam Trilogy (3-Book Series)
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Penned down by one of the greatest writers of this generation, Margaret Atwood, The MaddAddam Trilogy comprises three audiobooks, namely, Oryx and Crake (2003), The Year of the Flood (2009), and lastly, MaddAddam (2013). The audiobook series is set across a dystopian Earth in the future which has seen several changes due to genetic engineering, floods, plagues. The series takes the idiom, survival of the fittest to a whole new level. The Earth is a planet of a handful of people who fight for their survival.

The most thought-provoking attribute of the trilogy is that listeners can immediately imagine and correlate with the unsettling and bizarre Earth which came out of Atwood’s imagination. Through The MaddAddam Trilogy Atwood addresses the true human nature and how greed leads to the destruction and annihilation of the human race. Given that the setting of the trilogy is heartbreaking, but critics said that this unpretty picture of the Earth could not be avoided.


The series is thought-provoking, and it will enlist some rational questions regarding humankind’s ultimate fate.

  1.  Bollywood Series (4-Book Series)

Bollywood Series (4-Book Series)
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The Bollywood Series by Sonali Dev is one of the best-selling romantic series which is set in India. The names of the audiobooks in the series are A Bollywood Affair, The Bollywood Bride, A Change of Heart, and Distant Heart. The most distinctive feature of the four books are, they are loosely connected which can be covered as standalone stories. All the audiobooks have a similar setting such as Contemporary Romance, Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, and lastly cultural fiction which are also common elements between the four audiobooks.

Favourite Quote:

“It doesn’t matter what my life has been like, Samir. What matters is hope. If you don’t believe in a happy ending, what are you living for?”

  1. Easy Rawlins Series (14-Book Series)

 Easy Rawlins Series (14-Book Series)
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The names of the books that feature in the acclaimed Easy Rawlin Series by Walter Mosley comprise of A Red Death, Devil in a Blue Dress, White Butterfly, A Little Yellow Dog, Black Betty, Gone Fishin’, Bad Boy Brawly Brown, Little Secret, Six Easy Pieces, Little Green, Blonde Faith, Cinnamon Kiss, Charcoal Joe, and Rose Gold. Easy Rawlins is one of the compelling characters ever written. Moreover, Easy Rawlins is also the only connection between all the 11 audiobooks. Rawlins is an African American private Investigative Detective who belongs to Los Angeles of the racist era, the 1940s to 1960s.

Social justice remains an integral part of all of the storylines in the Easy Rawlins Series. As the series features 14 novels and a collection of short stories, you can easily spend the entire winter to finish them seamlessly as audiobooks.


The series revolves around a world which saw the people of colour as an oppressed population yet Easy Rawlins overcomes all the challenges that come towards him.

  1.  The Vampire Chronicles (13-Book Series)

 The Vampire Chronicles (13-Book Series)
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The Vampire Chronicles is already a classic audiobook series written by Anne Rice, an American Writer. The entire series revolves around Lestat de Lioncourt, the French nobleman who became a vampire back in the 18th Century. According to Rice’s decade-old 2008 interview, the vampires in her works are metaphors for the souls which are lost. At a minimum, The Vampire Chronicles has already sold over 80 million copies, internationally.

The 13 audiobooks in the series will captivate your time as well as your mind for a long time. The first book in the series An Interview with a Vampire has already been adapted into a film featuring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kristen Dunst, among others. The recent work of Anne Rice was 2018 novel Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat which suggests that The Vampire Chronicles is here to stay!


All the stories in the series are based on one character who is regarded as an immortal on Earth.

  1.  The Wolf Hall Series (3-Book Series)

 The Wolf Hall Series (3-Book Series)
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The Historical novel by Hilary Mantel, an English Author, is set in the early 15th Century from 1500 to 1535. The audiobook series documents Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power and prominence in Henry VIII’s court. The series’ Wolf Hall(2009) is considered as one of the top-10 historical novels of all time. In addition to this, Wolf Hall also won the Man Booker Prize alongside the National Book Critics Circle Award.

In the series, Thomas Cromwell is a dazzling, mysterious and controversial figure who is brilliant in his pursuit of excellence.


The book in the audiobook series comprises several royal, and political players originating from 1485 and 1603, Tudor England.

  1.  The Kingkiller Chronicle (2-Book Series)

 The Kingkiller Chronicle (2-Book Series)
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Patrick Rothfuss’s heroic fantasy series, The Kingkiller Chronicle recounts the life and story of Kvothe, a musician as well as an adventurer. The series consists of two books, namely, The Name of the Wind (2007) and The Wise Man’s Fear (2011), In addition to this, there is a third novel in the making which is yet to be released, named as ‘The Doors of Stone’. So far, the book series has sold around 10 million copies.

The series has two different timelines that describe Kvothe, the central characters’ story in the most descriptive manner.


The Kingkiller Chronicle is one of the best fantasy stories about a notorious wizard that is ever penned down.

  1.  His Dark Materials (3-Book Series)

 His Dark Materials (3-Book Series)
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Given that His Dark Materials is popular among children, the influence of the powerful characters with one-track mind makes the series popular among the adults as well. Written by Philip Pullman, the science fantasy and high fantasy series comprise three titles such as Northern Lights (1995), The Subtle Knife (1997), and The Amber Spyglass (2000). The novels revolve around two children. Namely, Lyra Belacqua & Will Parry and the kids are seen travelling through parallel universes.

The reason what makes His Dark Materials unique is that the trilogy incorporates the concept from philosophy, physics, as well as theology. The author didn’t specifically write His Dark Materials for a specific target audience; people of any age can enjoy the world of parallel universes.


His Dark Materials has been adapted as film, television, and audiobooks.

  1.  The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (4-Book Series)

 The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings (4-Book Series)
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The high fantasy, epic novels by English scholar and author J. R. R. Tolkien revolves around the past world set in Middle-Earth. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth Saga is considered to be among some of the best-selling books which are ever written. Additionally, over 150 million copies of the Middle-Earth saga are already sold worldwide. The Hobbit is the children’s book curated by Tolkien in 1937 eventually led to the largest and most influential literary and fantasy work the world has ever known.

Due to economic reasons, The Lord of the RIngs had to be published into three distinctive volumes ranging from the 29th July 1954 to the 20th October 1955. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth saga has been reprinted several times, and it has been translated into 38 distinctive languages.


The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings have shaped modern-day fantasy and literature, making the writer one of the crucial figures in the literary world.

  1.  Crossfire Series (5-Book Series)

Crossfire Series (5-Book Series)
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Slyvia Day’s Crossfire Series comprises five predominant works namely Bared to You, Reflected in You, Entwined with You, Captivated by You, and One with You. By the looks of it, the Crossfire Series is one of the best-selling Sunday Times books which captivated the hopelessly romantic audience with Gideon Cross’ charm and wit. The series is about the obsession of Eva with Gideon, which transformed the meaning of desire becoming a worldwide phenomenon.


The five-book series in the form of audiobooks shows how people from troubled past can heal each other and invoke love inside of them.


The first and the foremost type is that these audiobooks follow-up in a sequential manner that connects the plot in the first book with the last. These audiobooks have a lasting impression on its listeners and audience. The second type of audiobook series does not follow interconnected or sequential plots. Given that the characters and the setting might be similar in them, they can be heard whichever way the listener wants to go through with the storyline. People tend to refer to the first type as an audiobook series; however, we as avid listeners and readers do not put a constraint on literary pieces.

We’ve tailor-made this list for your convenience, each series has its unique genre and setting, making it the best audiobooks series in the world today.

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