101 Guide On “How To Listen To Audiobooks?”[2023]

how to listen audiobooks

Do you know how people start migrating to audiobooks? There is always that one avid reader you know who will go the extra mile. That person will try new things to make book reading interesting. By the looks of it, this person will influence others in the group to adopt the change. They do not influence by force, preferably by inspiration.

Everybody starts an audiobook thinking that they lack the patience to sit through one. In addition to this, they also feel they will get easily distracted. Then there is another assumption that they will lose the story’s track. Everyone who still thinks that audiobooks are your thing, you should give it a try. If you’re looking forward to adding value to your life other than going on a shopping spree and dining with your loved ones, you should get into the realms of audiobooks. Thou art worthy! We’ll bring you a complete guide on how to listen to Audiobooks. However, hold on. There are some facts about audiobooks that you might be interested in.

Back in 1877, Thomas Edison, the famous American inventor, developed the phonograph record. After the ground innovation, the inventor predicted that upon countless innovations, humans could record words, sentences, and verses using machines. And 110 years later, the concept of audiobooks came into being. Edison was the first person in the world to point out that innovation will take the world by storm. Moreover, it will act as a catalyst to incur amusement and profit. Audiobooks became a great source of earning for both gentlemen and ladies over the years. By 2020, the worldwide audiobook market is around $3,5 billion with a handsome 25% increase.

Any moment is a great moment to start listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks can easily be read on several devices such as smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets. You can engage in audiobooks while doing chores, driving, or even taking your pet for a walk. Truthfully, audiobooks are the closest things to paperback. They are immersive, they are engaging, and they are not dull. These things have already begun changing your perspective a little. Let us proceed to what makes audiobooks stand apart:

  1. Audiobooks involve voice inflexions and modulation from professional narrators. The prowess of the narration brings the world of the author to life. Audiobooks are just like listening to your favourite singer, but it goes on for hours.
  2. You can distinguish between your characters such as the protagonist, major and minor characters as each character has a distinctive voice.
  3. When you’re reading a book, there are times when you don’t know how to pronounce some words. Audiobooks can suggest perfect pronunciations of different words. It can also enhance your vocabulary. So far, this is the ideal means of learning for non-native speakers of the English language.
  4. You can pause audiobooks at any moment. Who doesn’t like to feel that they are in control and have the liberty? Well, everyone! If you do not want to end a chapter, you can simply pause it.

Do you want to get started with how to listen to Audiobooks? Here’s how

  1. Subscribe with an audiobooks platform

Yes, there are countless audiobooks on platforms like YouTube. However, these audiobooks are the reason why most people deem audiobooks stale. The truth is audiobooks aren’t dull or stagnant, and these free audiobooks feel stale. The narrative is almost pungent. There are many people who complain that audiobooks from YouTube feel like someone is simply reading a novel or a script. The fun about audiobooks comes when professionals put significant emphasis on the narration. It is the power of the narration that makes audiobooks compelling.

When you subscribe to listen to audiobooks on platforms like Audible, Scribd, Audiobooks.com, Kobo, among others, you get high-quality audiobooks. These premium audiobooks will make your head reel. There will be times when your silences will be replaced with splendid stories.

There are some audiobooks that have over 5 or 10 narrators. Even some audiobooks have voice actors from Hollywood and British Telly and films. The voice actors also have a duty to perform incredibly giving an immersive experience to listeners. You can listen to the audiobook of Harry Potter from the premium platforms featuring voices of the notable actors. It is the performance of the narrators that makes the stories gripping and enthralling.

If you’re getting into the realm of audiobooks, it is best to skip on the free versions of Audiobooks available on Librivox or YouTube. Remember, the audiobooks on these platforms aren’t adequate. It is just that audiobooks on premium platforms have better quality.

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The best part? These platforms offer a 30-Day free trial option.

  1. Pick the right Genres

There are two kinds of people who like fiction and nonfiction. If someone wants to hear rumors on an audiobook, they won’t like nonfiction as well as vice-versa. But, there are always exceptions. Well, human beings are extraordinary creatures. What do most people do when they come across an important thing? They save it or note it just like a bookmark from the internet. Most of the premium audiobook platforms provide the bookmark feature. The feature isn’t similar to annotating and underlining, just like a conventional book. You can start off with an audiobook, right where you’ve left it.

It is very much advised by our editor team to have a preferred niche selection. The conscious decision will aid you in the long run while making a selection. Most of our people generally like listening to fiction audiobooks. The reason? It is the narrator that intrigues listeners, hence fiction is an excellent choice for listening to audiobooks. The narrator changes the pacing as alongside tones & volume to set the story’s mood.

Technically, choosing audiobooks’ is all about a person’s perception. If you like fiction with conventional books, try nonfiction in audiobooks, or vice versa. You can try both, get entertained, learn new things from audiobooks.

  1. Always pick an audiobook that is well-reviewed book

If you’re a newbie and just starting out with audiobooks, note the golden rule. At first, you might get quite disheartened in case you cannot grasp the first few chapters in the audiobook. Given that this is a golden rule. We’ve curated a list of suggestions to aid you through an audiobook:

  • First and foremost stick to the genre you prefer. Always stick to the genre that you like reading. For instance, if you are an absolute fan of romantic comedy stick to rom-com. Remember, just don’t wander off listening to thrillers. Stick to the genres you’re comfortable with, the ones that you grew up with.
  • Premium platforms allow you to try out a sample of the audiobook you want to hear. You can check if the accent and the oratory skills of the narrator is as per your expectation. There are chances that different platforms have the same audiobook. However, the narrator of the audiobooks might be different. You should consider trying out an extensive array of samples from various sources. Evaluation never did hurt anyone, ever!
  • Always choose the audiobook that you’ve been planning to read. The mindset ensures that you’re already ready for things you’ll learn and experience. By far, this is the most powerful method that provides you’ll enjoy your first audiobook.
  • If you’re an avid reader, do you believe in the power of reviews? Reviews ensure if the audiobook should be heard, liked or loved. This is basic for all types of books. Make sure that you skim through audiobooks’ reviews. Do not listen to an audiobook, given that it is popular. You’d simply have a bad experience. Research and then listen to the audiobooks. Never jump into a wagon without knowing its driver, same goes with an audiobook. Reviews give you an idea about the audiobook’s immersiveness and narration.

  1. Narration is crucial

What is the crucial aspect of an audiobook? The narration. It is mentioned earlier how narration can impress you or turn you off. The narrator has all the power in the universe to break or make an audiobook. Who doesn’t like audiobooks in 2020? There is the COVID pandemic, then the lockdown, and disasters after a disaster. Even some of the prominent personalities across the world have perished. In the middle of the chaos, the world relied heavily on the internet. Hence, there’s even significant usage of audiobooks from notable platforms than any other year.

Given that you love audiobooks, you might hate them at first. The reason is poor narration and not much of extraordinary oratory skills. If you listen to audiobooks with unimpressive narrators, you will begin to dislike audiobooks. Make sure that you take a look at the reviews of the narrator. The studies would reveal everything you’d need to know about narrators. Narrator reviews play a critical role before listening to an audiobook.

  1. Some books are better as audiobooks

Conventional books are great for readers who still prefer reading. However, there are some stories, some books which are better when heard. Maybe, this is the reason why audiobooks became popular. People must have found audiobooks to be more entertaining and immersive than conventional ones. However, this is more about people’s perceptions and preferences. There are instances where people seem to like traditional books and audiobooks of the same name. As mentioned earlier, it’s all about a person’s perspective and taste.

Audiobooks pack a lot of action and imagery without the need for reading. You can give your eyes a little rest once in a while. Audiobooks’ are great when it comes to imparting actions. However, if you want to uncover a story alongside descriptive prose is well-suited in books. Descriptive prose is something that you shouldn’t hear rather than read. Given that there are several upper hands of audiobooks over conventional books. There are certain things that don’t or cannot work out as audio. The pro tip is to figure out your taste and what you like.

  1. Replace, supplement, and enrichment

We might have already covered most of How to listen to Audiobooks. However, there are several reasons why you can use audiobooks.


Many people replace their existing methods of procuring knowledge by shifting to audiobooks. When avid reader explores the benefits and convenience that audiobooks offer, they turn to audiobooks. There are others who use audiobooks as they prefer listening to reading.


Audiobooks are the perfect supplement to reading books. You can also read an audiobook while working out or doing yoga. Moreover, they can enhance your daily activities with ideas and knowledge. You can also enjoy long trips with friends and family while listening to audiobooks. Audiobook platforms come with a sleep timer. Once you set the sleep timer, the audiobook stops at the exact time. Even the boring things with audiobooks like brushing my teeth get exciting.


Most people find listening to a lecture quite a holistic experience. Similarly, listening to audiobooks empower retention. The immersive experience is significant for enhancing career and also for self-development. Even the slowest of readers can improve their reading speed after being exposed to a considerable amount of audiobooks.

  1. Adjust the speed of narration

Several audiobook platforms offer a feature where users can increase the narration speed. For instance, you can shrink an audiobook of 6 hours into 3 hours. However, if you cannot catch up with narration, you can also slow down the speed. Use your creativity to make listening to audiobooks fun.

Final Verdict

Most of the people who we come across every day do not understand or appreciate the power of an audiobook. You can get the most out of audiobooks, and it entirely depends on you. We sincerely hope that guide How to listen to Audiobooks would have changed your perception. Give audiobooks a chance, and they will grow on you. They artlessly did wonders for us, writers, creators, and explorers.

If there is a technology that can enhance your knowledge as well as your learning experience, why wouldn’t you avail it? Audiobook platforms also allow you to hear podcasts from some of your favorite celebrities. Some of the premium audiobook platforms are Audible, Audiobooks.com, Scribd, among others. These platforms have an extensive collection to entertain you 24/7.

This article was written by 10audioz and published on Tuesday, 20 July 2021. The last update was made on Wednesday, 26 January 2023.

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