A Holistic Guide On: How To Gift Audiobooks and Gift Ideas For Audiobook Lovers[2023]

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Pleasing book lovers is not a very tough task as people pretend it to be. You can easily quench the thirst of a book lover by gifting them long-awaiting or a new title. As the world is adapting digitalization, you can also say as there is a rise in digital content, the need to be a part of the revolution is equally important. The rise of digitalization has also opened new ways for book lovers to indulge in the world of fantasy, fiction, knowledge, and self-help. Gifting the best audiobook to book lovers is like providing them with an immersive avenue to indulge and learn new things.

There are over a hundred, most notable platforms like Audible and Audiobooks.com where people can purchase as well as gift any audiobook which is on the platform. By the looks of it, you can gift an old classic audiobook or an audiobook which is yet to release with the help of pre-order. Today, Audiobooks are fantastic gifts as they transcend the listeners to distant places, teach the listeners something new and also make commuting much less boring.

It is a little tough to gift an audiobook but there’s no rocket science involved. All you need to do is figure out the best possible ways for gifting audiobooks. Remember that there will be times when even the popular audiobook services are not easy to come by, even understanding the core working principle might take a few hours. However, all the queries related to gifting an audiobook will be covered here, to give the ones gifting audiobooks a guaranteed peace of mind. Take a look at how you can gift audiobooks from different platforms.

How To Gift Audiobooks: 11 Methods (With Images)

  1. Audible

In the beginning, Audible provided an option where one could gift their loved ones an audiobook. However, the option is no longer available as the platform doesn’t allow users to gift single audiobooks. So far, this is the best decision that the platform has implemented as it knows people could give their loved ones a subscription to the platform. 

In order to gift any one of the four subscriptions, first, you’d have to head to Audible’s very own Gift Center.

audible gift center

First, you’ve to scroll to the homepage of the platform where you’ll spot several options for subscription. Audible offers four different types of subscriptions such as for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Months. Moreover, the subscription ranges from $15 to $150 dollars and the credits that Audible offers are great as well.

audible gift membership plans

What will the recipient of the gift get from the subscription?

  • For instance, if the recipient is not a subscriber, they will receive an audiobook for every month. In addition to this, Audible also provides two Originals which are the exclusive audio titles of the platform. Also, they provide discounts on other audiobooks.
  • If the person you’re gifting the audiobook to is already subscribed with Audible, they’ll immediately receive all of the credits. Further, this also suggests they will immediately receive one, three, six and 12 completely free audiobooks in an instant alongside a couple of Audible Originals every month.

Audible platform isn’t cheap, but it offers the best of services to its users as compared to others. Friends of book lovers can gift the subscription to Audible and they can take full advantage of the platform.

  1. Amazon

amazon audiobook gift

The downloadable audiobooks which are available on Amazon, are available only through the notable audiobook platform, Audible. Hence, if you wish to own a completely digital version of any audiobook then you will be required to sign up directly on Audible.

Amazon is popular for selling audiobooks on conventional CDs. You can choose to gift-wrap them and then send to loved ones if you prefer. Moreover, if the recipient wishes to have their audiobook in digital format, when they have their CD, they can do whatever they want to do with it.

amazon audiobook cd gift

  1. AudiobooksNow

audiobooksnow gift

There are chances that even the most avid readers are yet to hear about AudiobooksNow. However, AudiobooksNow is one of the best ways to give away an audiobook as a gift. With AudiobooksNow, you can give single audiobooks in the form of gifts just by finding the audiobook that you’re looking for. All you need to do is click on Give as Gift and then add the book to Cart.

Additionally, you can also choose to gift a membership plan which is around $29.99. Moreover, the membership plans provide members with a discount of 50% off 12 distinctive books, a year, and then members will get 35-40% off on audiobooks after that. However, the platform doesn’t offer credits for the free books much like other plans. However, you’ll be saving around $120 on the first 12 books. You can get started by visiting the Gift Center of AudiobooksNow.

The platform also provides a third option, such as gift certificates. By far, these are the best budget and they are available as $5 increments which begins at $10. The recipient can choose to spend the amount on whichever book they desire.

3ways to gift audiobooks in audiobooks now

  1. Audiobooks.com

audiobooks.com gift audiobooks

Audiobooks.com is much like Audible in many ways. One of the most common virtues of both platforms is that users can gift individual books to their friends or loved ones. Audiobooks.com does offer gift options which include one, three, six, and twelve month plans which ranges from $14.95 to $149.40. The price is great for people who like to finish one audiobook every month.

audiobooks.com gift membership plan

The price is comparable to that of Audible. Even the offers from Audiobooks.com are quite attractive, in case you sincerely wish to stay from Amazon’s offerings. The audiobook fans are already hooked on the offerings from Audiobooks.com as it is one of the best platforms.

  1. Apple iTunes

When it comes to gifting a single audiobook, and the recipient of the audiobook possesses an Apple device, gifting from Apple iTunes could be the best-ever gift! iTunes doesn’t come with an option to subscribe, all you need to do is make a few clicks for purchasing audiobooks and gifting it.

  • First, open the iTunes application and then switch to the Audiobooks section.
  • Then click on Store in the top-side menu.
  • Now make a search for the book which you desire, click on the arrow to Buy Audiobook option.
  • Choose ‘Gift this Audiobook’

The only thing you need to do is confirm the purchase.

  1. Downpour

downpour audiobook gift

Much like others, Downpour doesn’t come with gifting options. As all the audiobooks in the platform are completely DRM-free, you could choose to buy one audiobook all by yourself and send it as a gift to your recipient.

After completing these, you’ll be required to use an application exclusively for audiobook to listen to the said audiobook.

  1. Scribd

scribd audiobooks gift

Scribd follows the same suit as the popular audiobook subscription service, Audible. Scribd readers have access to one audiobook per month alongside three ebooks. So far, the offering offers a valuable combination that further makes the platform incredibly valuable.

Scribd charges a nominal subscription fee of around $8.99 per month. However, you can choose to buy a dedicated gift subscription for around $25 which covers three months, $50 for half a year, and $100 for a year. All you have to do is head to the gift page of Scribd to begin.

scribd audiobook gift plans

  1. Libro.fm

libro fm audiobooks gift

Libro.fm is a popular audiobooks platform as it supports independent bookstores across the globe. The platform also offers a couple of ways to provide audiobooks in the form of gifts and presents.

At first, you could choose to gift distinctive books without having to delve in any sort of subscription. The only thing needed to be done is to search for the book that you desire, after finding it click on the option ‘Gift this Audiobook.’ Ensure that you select the most sought after and favourite category independent bookstore prior to making the purchase. Upon doing so, you’ll be credited for the purchase.

librofm audiobook gift plans

On the other hand, there are some users who strictly prefer to opt for a subscription plan. For these users, the platform also offers a robust subscription plan which ranges from one month and all the way to 12 months. The price of the plans range from $15 to $165 offers. Upon subscribing the recipients will receive an audiobook for a month of their choice. To get started with Libro.fm, head to the website today!

There are several other platforms that you can opt for if you want to gift your near and dear ones an access to the best ecosystem to listen to audiobooks. For instance, there is a platform based out of Sweden called Storytel which also offers subscriptions. In this platform, the subscribers could seamlessly listen to numerous, almost unlimited audiobooks all through their subscription. The current Storytel users have the advantage of gifting audiobooks to friends who are yet to use the Storytel website. You get your friend aboard the Swedish platform, the user has to enter the email address of the friend and attach a gift message. The message could be anything such as a recommendation for an audiobook that they might enjoy! Further, you friend could enjoy all the books incorporated in the extensive and ever-growing library without having to pay a penny.

Let’s take a look at other platforms that offer lucrative options when it comes to gifting audiobooks!

  1. eStories

estories audiobooks gift

As far as the revelation of the platform goes, eStories is a complete credit and subscription based audiobook platform. Gifting audiobooks through the platform is as simple as drinking a glass of water. Users who wish to send some audiobooks via eStories have to visit the platform’s gifting page.

estories audibook gift process

After visiting the platform’s gifting page, users have a few options like gifting 1 to 3 audiobook credits and choose a date for delivery. At the time of writing, the platform features more than 120,000 audiobooks. That’s a big number!

  1. Walmart or Kobo

kobo audiobooks gift

As an ebook and audiobook platform, Kobo has procured tremendous growth and development over the years. Based out of Rakuten, Kobo is currently one of the most notable platforms with more than 5 million ebook and audiobook libraries in the world. Moreover, Kobo is also the platform behind the popular Walmart eBooks which provides an audiobook subscription to the user for $9.99 per month by providing one audiobook to users per month.

The gift cards for the platform are available from their official retail partners, so people can choose to acquire those gift cards. Moreover, gift cards for the Walmart eBooks range from 3 months to 12 months of subscription which can be bought online and they are usually delivered via email. The platform also allows users to purchase gift cards with an incredible amount of money which is preloaded, you can also avail the recipient purchase of an individual book directly from the services of Walmart eBooks.

  1. Nook Audiobooks

The notable Barnes and Noble’s modern-day digital audiobook service is one of the best alternatives when it comes to gifting an audiobook to your near and dear ones in the most distinctive manner.  If you visit the platform and you look for ways to gift an audiobook then you won’t find one. No need to get disheartened as Barnes and Noble sells gift cards for audiobooks online. People can make use of the gift card to purchase any audiobook they want to gift online or CD in-store.

nook audiobooks gift card

Now that we’ve covered how to gift audiobook subscriptions to push the near and dear ones to listen to the best source of entertainment and learning. There are certain things that avid audiobook lovers like as a gift, it can be Hi-Res mp3 player, wireless headphones, a great multi-purpose tablet. There are always certain things that audiobook lovers like to be paired with to hustle their way through life and everyday chores.

13 Perfect Gifts For Audiobook Lovers That Aren’t Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the next big thing in terms of entertainment and learning purpose. Hence, they are being adopted significantly across the world. Every day many readers are discovering their love for audiobooks and rediscovering new ways to be entertained and procuring knowledge. People who are always on the move and commute most of their time in a day can turn to audiobooks while driving vehicles, commuting in public transport, or even cooking their favourite meals.

It is important to consider how great audiobooks are as they have an edge over the conventional written words, a mesmerizing voice would be narrating you the moment you play an audiobook. There are several products that are specifically designed to meet up the needs of hardcore audiophiles and addicts of audiobooks. You can buy an audiobook or a subscription any time you want to however, investing a little more to give your dear ones the perfect gadget to pair up with audiobooks might just be the trick.

We’ve created the perfect gift pack that you can gift to someone who enjoys and is ready to explore the new frontier that audiobooks present, such as:

  • Apparels and T-shirts for expressing their sheer love for audiobooks
  • Speakers powered by Bluetooth as well as smartphones with an extended battery life
  • Sleep headphones which are specifically designed to make audiobook listening during evenings a memorable experience
  • Home decor inspired by fictional characters from novel
  • Book-scented candles
  • Multi-purpose lamps which are innovatively unified with speakers

  1. Steampunk Candle Lamp

Steampunk Candle Lamp

Many home appliances are being powered by IoT or Internet of Things which are meant for multipurpose use. These appliances come with in-built bluetooth speakers as well. Some of the notable examples of these gadgets are power banks, reading lamps, and alarm clocks. However, none of the gadgets look as great and as breathtaking as a desk light that Steampunk has to offer. It comes with flickering light as well as speakers that have clear sound.

The flame mode of the lamp would give your audiobook enthusiast or lover a soft and extremely warm light which resembles the real-life flickering of candle. If this isn’t lucrative enough for you, then you’ll be flabbergasted to know that you can also adjust the brightness of the lamp as per your requirement. As far as the in-built wireless speaker is concerned, it supports the most sought-after Bluetooth 4.2. Several reviewers did point out that the speaker does provide a robust, clean sound.

In terms of battery backup, Steampunk has worked hard enough on the lamp-speaker to deliver a battery back-up of eight hours even at maximum volume.

  1. Wooden stand/ Sound amplifier by Mate2Go

Wooden stand/ Sound amplifier by Mate2Go

If you’re looking forward to gift a smartphone stand to make listening to audiobooks hassle-free. You’ll most probably come across hundreds of notable stands which can entice any audiobook fan or enthusiast. The wooden stand curated by Mate2Go which is available on Amazon is a completely hand crafted featuring a matte yet silky finish.

The wooden stand/ amplifier is made with a modern-day ingenious idea which amplifies sound directly from the smartphone without depending on any external connector. Moreover, if the speakers of the smartphone are somehow located on the bottom of the device, then the results of audio output is amazing. Moreover, the carved chamber would also boost the average sound level of the smartphone by 10 dB, that is a huge boost from any audiobook listener. This also suggests that users are not going to need an additional sound booster or any other electric device which needs to be charged frequently.

The stand does feature a cradle which can fit tablets, phones, and also an e-reader which are thicker than 10mm(including case cover. The stand is incredibly compact for both horizontal and vertical display. The gadget is perfect for enhancing the sound output of the device.

  1. Multi-purpose stand for smartphones

Multi-purpose stand for smartphones

The concept of boosting the sound of smartphones is old however, there are several ways you can do it. If you do not want to experiment on the smartphone to increase the sound naturally, then you can choose a robust stand featuring in-built Bluetooth speakers.

However, why should you gift only the speaker to your favorite person to listen to audiobooks when you could gift them a stand which has tons of useful features?

For instance, Azpen has curated a stand for smartphones which serves as a wireless charger, offers a premium quality of bluetooth with hi-fi mini speakers and has an in-built microphone for video chats and hands-free calls. The stand is compatible with Samsung, iPhone, and many smartphones from manufacturers that can be charged without the need of wires.

The 3-in-one dock is also case friendly, users won’t have to remove their covers. The dock is already tested to charge even some of the toughest plastic cases which are available. The wireless charging will not work if the phone is dressed around metal casing. Audiobook listeners can expect 5 watts of premium and High Definition sound in both speakers. The perfect example of innovative and minimalistic design.

  1. T-shirt with ‘Shh I’m Listening to My Audiobook

T-shirt with ‘Shh I'm Listening to My Audiobook

If you’ve already made plans to gift something special to an audiobook lover, why shouldn’t you try to aid the person not make a statement? When you search on the internet regarding how many t-shirts and other apparel primarily focus on audiobooks. These T-shirts are available in all sizes ranging from Small to XL and it comes in many styles and colors. Moreover, these T-shirts are highly customizable meaning, you can choose the colour of the print or quotes on the T-shirt. It is a wonderful choice if you don’t want to give something extravagant.

The design of the T-shirt is exponentially premium which is guaranteed to last. Also, they are made from high-end materials which are comfortable to be worn in both cold and warm weather.

  1.  Sleep headphones

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Almost 50 or 60% of audiobook lovers prefer listening to audiobooks and fall asleep. The reason is they carry positive thoughts which themselves as they take their everyday rest. The sleep headphone is also a sleep mask featuring a cutting-edge headband design embedding a wireless speaker. A perfect gift for audiobook lovers to block away the external noise and provide a perfect soothing listening experience for avid and everyday audiobook listeners. This pair of sleep headphones are extremely lightweight which are also suitable for audiobook listeners who are into wanderlust.

The sleep headphones provide a battery back up of about 10 hours and allows listeners to listen to lossless audio. It also features a built-in microphone that facilitates calling alongside the volume rocker button to change the chapters of audiobooks, and to increase or decrease volume. They are very stylish, handy and are ergonomically comfortable. Audiobook lovers can expect a 10-hour back up from the bluetooth enable sleep headphones.

  1. Sonos Play: Compact Wireless Bluetooth speaker

Sonos Play:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music

Bluetooth speakers from Sonos are ideal for listening to free audiobooks from the platform as well as local libraries. Sonos has recently integrated with the application, OverDrive Libby. If you have an account with the Libby app, you will be required to register with a library card. Then the app will connect itself with anyone of the Sonos systems which you can make use of to play audiobooks.

By the looks of it, Libby is not the sole source of audiobooks which are available on Sonos, but you can pair the audiobook with Audible or any other platform as the bluetooth speaker supports cross platform audiobook ecosystems. You can also listen to audiobooks from your iTunes library with 5.1 Channel surround sound. The bluetooth device from Sonos is regarded to be incredibly reliable, sounding, and completely flexible. Even setting up the device is hassle free, pairing is easy with any device ranging from laptop, smartphones (both iOS and Android), tablets, mp3 players and iPods.

  1. JBL Flip 4: Bluetooth Waterproof speak

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Flip 4 is the fourth generation speaker from JBL is powered by 3000 mAh battery meaning it can deliver ample of time for listening. The company claims that the bluetooth speaker can play audiobooks for 12 hours continuously. The audio output is top-notch and the device comes in 6 distinctive colours.

JBL Flip is by far the all purpose bluetooth speaker which is ideal for all weather. JBL Flip 4 is an ideal gift that any audiobook lover could appreciate to receive from their loved ones. The multipurpose bluetooth device has noise as well as echo cancellation option. Further, it offers conference calls which are crystal clear. Further the ideal JBL Connect+ tech can amplify the overall listening experience for audiobook listeners

  1. AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt USB Digital-to-Analog Converter

USB Digital-to-Analog Converter

The USB DAC is compatible with Windows and Apple computers. It can also be connected to an Android or iOS device. They are ideal for playing videos, listening to audiobooks. You can use the device to explore audiobooks on notable platforms and stream in high quality. Dragonfly makes listening to audiobooks enjoyable. The hi-res audiobooks listening is right at people’s fingertips. Well, you can gift this Digital-to-Analog Converter to your loved ones who enjoy listening to audiobooks to experience the true immersive virtue of audiobooks.

When put into contrast to the previous models, the latest model comes with some newly added and cool features such as an advanced ESS ES903Q2M DAC chip that facilitates a minimum-phase filter to deliver natural unadulterated sound. Additionally, the sophisticated Microchip microprocessor reduces draw & at the same time increase overall processing speed by almost 33%.

  1. Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder with Three USB 3.0 Ports and 3.5mm AUX Port – Suitable for All Headphone Sizes

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand Holder

Satechi Aluminium USB Headphones Stand Holder was one of the foremost gadgets from the CES 2016 which launched into the market immediately after its first revelation. By far, this is one of the best gadgets which you can use day-in and day-out. The headset stand has an inbuilt USB 3.0. The gadget is one of the best ones out there which is anodized specifically to match up the color of Apple MacBook and iPhones. The product is ideal for any desktop kind-of scenario. You can choose to gift from three different colors space gray, gold, and silver.

The stand comes with an ideal cable wrap, the feature will come handy for any wired headphone user. Audiobook lovers can plug the wire into the auxiliary port located at the bottom-most side of the side and can directly listen to the USB audio. This is by far one of the must-have gadgets for audiobook lovers.

  1. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro from Apple is claimed to be one of the best earbuds for audiobooks in the world. They are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly ears of any size. These earbuds are seamless to control and they can be connected quickly to iOS and macOS devices. Listening to the audiobooks on the active-noise cancellation to block the unwanted noise from the environment.

Setting up AirPods Pro with iOS and MacOS devices are utterly simple, fast, and seamless. The earbuds allow audiobook users with fast double-tap plays or skips. They instantly get charged when the earbuds are put in a case. As the earbuds are cordless, they cannot be tangled. The case offers more than 30 hours of listening time on a single charge. Audiobook users can also attend calls, listen to songs, and use the earbuds for different purposes.

  1. Mophie powerstation Plus XL

Mophie powerstation Plus XL - External Battery

Audiobook listeners can make use of this – External Battery equipped with built-in cables for tablet PCs and Smartphones. The external powerstation comes with ample power to charge devices. The powerstation comes with a whopping 12,000 mAh that charges devices faster and it is safe for all devices. If your loved one tends to commute for long hours, but enjoys listening to audiobooks throughout the day, they usually end up using much battery on your smartphone. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that Mophie is the world leader as a portable charger.

You can gift the powerstation to your loved one who uses a couple of devices as well. The battery in the powerstation has been triple tested to ensure safe operation.

  1. Lohodo Store’s Earbud Holder Earphone Cord Organizer

Earbud Holder Earphone Cord Organizer

Your avid Audiobook lover is going to love this durable yet cute made out of high quality rubber for optimum durability. The wire organizer is a must for people who prefer using wired earphones and headphones other than the bluetooth variant. The manufacturer has paired it with a metallic snap which enlists ease buckling and opening of the holder. Further, the releasing of the cables can be done within a fraction of seconds.

The design is extremely practical, flexible, soft, and beautiful. You can pair it with casual clothes which can act like a basic style statement. The size is small enough to get into pockets, even bags, and purses. Further, they are a great utility for the everyday commute and use.

  1. Magic Book Lamp with Paper LED Light and Wood

magic book lamp

Magic Book Lamp is a slimline USB-charged lamp which is a decent device for audiobook readers who are always on the hustle. The gift is an embodiment of a sweet and a creative idea for people who enjoy listening to audiobooks and read books. Moreover, the lamp does fold away in a very neat manner that can impress almost anyone who laids their eyes on it, not just the book worms.

Audiobook lovers can keep the book half fanned or completely fanned out to possess a beautiful display feature. As soon as the user opens the book lamp, it will lit immediately. If you’re seriously considering gifting this to an audiobook lover, then you can add a note or a special message as the manufacturer provides this feature. You must ensure that the spelling of the text should be error-free.

Why should you gift audiobooks to your loved ones this year?

Audiobooks offer an immersive learning and listening experience to people especially, the book lovers. If you’re looking forward to helping your loved one explore the option of immersing them in a whole new way of learning. Moreover, if you’re trying to get people to listen to audiobooks to get into learning, then it can be extremely beneficial. Gifting audiobook subscriptions to students or people who still like to learn and it is a better gift than the Kindle ones.

There are always some people who might love the whole idea of investing time in audiobooks; however, they do not know about the ins and outs of audiobooks. For these people gifting audiobooks can be a boon.

As the week of love and companionship has just begun, let’s take a look at the best audiobooks you can get for your partners.

5 Best Audiobooks To Gift Your Girlfriend:

  1. Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home comes from Jennifer Weiner’s mind that explores a series of extramarital affairs of a renowned politician. A politician and a family’s life goes through turmoil after the details of extramarital experiences come to the spotlight through a series of headlines. The audiobook is a must-listen for a young woman as it provides insight into how to deal with betrayal, ennui, and shame inflicted by someone else’s mistake. The audiobooks feature an irresistible amalgamation of hilarity and heartbreak, which should be experienced via an audiobook.

The audiobook narrates the story of how three women who, after being at a distance for all their lives, come together for each other. Your girlfriend will love to explore how the women confide refuge in each other after a shameful feat by the only connected man in their lives. The audiobook perfectly describes, ‘when women support each other, great things happen.’

  1. Her Last Word

Her Last Word

Mary Burton’s Her Last Word is about an obsessed woman who is hell-bent on finding the whereabouts of her long lost cousin. The audiobook is typically a thriller where she has to endeavor to find the cousin whom she lost fifteen years earlier when she was around 18 years old. The audiobooks also foretell the perspective of a man who has been tirelessly killing all the witnesses who had been investing ever since the first of the killings began.

Young women will learn the virtue of not giving up the hopes of finding someone they hold most dear. For a long time, the woman recorded a podcast now and then sent a message to her cousin. She sincerely hopes that the series of podcasts will aid her in finding her cousin. However, the woman’s ways of getting her one step closer to finding her cousin ultimately lead to the killing spree. The story is a little predictable, but it is great for young teens and women.

  1. Sometimes I Lie

Sometimes I Lie

Your girlfriend is going to love the way there are twists and turns in the audiobooks. The audiobook begins the first verse with a strong and excellent introduction that will shock the listeners to their core. The protagonist lies about being in a state of come. Further, it will lead to a point where listeners will question each statement throughout the book. However, there are chances that once the listener is completely immersed, they will immediately stop asking questions and the motive of the protagonist. In addition to this, they will stop asking if the protagonist is doing right or wrong; the audiobook is one of the most immersive ones in the world as of now.

Nevertheless, the way the story unfolds will absolutely blow your mind. The reviewers claim that the audiobook’s conclusion would leave listeners flabbergasted for all their lives. You might want to listen to the audiobook’s second part to understand the story and the plot once again. You might think you already have all the understanding of how things worked out till the end. Everything your girlfriend will listen to the audiobook will gain a new perspective, which will keep on questioning her previous attitude. It’s a fun audiobook that you can gift your girlfriend.

  1. The Good Dream

The Good Dream

Young women will find the women quite a solid offering, which has certain heavy instances throughout the storyline. The audiobooks narrate the harsh reality of sodomy and physical abuse that young boys often go through in their childhood. However, this isn’t the only premise of the audiobook. It begins from the harsh reality; the audiobook also revolves around a love story between a middle-aged maid and a young lonely widower. The maid’s parents are dead, and there isn’t anyone for the maid. The story isn’t as simple as it sounds. 

There is a massive twist in the story where the young traumatized boy, who is nothing less than an enigma, threatens to break their love and relationship apart. Women often think that men are not traumatized, the audiobook brings in a new perspective into reality. In the beginning, you might find it hard to listen to the audiobook during the traumatic picturesque. The young was so very young, and the way he was hurt will inflict hurt in your heart. The conclusion of the story will make the listener satisfied with the decision.

  1. The Accident

The Accident

The audiobook is extravagantly chilling, and it gives a sense of alarm as the events in the audiobook can take place in anyone’s life. If it happens, then it could be everyone’s worst nightmare. The plot begins with a couple of women killing an unknown man while they’re driving under the influence. Soon after killing an innocent man, the life of the driver goes through a massive shift; you can also call it a living hell. Then the twist and turns only keep on coming; they might even feel relatively everlasting. There are instances where the listener would like to shout out to the protagonist that they should go to the police and report everything.

There are times when you’d even want the drama to end but would love to see through the conclusion. The audiobook is around 7 hours or less, and there are instances where you wouldn’t believe everything you are hearing. It would be unethical for us to give you and your lady friend more spoilers. It’s entirely unwise for spoil the surprises which are waiting for you. There are several bad languages that you’ll like to hear rather than read.

Now that the boyfriends are on the safe side as they know which audiobook they should pick on for Valentine’s week, women, let’s explore what audiobooks you should gift to your boyfriend or your romantic partner.

5 Best Audiobooks To Gift Your Boyfriend:

  1. Consumed


The audiobook is written by Anne and Danny, who are professional firefighters with troubled and traumatized pasts. Due to their topsy-turvy life, they are often the subject of the penchant for sheer recklessness. Both firefighters then team up with an intent to investigate a series of arsons, suggesting that there’s not only an undying sexual tension, but there is also the tension of mystery and suspense. Your beau will find the chemistry between Danny and Anne unsettling and extravagant. 

The story gets better as the two discover a love for themselves, or is it just physical attraction. The heart-pounding sizzling romance and suspense are meant for a compulsive listen. Your boyfriend won’t be able to pause the audiobook till he finishes it. J. R. Ward did a remarkable job in writing this modern-day romance thriller.

  1. Wallbanger


Written by Alice Clayton, Wallbanger is a highly recommended audiobook that immediately became an instant classic upon release as a novel. Alice Clayton makes the world turn to her work with an delightful, laugh-out-loud, and sexy romance of a couple, Simon and Caroline. By the looks of it, the audiobook is the first in the series, Cocktail. If you’re planning to gift this audiobook to your boyfriend, make sure that you also pair the gift with an Apple AirPods Pro. According to experts, the audiobook sounds excellent when they are heard on Apple AirPods Pro.

When Caroline moves to a beautiful apartment in San Francisco, she is mesmerized by the knowledge of the neighbor’s nocturnal adventures. The paper-thin walls did play a significant role in unveiling that many women confide in her neighbor during the night. Once Caroline tries to confront their neighbor about the pleasures he is having with other women, she does make contact for the first time. The tension between the two is as thick as the walls’ thinness; however, the results are entirely mixed. The audiobook is a perfect mix of the steamy and silly tale of the modern-day.

  1. Royally Screwed

Royally Screwed

Who doesn’t love to be a part of a Royal Family renowned for their extravagant lives and unfettered prestige? The story is about a Crowned Prince of Wessco, Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, who is also regarded as ‘His Royal Hotness.’ Nicholas is devastatingly charming, wickedly handsome, and is exponentially arrogant. He is often acquainted with the fact how people readily bow down to him. However, he finally meets his competition, who doesn’t treat the prince like a prince instead, an average human being. The brunette beauty whom the prince met once in Manhattan, didn’t seem to bow down. Instead the young girl throws a pie to Nicholas’ face. After the incident, Nicholas was tempted to know more about the waitress and how she might taste.

The brunette beauty would never have thought in her entire life that she would date a prince. The audiobook also has an unusual disapproving queen who doesn’t seem to cut slack to the commoner. Will the young lovers get a chance to start their own life? Will the royal prince leave the young waitress? The audiobook will take your boyfriend on a lighthearted fun-filled extravaganza.

  1. Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

The audiobook comes from the mind of a bestselling author of the NY Times. The audiobook tells the story of betrayal, romance, and friendship. Sydney is already leading the life that she had always thought of since her childhood. She is attending college, works in a stable job, and is high over heels in love with her boyfriend. She has the most trustworthy best friend, Tori. However, her world comes crashing down when she finds out that the hunter is actively cheating on her. After this point, she decides how to bring new things into play to move on.

Sydney then finds herself quite captivated by an attractive and mysterious neighbor, Ridge, who plays guitar every night. The best part is Ridge is beautiful and charming. The two strangers then confide with each other in a way they never expected.

  1. My Favorite Half-Night Stand

My Favorite Half-Night Stand

Millie Morris is a successful professor, a serial killer, a professor at Santa Barbara, and terrible at getting close to people. There is another virtue of Millie which sets her apart from other women of her age, Prema-Single. When the university where she is employed turns a routine meet into a gala, Millie and her co-workers make a pact that they will join an online dating service to find their plus-one for the gala.

Right after making a pact, Millie and Reid Campell, one of their co-workers, begin to spend the half-night of their lives together. They decide that friendship should be a platform from the beginning to the end. However, things do not always go as per the planning.

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