How To Get Cheap Audiobooks 2023[With Huge Discount]

cheap audiobooks

Many people love to listen to audiobooks; however, the biggest problem is that leading audiobook websites have high subscription price. And many people can’t afford to spend much money on their hobbies of listening to audiobooks. You can easily read ebooks for free, but only a few websites offer audiobooks free of cost or at a low price. 

It is very time-consuming to find cheap audiobooks on the internet. That is why I bring you this article to help you with this problem. Audiobooks are the new future, and websites like and Google Play offer subscriptions between $25 to $5 per month. If you want to find ways to listen cheap audiobooks or buy audiobooks at a discount price, read this whole article. 

Why Find Cheap Audiobooks? 

If you love to listen to audiobooks and are an avid listener like me, you may find Audible and Google Play very costly. A two-book-a-week habit may cost you between $1560 to $3640 per year. Such an amount of money is considered for many people, so it is essential to find a cheap or cost-effective way of listening to audiobooks.  

Audiobooks are the most comfortable way to listen to any noel or books. Most of the audiobooks are recorded by authors and professional actors or readers. So, these audiobooks have great emotion and expression, and you will intensely indulge in these audiobooks. You don’t have to sit in place while you want to listen audiobooks. 

You need your mobile earphone and audiobooks; you can drive, travel, and do many other works while listening to audiobooks. You don’t have to concentrate on a book; the audiobooks will tell you detailed stories with genuine expressions and emotions. You will experience great joy and entertainment with these best audiobooks

10 Ways To Find Cheapest Audiobooks: 

If you are looking for free audiobooks, the options are minimal, and you may not find your favorite audiobooks. Many top-selling audiobooks read by actors or authors are not available free of cost. Possibly you can find the top-selling audiobooks at a low price. The way to find cheap audiobooks is to look at the subscription and select the affordable plan. 

  1. Downpour

Downpour audiobooks

Downpour provides two options for listening to audiobooks, either you can buy and download various titles one by one, or you sign up for a monthly subscription. You will get one credit for $12.99 monthly subscriptions; it is a great deal for almost all books on this site. Some best-selling books are more expensive than others; in such case, you will get up to 70% price off if you are a member. 

You can save credits for up to one year, and after one year, these credits will expire. You can also buy additional credits at the same price as the monthly membership fee. Downpour doesn’t provide any free trial, unlike Audible. When you pay for a membership, you can sign up and listen to various audiobooks. 

The payments will be automatically billed, but you can cancel them any time you want. You will have access to downloaded audiobooks even if you cancel the subscription payment. This app offers audiobooks on CDs, and you can download them in MP3 or M4B format. Downpour works on iOS, Windows, and Android mobile devices. 


Audiobooks is also an excellent audiobook store like Downpour that provides a monthly subscription service and pay for downloading service. If you pay for the VIP Rewards program by paying $14.95 per month, you will receive one credit per month, and it’s enough for any audiobook on this store. 

Moreover, you get the second book of your choice for the collection reserved for VIP Rewards members. This collection will be changing each month. After receiving these book selections, you can stream them online or download them on your android or iOS mobile devices. 

If you want to listen to more than two books per month, it provides an option for “Top-up Credits” for additional books. Or you can purchase these books with cash at a lower price, and this price is way shorter than the site offers to non-members. You can rollover your unused credits at the end of the month to next month, but these credits will be expired after three months. 

If you cancel the membership, all of your selections, credits, and even purchased books will be lost. So, you can use them as long as you maintain your membership. provides a one-month free trial for every new user. It also has a family plan feature that allows the user to add other people to one account. 

  1. Scribd

scibd audiobooks

Scribd is an online subscription service that offers ebooks, legal documents, magazines, sheet music, and audiobooks. Users can’t buy books directly from Scribd, but they can read or listen to as many books as they want for a monthly subscription of $8.99 per month. Similar to Audible and, Scribd provides a 1-month free trial to the new user. 

Scribd provides a $12.99 per month plan for Scribd and New York Times Bundle. This package is excellent if you are already reading the New York Times. This price is 20% less than the addition of the individual plan of Scribd and New York Times separately. 

  1. Chirp Audiobooks

Chirp Audiobooks

If you are searching for cheap deals on Audiobooks, Chirp is the best place to explore. Many authors and publishers offer audiobooks at an insanely discounted price for a limited period on this platform. The most beautiful thing is that you don’t have to pay any subscription fee to buy anything on this website. 

Users have to sign up and purchase as many or as few books as they want. These purchased audiobooks are yours to keep and listen to them on the Chirp app. However, the collection is small compared to Audible, but you will find all popular audiobooks on this platform. 

  1. is an indie bookstore that offers you to buy the audiobooks of your choice for $14.99 per month. You will get one credit each month with this subscription plan. These audiobooks are DRM free. So, you can download them on any device as mp3 and play them on any mp3 player or audiobook you want. 

One great hack of apps is that if you use the code “SWITCH,” you may get up to 3 months of membership for the cost of one month. It means you will get three audiobooks at the price of one. 

  1. eStories


eStories has a great collection of music, podcast, stories, and audiobooks. More than 120,000 titles are available on this platform, and the prices are very competitive than other platforms. The basic plan costs you $11.99 per month or $119.99 per annum. 

In this basic plan, you will get one credit means you can listen to one book per month, and the unused credits will be rolling over up to the next six months. This six-month rollover time is an excellent feature because there is no compulsion to listen to a book every month.

If you have time to listen to two books, you may sign up for the Plus plan that costs you $21.99 per month or $215.99 per annum. If you have any subscription from eStories, you will get 33% discounts on the books if you want to listen more than you get in your plan. It also syncs your stories across multiple mobile devices. 

  1. Audible hacks


It is the most popular source of audiobooks. Audible is a subsidiary of Amazon. It has more than 400,000 titles, and many of them are read by famous actors like Emma Thompson and Tim Robbins. Only a few people know that Audible doesn’t only sell audiobooks; it produces them also. There are numerous Audible Originals titles are produced in Audible studios. 

These Audible originals are of various genres, including comedy, journalism, and literature. The basic subscription plan starts at $14.95 per month. In this basic plan, you have access to any three titles per month. You can also select any two audible originals titles along with one title from audible. It has the latest and fantastic collection of audiobooks. 

Audible is a free app to download, and it works with iOS, Android, Kindle, Sonos, and other Alexa-enabled devices. This app is compact and allows you to pick up audiobooks where you left off, even with other devices. It offers cross-platform compatibility. 

Audible provides a 30 days free trial period. First, you need to enter your credit or debit card number, and after a month, the card will automatically be billed through the system. You can cancel these services any time you want. When you cancel it, you will take all of your credits, but you will have access to three download audiobooks. 

If you are an avid listener, this basic plan may not satisfy your needs because you will have only three titles. Don’t worry, and if you select this basic plan, there are some ways of getting more books in the month. Amazon has a daily deal or 2 for one sale on various audiobooks. You will get thousands of audiobooks at lower prices on Amazon. 

These are some hacks that allow you to get audiobooks at a lower price. 

  1. Amazon Whispersync Deals

Whispersync is a great amazon system. This system allows you to pick up your ebooks or audiobooks from where you left them, even on other devices. So, these audiobooks and ebooks are Whispersynced. To make the Whispersynce books affordable and widespread, Amazon provides many excellent package deals for Whispersynced books. 

These deals may not sound impressive in the first look, but these deals are way better than you get in Audible software, if you think. For example, one whispersynced ebook costs $4.99, but you need to buy an Audible audiobooks version of that ebooks worth $1.99. This package deal cost you $6.98 and which is an excellent price for an audiobook. 

If you search any audiobook on audible, it may cost you $24.99 without membership and $14.95 if you are a member. So, you will get an audiobook and ebook for one-fourth of this price. One more exciting thing is that you don’t need a subscription to buy these cheap audiobooks on Amazon’s Whispersynce deals. 

When you purchase a discounted audiobook from Whispersync deals, it will automatically be added to your Audible library, the same as you are buying directly on Audible. In Whispersync sales, not all deals are worth buying, so you need to examine these deals closely. 

If you are a member of a Kindle Unlimited subscription and ebooks are included in it, you don’t have to buy the ebooks to grab cheap audiobooks. It means you can buy an audiobook for just in $4.99. If you have a Kindle subscription, you can purchase cheap Whispersync deals, and you don’t have to buy the Audible membership. It is worth checking out. 

  1. Audible Platinum Membership

If you love to listen to expensive titles, you should check’s Annual Platinum Membership. If you are buying these costly titles to listen to, then you should buy this platinum membership. I know it is a high price to pay at first, but it is worth it. If you purchase audiobooks in bulk, the cost per item drops significantly. 

In Platinum membership, you will get two credits per month. This annual plan costs equivalent to 10 months. So, this price per credit will drop by almost 30%, which is $9.56!! It is a great deal to catch if you are purchasing expensive titles frequently for listening. 

  1. Audible Gift Cards

Many stores provide physical Audible Gift cards having 3 Audible credits only in $30 instead of $45. If you are not an Audible member, you will get one credit per month for three months. If you have an active membership of Audible, you will receive three credits instantly. So, you will get Audible Credit for only $10; sounds great, right!!

How To Listen Discounted Audiobooks?

To listen to audiobooks, you must have a smartphone, tablet, computer, or MP3 player like an iPod. These devices allow you to play audiobooks. You also need a digital music file of the audiobook. Then you can play these digital music files on these MP3 players. You need well-designed software that helps you to download or play online audiobooks. 

You can use an audiobooks service provider like Audible and LibriVox. These are some device-specific software like Apple Books for Apple Phone and computers, and you can also use Smart Audiobook Player for android devices. If you don’t want to download audiobooks, you can borrow them from online libraries like Libby from Rakuten OverDrive. 

These online libraries allow you to read ebooks and audiobooks as per your subscription. However, all audiobooks files don’t require audio players. For example, audiobooks having extensions .aa and .aax works only on Audible software. But most of the audiobooks on the internet have mp3 format so that these music files can do with the music player. 


Audiobooks may sound expensive for an avid book lover, but if you look at the sites like eStories, Scribd, and, you can find cheap and discounted audiobooks. The Audible hacks are also useful to catch great deals to buy audiobooks with good discount. Comment below if you have any questions. 

This article was written by 10audioz and published on Thursday, 29 April 2021. The last update was made on Saturday, 29 January 2023.

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